How to Use a Paring Knife?

Many of us users have been familiar to paring knives, since they are one of the most effective kitchen utensils. But if you want to do something with it, don’t start with it before you get done with this article. Because we have talked about some of the crucial tips that makes it easier to work with paring knives.

Let’s start with the core of this article-

Some Common Uses of paring Knives

At this section of the content, we’ll learn about some of the most common uses of paring knives that are mostly used in kitchen. It includes slicing veggies fruits, peeling skins of fruits or vegetables, peeling thick skins and lastly, using the tip of the knife as a sharp and pointy cutting tool.

In the section below, let’s discuss something about all these four uses-

Slicing Jobs

​One of the most common work that slicing knives do is to slice the fruits ang vegetables. You can slice fruits that are easy to slice, you can also go with tough fruits like sweet potatoes or many more.

Peeling the Skins of Fruits and Veggies

​Another common but important task is to peel fruits of fruits and vegetables. Soft fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes can be the ideal item on this. Paring knives has a sharp edge can make this task fast and effective.

Peeling Fruits with Thick Skins

​When it comes to peel fruits with thicker skins, paring knives can be also effective. You can easily wrap out the thick skins out of these fruits.

Doing Single-point Cutting Jobs with the Tip

​The tip of paring knives is quite pointy and that enables it to do any kind of job that a blade can do. It includes all sort of marking up. Also, fruits like strawberries, where you need to twist the top to remove the hull, this can be an effective tool.

How to Use a Paring Knife- Step by Step

Now as we have known the uses of paring knife in daily kitchen life, lets go on the detailed guide on how to use it. Although, it’s a day to day matter for an expert homemaker to use a knife, but in case of paring knives, I think there are some particular tricks.

Let’s take you through the step by step guide of using a paring knife-

Step 1: Hold the Fruit or Vegetable with One Hand. Make sure you gave kept the part open. I am talking about the part that you start the cutting job with.

Step 2: Now take the paring knife with another hand and place the sharp edge of the knife on the fruit or vegetable. Make sure your other hand’s finger are safe enough not to be cut.

Step 3: Wrap the knife around the entire perimeter of the fruit. If it’s a vegetable (which is not round) than start with each side of it. It will make one side of the fruit wrapped out of skin. Do the same process for the next slice.

Step 4: Rest your hands on the other side of the blade. Not take an attempt to make a tiny amount of inclusion from the side of the fruit’s skin. It will cut down the skin and path.

Step 5: Now rotate the knife through the sideways. As the cutting process is almost done, peel away the skin from the body.

A Few tips Before We Finish

​Before we finish todays discussion, lets go through some tips that might be in help to keep you safe throughout the process-

  1. Make sure you keep the knife edges as sharp as possible
  2. Make sure you keep the paring knives safe and sound. As their knives are small, they are likely t be lost in sinks and drawers.

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