Best Small Bathroom Vanities With Combo 2023

Best small bathroom vanities are the key to making a small bathroom feel bigger. To be honest, none of us prefers a small bathroom. Wait, did I forget the minimalists?

But yeah, a bathroom demands to be spacious.

But, what if it is not?

Not a big deal for smart people! They know how to alter the problem in many ways. If it is not spacious, make it look spacious! The minimalists have great ideas to make the small bathroom look big such as the use of whitish or grey color, oval-shaped tub, big mirrors, splendid lights, and many more amazing ideas.

To function with the brilliant interior ideas, our vanity designers are making gorgeous yet space-saving minimalist bathroom vanities.

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Top 5 Small Bathroom Vanities Review

A small bathroom requires minimally designed vanities that function as two/ three/four or as many as possible in one piece of vanity set. Best small bathroom vanities accomplish the interior by increasing the aesthetic of the room and fulfilling the need of very necessary items at a time. Here are the reviews of the top 5 small bathroom vanities exclusively for you!

1. PE1612DC New Wood Petite Vanity by Fine Fixture

PE1612DC New Wood Petite Vanity by Fine Fixture

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It is a basin having a small cupboard underneath, or a small cabinet with a basin on top of it!

Whatever you call it, the PE1612DC New Wood Petite Vanity does not fail to beautify your minimal place.

This beautiful vanity setting comes as a dark cherry wood cupboard. There is a drawer under the locked shelf. The handles are made of polished matte chrome finishing. On top of the cabinet, you can adjust the pure white basin like a pearl that comes with this cabinet.

You can keep the cosmetics inside the shelves and towel or tissues inside the drawer. There is no chance of cluttering in the basin, no chance of having a mess on top of the sink! Just install a mirror on the wall! What s perfect minimalist vanity idea!

This classy piece of vanity is 16 inches in width while the length is a little over 32 inches, perfect for a small setting. Tap drilling takes a 4-inch space in the middle of the basin.

They ship the basin and the vanity in two different bags with plenty of bubble wraps and protective packets.

Key Features

  • A cabinet comes into the basin to store important things and use water.
  • It is made of pure wood; therefore, the durability of the product is unquestionable.
  • This small piece of two in one furniture saves your space.
  • The cabinet is dark cherry-colored, and the basin is a pure white color that brings a classy look together.

2. Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo 16” for Small Space by eclife

Bathroom Vanity W/Sink Combo 16” for Small Space by eclife

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Many of us are concerned about the imbalance of ecology. We understand that there should be a limitation of extracting the resources from nature. There should be a limitation of polluting nature for our comfort and luxuries.

It is an inspiration from eclife to use sustainable products. They make a bathroom vanity with an eco-friendly sink and water saving. It is a 16 inches long, 9.8 inches wide and 20.3-inch high combo of sink and vanity. This grey color premium vanity is wall mounted.

To save water eclife has used a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator. This aerator saves 30% of water. They have used a water supply hose of 3/8 inch. The water supply lines are 23-5/8 inches in length. The tap setting chrome finished. The pop-up drain comes with a shape like a U.

They have used eco-friendly material in the making of this vanity product. The basin is very easy to clean as it is designed with smooth paint surface, resin sink, and stone powder. The bowl is 15 mm thick. The cabinet is 720 kgs of medium-density fiberboard that is also moisture-proof. The stainless steel slide is used in the door to open it smoothly. You can easily adjust the pipe for draining as it comes as a p-bend adjustable setting.

Key Features

  • This vanity basin saves 30 percent water by using a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator.
  • Eco-friendly materials like stone powder, resin sink, MDF are used in the making of this vanity.
  • Easily adjustable p-bend shaped pipe drainage is included in this design.
  • The moisture-proof cabinet has enough space for storing necessary items.

3. Otum 24” Bathroom Vanity by Dorel Living

Otum 24” Bathroom Vanity by Dorel Living

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A dark walnut color wooden vanity cabinet with basin by Dorel Living is a traditional looking vanity.

