Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets In 2023: 5 Leading Models

The kitchen is one of those areas of the house which we want in perfect condition. As adults in charge of our well-being and our family’s health, we’ll spend a lot of time in there preparing delicious dishes and creating unforgettable moments.

Of course, there’s the other side of it, which is doing the dishes after the fun is over. This task could be frustrating for some people, but once you have the right tools, it becomes easier.

That’s why today our mission is to help you find the best touchless kitchen faucet available. This device will make your cleaning time much efficient than it was.

Continue reading our article to find out which are the best faucets you can consider buying for your kitchen.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet- Short Comparison

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Why You Should Get a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

First, let’s see a couple of the reasons why you should consider buying one of these faucets:

An Interactive Device

Let’s begin by being completely honest, a standard faucet works just as fine, if not better, than a touchless faucet. Then why would you need to spend more money on these models?

Primarily because it makes the whole cleaning process more fun and interactive for everyone. Not only for the adults but for the children, too. It won’t make them do the dishes as regularly as we’d like, but they still might be more interested in using it.

Modern Technology

A couple of years ago we wouldn’t even think we could have this technology at our reach. Nonetheless, it has evolved during the last years to the point that everyone can afford it.

If you have the budget and you’re looking for home improvements for your kitchen, touchless faucets would be an incredible addition to update your decoration.

Easy to Use

It might seem complicated, but making it work is quite simple. Some faucets require hand gestures, nothing more, and they will start working providing the water stream you need. To stop is the same.

One of the issues would be to change the temperature, but newer versions take care of previous adjustment issues that older faucets had.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews

After reading the benefits of using these faucets, it is time we dive deep into the market to find the top products. Have no worries. The legwork is done by us. We researched hours to present you with the best options to help you pick the right faucet.

1. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor MotionSense Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor MotionSense Touchless Kitchen Faucet

We often mention that the best products aren’t necessarily expensive. However, that’s not the case for this faucet. It is available at a high price, but there is barely any other alternative capable of offering what this one delivers.

It is available with different finishes highly resistant to water and the always unwanted fingerprints.

This faucet maintains its good design even under rough circumstances, with many people using it regularly during the day. If there are kids in the house, you don’t really have to worry about them creating a mess.

The number of options available between chrome, bronze, stainless, among others, truly improves the compatibility of the faucet. Regardless of the decoration of the kitchen, it will blend well with the rest of the house without disrupting the atmosphere or looking out of place.

Now, one of the reasons that make this faucet stand out above the rest is, undoubtedly, its high-quality MotionSense. This modern technology was something unthinkable many years ago, but now it is here, to allow us to get the water going without even touching it. Hence, the touchless name.

How does it work? It features a pair of sensibility areas providing multiple methods to activate it. The process is pretty simple, too. Just wave the hands across the faucet’s top, which will trigger the water stream. This movement also stops it when you finish.

The sensors also work when you put a cup near the faucet’s base, stopping right after you remove it. It is a quite simple process that makes our routine at home faster and easier. Furthermore, allowing people to spend less time maintaining the faucet.


  • Two sensors areas to activate the water stream
  • Body available of different materials
  • The sensor at the base allows cups to activate the water, too
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to marks and fingerprints


  • Lacks a proper water flow control

2. Moen 7185ESRS Brantford Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7185ESRS Brantford Kitchen Faucet

Sometimes a traditional style is what your kitchen needs. There’s no doubt that touchless technology has become an impressive achievement, and combining it with a standard, vintage faucet design will give your kitchen that beautiful finish you wanted.

This faucet features touchless activation through the double-sensor system. Here, MotionSense comes into play once again, providing users the option to turn the water on and off by waving a hand.

For some people, it may seem like a fancy and unnecessary system, but users receive many benefits of using it.

One of those benefits is that not only it reduces the time you spend cleaning, but it also helps you maintain the finish of your kitchen because you don’t have to touch the faucet with a wet hand.

Again, it might not sound like a big deal, but there are many times when we drop water across the countertop unnecessarily just trying to turn the faucet off.

The Pulldown system is another one of the best features this faucet has to offer. It displays a 68-inch hose that you can extract to do the cleaning. Once it is done, it will automatically retract back to its former resting position.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it has an easy installation. It doesn’t require any tools, which makes it convenient for every homeowner.

Now, one of the things why people often disregard this faucet is because of the not-so-great temperature controls.

It isn’t an issue for newer models, because the manufacturer has listened to the complaints and they’ve created a more comfortable temperature control. On the other hand, if you own a previous older version, you might still need to go under the sink to make the temperature adjustments.


