How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Faucet?

Can you think how uncomfortable it will be working in your kitchen without a kitchen sink faucet? With a damaged kitchen sink faucet, you can’t work with easiness in your kitchen. Besides, there will be a huge wastage of water due to the leak in the faucet. So, you better replace the faucet with a new kitchen sink faucet. Are they thinking about how you can replace a kitchen sink faucet?

Well, you may hire a plumber to get the task done. But, hiring a plumber for replacing a kitchen sink faucet is a little expensive. Moreover, if you know the process, you can do it on your own. Replacing a faucet in the kitchen sink is one of the easiest plumbing tasks. Also, you can make sure yourself that it’s the water that only goes down the drain, not your money. Well, let’s start with the steps on how to replace a kitchen sink faucet?

How to replace a kitchen sink faucet?

Step 1: Remove the supply lines

At first, turn off the water. Secondly, remove the supply lines from the old kitchen sink faucet with care. Now, check whether your sink has shut-off valves or not. If they have, make sure that they are workable. Later, shut off and turn on the valves to check the activity of hot and cold water faucet.

Usually, the supply lines which are made of stainless steel are free from rupture. So, you should give this kind of supply line a try. To remove the supply lines, use a basin wrench. While removing them some water may come out from lines. So, keep a basket or jar to keep the replacing area dry. It’s recommended to remove old chrome plated lines as they may create corrosion.

Step 2: Remove the old kitchen sink faucet

Unscrew the bolts of your old sink faucet by a screw. The bolts hold up the faucet tightly in its place. So, you can’t unscrew them empty-handed. Now, remove them from their place. You also have to remove the locking nut and soap container.

Step 3: Replace the new kitchen sink faucet

Sometimes the sprayer attachment of your new faucet may differ from the old one. Fitting the new faucet with the sprayer attachment is hard. So, by using a screw loosen it and remove it. Now, check the number of holes under your kitchen sink. It’s very important to know as the replacement of kitchen sink faucet depends on how many holes are present. If the old sink faucet has 3 or 4 holes, you can replace it with a new one which has just one hole. It is not possible to fit a kitchen sink faucet with 3 or 4 holes in a one-hole kitchen sink system.

Use a rubber gasket or a plastic gasket over the holes. Otherwise, cover up the holes using plumber’s putty. It’s not important if there are one or four holes. The important thing is, to place the gasket in the correct position. Now, thread the screws into the threaded ring. Stop when they are one-fourth inch away from the sink. Then fit a washer beneath the sink. Besides, thread locking nuts under the sink by a screw. Make sure to screw the soap container tightly. Connect a hose to the supply pipe. Thus, you can move it with ease. Pull down the weight on the hose and join the ends. After that, attach nuts using a screw. Finally, connect the hot and cold water supply lines. Be sure that they don’t interfere with the hose line.

Step 4: Turn on the supply lines

Finally, turn the supply lines on. Before that, make sure the faucet is off. Check if there is any leak in the kitchen sink faucet and the supply line. Now. Check for leakages keeping the faucet active. In case you found any leak, evaluate the steps you’ve completed. Be sure that all the steps were executed perfectly. Plumbers tape. If there are still leakages, contact an experienced plumber for better guidance. When no leaks are found, replacing the kitchen sink faucet is finished.

Final Thoughts

I hope, you’ve already realized that replacing a kitchen sink faucet is no big deal. If you follow the steps properly, you can replace a new kitchen faucet easily. So, why wasting money calling a plumber when you can do it by yourself? Hope, this article will be a proper guideline for you.

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