Best Olive Oil Dispensers 2023-Important Details for Users

What’s the similarity between olive oil and Mona Lisa?

They’re both perfect.

Forgive the weird comparison. But Olive oil has always been praised for its unique taste, numerous health benefits, and compatibility with a wide range of foods.

Whether you want to dress a salad, drizzle it over your pasta, or simply use the ingredient as a dip, the oil will perform just as magnificently.

However, the oil, specifically the Extra Virgin kind, is tricky to use.

It is sensitive to light, can quickly lose its flavor, and go rancid in a matter of days if not stored properly. It can also drip and drizzle to create an unwanted mess on your kitchen or dining table.

So, what’s the solution?

You use a container that is specifically designed to store and use olive oils. This is why, in this guide, we present to you our picks of the best olive oil dispensers, along with all the necessary facts you need to know for making the right purchase.

Use the finest kind of oil in the best possible way!

Benefits Of Using Olive Oil Dispensers

Keeps The Flavor Intact 

Olive oil and specifically, extra virgin olive oil is sensitive to light exposure. If these ingredients are in direct contact with light (e.g. sunlight) a process known as photo-oxidation can occur, which results in deteriorating the flavor of the oil.

Therefore, most dispensers use a slight to heavily tinted glass, opaque stoneware or ceramic as material. This feature either partially or completely blocks the entrance of light into the dispenser, protecting your olive oil from losing its flavor over time.

Protects Your Oil From Bugs And Insects 

An olive oil dispenser uses spouts with a flip, automatic or a screw cap. These features allow you to seal the entrance of the spout after every use. As a result, you don’t need to worry about bugs or insects getting into your oil while they’re waiting on your dining table or kitchen sink in the middle of the usage.

Prevents Auto Evaporation 

Dispensers often use stoppers and gaskets, along with a non-porous surface. As a result, atmospheric air can’t get inside the bottle and the contained liquid doesn’t seep through the dispenser on the outside.

These features prevent your oil from automatically evaporating, which can lead to a decrease in their amount over time without even using them.

Ensures A Measured Pour And Avoids Spillage 

Dispensers use ergonomic spouts (e.g. speed pourer style spout, u shaped/bent spout) to ensure a measured and quick pour even when you do it in a hurry.

Some spouts also have a collar around them, and are set into stoppers and gaskets to avoid a spill-free pour.

Thus, using a dispenser allows you to dress a salad or spread the oil in a quick and easy manner without making a spillage.

Best Olive Oil Dispensers

1. Tablecraft, Oil & Vinegar Cruet 916M

If you want a minimal yet beautiful oil dispenser for your kitchen or dining room, this product by Tablecraft will do just that.

The dispenser is only 13-inches tall with a 3.2-inches bottom width, making it suitable to blend in with any modern kitchen décor and standard sized shelves. It can hold 16-ounces of liquid.

However, apart from the design, the manufacturer kept in mind the matter of practicality as well. The product is made out of slightly tinted green glass. This feature can protect the stored olive oil or vinegar from Photo-oxidation.

It has a speed-liquor-pourer style spout made of stainless steel. Therefore, you get a steady yet quick pour every time. However, it doesn’t have a seal or cap, so you should keep it away from the reach bugs and flies.

The stopper is made of Polypropylene rubber. It has a circular-spiral ridge design to fit perfectly with the bottle head, creating an airtight seal to preserve the ingredient stored inside.

The rectangular cruet ending into a circular bottle-neck offers an elegant shape, along with an oval-shaped bottom. The product is dishwasher safe as well.

Highlighted Features
  • Provides a minimal yet beautiful design.
  • Offers a capacity of 16-ounce.
  • Uses a speed-liquor-pourer style spout made of stainless steel.
  • Includes a Polypropylene rubber stopper with circular ridge design.
  • The dispenser can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

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2. XYUN, Olive Oil Dispenser for Easy Pouring

XYUN, Olive Oil Dispenser for Easy Pouring

Two is not always better than one. However, in this case, the cliché stands true.

The dispenser comes with 2 types of spouts, both made of stainless steel. One has a dust cap at its top, while the other features a flap capped design.

For frequent use, you can choose the flap capped spout. For pouring the stored liquid at long intervals, the dust capped spout will ensure an airtight seal to prevent bugs from getting in your dispenser, as well as protecting it from a loss of quality.

