Best Cut Resistant Gloves For Level 5 2023 – Unbiased Insights

You’ve seen your grandmother slice an onion like it was paper. You’ve always been fascinated by that. Perhaps this is why you fell in love with cooking. You’ve watched her cook for years, know her recipes off by heart and her knife skills make it look so graceful.

But we all know that it’s much more gruesome than it seems. Knife related accidents happen in the kitchen.

While we may not have control over the accidents that can happen daily, we can certainly take precautions to avoid the damage. This is why you need cut resistant gloves in your kitchen.

The best cut resistant gloves for level 5 is just around the corner, you just don’t know it yet! But how can you figure out which one is the finest? Keep reading this article and we’ll lead you right to it.

Benefits Of Using A Sausage Stuffer

There are countless benefits to using cut resistant gloves.

First and foremost is protecting your hands from the knife’s lethal implications. If you are usually clumsy with the knife or you are an enthusiast of finely sliced food, you need a pair of cut resistant gloves for level 5.

There are many people with distinct skin conditions or even blood related problems which leads them to rely on blood thinners. Any sort of lacerations could trigger a domino effect on someone.

Why let that ever hinder the way you live life, right?

Top 7 Cut Resistant Gloves Reviews

1. Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves

If you are a professional chef who is always working with knives of different sizes, the Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves are for you. The polythene blend is constructed to keep your hands safe from major accidents that are highly associated with handling sharp utensils.

There are some specialized tasks that require very adept knife-work. For example, fruit slicing, julienne, peeling, opening up oysters, filleting fish, meat cutting, chopping, etc. These are now accomplished much faster and with competent efficiency.

Whenever you are using the mandoline slicer, it’s always such a bother to slice up the last bit of the vegetable. You either have to slice it up manually, which results in uneven shapes and sizes, or risk slicing up your palm rubbing the vegetable madly on the mandoline.

Take that thought, wear the Dowell Cut Resistant Gloves, and simply forget the possibilities of ever scraping off a chunk of your flesh. These pair of gloves are what one would call the best cut resistant gloves for mandoline. You can finally go down to the last bit of the food, slicing it into beautifully thin pieces.

Highlighted Features
  • The high-grade polythene and nylon blend makes it strong.
  • It is easily washable in the machine, or even manually.
  • The strong grip discourages slipping of sharp objects from hands.
  • It has a hook attached to each glove which allows easy drying.

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2. FORTEM 2-pair Cut Resistant Gloves

FORTEM 2-pair Cut Resistant Gloves

The FORTEM is the ideal cut resistant gloves for kitchen activities that are performed on the daily. The strong links in between the HHPE/Nylon blend threaded continuously is quite impossible to scathe and thus lasts a long time before wearing out.

There are 2 pairs included in the kit. This opens up so many opportunities – you can use one to experiment with to figure out its limits, or in case the one you are using gets damaged. You can even give the extra pair to your children, so that they can hone their inner chef skills.

The FORTEM is incredibly convenient and weightless. It fits snugly on your hands, making it feel almost like your own skin. Do you know how gloves; especially polyester ones make your hands annoyingly warm? Well, this allows easy movement of air in and out through the cross-linked stitches.

Perhaps the finest feature of the FORTEM is that it is double-dealing. This meaning that the gloves can fit on both hands. No more fumbling and putting on the wrong glove, only to get more frustrated and putting it on wrong again. You can just pick up any glove and wear it, and it will fit perfectly every time.

Highlighted Features
  • The composition is extremely breathable and featherweight.
  • The left hand glove will fit the right hand and vice versa.
  • It is flexible and incredibly long-lasting.
  • The fabric is stitched in one continuous pattern, avoiding uncomfortable folds.

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3. EVRIDWEAR Silicone Grip Dots

EVRIDWEAR Silicone Grip Dots

The EVRIDWEAR is a tough guy with an HPPE glass fiber blend that prevents knives and other sharp objects penetrating. The stitching is tightly packed to cushion your hands from any harmful impact. The gloves work much to the literal sense that they act as a layer of protection.

Its cutting abilities are wildly proficient which is something recognized by the EN388 and CE certification board. Not only does this makes it applicable for kitchen pursuits but also makes it an ideal choice for other purposes like wood carving, automotive repairs, garden-work, sharpening knives and blades, etc.

