Best Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring in 2023

You want your house to look rich and shiny all the time. Who doesn’t?

Don’t you want your guests to admire the looks of your house?

Of course, you want everything perfect. From the carpet to the toilets, everything should look top-notch. However, the thing which dominates the aura of your house is the flooring you have.

Trust me, even the rags look rich with a nice vinyl plank flooring around.

But the quality of your floors may fade away very soon if you don’t take good care of it.

You can ask me what’s the secret to keeping your floor nice and durable for years. Well, it’s nothing special, all you got to do is install a good underlayment beneath the subfloors.

Moistures, molds, mildews, cracks— you name it, you can have your back covered with the right underlayment installed under your floor.

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Best Underlayment Reviews

However, you might have to get a telescope to search for the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring as the market is full of low-quality underlayment, and you may end up buying the wrong one when you don’t know what to look for.

To make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong products, I’m here to help you find the best underlayment for your house. So, let’s have a look at the reviews.

1. FloorLot Shop Underlayment

FloorLot Shop Underlayment

If durability and functionality is your concern, you can have a look at FloorLot Shop Floors Delivered 200 square feet laminate flooring underlayment.

Customers love this underlayment as this one stands out compared to others. Unlike anything else, this one ensures you quality to the fullest without any question.

When it comes to flooring, you’ll have to save it from moistures no matter what. Especially if you have a vinyl plank flooring setup, the presence of moisture will cause it to warp and have cracks.

Well, you can say goodbye to this problem with Floorlot Shop Floors Delivered Underlayment. With its superior moisture protection system, it protects your vinyl plank floor from getting an extra amount of moisture. It absorbs the moisture to the fullest, making sure your floor stays safe and sound all the time.

Since it has got the built-in vapor barrier, you won’t be needing any additional films at all. With the tape and overlap system around, you can have a strong seal to protect your floor. As a result, your floor stays good as new for years to come.

Subfloors often have imperfection and irregularities. Over time, these things start to get worse and trust me, if you’re subfloor gets damaged, you’re done, brother.

This underlayment is your best bet to turn the tables. With its 3mm cushioned backup, the underlayment smooths out the minor subfloor imperfection. It dominates these problems to such extent that they don’t turn into bigger problems. As a result, your subfloors stay safe for years.

Imagine, your wife and kids are sleeping, and you just got home. You step on the floor and… CRACK! Someone will wake up over this cracking sound. While most people find a hard time getting the solution, there’s always an easy one.

This underlayment will make sure you don’t go with these ‘cracking problems’ anymore. Thanks to its noise reduction foam that minimizes the cracking and hollow sounds that come with the vinyl plank, hardwood, and floating floors. Walk your way up, run your way up, who cares! You can make it with a pin drop silence.

Are you worried about the installation? Installing this underlayment is easy-peasy. All you need to do is join the underlayment together. Use the attached Peel-&-Stick tape and overlap system that comes with it.

Highlighted Features

  • With the superior moisture protection system and the built-in vapor barrier, the underlayment absorbs the excessive amount of moisture.
  • It provides a strong seal to protect your floor, thanks to the tape and overlap system.
  • It smooths out the minor imperfection and irregularities in the sub-floor with its 3mm thick structure.
  • With the noise reduction foam, the underlayment reduces the noise, so when you walk on your floors, they don’t make those disturbing noises.
  • Installing this underlayment is pretty easy. All you need to do is join the underlayment together and use the overlap system and the Peel&Stick tape.

2. Roberts 70 193A Underlayment

Roberts 70 193A Underlayment

If you want a durable underlayment for your vinyl plank flooring, engineered wood or laminate flooring, Roberts 70 193A Underlayment can be your best bet.

Having too much moisture from the subfloor? It can get worse and destroy your subfloor and your flooring, let it be a vinyl plank, engineered wood or laminated one.

The typical ones won’t do you much of a good. Get your hands-on Roberts 70 193A underlayment instead to avoid such a situation very easily.