The spout is set into a PP rubber stopper. Its spiral ridged design perfectly fits into the bottle head, allowing foolproof protection.

The dispenser is constructed in a lead-free system and uses food-grade plastic to ensure no harm is done to your health from the usage. It uses industry-grade glass with a darkish green tint, preventing the stored ingredient from coming into direct contact with light and thus, protecting it from photo-oxidation.

With a height of 14.1-inches and bottom width of 2.6-inches, the bottle weighs only 1.05-pounds. So, using the dispenser for dressing a salad or decorating a dessert is a breeze.

It can hold 17-ounces of liquid. However, an absence of labeling measurements on the bottle can make it hard to determine the amount of liquid left in the dispenser.

Highlighted Features
  • Dark green tint protects from photo-oxidation.
  • Offers a double spout design.
  • Includes a dust cap and a flap cap for individual spouts.
  • PP rubber stopper ensures a perfect seal.
  • Stainless steel speed spout allows a quick and dripless pour.

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3. Juvale, Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Best salad oil holder

Juvale, Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Best salad oil holder

For those of you who want your artistic taste reflected in every aspect of your life, this is the product for you.

Each dispenser is made from industrial-grade glass with a variety of printed artworks on the cruet, elevating its charm as a decoration piece. The dark-toned artworks also help to protect olive oils and other light-sensitive ingredients from photo-oxidation.

Both bottles are 13.7-inch long, so as a set or singularly, they’ll fit into most kitchens or showcase shelves easily. The width of each bottle is 6.9-inches. The measurements, in our opinion, come together to create a shape that is coherent but not boring.

Each dispenser can hold 17-ounces by itself and 34-ounces of liquid in total, so you won’t need to worry about constantly refilling it.

It has a speed style spout protected by a plastic lid. The lid uses a lever mechanism to allow a measured and quick pouring, making the product feature one of the best olive oil pourers in this list.

The spout is set into a stopper, which makes the dispenser airtight, preventing loss of flavor and quality of the contained ingredient.

The rectangular-shaped cruet comes as a set of two, so you can use it for storing multiple oils, sauces, etc. at the same place. The dispenser is safe to use in a dishwasher.

Highlighted Features
  • It offers cruets decorated with tasteful paintings.
  • Dark-toned artworks protect ingredients from photo-oxidation.
  • Safe to use in a dishwasher.
  • The lid uses a lever mechanism to allow a measured and quick pouring.
  • As a set of two, you can use it for storing multiple oils at the same place.

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4. Marbrasse, Auto Flip Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Marbrasse, Auto Flip Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

If we had to describe the product in one phrase, it’d be “innovative and practical”.

The dispenser is made from a combination of lead-free, high-quality glass and food-grade pp rubber. However, since the glass is not tinted there seems to be less protection from photo-oxidation. Though, the see-through glass does make it easy to determine the amount of ingredient left in the bottle.

With a bottom-width of 8.5-inches and a pear-shaped cruet, this does not conform to the shape of a typical olive oil dispenser. The bottle can contain 20-ounces of liquid, which means frequent refilling won’t be a matter of concern.

The spout is u-shaped and made from rubber. It is protected by an automatic cap. The cap uses a stainless steel roller to open automatically when tilted downwards and closes back up when tilted vertically. A gasket, produced from silicone, ensures that the dispenser is leak-free and doesn’t pose any risk to your health.

It uses an ergonomic, internally curved, and anti-slip handle. It is BPA free, meaning you can safely drink from it, along with a non-slip bottom.

You can clean the dispenser in the dishwasher, though don’t pour anything that is of boiling temperature.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses an ergonomic, internally curved, and anti-slip handle.
  • It is BPA free with a non-slip bottom.
  • A silicone gasket ensures no leakage and health safety.
  • Cap opens when tilted downwards and closes when tilted vertically.
  • Uses lead-free, industry-quality glass to produce the cruet.

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5. Zeppoli, Olive Oil And Vinegar Bottle Glass Set

Zeppoli, Olive Oil And Vinegar Bottle Glass Set

This product is living proof of what great design is all about: efficacy and simplicity.

Take the spouts for example.

Each dispenser has a double, speed pourer type spout. One of them is longer, allowing a slower pour, while the other one is shorter in comparison, facilitating a faster pour. Each spout also has a dust cap to ensure no bugs can get in, as well as protecting the contained ingredient from auto evaporation.

