How to Wrap a Knife Handle?

Wandering how you can ensure maximum durability of your knife as the handle sometimes come off? Looking for a way to make grip even firmer? Then look no further because this article will answer all your questions.

Ever try to wrap your knife handle to better use? If not then it’s time to do so.

Wrapping your knife handle will give you a more firm grip on the knife. It will also make your knife stress resistant for longer. You will get a new look for your knife as a bonus.

So let’s dig into the process.

Materials required:

  • Knife;
  • Leather;
  • Para-cord;
  • Scissor;
  • Tape;
  • Lighter.

Wrap with a leather string:

Wrapping the knife with a leather string can be a little hard. But it will provide more durability and an elegant look.

Ready the string:

First, cut the leather into a strip with your desired width. Keep the length at least four or five times your knife handle. Now soak the strip into the water until it becomes soft.

Start wrapping:

After the leather is soft enough to work with, tape it at the starting of the handle underneath to the blade. Now start rotating the string around the handle covering the taped portion. Put enough pressure to make the wrapping tight. Keep rotating the string until you reach the end. Make sure there is no gap between the wraps.

Put tape at the sharp end of the blade for safety.

Secure with a knot:

When you reach the end, place a knot to secure your loops. Make the knot tight enough to give you the firmness. You can be a little creative in making the knot.

Final touch:

Trim the excess leather. Finally, dry the leather before you use the knife.

Wrapping with a para-cord:

Wrapping the knife handle with Para-cord is easier than the leather string. It will also provide you more flexibility while knotting.

Basic wrapping:

You can simply use the basic rotating style for the Para-cord as well.

  • Tape one end of the cord on the handle. Start wrapping the cord from the other end. Make the rotations as tight as possible. Each time the loop will go covering the taped cord. Keep rotating until you reach the end and cover all of the previously tapes cord.
  • When you reach the end, make a simple knot with the previous cord end.
  • Cut the excess Para-cord and secure the knot.

Cross knot:

It’s time to think out of the box. Rather than going with a traditional rotational wrap, you can go for a cross knot to give your knife a stylish look.

Weave the knot:

  • To make this type of knot, first cut a long string of the Para-cord. Then place the middle of the cord underneath the handle starting.
  • Grab the right end and place it over the handle so that it goes under the left end. Now take the left end and loop it over the right end. This will make a cross pattern on the handle.
  • Now grab the right end and make a loop from underneath the handle up to the front of the handle. This will go over the left end.
  • Now again take the left end and make a loop on the right end.
  • Repeat the process while making a cross pattern until you reach the end.
  • At the end make a knot and secure the wrap properly.
  • Get rid of the excess cord.

You can try any other knot of your choice as well. Don’t forget to secure the end of the cord by holding a lighter at the end for a while. The flame will seal the cut off edges of the cord.

Final thoughts:

Wrapping your knife will ensure firmer grip as well as durability of your knife. As we use a knife very frequently in our daily chores, the handle sometimes comes off. Wrapping the handle properly will prevent this incident.

Make sure to dry the handle properly after every wash.

It will also make the daily hard chopping more enjoyable and faster. Your hand will love it as wrapping the knife handle will ensure less stress on the hands.

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