This underlayment absorbs the moisture to the fullest and makes sure they stay away for a long time from your floor. As a result, you won’t have to worry a bit about getting warps from your subfloor.

The mainstream underlayment can be used for either below or above grade subfloors. But you can use this underlayment below, on and above grade subfloor, which makes it different than others.

To survive the threats and maintain durability, your floors and subfloors need cushion and air circulation. You cannot expect the cheap underlayment to back you up with enough air-circulation, but this one surely can meet your demands.

The underlayment comes with perfect cushioning and air circulation systems. When it comes to providing cushion over concrete and wood subfloors, this underlayment is a gem.

Besides, the underlayment keeps enough room for air circulation, so that your floor and subfloor remain good as new for years.

Can you guess one of the most common threats for your floor? It’s the temperature of your house. If the subfloors get heated a lot, you can say the quality goodbye.

The underlayment I’m suggesting you can be your ultimate solution. It’s manufactured in such a process that it can withstand extremely high temperatures. As a result, no matter how much heat it gets, it will prevent the heat from reaching your subfloors.

Hate all the cracking noise as you walk on your floors? You can get rid of it easily if you want. Replace the cheap underlayment and get yourself Roberts 70 193A. It comes with a 3mm thick insulating system to reduce all those disturbing noises.

You can even move your furniture with pin-drop silence. The underlayment has got a rating of 67 when it comes to Impact Sound Transmission. Your voice and the sound of television won’t reach from one room to another as the underlayment got a rating of 66 in the case of Sound Transmission Lost test.

Highlighted Features

  • The underlayment absorbs all the excess moistures that get in touch with your floors and subfloors. As a result, your floors maintain their quality for years.
  • It is compatible with both below and above grade subfloors.
  • It gives your floor perfect cushioning and enough air circulation. As a result, your floor and subfloor remain good as new.
  • The underlayment can withstand high temperatures. As a result, it doesn’t let any heat pass to your subfloors.
  • The 3mm thick insulating system helps the underlayment to reduce the noise as you walk or run on the floor.

3. QuietWalk Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

QuietWalk Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

If you’re still on the search for the perfect underlayment, I don’t see any reason not to choose QuietWalk underlayment. It will guard your vinyl plan floor and laminate floor like a shield against all the threats.

Let’s have a look at the most unique feature that makes it different than others, shall we? As the name says, the underlayment gives your home a quiet vibe. With its superior sound reduction feature, you won’t hear the disturbing cracking sound as you walk or even run on your floors.

Move your furniture with ease, the people living in the apartment below yours won’t even hear a thing.

Besides, as you watch television at night, your kid won’t wake up over the sound as the underlayment blocks sound transmission. It comes with recycled fibers that absorb the sound and prevent it from traveling to other rooms.

If the sound is the only issue you have, you can have this underlayment as the best bet.

So, you have the sound covered. How about the compression? You see, if you have a lot of members in your family and a lot of traffic walks all the time on your floor, don’t be surprised if the floor breaks or cracks.

Floors can often get damaged because of the pressure of too much traffic. If you want to turn the tables, you must make sure your floor can handle all the compression.

QuietWalk Underlayment can be the solution to your problem. The product comes with a dense recycled fiber structure that supports the click-together mechanism. Under the consistent traffic of the overlying floor, it will uphold the supportive configuration.

As a result, it doesn’t matter if all the members of your family jump on the floor, run on it or walk on it for hours, the underlayment will take all the beating and withstand the weights.

Getting a bulk amount of moisture? It can harm your floor. This underlayment will help you get rid of all the moistures and make sure they stay away for years.

With the recycled fibers and vapor barrier protection system, the underlayment protects your floor from developing a lot of moisture. It absorbs all the moistures to the full, for which your floor survives for a long time.

The typical underlayment does not let the heat to permeate evenly. But this one is an exception. This underlayment makes sure the heat gets distributed evenly on the subfloor while it protects the covering material from thermal shock.