This Otum 24-inch bathroom vanity can be used in a master bedroom as well as any place of the house. Creating an old day’s vibe to the small apartment, this vanity plays a very useful part in keeping the room neat.

This compact vanity is designed with solid wood, wood veneer, and engineered wood. The outer part of the doors is made of wood, where the actual panels of the door are made of wood veneers.

There are two smooth shaker-style door cabinets with glowing nickel-finished hardware. Under the doors, there is a drawer. They have used a dark walnut color finishing detailed with wood grain. Lastly, it has been extra coated with lacquer to ensure durability. It is also available in white and gray finish.

The top surface and basin of the cabinet are soft white-colored made with stone and white ceramic water basin.

Key Features

  • The cabinet is designed in a compact style with wood and.
  • The basin of the vanity is made of white porcelain.
  • There are three color options available apart from white.
  • It is a traditional style vanity that can be used in other rooms.

4. Cassara 30” Single Bathroom Vanity by Pamari

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Cassara 30-inch single bathroom vanity is a modern farmhouse-inspired vanity for your small bathroom. This vanity comes with a beautiful design of keeping storage and having a washbowl.

This single bathroom vanity comes with two different color options. You can choose ivory white or geneva oak color. I like the sliding barn door in one side storage. The other side has two open shelves. They suggest keeping two baskets in there. I prefer to keep the upper one open and have a box on the lower shelf. There are two baskets included with this package, in case you use them for the open shelves. You can use them anywhere you like.

The material of the vanity is made of medium-density fibreboard. They have used Vitreous China to design the sink and countertop. The cabinet is 29.88 inches wide 18.13 inch deep and 34 inches high. The countertop is 18 5/16 inches deep.

The vanity is already accumulated. As a result, there is no extra task required to set it. The brilliant idea of the designer makes this vanity user-friendly. Your small bathroom becomes easy to use with this sturdy vanity.

Key Features

  • The vanity is designed in a modern farmhouse style.
  • Two colors are available; ivory white and Geneva oak.
  • Two different styles of storage available; sliding barn door and open shelves.
  • No hassle for the installation; it is already assembled.

5. 48″ White Solid Wood & Tempered Glass Single Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Set by the Tub Connection

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Let us come to the showstopper now!

A trendy vanity set by The Tub Connection is this 48 inch White Solid Wood & Tempered Glass Single Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Solid Wood cabinet.

This cabinet is quite big compared to the four vanities I talked about. The dimension of this whole set is 47 ¼ inch in length, 19 ¾ inches deep, and 35.5 inches high.

The beautiful countertop and vessel sink of this set are designed with a ¾ inches tempered glass. A mirror of 46 ½ x 27 ½ inches comes with a white frame and hanging support.

There is a huge storage system with six dovetail drawers and two-door storages of soft closing pivots. The drawer and door handles are done with a brushed chrome finishing.

To adjust on the basin there is one stem chrome tap setting included. Besides the faucet, p-trap, supply lines, and draining tools are also included in the box. It maintains the aesthetic of the room serving as a handy tool for several uses.

Key Features

  • It is a total vanity set that comes with a mirror and a hanging bracket.
  • Six drawers and two-door closets make huge storage for your vanity room.
  • The high-quality design gives a sophisticated ambiance to the room.
  • A somewhat big vanity for a small bathroom compared to other vanities.


I loved the design of these five vanities. The qualities of the materials are trustworthy; the manufacturers made efforts to make the products high end and substantial.

Which one of these would suit your bathroom? Make sure you know the measurement of your room and where do you want to mount the vanity. The right measurement is the key to have a perfect interior decoration.

Do not forget to think about the ambiance of your bathroom; for instance, you can choose the Vanity Set by the Tub Connection for your contemporary looking toilet. You can choose the Cassara 30” Single Bathroom Vanity by Pamari for modern farmhouse vibe or the Otum 24” Bathroom Vanity by Dorel Living for traditional vanity décor.

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