How To Change A Bathroom Faucet?

The latest faucet is excellent to renew your bathroom and present it a brand new look. Whether you need to change an old or broken plumbing, this is a comparatively simple project that you can fulfill within a short time.

You have to pick the best ones and to attach them correctly. However, the advantages of a new faucet are so impressive that is exceed your hesitance. Follow certain steps to install an amazing new bathtub faucet thyself. Stay tuned!

Collect your tools and supplies

Changing a bathroom faucet is a sincere job, and it does require some tools that you'll need to remove the old faucet and place the new one. The tools you'll add:

  • Basin wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Torch
  • Wiper
  • Measuring strip
  • Bucket
  • Plumber’s strip
  • Bathroom cleanser or saponin
  • Sponge
  • Additional cloth
  • New faucet

Turn off the water

Locate the water shutoff plug for the bath sink. It should be following the sink, inside the compact. Turn the plug on the right to close and shut off the water connection to the faucet. If you have difficulty locating the shutoff plug, you can turn off the water supply to the whole line.

Leave everything from under the sink. Place a napkin below the tubes to protect the compact from water decay. Place a container over the towel and below the faucet to catch excess water that drops down. You can also place a refuse bag down under the wiper for even more assurance. This will protect your vanity, tub, and tiles from drops and water loss, and prevent water from sprinkling everywhere when you push the faucet.

Remove the Old Faucet

Use a flexible wrench to release the nuts and unthread them. Convert them to the port side to loosen them. Now, release the nuts and the parts from the tailpieces. Once you have removed the nuts, parts, and supply chains, the faucet will be free automatically. Pick the faucet in both hands and remove it exact out from the holes. Remove the extra hole if there is any problem away with the faucet.

Choose the right faucet.

Single hole- where the sink has one hole, and the faucet will all be a straightforward item of a single holder.

Center-set- there will be three holes in the tub, and the one-piece tap will have distinct handles supervising the warm and cold water.

Split-set- which go with three-hole sinks, but the spray and two holders come in three distinct pieces.

Place the gasket

The gasket is a plastic piece that sets sink to ensure a right seal and stop losses. Fit the gasket up to the underside of the faucet and balance the holes properly. If your faucet didn’t work with the gasket, you need to see the company’s guidelines before you set the faucet.

Embed a new faucet

Pick the faucet and carefully inserted it into the holes. Match the pipelines and valves with the right holes, and set the faucet into position. When the faucet is in the holes, turn on the nuts to tighten. When you have stretched by hand, finish tightening them with the adjustable wrench if needed. Don`t try to tighten the nuts several further; it may damage the sink.

Finally, you can attach the water line as well. Attach all water connection to the faucet, and then tighten the nut once again. If you find a leak, check the connection one more time and try it resolving. After that, turn on the water taps, when water is running, recheck the leaks. In that time, you can wait for five to ten minutes. If everything seems perfect, you are done.

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