How to Use Kitchen Knives Safely?

Ever wonder how you can avoid the accidents you cause while using the kitchen knives?

Knives are our constant companion in the kitchen. But using them unmindfully can lead to dangerous situations.

These types of situations can be avoided by simply following some basic tips in our daily life. So why not know them and make our experiences with knives even safer.

Tips to use kitchen knives safely:

A sharp knife is a key:

The sharper the knife the safest it is. A dull knife will require more force to chop hence has more chances to slip off the hand. So sharpen your knives on a regular basis. Use any shaping machine or sharping steel to sharp than at home. You can also seek professional help.

Know the proper knives for the job: 

Different knives have different designs for handling various type of job accurately. Go for the knife that is meant for your job.

  1. Use a chef’s knife for chopping the vegetables and fruits. You can cut them in dice or mince them.
  2. Use a serrated knife for bread or fruits with the harder exterior with soft interior.
  3. Use a peeling knife to peel off the fruits and vegetables.
  4. Use utility knife for daily light chores.

Select a knife with the right size and weight as per your preference.

Don’t use your knife for any purpose rather than cutting. Using it for opening a can or instead a screwdriver is dangerous.

Choose the right chopping board:

Cut on a plane surface. Go for a wooden or plastic board that will seat properly and won’t slip. Never use your palm as a cutting surface.

Know the proper chopping rules:

  • Holding the knife properly comes first in the chopping rules. Use pinch grip method for this. Use your thumb to place the knife in your hand from one side. Our index will be on the upper side of the blade. Remaining three fingers will be on the handle. This will give a firm gripping as well as precise control. Always use hold the knife in your dominant.
  • Always keep the tip of your blade on the board. This will act as a guide point for you to properly lift the blade.
  • Always cut away from your hand. Curl your hand and keep your fingertips inwards. Guide the vegetables or fruits with your fingertips. Your knuckles should be in contact with the flat side of the blade.

Clean the knives properly:

Never leave your knives in the sink to wash later. They can be dull for being soaked in water for long. Also, you can cause an accident by unknowingly poking the knife in the sink.

Clean them right away with dishwasher and warm water.

Store immediately:

After washing the knives, rub them with a towel and put them in the store immediately. Some knives also come with a head like attachments .use them to cover the sharp blade. Use a rack or knife organizer to store them properly.

Careful while carrying:

Don’t mix your knife with other things while carrying them. Use protective heads to prevent any accident. Never carry a bare knife in your pocket.

Avoid licking the knife:

If you try to lick the food direct from the knife, you are just asking for unwanted troubles. Don’t lick the jam or cheese from the cheese knife.

Proper holding:

Hold a knife facing the blade down while walking.

Never try to catch a falling knife. Never try to pass a knife by throwing it.

Keep it out of children reach:

Keep the knives in a place where the children can’t reach them easily. Even if they need to use the knives, don’t leave them alone.

Final thoughts:

As knives are our daily companion in our kitchen, we better pay attention to them. Don’t rush. Take your time with the knives. Try to grasp all the technics for maintaining the knives properly.

Take a good care of the knives. Sharp them frequently. This way you can make the daily kitchen chores mare enjoyable and safe.

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