Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet in 2019- Review and Guide

A common occurrence when you’re at your kitchen sink is when you have to put down whatever it is your washing to turn the handle. This just makes good sense when you’re concerned about water conservation, because you don’t just want the water to flow when you don’t need to. The problem is that it’s just so inconvenient and it can become frustrating in the long run. Sometimes your hands are even soapy and you leave marks on the handle that you’d have to wash afterwards to leave your kitchen faucet gleaming.

This is the problem that’s been eliminated by the touchless kitchen faucet. This technology involves the use of sensors that notes when an object is in the activation area. A sensor can be at the base of the faucet. When it senses something like your hand or a glass under the spray head, the water flow starts. It stops when you take your hand or the glass out of the area.

The sensor can also be at the top of the faucet or behind the spray head. Put something like your hand over it and the water stops. Put your hand or the pot you’re holding over the sensor and the water stops. It’s just easy.

It’s easy enough to understand the need for touchless kitchen faucets, but it’s not as easy to figure out which ones will suit your needs. That’s what this whole guide is for. At the end of all this, you should have a much clearer idea of which touchless faucet to attach to your kitchen sink.

TOP 3 Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Comparison Table

Moen Arbor 7594ESRS
2 Sensor
Moen Bradford 7185ESRS
With MotionSense
KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate

Factors to Consider before Buying a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

There are several considerations you have to keep in mind when you buy a touchless kitchen faucet. Of course, the quality and actual usefulness of the touchless technology must be considered. Low-quality models may have ineffective sensors that have a hard time sensing your hands, or perhaps it turns to falsely activate even when you don’t need the water to flow.

But the quality of the touchless technology is just one aspect that you have to consider. You still have to factor in other crucial factors. The aesthetics must also be considered, because you don’t want a kitchen faucet to jarringly stick out from your overall kitchen design.

It should help make life at the kitchen sink easier for you. Therefore, it should be easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. A retractable spray head is another good feature, and it should come out and dock in smoothly. You want it to solve problems and not add new ones instead.

Then you need to consider the durability of the model. It helps if you stick with well-known brands, as they’ve already carved out a reputation for excellent quality. You should note the materials used, and see that they have rust-resistant features and leak-resistant materials. You should also take a look at various customer reviews, as numerous complaints may contradict the product advertisements of the manufacturers.

Product Reviews

​Some touchless kitchen models are simply better than others, as they provide better value for your money. If you want to make sure that you’re getting a good one, take a look at some of the more popular and highly-regarded touchless kitchen faucet you can get right now:

1. Moen Arbor 7594ESRS

When you have a modern home, you need a modern kitchen faucet. It’s virtually axiomatic. You want something that fits in with your kitchen’s contemporary look, and you want that faucet to offer features as advanced as what you get in your refrigerator, cooking stove, blender, and coffee machine. You will most likely appreciate the Moen Arbor 7594ESRS, and that’s not just because it’s not too expensive despite the startling technology they have to offer.

The 7594ESRS is a good choice for you in terms of looks, as it looks stylish and modern. It offers completely modern features as well.

First of all, this comes with not one but two sensors for the touchless technology. There’s one at the base of the faucet, which can detect if you’re putting something under the spray head. It will assume that when you’re doing that, you want to turn on the water flow and you’ll get that right away. Once you take away the stuff you want to rinse or the container you want to fill with water, the water flow stops.

The other sensor is a simple one at the very top of the spout. You don’t have to grab the handle to turn the water flow on or off as you can just pass your hand or a container over the sensor to start the water flow. Do it again, the water stops.

The Arbor offers a very contemporary design, so it’s a great fit for modern homes. It’s modern and stylish, so it won’t look out of place with any sort of kitchen design. The 7594ESRS comes with a Spot Resist stainless finish that also resists fingerprint marks and water spots, so you won’t have to clean the faucet constantly and after heavy use.

This comes with a high arc, and that helps you fit in even large pans underneath the spray head. It’s a pull-down faucet too, so that means you can retract the spray head to clean stuff in every part of the sink. It has the Reflex system that ensures you can detach the spray head easily and move it around with no trouble. This system also makes sure that you can easily retract the hose and secure the spray head back into its dock.

Whenever you’re using the faucet, keep in mind that you have 2 spray patterns to choose from. There’s a gentle stream that’s good for most everyday kitchen sink tasks. Then there’s a rinse spray that’s like a shower that’s enhanced with Moen’s “Power Clean” technology, so you get greater water pressure to help you rinse off the dirt from your items.

It’s easy to install because of the Duralock Quick-Connect Installation system. There’s no need for tools to connect the various components, but all the connections are secure.

Finally, this comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. It’ll be a while before you’ll need to buy another one to replace it.

  • It has a stylish contemporary look.
  • It comes with 2 sensors with its touchless technology.
  • It resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • Installation is easy and secure.
  • It has a limited lifetime guarantee.

