How to Decorate Kitchen Counter Corner

Your kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Whether you’re cooking, eating, or simply convening with family members/roommates, it is a happening place.

So, of course, it should look good.

Now, decorating a kitchen can be difficult, because there must be a balance between aesthetics and functionality. It’s pointless having a nice-looking kitchen if you can’t use it for its purpose.

The solution is to decorate your counter corners. It’s the easiest space to work with, and it leaves you with a lot of free space for necessary cooking items.

In this article, I will discuss some ways to do this. Keep reading for inspiration!

Size Matters

Unlike your living room, bedroom or dining room, the specifics of your kitchen décor choice will have practicality as its focus first, and then aesthetic concerns. The key is to find a way to decorate that will not only uplift your mood when you enter the kitchen but also make it easier to work.

On that front, you’ll have to take stock of just how much space you have to work with (especially as per the design of your kitchen). As it is, a kitchen counter corner is already a small space, so your options are limited, to begin with. Plus, you’ll also have to take ergonomics into account.

If your kitchen counter corner is relatively smaller, small showpieces or aesthetically pleasing racks are the best way to go. If it’s larger, you can get away with displaying fruit bowls, wine racks, or even an art print.

Therefore, you’ll have to decide your décor options accordingly.

Aesthetic Utensil Display

This might seem a little pretentious, but one of the best ways to decorate your kitchen counter corner is just by displaying some of your best-looking utensils.

I’m not kidding! With how aesthetically conscious today’s younger generations tend to be, it’s becoming more and more popular for kitchenware brands to introduce designer lines that prioritize looks as well as functionality.

What that translates to is this idea: why not invest in some pretty kitchenware that you can not only use but also display as a part of your kitchen’s décor theme? Cutting boards, a stack of artsy ceramic bowls, matching canisters for sugar and salt, a set of wooden cutlery—the options are endless.

Fruit, Plants or Flowers

Fruit display is a classic décor idea for counters, and for good reason. Fresh fruit displayed in a beautiful bowl fits the look and feel of a kitchen perfectly; it creates a homely, inviting environment by capitalizing on our basic appreciation for sustenance.

But plants, if you ask me, are even better. There is nothing like a revitalizing pop of green against the neutral colors of a kitchen counter. When placed in the corner, they attract the eye of anyone entering the kitchen immediately and create a sense of well-being in the viewer’s eye (it is a scientifically proven fact that being in nature is good for the mind!).

A bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers, though, will always be a timeless addition to literally any corner of the house. For the purposes of counter décor, they’re basically a foolproof method—you just can’t go wrong with them. They’re simple but gorgeous.

Keep in mind, though, that displaying fruit, plants or flowers means that you run the risk of having them go bad. So you will have to replace them when that happens.


When it comes to interior designing, the artwork of any form is basically a staple. Art can augment any space in the house if used correctly—it will add just the right amount of pop and pizzazz, or even have a subduing effect, if that’s what you desire.

When picking out art for your kitchen counter corner, go for something either very simple, or very striking. This should depend upon the general fullness of your kitchen’s surroundings.

If you have a lot of appliances, pots, and pans, then select a simple work that will be soothing to the eyes—it’ll then work as the subtle centerpiece of the kitchen décor.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is more minimalistic and has a lot of negative space, then you should choose artwork that is more detailed or uses popping, vibrant colors. The counterbalance against all the free space will create a sense of activity and significance.

As for placement, you can always casually lean the artwork against the counter without any fixtures; this method of art display is increasingly popular amongst modern designers. If you have a bigger space to work with, though, I would suggest hanging up the art and giving it a more permanent spot.

Invest in Some Floating Corner Shelves

Ah, floating shelves—probably some of the best inventions to ever grace the life of any kitchen owner. I love this particular idea because not only does it look great, it also makes efficient use of free space.

This is an especially feasible option if your kitchen is small. In that case, you’re presumably in need of some extra storage space, and this is the perfect solution for that. But even if you have a large kitchen, corner shelves can still be a good place to display things like your favorite chinaware or a floral arrangement.

The biggest plus, though, is how airy, yet organized, these shelves can make your kitchen appear. With the extra space that gets freed up underneath them, you can place a little art print, or even a cute little figurine of a cook, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Interior design is, above all, a way of influencing thought. When it comes to decorating your kitchen, setting the right mood is crucial, as you spend so much time there.

So I hope my decoration ideas will help you achieve just that. Good luck!

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