The EVRIDWEAR has a dreamy grip on it. The front face of the hand is laid with silicone grip dots that increase the resistance between your palm and the object you are holding. Hence, slipping is going to be the last think on your mind.

The list of its plethora of good attributes goes on. Besides providing impeccable grip, the gloves are quite weightless and highly machine-wash friendly.

Throw this in with the rest of the hamper and it’ll come out squeaky clean. Moreover, you still have another pair of this in the pack when the dirty one is being cleaned.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes in 2 pairs in the box with the availability of 3 colors.
  • It can be washed in the machine and it dries fast.
  • It has silicone dots that provide fantastic grip.
  • It is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities as well.

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Although this is a little steep on the price, The GLOVEWAY TERACUT ANSI Level 4 has distinct features that make it grade.

For starters, it is nota level 5 grade pair of gloves. So why we’re featuring it in this list? Because while it doesn’t provide protection against extreme cutting dangers, it works just right with everyday kitchen tools, glass, and metal.

Along with CE certification, it has EN388 certification which indorses that it is resistant to perforations, scratches and tears. The fabric allows air in and out making it comfortable to wear, even when it fits along the shape of your hands. You might find yourself asking repeatedly, “Wait, am I wearing the gloves?”

The GLOVEWAY TERACUT is fitting with all kinds of kitchen tools like the mandoline, butcher knives, oyster shucking tools, etc. This allows you to work with different foods and apply a variety of knife-work without letting you worry that you might chop off a finger or two.

While it is not advisable to be used in glass cutting or metal work, it can be used to handle less than heavy duty tasks.

We prefer not to put it to work with anything other than kitchen tools to retain its integrity. However, you can always buy another pair just for glass and metal work.

Highlighted Features
  • The gloves are resistant to cut, scratches and perforations.
  • This is the ideal pair of gloves for kitchen slicing tasks.
  • It has received the EN33 and CE certifications.
  • It comes in 5 different size options to choose from.

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5. Kibaron Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

Kibaron Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

The Kibaron Cut Resistant Gloves are a pair that packs a punch. It pretty much proves to be an all-rounder, especially for the price mark.

It comes in 4 size options catered to your needs. If you still feel a little skeptical, there is always the size chart you can refer to.

The Kibaron looks sleek and professional. Regardless of whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, these gloves will feel like nonexistent on you. Most gloves either have wonky folds or are too thick, compensating for lower levels.

However, this boldly features a level 5 protection and is thin enough to look good. Immediately, your thought may go to, “What’s the big deal if it’s thin?”

If you are looking to slice your food finely, you need to be able to see how much of it you are holding down with one hand and how far you are letting your knife cut. With thicker gloves, there is always a width error. With this glove, you can say goodbye to these errors.

Latex gloves are prone to punctures which may lead to harm on your hands. They’re also quite unhygienic since there is no ventilation in latex gloves and can lead to skin infections. The Kibaron not only lets your hands breathe but they feel just as skin-hugging as latex gloves.

Highlighted Features
  • They allow you to understand the width of the slices.
  • They are snug-fit and relatively weightless.
  • They are sleek and skin-fit which makes them more desirable.
  • They can be thrown in the washer for a quick rinse.

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6. Kuelor Food Grade Kitchen Gloves

Kuelor Food Grade Kitchen Gloves

The Kuelor Food Grade Kitchen Gloves is fashioned out of the very popular composition UHMWPE.

Compared to the HDPE blend found in most cut resistant gloves, this material provides a far better cutting surface area. Not only that, but they remain in shape even in high impacts and temperatures as low as -30°C.

4 times stronger than any leather gloves, this is the perfect bridge between flexible and durable. It fits comfortably around your hands and has enough elasticity for easy wear. Furthermore, EN388 certification confirms its leeway against cuts and abrasions.

A common concern is the safety in touching food with it. Well, much to your surprise, the Kuelor has added an anti-bacteria layer that protects the food from being contaminated by touch. Designed from materials that are suitable to use with food, these keep the food completely safe.

Washing them is as easy as washing your hands. Literally! You don’t even have to put them in the washer. All you need to do is put some dishwashing soap on the palms of your hands (while wearing the gloves of course) and wash them like you are washing your hands. Easy!

Highlighted Features
  • The inorganic blend is far superior to the usual HDPE or HPPE.
  • It is appreciably elastic which allows for easy wearing and taking off.
  • There is an anti-bacterial layer of protection that keeps the food safe.
  • They can be washed while being worn using dish soap.

