What is a serrated knife used for?

Are you someone who enjoys cooking? Are you trying to sort out the perfect knife for cutting those crusty bread? Then you are in the right place.

Choosing the right knife for the right job is an essential task in the kitchen. So you will need some knowledge before jumping into it.

What is a serrated knife:

A serrated knife has a blade with tooth-like edges. It is mainly used for cutting foods that have a softer inner part with a harder and crusty outer surface. They are sometimes called bread knife as well.

Chefs mostly use serrated knives but are thinner than a chef’s knife.

There are different teeth pattern for serrated knives nowadays. They have different thickness and varying degree of sharpness. The narrower the knife, the neat it will make the slice. A good serrated knife will require less force, and hence it will not cause any stress for your hand as well.

Benefits of a Serrated knife:

The primary function of a serrated knife is to cut through the crusty surface smoothly. So that can avoid crushing the food and making crumbs. As the teeth are edged, they rip through the hard surface of the food neatly. These knives are ideal for the cases when you need less force to slice the food.

When to use:

There are many foods for which serrated knives are preferable than plan chef’s knives. Mostly for food with a crusty exterior and juicy interior.

Bread: The primary use of a serrated knife is to cut bread. As the saw-type teeth of these knives create less friction with the food surface, they cut through them neatly. This prevents the bread from crushing and scattering crumbs everywhere.

Slashing the loaves: For baking the loaves properly, slashes are made on the upper surface of them. So to make it cleaner and precise, serrated knives are the best choice.

Cutting the dough: Serrated knives are also convenient when it comes to cutting the cake’s dough.

Juicy tomatoes: If you see a hard time cutting tomatoes with the plane knife, then you should switch to a serrated knife. Serrated knives cut through the hard surface of tomatoes and then smoothly glide down through the juicy part. These make the cut so precise and neat. You can make the slices as thin as you want with these knives.

Chocolate: Want to cut your chocolate into small pieces, but it breaks every time you try? Why not try a serrated knife then?

The sharp edge of a serrated knife is also helpful in cutting chocolate bars very well.

Layered cake: Layered cakes are so soft. So cutting them with a plane knife may be a bad idea as they will imply mush force on the cake. A serrated knife can be your best companion for cutting the layered cake as they are so delicate.

Melon: Melons have a pretty hard outer surface which is tough to cut with a plane knife. Try to cut it with a serrated knife, and you will never go back to your plane knife again.

Fruits with tough skin but chewy interior like peaches can be cut neatly with this knife as well.

Sharpening, cleaning and storing: Sharpness is the main factor when it comes to making a neat cut. But with time serrated knives get dull. You can use a file or sharping tool to sharpen it.

Cleaning the knife properly is also essential. Wiping the knife will regular dishwasher will make it dull. So try to clean it with a sponge or hand with soapy water. Don’t leave the knife in water for long.

Store it in a safe and airtight place. Rub it with a napkin to dry it before you put it into the storage box.

Final thoughts: Having a serrated knife can be very handy sometimes. If you want the bread or cake to be precisely cut then there is no alternative but a serrated knife. It will give you that store like perfection.

Invest in a good knife. Keep it clean and store it well. This way it will last a long time.

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