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You can’t read a novel in the darkness. You can’t even have dinner in dimmed light. Everything could be hard to see where shadows are most, and sunlight reaches hardly. In fact, life becomes troublesome when there is no bright source of light.

bright floor lamp

A bright floor lamp can deal with the darkness. You can put a floor lamp at the home, office, or a get-together party. The perfect lamp can bring a natural and satisfying ambiance in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, reading room, etc. It can increase the interest in doing a particular thing. Even a dull mind gets transformed into a jolly, dancing mind.

Here is a review of bathroom vanity light that give you idea to chooc a bathroom light.

Now, you may think about why a bright floor lamp is so important. Well, you should have a high-quality floor lamp that gives a lot of light. These are some of the reasons to bring a bright floor lamp:

  • Increasing the beauty: Even the dark black suit gets highlighted when there is appropriate light. Low luminosity can’t present things nicely of the living room. The real color, correct shape, and design of items in your house become alluring and eye-pleasing. Putting a floor lamp that gives a lot of light can definitely mesmerize the eyes of the viewers. There are lots of floor lamps having great touches of the artists. Even these lamps can be a significant part of home decorations.
  • Lighting the darkroom: There may be ample chance of sunlight entering your home. But it is possible that all the room has scopes to get that light. So, what shall you do? Best floor lamps can alter the situation. You switch on the device, and the whole darkroom turns into a bright, eye-soothing room. You need to make sure you have chosen the correct bright floor lamps for the darkroom.
  • Impact on mind: Of course, fluorescent floor lamps have the ability to have a positive impact on consciousness. It may be dependable on the brightness level of the lamp. Depending on the surroundings, you can choose a different lamp with different luminosity levels or colors. As an example, if it is for having a romantic meal, the brightness can be medium, color as vivid white. Low intensity adds pain when you are in a bad mood. So, you should put the correct nook in the living room.
  • Portability: It’s another reason why you should use floor lamps instead of tube light or energy bulbs on the wall. You don’t need to install or attach anything. Just plug in the bright floor lamp to the outlet and done. These lightweight floor lamps are easy to carry from one room to another. Suppose, one light got fused, you can move the floor lamp to the spot. After all, these lamps suit any place or room in any environment.
  • Adjustable brightness: Conventional bulbs or lights don’t offer any options to change the brightness. But it’s entirely possible in modern lamps for the floor. These lamps have dimmer with which you can adjust vividness according to the ambiance.
  • Low eyestrain: Bright floor lamp is also helpful for eyes. It gives soft ambient light throughout the room. Tungsten or other lights can cause strain in the eyes. But the softness of the floor lamp reduces the eye strains. It can be soft light but has more luminosity levels than LED bulbs. Even floor lamps work as the same as new till they last. So, it is a great choice to bring a bright floor lamp.

There are lots of other benefits of floor lamps that give off a lot of light. These lamps are cheaper, have versatility and designs. They can fit any type of room in your home.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light

What Type Of Floor Lamp Gives The Most Light?

It’s not like you are about to order and get a floor lamp without thinking properly. Even you shouldn’t provoke yourself to buy the best floor lamp. You should know what type of floor lamp you need for specific rooms and conditions.

For the living room:

There will be rare houses without a living room. Funny, right? Yes, living room is the center where thousands of stories are made. This is the place where you welcome the guests, watch television, give time to kids and pets. It’s a matter of impression. So, the lighting in living room should be welcoming and heartwarming.

So, you should choose a floor lamp that has minimal power to light up every corner of the room. A pleasant illumination should be there. Thus, the luminosity of the floor lamp would be 2000 lumens or higher.

You can also choose a brighter floor lamp for the living room. The ideal light color temperature should be more than 3500K. It’s the cooler spectrum of white color. If you prefer warm, relaxing and intimate light, the range of the temperature would be within 2700-3500K.

For the bedroom:

Usually, you don’t need to use the floor lamp with the same high intensity and color temperature as the living room. It’s because brighter light can trigger the brain to produce such hormones those imbalances sleeping schedule. This kind of lamp can be useful for the daytime. But it can be the opposite during the evening or late at night.

So, you should choose a floor lamp having low intensity and color temperature for the bedroom. The level of the luminosity should be less than 4000 lumens. The range of temperature would be within 2700-3000K. You should be careful about choosing a bright floor lamp for the bedroom. After all, the light should provide an intimate atmosphere and relax.

For reading room:

The reading room requires plenty of light. You won’t be able to read the books or write down notes without sufficient light. So, the floor lamp should be bright, relaxing, and able to stimulate your imagination. Once you have the bright light, you can easily find out the small-printed letters. Even there would be an appealing environment for reading and booster of personality.

In this case, the floor lamp may have a color temperature of 2700-4000K. It will be suitable for reading purposes.

working space lamp

For working space:

Bright floor lamps are not only for increasing aesthetics but also for working areas. Suppose you are working on your computer switching of the room light. It will cause eyestrain. Similarly, low light of ordinary bulbs or LED lights can distract you from working correctly. Floor lamps have the power to create a working ambiance in the room.

You can input, craft, sew, and do many other tasks while there is a floor lamp. Besides, these lamps are available in convenient sizes and designs. So, you can place it in any corner of the room. If you have the best floor lamp, it will gift efficient brightness.

From cool white to crisp cool white, including blue tint, the temperature can be healthy. So, the color temperature level would be between 4000K and 6000K maximum.

So, you have lots of options for choosing the right one for the right place. Let’s see the types of brightest floor lamps available at the stores:

  • Classic: Classic floor lamps have very sharp lighting. They perform best when you attach with lampshades. These lamps can use only single fixtures as the regular lamp uses.
  • Arch: These are adjustable floor lamps. You may have heard them in different names like a task, down bridge lamps. You can rotate the position of the lamp on your selected spot. You can place these lamps near the furniture in your house. Sofa, table, bookshelf, wardrobe- you can place them near these things.
  • Tree: If you love to decorate your rooms, tree floor lamps are suitable for you. These lamps look attractive as they have a single base. But all the branches have bright lights coming out. It looks very amazing to see a tree is giving light.
  • Torchiere: These floor lamps are different than others. The light goes upward. Also, the defuse lamps through the bowl-shaped shade. These lamps appear as a more charming piece when you wish to use them in a darker room to lighten.
  • Tower: Tower floor lamps offer gentle, pleasant shining in the place. The design of these lamps looks like art, sculpture. So, when you turn off the lamp, it will beautify your room. When it’s turned on, it becomes an authoritative source of light. These lamps have wire frame wrapped in thin fabric or tissue.
  • Candelabra: These are multi-way floor lamps. A single candelabra lamp has multiple bright light bulbs. These bulbs are smaller in size. These are kind of modern electric versions of classical candelabra lamps.
Where should you place these floor lamps

Where Should You Place These Floor Lamps?

It is an essential fact if you look for bright floor lamps. Many users suggest using floor lamps depending on your room types or sizes. Usually, you can have many options like different color temperature and brightness. They can be placed anywhere in your home. But it would best if you keep them near the sofa or bed.

Many floors lamps are suitable for placing over the kitchen table. You can also put a lamp near the computer table. It will help you work with comfort. If it is a living room, then put it somewhere where the light doesn’t hit directly to your eyes.


These mentioned types of floor lamps are most popular throughout the world. You should choose them according to your choice and lighting needs. Have bright floor lamps and make your residence vivid and place of happiness.

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