With the quiet warmth radiant heat system, you can achieve warmth as you desire.

You don’t have to worry a bit about the installation process. Unlike any other, installing Quietwalk underlayment is a piece of cake. Just roll out and join the seam, and you’ll be done.

Highlighted Features

  • It reduces sound to the fullest and lets you experience a quiet environment as you walk, move your furniture or watch your TV.
  • With its compression resistant-feature, it can withstand the weight of a lot of traffic in your home.
  • The underlayment protects your floor from a bulk amount of moisture with the recycled fibers and vapor barrier protection system.
  • It distributes heat evenly on the subfloor and prevents any thermal shock.
  • It comes with an easy installation process, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

4. Roberts First Step 630 Square Foot Roll Underlayment

Roberts First Step 630 Square Foot Roll Underlayment

Well, my next pick is First Step 630 square foot roll underlayment by Roberts. It’s specially designed for all vinyl plank floors, laminate floors and engineered hardwood floating floors.

If you care about your floor, you should make sure it doesn’t get in touch with moisture that much. In humid summers, if your floor gets a lot of moisture, it will cup, crack or warp.

To avoid this, Roberts First Step 630 roll underlayment will back you up. Its moisture-resistant feature will make sure your floor doesn’t develop moisture in excess amount. It will absorb all the moisture your floor gets in touch with and keep your floor safe for years.

Not just moistures, your floor will eventually have lots of molds and mildews if you don’t take proper care for it. Unfortunately, typical underlayment fails to prevent the growth of molds and mildews in floors, as a result, not only the floor but also the underlayment itself faces a lot of damage.

Well, this underlayment will guard your floor like a pro. With its Gold Guard antimicrobial protection feature, the underlayment makes sure all the molds and mildews stay away from your floor. It also fights their growth with the help of constant air movement.

There are lots of minor subfloor imperfections and irregularities which you may often overlook. But these minor problems may turn into major ones anytime. So, it’s always better to get rid of them.

With this underlayment around, you can solve all the minor imperfections very easily. As a result, your floor maintains its quality for years to come.

So, let’s say you’re late at home and your kids are sleeping, you don’t want them to wake up over the sound of your footsteps or the cracks of your floor, right? Unfortunately, with cheap underlayment around, you cannot avoid such circumstances.

Well, this underlayment from Roberts minimizes the sound to the max. Its sound reduction system makes sure you get a quiet environment even if you walk, run or move your furniture. It also blocks the transmission of television-sound that travels from one room to another and gives you a quiet, peaceful vibe.

So, you got a lot of people in your family? Huge traffic can be a threat to your flooring. Sometimes the floor cannot withstand all the weight of constant traffic.

This underlayment can be your best bet to alter the situation. The floor is resistant to compression. It doesn’t matter if all the members of your family-run, jump or walk constantly. The underlayment will withstand all their pressures and weights.

Highlighted Features

  • The underlayment absorbs all the excess amounts of moisture that your floor gets in touch with, so your floor remains durable for years.
  • To increase your floor’s durability, it also prevents the growth of molds and mildews, thanks to the Gold Guard antimicrobial protection feature.
  • It deals with the minor imperfections and irregularities of your sub-floor.
  • It reduces your noise to the full, so if you move your furniture, run on your floor, or do whatever, you’ll still have a quiet environment.
  • The floor can withstand all the weight of huge traffic with no problem at all, thanks to its compression-resistant feature.

5. Schluter DITRA

Schluter DITRA

If you ask the experts, they’ll recommend you Schluter DITRA without any question that whether you have vinyl plank flooring or tile flooring.

The presence of too many moistures can be a threat to your floor and subfloor. Soon, you’ll see them getting warps and cracks. You depend on underlayment to get rid of these moistures, but unfortunately, not all of them can do the job perfectly.