  • Double-Sensor technology quickly activates the water stream by waving the hand
  • Pulldown system for the 68-inch hose
  • Quick installation process
  • Resistant against water and marks


  • Changing the temperature in older versions of this faucet is a frustrating task

3. KOHLER Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, K-72218-VS

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This faucet features a high-quality stainless finish that makes it suitable for any kitchen. If you’re looking for the best touchless kitchen faucet, then this is definitely an option worth considering.

There aren’t many innovative ideas for the creation of this faucet. We’ve seen these features in previous models, too. However, what stands out about this kitchen addition is how efficient it is at providing incredible performance.

It features a sensor capable of responding faster than other touchless faucets. This sensor allows you to both activate and deactivate the water stream, giving you a quick response to spending less time in the kitchen doing the cleaning.

For the kids, this system is highly intuitive and fun to use, too. To prevent incidents, it includes a window for higher precision to get it activated. This security measure keeps the water from running free without restraints when someone accidentally activates the faucet.

This faucet also takes care of a regular issue people didn’t appreciate about previous models. That problem was that the hose was pretty noticeable even when it wasn’t being used. It was disappointing because, in a way, something looked out of place.

The design of this faucet keeps the hose at its place without getting loose. This is possible because of the DockNetik, which maintains the spray head right where it must be after you use it.

One of its only downsides is that if you use it connected to power output, it won’t work during outages. Under those circumstances, it is better to have 6 AA batteries available, just in case.


  • DockNetik keeps the spray head locked in its place
  • The surface is easy to clean
  • Quick response to activation signs
  • It tries to prevent false activations from happening


  • During power outages, water won’t come out unless you’re using batteries

4. Delta 9178T-AR-DST Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet

Delta 9178T-AR-DST Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet

Unlike previous models in this list, there’s a bit of a different mechanism to activate the water stream while using this faucet. It doesn’t demand to wave hands. Instead, it asks the users to touch over the spout’s surface. Whether you use your wrist or your forearm, it is up to you, but it works either way.

It is a different technology which increases the number of options users have while buying one of these faucets. You might like it more or less, but it is quite efficient, and there’s no denying that fact.

The water stream is easy to maneuver through the spray head. When you’re done using it, simply let the magnet snap it back into its place, and it will lock it tightly.

Its performance is pleasantly improved by the construction materials. This thing uses the exclusive Diamond Seal Technology to prevent leaks. The high-quality build makes this faucet capable of resisting longer than standard models.

Now, what we liked the most about this faucet is its powerful spray capacity. It works through ShieldSpray Technology, and there isn’t anything the water stream provided from this faucet can’t work through. Even the toughest stains on your utensils will be washed off.

So far, there haven’t been any circumstances where the water flow isn’t enough to clean different kitchen accessories.

The Led lights are another welcomed addition, as well. They will keep you aware at all times of the temperature of the water. It is a useful system that prevents unpleasant surprises while using the faucet. Also, these lights will inform you when the batteries require changing.


  • Comfortable hose length
  • Easy to install
  • Magnet to keep the spray head in its place
  • Led lights keep you alerted of temperature and batteries


  • The hose isn’t that much flexible
  • Requires a specific positioning to turn it off properly

5. BadiJum Touchless Kitchen Faucet

BadiJum Touchless Kitchen Faucet

There was no other way to end this list without a proper faucet that delivers what a kitchen needs. All in all, the dual sensor modality included in this product is top-notch, backed with a beautiful design and resistant construction materials.

Expanding on the dual sensor mechanism, it is an easy to use system that simplifies kitchen activities. To turn it on and off, move your hand in front of the sensor area. Then, the infrared technology will ensure optimum performance to activate the water stream.

When you’re done, the pull-down sensor ensures there’s no water running after you deactivate it. This system properly avoids leaks after every use, which is something that not many faucets can achieve.

This pull-down technology is so effective that it uses three modes. First, there’s the instant pause that you can access through the round button.

The other two functionalities are for washing vegetables or doing dishes, and the rinse modality, which takes care of those complicated kitchen accessories to clean them without any effort.

Even when you’re using it on an intense mode, the Inject Technology avoids unnecessary waste of water by saving up to 50 percent.

However, to some people, the water flow might not be enough. It works great to do daily washing tasks, but if you’re looking for a large water stream, then you might encounter some issues while using this faucet.

If you get past the water stream issue, this faucet is one of the best ones in the market. It goes through an intense testing process to make it as durable as possible to give homeowners a reliable kitchen addition for many years to come.


  • The installation process is a breeze
  • SmartTechnology provides a reliable faucet for every kitchen
  • Three-pattern pull-down head
  • Highly durable


  • If you like large water flow, this faucet isn’t the best choice

Buying Guide – What to Look for in a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

If you’re looking for the finest touchless kitchen faucet, there are certain elements that you must look for. Let’s go through them shortly.

