How to sharpen a kitchen knife?

Are you pissed off with sharpening your kitchen knife every week?

I guess you are. Because firstly you've clicked on this article and my second thought is, you already know that the way you sharpen the knife isn’t proper.

However, you’re not alone suffering from this. And trust me, sharping your knife is pretty easy.

It is very important to sharpen kitchen knives so that they cut through food with less slippage. A dull knife is dangerous because it requires more force to cut something, and so has a higher chance of slipping and missing the mark. Additionally, poorly cut food will not be cooked properly. A sharp knife will produce food that is properly cut, and therefore you will have well-cooked food. Whatever, let me tell you how to sharpen a kitchen knife.

Some Key Take Takeaways

While you’re thinking of sharpening your knife regularly, keep these few takeaways in mind-

No matter how pricey or how good metal the knife is, it will dull over time. So, you have to do regular sharpening regularly.

As a sharp knife can cut through foods and meats without any slippage, they are safe than dull ones.

A sharp knife can help to get thinner and finer slices of foods, veggies or meats. So, they can get the taste better as well.

Paper Test

You can check the sharpness of kitchen knives. Take a piece of thin paper then take the knife. After that, try to cut the paper on one single slice of the paper. Did the knife slice smoothly? Maybe not. But if it were sharp, it should have.

Be careful from cutting off your fingertip while you’re testing the sharpness of kitchen knife.

Hon your kitchen Knife

Sharpening is often as possible mistook for honing. However, it accomplishes something altogether unique. Sharpening includes expelling material from the sharp edge itself, though sharpening rectifies the bleeding edge of a blade. This is important because the forefront of a blade tends to overlap over on itself with utilize, which influences it to be dull. Be that as it may, with sharpening, you can keep a generally sharp blade functioning admirably for quite a while before it's important to pound away material and reset the edge's edge.

Working with a Whetstone

Whetstones are less expensive than most other blade honing alternatives—and they're more flexible—however, you need to focus on taking in the strategy. Whatever edge you hold the knife at while honing will turn into the side of your side, so on the off chance that you treat it terribly, you'll wind up with a not as much as perfect cutting actualize. The acuter the edge, the more honed the sharp edge. You would prefer not to be coldhearted about blade honing systems.

Sharp your knives with steel

A steel bar can be a simple but effective way to shine and sharpen blades. But how do you start?
Snatch a long steel made bar that accompanied your blade set. It's known as honing steel.

Make sure you’re right with your slicing angle and the edges of the knives. If you do it in the wrong way, this can make the knife even less inefficient.

Use an Electric Sharpener

Using an electric sharpener is another good option to do the job quite easily.

They come with an electric setup with a metal blade and a slot to put the knives on it. If you’ve got one for sharpening kitchen knives, place the blade on the slot provided. Now, you need to slide the knife throughout the slot and keep repeating the process.

Make sure you’re passing the blade to each side of the knife twice each turn. Until this step, you’re using coarsest stone. Not move to the finer stone to finish up the sharpening process. Pass the finer stone twice for each side.

If you’re done with sharpening the knife equally on both sides, rinse the knife and dry it up.

Bottom Line

Thanks for being till the very end of the article. We’ve explained a few common ways to sharpen almost every sort of kitchen knives around. But one common advice you would request you to memorize, and its about the safety. Make sure every time you do sharpen your knife, you’re safe enough with the process. When you’re going through a newer process, it’s better to get some expert hand beside you.

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