How to Remove Bathtub Stopper?

As long as you are a serious homemaker, everything starting from the air conditioner to the bathtub stopper do matter for you. And if we talk about bathrooms only, one of the concerns of us all is, Is the bathtub stopper working properly?

If it doesn’t you don’t hesitate to buy a new one. But the problem comes in when you try to remove the old one. In fact, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Bathtub stopper is one tiny part of the bathroom that influences the overall functionality of the bathtub. They are often termed as drain stopper as well. In this article, you’ll have a complete overview of replacing the bathtub stopper in easy steps-

How to Identify the Type of Stopper You Have?

There are several types of stopper available. If your bathtub doesn’t have any trip lever installed in, it can be a Push Pull, Toe Touch, Lift and Turn or a Flip It stopper. No lever mechanism is behind their functionality. And, that’s why they can remove or replace a stopper with ease. Read the following description to identify the type of stopper –

  1. Toe Touch: You can open or close this stopper just by pushing it up with toe.
  2. Push-Pull: It has a central knob in its structure. To open it you have to pull it up and push it down to close it.
  3. Flip-It: You can open or close it by flipping its toggle from side to side.
  4. Plunger Style Stopper: This particular type of stopper works with a turn style of trip lever mechanism. What it does is, when you press the lever or the plate, it makes the plunger to be higher or lower in position. That’s how it stops or starts the waterflow.
  5. Lift and Turn: To open or close it, you need to lift and turn the stopper in opposite directions. It is a little similar to the push-pull style stopper.
  6. Pop Up: The last type of stopper is pretty similar to the plunger style stoppers. They also work with either a turn style or a trip lever. The operation is based on an internal plunger that controls the entire waterflow.

Removing a Bathtub Stopper

​Toe Touch Stopper: If it’s a toe touch type, the stopper needs to be unscrewed by turning it in counterclockwise. When you push it down once, this stopper stays down. When you push it again, it opens up. If you can’t remove the screw by hand, wrap a towel around the screw. Then grip and turn it with an adjustable plier.

Push-Pull Stopper: The stopper may be in the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ position. The first step is to get the knob off the top of the bathtub stopper. Hold the stopper and unscrew the knob. You need to use both of the hands to do this. A flathead screwdriver is essential to turn it counter-clockwise. Finally, lift the stopper from the strainer.

Flip-It Stopper: Open the toggle of your flip-it stopper. This style uses O-rings for sealing the drain when the toggle remains closed. Now, wiggle the stopper back and forth and thus loosen the O-rings. Lastly, lift the stopper out of the drain.

Pop-Up Stopper:  This style is operated by a mechanism on the overflow plate. Some faceplates have a trip lever which moves up and down. Again some have a lever which rotates either in left or right. Besides, many stoppers have entire faceplates rotate on cable operated bath wastes. To open it, flip the trip lever, otherwise rotate the overflow faceplate.

Lift and Turn Stopper: The removal of a lift and turn stopper is like the removing process of a push-pull stopper. When you push and twist a lift and turn stopper, it stays down. The parts of this stopper are also identical to those of a push-pull stopper.

Plunger Style Stopper: If your bathtub has such stopper, remove its lever cover plate. The real stopper is located behind the tub wall. Also, the drain has a strainer. When you’ve unscrewed the cover plate, lift it and handle it straight up. So, the plunger linkage will also come with it. Finally, unscrew the strainer by using a screwdriver in order to access the drain.

Final Thoughts

Removing a bathtub stopper is not so difficult once you know the tricks and have the necessary tools. Identify the type of your bathtub stopper and get engaged to remove or replace it when needed. So, why spending money employing a plumber when you can do it by yourself? Read the guidelines discussed in the article. Follow the steps and you will find it very easy removing your bathtub stopper.

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