How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

Are you thinking about replacing the kitchen faucet? Are you looking for adding style and elegance to your kitchen sink? Then a stylish faucet can be your best answer.

Faucets are used in the kitchen to supply cold and hot water instantly in the sink. This will reduce the time to boil water or take them out from the freezer when needed for the daily work. This reduces the hassle of supplying hot and cold water to the sink.

So why not install a faucet or replace the previous one for more excellent service. Installing plumbing by your self can be a little tricky. But don’t worry. This article will help you out.

Required equipment:

  • New faucet;
  • Wrench;
  • Basin wrench;
  • Plumber putty;
  • p-trap;
  • Pipe cutter;
  • Shutoff valve;
  • Tube;
  • Gasket.

Steps to Replace a Kitchen Faucet:

Removal of the previous faucet:

The first step of installing a kitchen faucet is the disposal of the old one. This mission can be a little tricky.

Detach the water line:

First turn off the shutoff valves and the water line. Then dismantle the faucet components. For this use a basin wrench to reach those clamps and brackets that fasten the faucet. Basin wrenches are specially made to lose those nuts.

Discover the water line beneath the faucet. Cut the tube with the help of a tube cutter that connects the faucet to the water supply line... You may need to cut the p-trap as well. Remove the base pin from the faucet and sprayer and lose them. Finally, detach the old components from the sink.

Choose the appropriate faucet:

Before you go shopping for the new faucet, take a look at your current faucet pattern. Count the holes your sink provides.

Shop for new faucet according to your sink design. Buy one that measures exactly as your current one.

Consider buying new plumbing line, brackets, gasket, valves, tube, and p-trap. In case the previous ones are not a match for the new installation or in a bad condition.

Installing the new faucet:

​​​​Set the gasket:

Follow the installation guide for proper procedures. Install the gasket with the help of plumber putty and set it on the holes for the faucet. Remove the excess putty.

Adjust the facet:

Now it’s time to put the new faucet into place. Measure the center to the center differential for further accuracy. Place the faucet and sprayer accordingly to the gasket. Use plumber putty to make the adjustment stable. Mount the assembler tools and brackets beneath the gasket and faucet for the perfect fix.

Attach the water line:

Attach the tubes to the water supply line and screw them properly with the help of the mounting parts that came along the faucet.

Connect the valves and drain:

It’s time for connecting the water supply line to the faucet.

Attach the water tube connecting to the water supply line with the faucet and the sprayer separately. Mount them with the screw and clamp that came with the set.

Add shut off valves to your water line below the faucet. Consider adding a p-trap as well.

Final adjustment:

Since you are already done with attaching all the component needed. Make an effort to check the mounted parts once again. Tight them if required. Add plumber putty to adjust any joint.

Turn on the water line and check for any leakage.

At this point, everything should seem fine. Congratulations! You are done with installing your new faucet.

Final verdict:

Faucet is another important tool in our daily kitchen chores. A proper functioning faucet can make our life so easy when it comes to kitchen activities. It is also time and cost-effective. Installing the plumbing your self will save you some extra money.

So a good and stylish faucet can be a good investment for the kitchen.

To install the faucet following the instruction mentioned. If you further face any difficulties hire a professional.

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