Best Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife Reviews & Buying Guideline

Need a sharp-edged utility knife to be a master on slicing/cutting/ carving food items? A best Shushi knife can be the painting brush of an artist for you.

To make either sushi or sashimi at home, you need the proper tool to give elegant shape to them. And there comes sushi or sashimi knife that allows you an effortless as well as comfortable processing.

In the market, you will find a lot of knife naming either sushi or sashimi. Considering the best sushi knife or best sashimi knife, we are here with the best 5. In fact, using any of these 5 will relief you from unnecessary effort along with processing time.

What Is a Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife?

​Sushi or Sashimi knife is indeed a Japanese traditional knife different from typical knives. In fact, it is a long and thin knife that is suitable to prepare sushi or sashimi. Again, this particular type of knife comes with a difference of having honed on the right side only.

Why do you need to have a Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife?

Being different from conventional western ones, sushi knives provide higher quality service and greater precision. For some particular activities, they are much better to use.

Preparing Sushi & Sashimi Dishes

The most common usage of sushi or sashimi knife is to process sushi or sashimi in the kitchen. And with it, you can make a perfect dish.

Sizing Up Vegetables & Fruits

Although it is not suitable for cutting vegetables or fruits, you can use it. But it is applicable for only small-scale slicing.

Accurate & Precision Work

For some slicing or cutting which requires accuracy, you can go for this one. High strength blade will help you with that.

Slicing Various Fishes

Apart from slicing sashimi, you can take care of some other fishes as well. It is suitable for soft and small-sized fishes.

Minor Culinary Activities

Different types of culinary action require knife usage. For general and small-scale work, you can use this one.

1. Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife


  • ​Precision cutting without any dragging or snagging.
  • ​Long lasting service with razor sharp blade.
  • ​Resisting to corrosion, rust along with discoloration.
  • ​Single edge comes with a finishing of fine stone.
  • ​Effortless work with wooden or Santoprene handle.


  • ​The wooden handle may seem to be cheap.
  • ​The handle has a bit high weight.

The first one of our list of five best sushi knives, is literally a piece of gem when it comes to buying a knife. Not only with a quality assurance, but also, it’s too easy to use.

This is where quality meets ability and then, you will get the surprising ease of usage. From safety to performance, this combines everything you need to prepare a perfect sushi as well as sashimi.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Assurance with Steel Construction

The blade is of German stainless steel that provides you the highest possible quality. In fact, the steel has a longer service life along with gentle usage in culinary activities. Of course, the steel can retain its sharpness even after long usage through appropriate maintenance.

  • Tapered Edge Provides Greater Performance

This single sided blade comes with a tapered edge which allows a faster as well as smooth gliding. Besides, stone finishing enables you to make appropriate cutting as well as slicing. Thus the combination results in a revolutionary change in processing sushi or sashimi dishes.

  • Ultimate Ease with Wooden Handle

Along with ergonomic wooden handle construction, you will enjoy the utmost comfort. Furthermore, you can make sensitive and also, precision cutting without the slightest trouble. This best sushi knife or sashimi knife gives you a perfect handle to work with.

2. Yoshihiro VGYA240SH Stainless Sushi Sashimi Knife


  • ​Comfortable operation with a high-quality steel blade.
  • ​Offers extreme sharpness with whetstone sharpening.
  • ​Coated wooden sheath resists stain along with odor.
  • ​Comes with lightweight as well as balanced construction.
  • ​Simple to use and therefore, easy to maintain.


  • ​Poor maintenance will take out the sharpness.
  • ​Length of the blade is insufficient for heavy work.

Want your kitchen cutting jobs to be easuer than ever? A perfect knife can be a must-to-have tool for you. 9.5 inches of the single-edged blade like this one holds pretty well for moderate-scale processing. Apart from that, the sheath with lacquer coating ensures an outstanding durability for the blade.

Features and Benefits

  • Hongasumi Grade Steel Provides Durability

The construction of this best sushi knife or sashimi knife goes with imported steel. As a matter of fact, the Hongasumi stainless steel contains high carbon. Thus it offers greater strength and therefore, long-lasting sharpness for the blade.

  • Easy Cutting through Exceptional Sharpness

This high-quality blade comes with HRC 62 – 63 along with its VG steel construction. Furthermore, the optimal retention of blade edge provides ultimate sharpness combining its high sharpening ability. This unique combination, therefore, results in an exceptional sharpness.

  • Elegant Handle along with Rosewood Construction

Ergonomic rosewood makes the handle very comfortable to work with either sushi or sashimi. Needless to say, it takes the outlook of the blade handle at a whole new level. You or anyone using it will find the entire frame very attractive as well as working pleasure.

3. Happy Sales HSSR400, Japanese Long Sashimi Sushi Knife


  • ​Stainless steel offers resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • ​Comes with a blade with long slender to work with.
  • ​Wooden handle provides easy control over slicing.
  • ​Hand washable and therefore, requires simple maintenance.
  • ​Suitable for carrying various culinary actions.