It uses a rubber stopper, which sets perfectly into the circular ridged bottle-neck, ensuring an airtight environment. However, a clear glass cruet with no tint may offer less protection when it comes to issues like photo-oxidation.

The matching double dispensers are made from industry-grade glass and stainless steel, along with BPA-free plastic and rubber, making them completely safe to drink from. Each dispenser has a capacity of 17-ounces.

You also get a funnel with an adjusting handle to ensure no spillage while refilling.

The product performs well as both a kitchen accessory and a decoration piece. It provides a stainless-steel frame with a u-top to store the dispensers together. It also helps you to carry them conveniently. All in all, this is the best olive oil pour spout you can get for a decent price.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes a funnel with an adjusting handle to avoid refueling spillage.
  • Offers a steel frame for easy storage and decorative value.
  • Provides a double spout design with fast and slow pour in each dispenser.
  • Offers a seal for each spout to ensure overall protection.
  • A BPA-free construction ensures safe usage with no health hazards.

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6. Tabelcraft, Olive Oil Bottle Set

Tabelcraft, Olive Oil Bottle Set

This matching set of dispensers have artworks with dark tones imprinted on the cruets, offering photo-oxidative protection as well as aesthetic value.

The spout is made of stainless steel and designed in a speed pourer style. However, it doesn’t have any cap, making it susceptible to unwanted spillage and intercepting bugs/insects. It uses a rubber stopper to ensure providing a leak-proof pouring experience.

The manufacturer provides a steel frame with a chrome finish for storing the bottles. The rack has a u-shaped top to safely carry the set.

Each dispenser can carry 16-ounces of liquid, giving you a total capacity of 32 ounces to use. So, refilling will be an occasional affair.

However, the tinted glasses may make assuming the level of ingredients a tad harder at times.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes stainless-steel speed spouts for a calculated and fast pour.
  • Offers tinted glass to protect from photo-oxidation.
  • A steel frame with U-top makes displaying and carrying the set conveniently.
  • Offers a total capacity of 32-ounces for storing ingredients.
  • Can be used both as a kitchen accessory and an art piece.

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7. Chef’s Planet, Large Glass Cruet

Chef's Planet, Large Glass Cruet

Another favorite set on our list is made from Borosilicate glass. Using Boron trioxide and silica as the prime elements, these glasses offer excellent resistance to thermal shock and impacts.

Borosilicate is able to withstand a 170°-Celsius temperature change, making the product more stable than soda-lime glasses. In terms of your health, it is also completely safe to use.

The dispenser can comfortably hold 8-ounces of liquid. It has a glass spout, designed in a special shape to reduce dripping. A collar around the spout holds spillage, saving you the trouble to wash your table every time you pour a little extra.

The circular stopper with a unique, no-ridge design is made of glass as well. It fits into the bottleneck in a particular way to ensure a measured pour even when your hands get a little clumsy. The funnel-shaped cruet compliments the design by providing a dispenser that is sure to stand out on your table or shelf.

The dispenser can be cleaned using a dishwasher. We do wish there was a measuring label system though. Other than that and the absence of a cap, it is an almost perfect product.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses Borosilicate glass to resist thermal shocks and impacts.
  • Can comfortably hold 8-ounces of liquid.
  • Uses a specifically designed spout to reduce dripping.
  • Includes a collar around the spout to avoid spillage.
  • Offers a glass stopper with no-ridge for a measured pour every time.

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8. Nicebottles, Olive Oil Dispenser with Stainless Steel

Nicebottles, Olive Oil Dispenser with Stainless Steel

Nicebottles doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to producing bottles that are as nice as they are effective. This dispenser checks all the boxes which are required to create an elegant container with practical features.

The glass has a deep green tint, allowing the stored olive oil to stay safe from direct sunlight and artificial bright lights. With a standard height of 12.8-inches, along with a 1.17-pound weight, the bottle will not only fit well into any regular shelves but also provide an easy carrying experience.

The spout is made of industry-grade stainless steel and designed in speed-pourer style. It has a flip cap to keep the bottle protected through frequent use. The spout also comes with a screw cap, allowing you to keep the stored oil/liquid uncontaminated while stored away for a while.

The dispenser uses a rubber stopper with larger circular ridges followed by a smaller circular ending. This allows you a measured pour without requiring too much conscious attention.