2. Moen Bradford 7185ESRS

Hopefully, you didn’t skip over or forget the many different features of the Moen Arbor 7594ESRS we’ve just described. That’s because the Moen Bradford 7185ESRS has the same exact features. All the tech capabilities of the Arbor can be found here.

That means it has the 2-sensor touchless technology and the Reflex system that lets you retract, move, and dock the spray head securely. It has the Spot Resist finish, the Duralock Quick-Connect system, the 2 spray modes, and the guarantee lasts a lifetime.

What is different here is that the Bradford comes with a significantly different look. Somehow its shape and its curves evoke to an earlier era. It’s a very classic look, and it will stylistically fit in much better with a traditional or rustic home kitchen.

  • It has a classic look.
  • It comes with 2 sensors with its touchless technology.
  • It resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • Installation is easy and secure.
  • You get a guarantee for life.

3. KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate

If you’ve been going with basic zero-tech kitchen faucets before, you may have to steel yourself by the price increase you’ll inevitably encounter when you go high-tech with touchless kitchen faucets. That’s especially true with this Kohler Sensate K-72218-VS, because even among other touchless kitchen faucets it’s a bit expensive.

What’s really surprising about its price is that the very look of the K-72218-VS doesn’t make it look expensive at all. Certainly, it seems solid. But it also looks quite unassuming. This makes it fit in smoothly with just about any type of kitchen design aesthetic.

What’s more remarkable about this, however, is its topnotch quality. It just works so well. If you’ve switched from other touchless kitchen faucets (especially those models that aren’t on this list) then this quality is pretty much undeniable. It doesn’t give you any headaches at all. It works like you’d expect it to work.

It’s quite obvious that Kohler put a lot of thought into the design of the K-72218-VS. The most obvious unique design feature is the placement of the sensor, which is not on the base or the top of the faucet. Instead, it’s just behind the spray head. This placement lets you turn the water on and off more naturally than having the sensor at the top. It’s also more effective in preventing inadvertent activation of the water flow.

This is all due to what Koehler calls its Response technology. It’s about making things easier and more convenient for you. That’s why the water flows immediately when you activate it. That’s also why it has an automatic shutoff feature so when you’re filling a pot up with water you can leave there without worrying about wasting water.

There’s LED light at the base of the faucet, and this indicates when the faucet’s touchless technology is ready and powered. Its power doesn’t have to come from batteries, as you can connect it to your AC power instead.

This has a retractable spray head, and using it to clean your pots and pans is made even more efficient. Moving the spray head with its hose is smooth, and part of that is due to the special swiveling ball joint used. The braided nylon hose has also been made to be light, and it even moves quietly.

The spray head offers a stream and a spray as options, and you can turn a handle to adjust the water temperature. Koehler also has a new docking system called DockNetic that uses magnets to enable you to put back the spray head in its place without any sort of kinks.

Inside, you have ceramic valves that are so durable you can expect them to work flawless for a very long time. The finish is similarly long-lasting, as it’s resistant to corrosion and even to wear. Just in case you’re not satisfied with how clean it looks, you can always just use a wet cloth to wipe it clean. You can use that same wet cloth for the spray face, though that part of the faucet won’t be as dirty. That’s because the nozzles have been designed to resist mineral buildup.

All these features are great, but the way they all work together smoothly is what makes the K-72218-VS such a premium-quality touchless kitchen faucet. Its looks will fit in just fine with any kitchen aesthetic, while its function will fit in seamlessly with all your kitchen sink tasks.

  • It can fit in with any kitchen design.
  • It avoids accidental water flow activation.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It works so smoothly.
  • It’s very durable.

4. Pfister GT529-ELS Lita

This is the pull-down kitchen faucet with React technology, which means it has the touchless tech that activates the faucet without having to touch the handle at all. Yet what will strike you at first glance is its sleek yet solid look. It’s both subtly stylish and effortlessly modern, so it should fit in with your kitchen design just fine.

Effortless is also an apt adjective in describing how you can this kitchen faucet for everyday tasks. It has a sensor at the base, and it’s designed to detect anything within 4 inches of it. If you put your hand or a glass under the faucet, then it will presume you want the water flow and the faucet will automatically activate it.

Of course, there can come a time when you want to disable the sensor, such as if you’re cleaning the faucet. You can then use the hibernate mode, and you can do that simply by putting your hand in front of the sensor for about 5 seconds. Do the same thing to activate the sensor again.

The handle isn’t superfluous here, as in fact it will override your sensors. You can use it to adjust the rate of the water flow, as well as the water temperature. Just rotate the handle backwards and you can go from cold to hot water.

You’ll also need your hand to pull-down the spray head when you want to spray or rinse items that aren’t right under the spout. The hose is nice and long so you can have a better reach. The spray head contains the toggle that lets you choose between the stream and the spray mode. Once you’re done with the retractable spray head, the Accudock feature allows you to secure back the spray head with a tight connection.

