How to Dispose of Knives Safely?

Your knives aren’t going to last forever. So when you’ll go for a brand new knife, what should you do with the old one? Getting rid of your old used knives relates to your safety. If you don’t dispose of it correctly, it may be the cause of someone’s injury.

There are some methods of disposing of your knives. Choose whichever seems most convenient for you.

Step 1: Wrap the knives

There are different options regarding which material you want to wrap it.

Bubble wrap

This is probably the best option as it ensures the safety best during disposal. Before wrapping with the layers of bubble wrap, you can cover it with butcher paper first. To keep both the layers secure, wrap them around with duct tape.


It’s a sturdy material though you may not always find it near at hand. Be a bit innovative when you are wrapping with it. Place it on cardboard which is more extended and almost double the size of the knife. Place it such that only the blade portion lies on the carton. Now fold the cardboard over to encase the blade inside the carton. Finally, seal the two edges with sufficient sticky tape.

You can use an old shoe box before throwing the knife away. This method is useful especially when you decide to donate it.

Other materials

Newspaper, wood, hard plastic, thick cloths or socks will also work well. If you want to wrap it with fabric or paper, take at least 5 to 6 sheets or pieces of fabrics to ensure thick padding. Wrap the blade carefully so that no area especially the tip of the knife is left exposed. Leave the handle unwrapped so that anyone can handle it easily.

Don’t hesitate to use sufficient tape so that the cloth or the newspaper remains in place.

Step 2: Now dispose of it.

Once again there are several options. Choose one that you consider would be best.

Method 1: Donate it. It’s the most worthy way to dispose of your knives. Your knife may not satisfy you anymore, but it can certainly do the work for someone else. A dull blade can be sharpened and thereby reused. Check whether there’s any company that collects the old utensils and makes it reusable.

Method 2: Recycle the old knife. Recycle them only when you are sure that your sword has come to its end and is not in a condition of donating it. In spite of the blade became dull and bent but the handle may be still in good condition. So it can make great recycled materials. Check whether there’s any recycling center in your locality that accepts metal. If you are not sure about the center’s policy, contact them during working hour. Again, don’t forget to secure it before handing it over.

Method 3: Make contact with the knife sharpener who is professional. No! It’s not for sharpening the old knife and reuse them. You’re sure that your knife is no longer up to the standard. But it can be useful for a knife sharpener as he may use it in repairs.

Method 4: Sell it. Differed metal stores buy old scrap metals. But first, be sure about what materials your knife is made. Most of the blades are usually of steel, iron or sometimes the mixture of the two. Depending on the metal, you will get the price.

Method 5: If you can neither recycle nor reuse the knife, then throw it away in your garbage. But don’t just throw it away. As I said above, ensure that your sword won’t cause any injury to anyone. Therefore, wrap it properly or seal it in a box before tossing the knife/knives in the garbage.

Final Verdict
The knife you’ve used so dearly, don’t just throw them like junk staff. Only because they can no longer serve your purpose doesn’t mean aren’t functional anymore. Think the safety of yours as well as someone else who will get it.

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