However, since the product was designed specifically for storing oils and liquid of that range, you should keep it away from extreme temperatures and high impact situations.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers an elegant design with practical features.
  • Uses a specially designed stopper to deliver a measured pour every time.
  • Delivers a speed-pourer spout with a stainless-steel build.
  • The spout comes with both a flip cap and a screw cap.
  • Lightweight and easily fits into any regular sized shelves.

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9. Rachael Ray, Red Solid Glaze EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser 53234

Red Solid Glaze EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

Well, what can we say? It’s Rachel Ray.

When the accomplished American chef creates a container, you already know it’s going to be one of the best olive oil bottle dispenser models in the market. And we are glad to say she delivered on that assumption.

Instead of transparent or tinted glass, she used an opaque stoneware, which completely blocks any wave of light to pass through the dispenser. As a result, your Extra Virgin Olive Oil has foolproof protection from photo-oxidation caused by sunlight or other bright artificial lights.

The interior is glazed by a nonporous surface.

The word porous comes from the Latin word “porus” which means permeable or penetrable. So, simply put, a nonporous/impenetrable surface doesn’t allow any liquid to penetrate through, allowing your olive oil to stay in the dispenser without causing auto evaporation and losing any flavor.

The design is truly unique. We bet you won’t find another dispenser that looks like it. The handle is perfectly assembled into the cruet without creating any architectural distortion.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses an opaque stoneware, completely blocking any light to pass through.
  • Includes a metal spout secured by a flip cap.
  • Provides a white rubber gasket to ensure no spillage while pouring.
  • Uses a nonporous surface to protect the liquid from auto evaporation.
  • Uses a flattop to provide stability to the entire structure.

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10. TableCraft H931 Siena Green Tint Glass Oil Bottle

TableCraft H931 Siena Green Tint Glass Oil Bottle

As always, Tablecraft sticks to their signature minimalist design, while maintaining an elegant look.

The dispenser almost mimics the shape of a vintage oil lamp, as an oval cruet seamlessly blends into a slender, circular bottleneck. This may remind you of Siena, an ancient city in Italy, of which the bottle is cleverly named after.

The bottle has an almost unnoticeable green tint to it. This feature, while providing the illusion of transparent glass, still manages to protect the stored ingredient from phot-oxidation.

It uses a stainless-steel spout with a speed-pourer style, allowing you to easily dress a salad or spread it over your favorite meal. A rubber stopper with a thin pipe going into the bottle is used to make dispenser airtight as well as providing a measured pour.

The product has a capacity of 16-ounces. It has a standard height of 13-inches, while weighing only 1.1-pounds, making the dispenser easy to store and operate.

Highlighted Features
  1. It offers a minimalist design, while maintaining an elegant look.
  2. Includes a speed-pourer style spout for convenient use.
  3. Provides a maximum capacity of 16-ounces.
  4. Features a lightweight operation with an easy storage facility.
  5. The uniquely designed stopper provides a measured pour.

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How To Choose The Right Olive Oil Dispenser?

Look For A Tinted Glass Or Opaque Material 

Choose a dispenser with a tinted glass or opaque material. If you want to use it as a decorative piece, find an artwork imprinted cruet that uses darker color tones.

Olive oil is sensitive to direct exposure of light, as it produces photo-oxidation diminishing the flavor. A tinted glass or deep-toned artwork partially blocks light exposure, while opaque materials like ceramic completely blocks exposure. As a result, you can preserve the flavor for a long period of time.

Choose The RightSpout 

A spout, also known as a pourer, is the tube through which the oil is poured. So, it is quite apparent that a spout is one of the most effective parts of a dispenser.

We recommend choosing a stainless-steel spout as they offer durability and protection against corrosion. Spouts made of pp rubber also offers a good service.

Many manufacturers tend to lean towards designing uniquely shaped spouts to ensure a dripless and measured pour. You can also opt for a speed-pourer-style spout, which ensures a quick yet calculated pour.

Make Sure Your Spout Has A Cap

It’s always better to choose a spout with a cap. This will help to keep bugs, dust, and insects away from the liquid in between uses.

You can choose a flip, automatic or screw cap depending on your needs or buy a dispenser that offers a combination of these caps.

Look For An Effective Stopper

A stopper is usually made of rubber which sits right after spout, usually at the bottle head or neck.

It’s important to ensure that stopper works as it keeps the dispenser airtight, preventing auto evaporation of the olive oil.

