How to Install a Bathroom Vanity?

The latest bath vanity can append style to your bath interior and also give more storage and shelf space. You’ll be glad to know installing them is reasonably easier than you imagine. We’ll guide you everything how you can install a bathroom vanity, including where to place it and how to ensure it to the wall. You’ll also get how to cut pockets for your pipes with a hole saw. Just read this article till the end.

Place the vanity

At first, you have to set the vanity in point and sketch on the wall. Now use a studding finder to position the studs and mark. Sometimes dual vanities need more space and pipes difficulties when installing. On that note, follow the manufacturer's guidance for details. It also visible when you want to install a bath vanity with the cap.

Prepare for Vanity Installing a Bathroom Vanity?

You guys should`ve to follow three important steps to install a vanity. See the below:

Mark Holes

Now, consider the height of the top of the vanity corner cabinet on the back wall. Its no dimension is actual, just beat the actual cabinet and apply that dimension. But keep a distance from the floor to the top of the bottom cabinet. And, use a standard position to mark this height wherever the vanity is being placed easily.


When the height is signed off, set the vanity into the right position and locate the bottom cabinet so that the vanity top has the same overhang on both sides. To get the right position, use a box level to make sure vanity is horizontally level. If required use woodcutter to level the vanity.


Now you have done the basic pre-condition to install a vanity. So time to fasten the vanity install the wall. You can use two drywall screws into the back panel and studs. If you want a corner installation, the second screw can use the wall stud, and another screw can use through the back.

Connecting the Gap inside the Wall

With the vanity installations, you may have seemed some gap in the wall. Try to resolve it as soon as possible; otherwise, your wall might be damaged that is ugly to see. You know ceramic tile base wall or floor break down easily while hole. The solution is using a wood filler tape to close this gap and also important what`s your wall perfectly need by an engineer.

Performing the Filler Strip

To making the filer stripe, pay attention to the below tricks:

  • Slice Filler Strip to Shape and length
  • Cut a slice of wood at concise ½” high to the distance from the height of the vanity.
  • Trim it to the amplitude of the hole.
  • If you have a rounded hole base tile, use a little gauge and press it into the hole
  • Exchange the shape of the wood filler strip by following it with a pencil.
  • Transfer the shape to the wood liner strip by tracing it with a pointer.
  • Test fit the liner strip and modify as important.
  • When the liner strip is resolved accurately, try to complete the wood strip to coordinate the base bureau as nearly.
  • Connect the filler strip with paste or little brads. It just requires being held in a set.

Installed Vanity Base

While your vanity is attached to the wall and the liner strip is placed the vanity will be in the position shown. The vanity is now available in the cabinets and fitting of the sink. On that note, you have to follow the next steps. That all are:

  • The next step is to join the vanity lid
  • Ensure the vanity lid is now in the last position you want.
  • Use a dot of silicone caulk in a bent pattern of the backsplash.
  • Allow the caulk restorative 24 hours.
  • If you use a limestone vanity cover, use a marble sealer before applying the vanity.

Hello guys, We guess your vanity is completely installed take some steps and use your hard work! You have done a fabulous job and increase your home’s condition. Now clean your hands!

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