Durable Materials

Any kitchen utensil deals with water constantly. Because of that, you’ll need a highly resistant faucet capable of holding up well against rust and corrosion.

You’d think that, in the modern age, these issues are no longer something to worry about, but they still are. Despite all of the advances made, some materials don’t have the necessary quality.

Also, there are other issues like water spots and fingerprints marks that we often leave unnoticed over the surface.

Fortunately, if you choose the right one, these problems won’t require much of your attention because the faucet takes care of them quickly, preventing long term damages on its surface.

The Proper Finish

The kitchen is one of the most special areas of the house. It is not only for making food but to create memories and pleasant moments with your family, too. Because of that, having a beautiful kitchen is one regular concern for homeowners. Everything must match, and that includes the faucet.

In some kitchens, the faucet takes the central spot of the area, which obviously requires a high-quality finish to make it stand out above everything else.

Here, you’d do better to acquire a special finish for your faucet. There are different designs like the matte black that you can find in certain models. Using one of these, you can rest assured that all of the eyes will go directly to the faucet once people enter your kitchen.

Sensor Technology

For a touchless faucet to work, it requires a proper sensor system to detect movement and activate the water stream. During our review, we learned there are many touchless faucets out there, each one using an outstanding internal device to assist you quickly.

More specifically, we found faucets with two sensors. Other models feature just one. Either way, they both manage to deliver the performance you need. But what’s the difference?

The one sensor faucet’s performance is pretty standard. Reach out to get the water going and repeat the process to stop it. Not much difficulty there. It is simple, and it works.

Multi-sensor faucets, however, have plenty more to offer. They allow you to activate, deactivate, change the desired temperature, and turn on the water when a cup gets close to it, among other things.

Sure, they are more expensive but let’s not forget that we’re paying for state of the art technology. Their performance is outstanding, too. These faucets make our daily kitchen task even quicker than they once were.

Battery Capacity

For the sensors to work, they require the use of batteries. In most cases, 4 AA batteries will do the trick, but some others require 6 AA types.

The battery capacity is something you must keep in mind to avoid frustrating moments. Some of these faucets don’t even need battery change up until a couple of years after first using them!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time buying batteries and changing them constantly, make sure you buy a faucet with a durable power source capable of maintaining energy for a long time.

Easy Temperature Change

This was an issue in old faucets that, sadly, manufacturers weren’t capable of fixing. To change the temperature, users would have to go below the countertop to access the box and change it manually from there.

It was an uncomfortable operation that frustrated people.

Fortunately, that situation has changed by now. Faucets now have a proper mechanism to change the temperature without complications.

Don’t decide to pay less for an old faucet that might present this issue. You might end up regretting the decision in the long run.

Docking System

Removing the spray head out of the spout to do intense cleaning is not a problem for most faucets. However, getting it back on its place could become an issue nobody wants to deal with.

There are two methods to deal with this problem; you either buy a faucet with a magnet capable of locking the spray head in its place, or consider getting one featuring the retractable mechanism to put it back where it belongs automatically.

A proper docking system will encourage you to use the spray head as it should be used.

Unfortunately, to figure out which one is more efficient for you, you’d have to try it a couple of times. If you want to go for the most secure way, check online reviews to confirm whether or not the faucet you like the most has a functioning docking mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Touchless Kitchen Faucets Good?

Yes, they are. Even though these types of faucets may seem like an unnecessary and expensive addition to a kitchen, in reality, they serve their purpose by reducing plenty of the time we spend doing the dishes or washing the utensils.

Are Touchless Kitchen Faucets Reliable?

In most cases, yes. The faucets work as they should by activating and deactivating on command when they detect command movements. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, a low-quality faucet might not deactivate after you make the gestures, resulting in leakages.

Are Touchless Kitchen Faucets Worth It?

If you want to improve the quality of your kitchen, sure. Touchless faucets are quite expensive, so you definitely want to make sure it is what you want before making the investment. Going back to the question, yes, they are worth the money.

What is a Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

It is a device you can install in your kitchen to control water flow. A touchless faucet allows you to do necessary home tasks such as preparing food, doing the dishes, washing your hands afterward, and whatever other use you might find for it.

How do I Install one of These Faucets?

Each faucet includes the instructions for a successful installation. It is a quick process that every homeowner can do if they’re careful. Nonetheless, if the instructions aren’t clear enough for you, make sure to contact someone with more experience.


Now that you’ve read our best touchless kitchen faucet reviews, it’s for you to decide which one is the best option for you. Having a beautiful kitchen is pretty important, so make sure you buy the right one to blend well with the rest of the decoration.

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