Schluter-DITRA XL 5/16″ Underlayment comes with configured channels that create a lot of free space on the underside of the matting. These free spaces make sure the excess amount of moisture and vapor can escape very easily. As a result, the layers of your vinyl or tile flooring remain safe 24/7.

Do you know what the major cause of having cracks on vinyl planks and tiled surfaces is? With cheaper underlayment, you cannot uncouple the vinyl or tiling layer from the substrate. As a result, the floor stresses and cracks easily.

Getting yourself an underlayment that has an uncoupling membrane will help you up in such cases. But finding such underlayment isn’t that easy.

Schluter DITRA stands out because of its uncoupling feature. Ask anyone who has knowledge of underlayment; you’ll get Schluter DITRA as your best uncoupling option. You can also Google it up; almost every site will recommend this underlayment giant for uncoupling, and obviously for a good reason.

You see, to allow in-plane movement, the underlayment comes with open cavity space. It neutralizes the stress movement between the substrates and the surface of your floor.

Since the membranes absorb the substrate movement, they eliminate the stress transfer to the layer of the tiles. As a result, all the cracks are prevented.

How many underlayments have you seen that have got the waterproof feature? Well, this is where this underlayment works as an exception. With its waterproof layer, the underlayment protects the moisture-sensitive substrates like OCB or plywood.

Also, the underlayment ensures heavy load distribution to make sure your flooring installation lasts for a couple of years.

Installing this underlayment won’t take more than a few minutes. And the best part? You can install it all by yourself. Since it’s lightweight, you can install it very fast compared to others.

Highlighted Features

  • With its anti-moisture feature, the underlayment gets rid of the excess moisture very easily and keeps your floor safe and sound for years.
  • It absorbs the substrate movement and eliminates the stress transfer to the floor’s layer. As a result, it saves your floor from cracks.
  • It protects the moisture-sensitive substrates with its waterproof layer like OCB or plywood.
  • It gives you a heavy-load distribution. As a result, your floor installation lasts for years.
  • Installing this underlayment is pretty easy. Since it’s lightweight, you can install it all by yourself within a few minutes.

FAQ about Best Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring

What should I look for when I buy an underlayment?

Ans. Well, that needs a broad answer. But simply put, if you can find the must-haves, you can go for the underlayment.

For example, you should see if the product is resistant to compression. Also, make sure it can protect your floor from moistures, molds and mildews.

If your underlayment can be installed easily, that surely is a plus. But do make sure it can reduce the sound as well.

Can I replace my underlayment anytime?

Ans. Yes, replacing your underlayment is very easy. It didn’t give you a hard time during the installation process, did it? If that’s the case, it won’t be a problem for you even while replace it.

How thick should an underlayment be?

Ans. It is a very common question customers come up with. Well, if you look into most underlayment, they come with 2-3 mm of thickness. Some come with more thickness. Getting yourself an underlayment with 3mm thickness will get your job done perfectly.

Is there any way I can avoid buying an underlayment and still have my floors maintain their quality?

Ans. Nope, without an underlayment, you cannot expect your floors to last even for a year. And when it comes to rainy days, your floors will lose their quality anyway. So, unless you have the money to change your floors every 2 or 3 months, it’s always safe to get an underlayment installed.

Is there any warranty offered with the above mentioned underlayment?

Ans. Of course, but to know about all the details, you have to contact the seller you’re going to buy your product from.

What’s Now?

Wait, are you having second thoughts on whether you’re going to buy an underlayment or not? Do yourself a favor, don’t even think about any alternative.

No matter what (I mean it), you have to install an underlayment anyway to make sure your vinyl plank floor is safe and sound around the year. If that’s the case, why won’t you buy the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?

If you think you should go for the cheaper ones, you can go for it. But don’t blame anyone if they don’t give your floor the backup it needs.

Or you can try it in an easier way. Give the review a read again if it needs and choose a durable, long-lasting underlayment to keep your floor safe for years.

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