How to Replace a Kitchen Sink?

What is the most visible element of your kitchen? Well, the kitchen sink is the most used stuff in your kitchen. You couldn't think a single day even a few hours without a sink. Whatever you want to wash of the kitchen you will think of sink and no other. And if your sink somehow got leaked or stained, then you have to replace it urgently.

You can do this stuff by yourself. If you do not have much time to call a mechanic, or do not want to waste money on this, then you can easily do this job. The whole procedure of replacing a sink is here for you. Hope you will be the beneficiary from here!

How to replace a kitchen sink

There are a few parts and steps you need to follow while replacing a kitchen sink. Those are given here below:

Disconnecting supply:

  • ​First, you need to look under the sink for shutting off the hot and cold water valves. If you do not find there, then look in the basement. But If there is nothing in the basement, then use the main water line to shut off.
  • Then remove the remaining water by turning on the faucet.
  • Keep a bucket under the line because there may be some water remaining.
  • To disconnect the supply lines, use a wrench as the lines are fastened together.
  • You can turn off the power supply by flipping the circuit breaker. It will be on the lowest floor of the residence. Then pull the unit’s plug.
  • There may have metal fittings in the pipes. Therefore, use a pair of pliers to loosen them. Then pull the pipes and keep them aside.
  • The dishwater drain hose is in the bottom of the sink which connects with a pipe. Use pliers and loosen the fasteners, then pull the hose. After finding the bracket, use a screwdriver to loosen it and then pull it off.

Replacing top mounted sink:

  1. There are small metal clamps outside of the sink. Depending on the size of the clips, use wrench or screwdriver. Loosen them for rotating the clamps.
  2. There is caulk between sink's rim and counter top. At this time, you need a knife. Hold a knife against the counter top, so the is as flat against it. From freeing the sink, carefully cut all around the sink.
  3. After this push up the underside of the sink and keep it aside. Then check that if there is any caulk left on the counter top. Wash it with soap and water and then dry for the new one.
  4. Where you need to place the new sink place it, if it doesn’t fit then you need to adjust it. If your sink is larger, then you can cut away a part of the counter top. But for the smaller one, you need to exchange it from the market.
  5. In order to seal the sink, use caulk all around the sink. And then place the new one in the sinkhole.
  6. The fastens you have opened, attach again all around the sink. Twist the screws with screwdriver or wrench. And then it will be secure.

Replacing under mount sink:

  • Select a piece which is longer than the sink and place it over the counter top.
  • Use this to secure one end of the sink. Drop the other end of sink through the drain and tight it.
  • Use the putty knife for cutting caulk.
  • Use screwdriver or wrench to loosen the clips as before.
  • Then put caulk around the new one and place it properly.
  • Put all the sink clips.

Reconnecting supply:

  1. Reset the faucet lines and hold each line properly.
  2. Roll some putty and place around strainer rim for sealing it.
  3. By tightening washers and nuts, secure the drain and remove extra putty.
  4. The water supply line you have removed before reattach it.
  5. Install dishwasher pipe and connect all the pipes.
  6. Turning on the water supply test your sink.

Final verdict

The full procedure of replacing the sink is here. So now you don't need to look for any other people as you can do this job very well! If something happens with your sink that you have to replace it, try it yourself and enjoy your work as well as a new sink!

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