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7. Hilinker Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

Hilinker Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

The Hilinker has a completely different set of features compared to the rest of the cut resistant gloves here.

The palm of the glove along with all the fingers is a tough black surface that is completely cut resistant as promised. This gives you protection in areas most prone to injuries.

The gloves were designed to ensure maximum protection against serious wounds that may be caused by blades of all kinds. Imagine you’re changing the blades of your lawnmower. One wrong move and they might leave a gnarly gash across your hand. This is when cut resistant gloves like the Hilinker is useful.

However, it is worth noting that they are specifically designed for handling food-related activities. The grey part of the gloves is not resistant to abrasions. Regardless, they still provide cushioning against impacts. Thanks to its innovative fiber construction, the gloves are 8 times stronger than leather ones.

They work great for cooks and kitchen enthusiasts. However, that in no way renders it moot for usage in outdoor activities. You can go rose picking wearing these, you won’t feel like you’re being poked into pieces. You are in safe hands.

Highlighted Features
  • The fiber construction is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.
  • They are stretchable and can be put on with much more ease.
  • The ambidextrous fit contributes a hassle-free usage.
  • The flexible material discourages slipping and promotes a strong grip.

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How To Choose Cut Resistant Gloves

Level Confirmation

Most manufacturers don’t really mention much other than the fact that their products are level 5 cut resistant gloves. Level 5 gloves are used in situations where you deal with a lot of blades, glass shards or metal stamping.

To be authentic level 5 gloves, they need to pass the CE and EN388 certifications.The best way to know this is to test them out yourselves.

Try puncturing, cutting and everything that is otherwise harmful to the glove to make sure they really stand up to their claims.

Fabric Composition

Most standard gloves are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). They are low in cost, moderately durable,reasonably impervious to abrasions and chemicals, etc.

UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), on the other hand, are far more durable, cost-effective in the long run and way tougher than the HDPE.

However, that doesn’t make it the finest immediately. There are various uses for both type. Be sure to familiarize yourself with exactly what you need and then make an educated decision.


See, the best way to choose the right glove is to test it all out with absolutely no bias. Gather information from your loved ones, neighbors, shopkeepers, catalogs, internet, etc. and try them out.

You should look for something that feels like skin but isn’t too thin to retain its integrity.

The stitching should be seamless and in one continuous stretch avoiding folds. That usually tends to shag and deters the full usage of the gloves. Don’t be afraid to cut, poke or run over your gloves to see what’s up. But obviously, know the limit of the gloves you’re using.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Protection Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Offer?

Level 5 cut resistant gloves are ideal for extreme cut prone disasters. You should be using these gloves if your work involves handling blades of all sizes, butcher work, metal-work or working with glass.

However, keep in mind that not all level 5 grade gloves adhere to the standard features mentioned in the kit, so be wary of that. User reviews will help you a lot in this regard.

Do Cut-Resistant Gloves Offer Good Puncture-Resistance?

No, not really. They can keep your hands safe from small thorns but needles are a different case. They can slide in easily through the cross-linked stitching causing you harm.

You need gloves made from a completely different inorganic compound to keep your hands safe from needle punctures.

Can Cut Resistant Gloves Be Used For Mechanic Work?

Certainly. However, we do not recommend it. You see, with the concerned line of work, you’ll be receiving a lot more than just “cuts and scratches”.

These cut resistant gloves were designed under standard conditions to serve the kitchen. It’s better that you purchase something from the hardware store that suits mechanical work.

Can You Wash Cut-Resistant Gloves?

Of course. Washing them is a necessity if you are working with a lot of proteins. Any trapped blood or meat could lead to severe bacterial build-up which could lead to toxic consequences if in contact with other food items.

Keep your gloves clean and sanitized. You can machine wash them or wash them manually but make sure to do the cleaning thoroughly.

Final Words

You’ll come across a lot of promising level 5 cut resistant gloves across the internet. So many that you’ll probably think a flower pot is a great pair of cut resistant gloves. It’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed.

If you are looking for the best level 5 cut resistant gloves, stick to trusted brand and cut resistant gloves reviews. You could watch YouTube reviews as well to get a more hands-on experience, or something close to it.

Ask close friends or family members or your local shop owners who use the gloves to get the actual gist of how well they work.

We really hope this article will give you that little push you needed to get back to the knife skills you’ve been withholding for so long. Happy cooking!

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