How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain With Baking Soda?

At one morning you see your bathtub drain has been clogged. Not only that, from there smell is coming out. Well, sometimes caustic cleaners can't remove the clog, or maybe the apartment management won't allow the use of it. So stay on the safe side and choose baking soda for unclogging.

Baking soda may not be the first choice for cleaning the bathtub drain, but you better know that it is the more natural solution to apply. Again if there is some limitation about using chemicals, this is the best solution. Some cleaners aren't actually can able to remove the clog, in that case, if you know how to unclog bathtub drain using baking soda then you will be the beneficiary. Do you want to know the procedure? Then you are in the right place. Here stay with me and have the whole process.

Unclogging bathtub drain using baking soda

There are a few steps you need to follow when doing this. Those are given here:

1. Cleaning the filter or stopper: You are cleaning bathtub drain, so it's usual to have hair and other residues underneath the stopper. These may be over or under it. So first you need to remove these things and then open up the filter losing screws. Then twist the stopper so that you can remove it. Any junk you can see take aside or scrub those.

2. Boiling water in a tea kettle: There is no specification regarding water that how much you need to use when doing your job. So you may pour water on the top of the kettle. Wait until water starts boiling and let it cook properly. If you do not have a tea kettle or you want a bigger pot, then you can use a large bowl of boiling water.

3. Pouring water into the drain: The boil water may work at this point by unclogging the drain. Turn on the bathtub so that you can see if the draining process is normal. Stay away from splashing the hot water as it can burn you and it’s dangerous.

4. Pour baking soda with vinegar down the drain: Take ¼ cup of baking soda in a bowl and full another cup of vinegar. Pour these two cups of baking soda and vinegar into the pipe. Baking soda along with vinegar helps to remove excessive gunk from the tube. And the hot water was for the initial cleaning.

5. Wait 15-20 minutes: Use a timer to keep the record when you have poured these two substances into the drain. Leave these in the pipe for 15-20 minutes so that these can work properly.

6. Boil more water: Again you need to boil water so follow the same procedure for boiling.

7. Pouring water into the drain: The water you have burnt, flow this into the pipe. This will react with baking soda and vinegar which helps to unclog the drain. Then test your bathtub and see if there is any clogging or not.

There is no use of chemical and almost every time this procedure works well.

Benefits of using baking soda

The question may come to your mind why will you use baking soda rather than anything. Here is the answer-

  • Harsh chemicals sometimes leave odor and residue in the bathtub. But when you are using baking soda, there will be no odor went that you can’t bear.
  • The combination of baking soda and vinegar is environmentally friendly whereas some caustic chemicals develop contamination. Again children may get affected by these dangerous chemicals.
  • In your home, some family member may not tolerate the smell or odor of other chemicals. Baking soda won't affect anything.
  • It costs not too much so you can easily afford it. This also works well on the surfaces of your home. Therefore, you can use this also for other cleaning purposes.

Final Verdict

Now you can see how easy is the unclogging of the bathtub drain which you can do so quickly and no need of sweeper! When you go for a trip, you can put baking soda down the drain and don’t rinse. It will help to resist the odor that can produce when you are not at home. So undoubtedly you can choose baking soda for your bathtub drain without any second thought!

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