What is a santoku knife used for?

You are buying new kitchen stuff for your kitchen and when you are thinking which knife will be better for you. Those knives which you can use for cutting any vegetable or meat or something else is the best option for you. Well, as you are thinking over this you can undoubtedly choose santoku knife. It is not too large in size so you can easily handle this when working in your kitchen.

So you may want to know exactly what its use then stay here with me as I am going to discuss this here!

What is a Santoku knife?

The first thing that comes to your mind is what type of knife it is and what it looks like. Basically, the santoku is a Japanese word so it's clear that its origin is in Japan and made for Japanese homemakers. It came from the word ‘sahn-toh-koo'. The knife is especially for some delicate work and also professional chefs can also use this. It's especially known for its light weight and finely balancing. Some chefs prefer this knife highly for cutting vegetable or meat.

It is similar to the traditional chef's knife. The difference may be it is thinner than chef's knife in thickness, smaller in length, and a gradual curve at the end. Stainless steel is the main element of this knife so it may be expensive.

What Santoku knife is used for?

The Santoku knife has two sizes. The smaller size is similar to a utility knife and the larger one is similar to chef's knife. The smaller one can be of 5" and you can use this for medium cutting works in the kitchen. The Larger one has standard blade size. But sometimes it may become difficult for cutting with the larger one because of the width of the blade. If you need to cut fast you can use the smaller one because larger one reduces the cutting speed as well as consistency.

Cutting vegetable, fish, boneless meat, fruit is easier because of its wide blade as it makes cutting consistent. When you are cutting large size vegetables then using the less weight knife is better as it causes less fatigue with respect to the heavier knife. Blade profile of it is straight and the thickness of the blade is same so you can maintain the cutting thickness of fruit or vegetable.

The blade of the Santoku knife is of the same width. Rather than a pointy end, it has a squared end. Also, the blade is uniformly wide which is great for cutting cylindrically shaped vegetables. You can also use this for cutting fruit, fish or poultry. It is the best for the home cook and daily use. So you can choose this for your kitchen without any doubt.

The Granton style blade is for keeping the vegetable or fruit particles from knife blade so do not stick with the blade. This also helps you to achieve easier as well as faster motion. When you need to slice any of the foods fine or narrow, you can use Santoku knife as the blade thickness of it is less. For decoration of the plate, the slices will be suitable enough and enhance the look of the table. You can chop boneless meat with this knife.

So you can see for household kitchen works Santoku knife is easier to operate, effective and sometimes obvious.

Final verdict

​If you are new with kitchen stuff, then knowing about various things is necessary. As the knife is an obvious element of the kitchen so you better know much about it. From here you come to know precisely about Santoku knife and its use. So hopefully it's going to help you a lot. Again even though you are not new in this but facing problems in the kitchen in chopping then it's going to help you. Santoku knives are not too large so especially women can operate this very easily and feel it’s necessary.

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