It will automatically stop the continuous water flow after 2 minutes to conserve water. This uses specially designed ceramic valves so that you won’t have to worry about leaks. In fact, it comes with a “never leak” guarantee. It’s also been designed for easy cleanup and you can get rid of the hard water buildup with no trouble.

Its installation is especially easy with the GT529-ELS Lita. Do you have 1, 2, 3, or even 4 holes on your countertop? The GT529-ELS Lita can be mounted to any of these configurations. The PFast Connect system lets you just push in and lock the connectors, and you don’t need silicone or putty to seal them in. Flexible supply lines are included as well. You can

  • It offers easy to use touchless technology and you can disable.
  • You can choose between spray and stream modes.
  • It has a long retractable hose that you can dock back securely.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • You can adjust the temperature.
  • The water flow can stop automatically.

5. Boharers Sensor Faucet

It can be somewhat frustrating if you have a limited budget for a touchless kitchen faucet. Some of the models can be expensive, especially if you want a good one. But then there’s this Sensor Faucet from Boharers and you’re ready to go. It’s quite affordable, and it’s still a high-quality touchless kitchen faucet.

You can get the brushed nickel finish for this if you have a rustic kitchen, but for many modern kitchens the chrome polished is more apt. It looks simply stylish, and it has many of the modern features that make chores at the kitchen sink so much easier.

It has a sensor that detects your hand motion, so just wave tour hand at the sensor and the water flows. You can choose between a stream and a spray, and the toggle for this is on the spray head so if you retract it you can still easily toggle between the 2 modes. When you’re done, the hose easily and securely docks back into position. Or you can just keep the spray head docked, as it can swivel 360 degrees.

This is powered by 4 AA batteries which should last a year or two. Installation is easy, and your purchase comes with an escutcheon for 3-hole configurations. It also comes with a lifetime limited guarantee, but that doesn’t cover the human factor. So you may want to make sure a plumber installs it.

  • It offers a classy look.
  • The touchless tech is easy to use.
  • The retractable spray head docks securely.
  • It’s easy to install.


​Here are some questions about touchless kitchen faucets that have been asked by a lot of potential customers:

1. How does it work?

​You know how some video cameras have motion detector sensors that start recording whenever there’s something moving around in the detection area? Then there are some office building doors that open automatically as you approach it, like in Star Trek. Well, the same principle applies to the touchless technology in these kitchen faucets. This time, the sensors are attached by wires to the valves that open and close whenever you have something within the detection area.

2. Where are the sensors located?

​That depends on where the manufacturers want to place them. One common location is at the base of the spout, so that the sensor can detect it when you place your hands right under the spray head. Other common locations include at the top of the spout and right behind the spray head, as these sensors let you turn the water flow on and off.

3. How are these sensors powered?

​Like most appliances, they’re powered by electricity. They can either be powered with batteries that can last several years, or you can have them permanently wired to your home electrical system.

4. Why do many health experts recommend these faucets?

​That’s because it stops the spread of germs. The handle of the faucet is one item that quite a few people in the home may touch. When a sick person touches the handle, the next people who touch that handle may get the germs and get sick themselves. With the touchless technology, at least this method of germ transfer is eliminated.

5. What are the other benefits?

Since you don’t touch the handle when you’re washing stuff in the sink, you avoid living soapy spots and fingerprints on the handle, which may mar its looks. It can be a bit bothersome when you have to wipe down the handle after every time you use it.

Also, it helps some people who may not be able to easily reach the handle. These include little kids and people in wheelchairs.

Finally, there’s also the water conservation aspect. You no longer have to keep the faucet running just because you don’t want to lay down the glassware on the sink before you reach for the handle with soapy hands. Instead, you now have a cool way of turning the water on and off.

6. Don’t these features add too much to the cost of the faucets?

​Not really. Those faucets with just these touchless sensors can actually have a low price tag. The more expensive ones come with a higher price because the touchless technology isn’t the only advanced feature they have.

7. How do you install these faucets?

​If you have some DIY experience, you can just Google the model and you’ll find “how to” installation videos on sites like YouTube. But if you want it done correctly and quickly the first time, you may want to go with a professional plumber.

8. What do they look like?

​That’s the thing; touchless kitchen faucets can look very different from one another. Some can look shiny and bright, while others can be darker and more subtle. You can find a model that can fit any kind of modern look, or you can also go with a more rustic look.


​Touchless kitchen faucets open up a whole new way to make life in the kitchen a lot smoother and more efficient. They eliminate annoying instances when you have to stop your work to lay down stuff in the sink to turn on or turn off the water flow. With these touchless kitchen faucets, when you’re at the kitchen sink everything’s just easier. That’s the whole point. Hopefully, now you know which ones to consider first when you’re in the market for a touchless kitchen faucet.

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