  • ​Quick damage can occur on the handle material.
  • ​Requires regular maintenance to hold the sharpness.

The combination of beautiful appearance along with incredible cutting performance makes this knife a suitable one. And again, you can make a perfect slicing through fishes as well as rice balls.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with Accurate and Precision Slicing

When it is about slicing or cutting, this one provides a very neat and perfect result as well. Again, you can have a very good precision as well as accurate processing. And with them, you can prepare a delicious sushi or sashimi dishes.

  • Ergonomic Production Delivers Quality Service

Along with stainless steel construction, this best sushi knife or sashimi knife delivers great service. Thus, the ergonomic steel comes with extreme sharpness at the cutting side. Therefore, the quality production enables the blade to keep its sharpness against long usage.

  • Offers Easy as well as Comfortable Handling

You can have a very comfortable handling with this knife indeed. In fact, the wooden handle allows a suitable catching for your fingers. Besides, with a perfect finger grip, it becomes a lot easy to work. Also, it provides a good control over the entire processing.

4. Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi Sushi Knife


  • ​Extreme sharpness allows comfortable cutting
  • ​Requires no pressure for gliding through any fish.
  • ​Delivers quality service for a longer time.
  • ​Offers an ergonomic construction for the handle.
  • ​Comes with a beautiful black box packaging.


  • ​Heavy usage may take out the sharpness.
  • ​Poor maintenance will cause the handle to fade.

Although it is a typical sushi knife as per function, it comes with a variation in design. In fact, the attractive design of the blade, as well as handle, will catch your attention for sure.

Features and Benefits

  • Decent Slicing through Razor Sharp Blade

It is common for almost all typical knives to put pressure on either gliding or slicing. But this one comes with ultimate razor sharpness at the cutting side which requires no extra pushing. This knife blade has the ability to slice and also, cut with normal pressure.

  • Forged Steel Holds up Sharpness for Long

The blade of this best sushi knife or sashimi knife is of white Japanese steel. In fact, the forged steel blade has a pretty good sharpness at the cutting side. Along with the quality construction, the blade holds up the sharpness for quite a long time.

  • Lightweight Handle Enables Better Control

Wood or timber products come with lightweight to carry and also, to handle. This great culinary tool offers a wooden handle to work with and therefore, easy to handle. This ergonomic handle will lead you to a comfortable processing of sushi as well as sashimi.

5. Cut Perfect Japanese Sashimi – Crafted By Sagana Kitchenware


  • ​Highly rust along with corrosion resisting blade.
  • ​Extreme sharpness with excellent durability.
  • ​Rosewood construction provides gorgeous appearance.
  • ​Comes with simple usage as well as maintenance.
  • ​Provides easy control over the slicing operation.


  • ​Careless usage may damage the sharpened edge.
  • ​The weight of this knife is a bit high.

Eventually, we are the end of the product lists. At number five, we have one great knife from Sagana Kitchenware. And I you ask me, I love this sushi knife a lot.

You can enjoy a perfect processing along with this great knife just like its name. It combines magnificent as well as authentic construction that ensures a comfortable operation of slicing and cutting.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Quality with Universal Acceptability

Along with premium quality steel construction, this is one great tool to cut and slice. Again, it is very suitable for anyone willing to cook sushi or sashimi dishes. In fact, from experienced chef to beginner cook, this culinary equipment suits everyone to start processing.

  • Offers Long-Lasting Razor Sharpened Blade

For any sort of knife, the sharpness of the blade is an important factor. Regarding this one, this best sushi knife or sashimi knife comes with something unique. In addition, the razor sharpened blade can deliver you a pleasing service life as per proper maintenance.

  • Comfort & Balance through Rosewood Handle

Regarding handle material, rosewood construction for knife handle is common these days. But with respect to elegance, few like this one comes with pleasant design and appearance. Apart from that, you will get a perfect balance with comfort along with its ergonomic production.

Best Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife Buying Guide

​Regarding the best sushi knife or sashimi knife, there are always some specific factors for sure. In short, there are 3 factors concerning the knife quality.

​Blade Material & Size

​Quality knives come with steel construction and also, it is good to use. Blade size regarding your working scale is also important.

Sharpness of Blade

​Proper slicing requires good sharpness which you need to check. Again, you need to confirm sharpness durability.

​Handle Material

​Comfort, as well as ease, depend upon the handle material. So, you need to check out its construction as well.

Final Verdict

​Although sushi, as well as sashimi, comes from Japanese culture, this gained popularity with their prominent test. To avoid poor quality, you can rely on these 5 to take care of either sushi or sashimi. In fact, from external design to functional performance, every single one mentioned above meets the standard. The best sushi knife or sashimi knife will give the pleasure of easy as well as comfortable processing. And then, you will get the perfect satisfaction using any of them to prepare sushi or sashimi dishes.


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