What is a utility knife used for?

Trying to sort the knife set you just bought? Finding it tricky to decide which knife it to use for which purpose? Then this may help.

Using knives skillfully takes a little bit knowledge about their use. Don’t worry. This article will clear up all your confusion regarding a utility knife.

What is a utility knife:

A utility knife is a basic type of knife aimed to use for daily purposes. It is a single blade knife with a plain edge or a scalloped edge. This knife is used for handling regular utility job such as cutting fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.

Size wise it is in between the chef’s knife and paring knife. But it is a lot thinner and sharper a utility knife can be 4 to 7 inches.it comes handy when the paring knife is too small and the chef’s knife is too large for the job. Sometimes it is even used as a crafting knife.

When a utility knife is preferred:

A utility knife is a pretty versatile one. So it has its use in many ways.
Slice them up: A utility knife can come handy in cutting medium-sized vegetables precisely. You can cut potatoes, apples, etc. Vegetables which have a harder interior with juicy interior can be cut just into thin slices with the help of it. That’s why it’s sometimes also called a tomato knife. You can also peel vegetables with it. Leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage can be cut precisely by this. Any 5 to 7 inches utility knife will do the job best.

Yum sandwich: Sandwiches are our daily companion in our breakfast or even in lunch. But cutting the sandwich bread needs some skill. Don’t worry. A utility knife will cut through the breed smoothly as it has serrated edges. There will be fewer crumbs if you use this knife. That’s why it has its name as a sandwich knife as well.

It’s cheesy: Are you a fan of cheese? Then you definitely should invest in a knife which will help you to cut cheese chunks smoothly like a professional. A utility knife is convenient in this case.

Cut those citruses: Cutting citrus fruits like lime, lemon and oranges can be tricky sometimes. But a utility knife is appropriate for cutting these fruits without crushing them badly. The 5 inches one will be perfect for this job.

Slashing the meat: Cutting meats into small and thin slices is way easier with a utility knife than a chef’s knife. And slashing the meat neatly for roasting or grilling is faster with this knife. Just get this knife and trimming meats will become a lot easier then.

Score the onion: A utility knife is also helpful in scoring the onions to make them as thin as possible.

Small pepper: Cutting the small peppers with a big knife can be a pretty hassle. So try to switch with a utility knife for this purpose.

Household and crafting: Utility knives also be convenient when it comes to crafting and household jobs.

  • This knife does a great job of trimming the roof shingles.
  • Slicing fiberglass installation becomes way easier and faster with a utility knife.
  • Splitting shims into small pieces is more comfortable with this knife.
  • Take care of popped pinhead from the wall with this knife like a pro.
  • Foam boards are used widely in crafting. This will be a happy job if you grab a utility knife for this purpose.
  • Dried caulk around the bathroom or windows is pretty annoying. Just get rid of them with the help of your utility knife.

Having a utility knife will enrich your kitchen collection. As this is a multitasking tool, you can use it for many purposes for getting the best out of it.

Just invest in a good utility knife. Clean it properly and don’t leave for a long time in the water. And make sure to rub it with a napkin before putting it away.

It’s also convenient for traveling due to its small size. Take care of the knife properly, and it will be worth the investment.

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