Some manufacturers use a gasket along with the stopper to additionally ensure no air can get in or out. However, a ventilation system also needs to be in place or it can start decomposing the oil.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

We recommend buying dispensers in pairs. Along with increasing the holding capacity, it also allows you to conveniently use different sauces without sacrificing the workflow.

The best olive oil dispensers that come in a set usually use a steel rack with a chrome/silver finish. As a result, they light up the décor of your kitchen or dining as well.

Another point we wanted to make with the somewhat cryptic heading is, you should get dispensers with artworks embedded in them. So they can multitask as kitchen accessories as well as decoration pieces.

Get Temperature, Impact, And Scratch Resistant Materials 

Most dispensers are made from glass or ceramic cruets. By definition, these materials are susceptible to high temperatures, impacts, and scratches. This is why we recommend buying dispensers that offer protection against these issues.

For example, a borosilicate glass cruet will offer better protection against temperature changes, impacts, and scratches than a soda-lime glass cruet.

Get Anti-Slip Handles And Non-slip Bottoms

Since you’re dispensing oil, things are likely to get a little slippery.

So, we recommend dispensers with anti-slip handles and non-slip bottoms. This will increase the longevity of the dispenser, making it less prone to slipping off your hands and getting broken.

Another thing to look for is a glazed interior with a nonporous surface. This feature will prevent the oil from slipping through the dispenser, allowing you protection against auto evaporation and spillage.

Pick A Dispenser Safe For Your Health

Always check whether the manufacturer uses BPA-free plastic and is approved by the FDA. Also, make sure other elements used in the construction is food grade as well.

This way, you can avoid a variety of potential health hazards and get the maximum benefit out of your stored olive oil.

Ensure That The Dispenser Offers A Convenient Cleaning System

Dispensers require refilling on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s important that they can be cleaned easily. Along with maintaining the quality of your olive oil, an easily washable dispenser will save you a ton of unnecessary time and effort.

We recommend choosing a dispenser that is compatible to use with a dishwasher, allowing you access to the quickest way of washing a kitchen accessory.

If not, choose one with a large enough surface where you can use a brush to give the dispenser a thorough cleaning.

How Long Can You Store Olive Oil Using A Dispenser? 

Answer: Using a proper dispenser can significantly increase the lifetime of olive oil before it goes rancid. Usually, you can store olive oil somewhere between 1.5 to 2-months safely, if stored in a dispenser that has all the necessary features.

At What Temperature Should I Store Olive Oil?

Answer: According to the best olive oil dispenser reviews, the recommended temperature is 57 to 60-degrees. However, it can be stored quite safely up to room temperature as well, extending the range towards a 69 to 70-degree margin.

Generally speaking, storing the dispenser in a place that has low exposure to light and below-average room temperature is ideal. That place can be a cupboard, a showcase, etc.

Why Do I Need A Tinted Glass Or Ceramic Cruet For An Olive Oil Dispenser?  

Answer: If EVOO or olive oil is exposed to light, a photo-oxidation process occurs, which deteriorates the flavor.

Therefore, tinted glass or Ceramic cruets are recommended as they have the ability to partially or completely shield olive oil from direct light sources.

What Is A Cruet? 

Answer: A cruet usually refers to the largest part of a dispenser. It can be thought of as the belly/flask part of the dispenser which holds most of the oil.

Cruet style dispensers mostly use metal or glass spouts to pour the oil. However, dispensers with sprayer head or cap screws are also available.

Can I Use An Olive Oil Dispenser For Other Liquids? 

Answer: Yes.

In fact, olive oil dispensers can be used as amazing containers for wines and a variety of sauces. Special properties of a dispenser like, protection from oxidation, an airtight environment, etc. allows it to retain the flavor of other liquid ingredients as well.

Also, the spout style dispensers make it quite convenient to sauté meats or dress a salad whether you’re using olive oil or other types of sauces. However, you may have some difficulties with liquids that are too chunky.

Final Words

Primarily 4 things come into play in while choosing the right dispenser for yourself: effective features, design, quality of the materials, and price. The best olive oil dispenser will have all of these features in perfect balance to deliver you a product worth buying.

Our intention in creating this guide is to show you how to find that balance. Our efforts will only be worth it if the information provided here were helpful to you in that regard.

So, use what we have delivered here to make a purchase that’ll make you smile every time you remember it.

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