Best Reading Light For Bed 2023 | Top 8 Picks

Ah, bedtime!

You’ve been waiting for this all day – the moment you finish all your day’s work, clean up and go to bed, you are going to curl up and dream about good memories when you drift off to sleep.

Before that, why not read a few pages from your favorite book?

But all this tossing and turning to find the perfect position that allows you to use a torch and hold your book while you are lying down is taking the little energy you had left in you to read.

You’ve been thinking about it for some time now. But you haven’t been able to find the best reading light for bed. Like heroes in those stories you adore so much, we’ve outlined some of the finest products on the market so that you never have to worry about experimenting with different alternatives and lose sleep.


  • Power Source: Battery-Powered
  • Voltage: 3.7 volts
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
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  • Power Source: Corded-Electric
  • Voltage: 5 volts
  • Average Life: 10000 hours
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  • Power Source: Battery-Powered
  • Voltage: 3.7 volts
  • Eye Care: Yes
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  • Power Source: Battery-Powered
  • Voltage: 5 volts
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
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  • Power Source: Battery-Powered
  • Voltage: 5 volts
  • Batteries: 1 AAA batteries required. (included)
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Top 8 Bed Reading Light Reviews

1. PERFECTDAY Reading Light

PERFECTDAY Reading Light

The problem with most reading lights is that they are usually giant lamps and are in no way adjustable to your preference.

This is why PERFECTDAY Reading Light has created an ergonomic long neck like a goose that is bendable in every direction. You can bring the light closer to the words if you prefer and not worry about your partner waking up in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, it comes with 3 brightness modes, so that in case the light does get in the way of your other half’s sleep (which is unlikely), you can still find the light guiding you to the end of the story.

The light is equipped with a blue light filter that can be dimmed to eliminate the harm that may be bestowed on the eyes. Children are most prone to eye-damage from overexposure, thus PERFECTDAY has made it their mission to create a “perfect” light to promote reading books.

At the end of this lamp, there is a good and sturdy clip that you can clamp on to the book. You can even use the tip as a bookmark. Thanks to its mobile features, you can simply fold it up and neatly pack it away in your purse or even keep it intertwined with your book.

Highlighted Features
  • The long gooseneck is bendable in every direction.
  • It has three brightness modes which you can switch to easily.
  • The rechargeable lamp has an eye-friendly dimmable blue light filter
  • The clip is strong and sturdy and can be used as a bookmark.

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2. Vekkia Neck Hug Light

Vekkia Neck Hug Light

Imagine this- you are on a bus trip through a rocky terrain in the dark and you are trying to go through this nerve-wracking ordeal by reading through the pages of your favorite book. But each jolt keeps knocking the flashlight between your teeth and that is definitely not a good jaw exercise.

For times when you need both hands for other tasks, you can use the Vekkia Neck Hug Light for that hands-free experience. While clip-on lights are great, road-trips require a more focused solution. With this flexible silicone band around your neck, you can finally use your hands while having light shed on the task.

The arms have 2 LED lights each and the brightness on them can be adjusted individually. This way you will be saving energy where you don’t need too much light and keep on reading. Of course, this has about 6-10 hours of battery life but saving energy is never a bad thing!

Because the band is conformable, you can completely straighten it out and use it as frontal and rear lights. This has introduced a range of possibilities for its use and thus the ideal partner in construction work, sewing, cleaning out the attic or just reading your all-time beloved classics.

Highlighted Features
  • The arms can take any shape you want, that is fitted to your work.
  • The lights on each arm have 2 brightness modes separately.
  • The batteries can last up to 6-10 hours giving an unfaltering performance.
  • Standard USB cables can be used to recharge it (USB cable not included).

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3. Hooga Clip-on Reading Light

Hooga Clip-on Reading Light

The common conundrum with reading lights is that prolonged exposure to one concentrated source of light in the dark could lead to damning eye damage. This is why phones are equipped with “night modes” that turn on this amber screen, reducing the emission of blue light and helping melatonin production for sleep.

Well, now you can have a joyful reading experience and be helped put to sleep in those nights of restless tossing and turning. The Hooga Clip-on Reading Light is capable of wiping off the blue spectrum almost down to zero. This not only relieves your eyes but also helps you fall asleep quicker.

Hooga proudly claims to have the biggest battery capacity and rightfully so. The batteries are capable of working 30 hours straight and thanks to the included USB cable, charging it on the go is just as easy.

With its 3 brightness adjustments and the gooseneck and clip mechanism, Hooga is a great lighting option for reading in bed. This also serves as a night light that is not too intrusive to keep you up. It is rather a soft calming glow that helps you drift off to sleep faster than you normally do.

Highlighted Features
  • The soft glow from the light promotes melatonin production.
  • The kit comes with included USB charging cable.
  • The “yellow” light is eye-friendly and replaces blue light.
  • It is extremely lightweight and portable, making it perfect for anyone.

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4. LEPOWER Clip-on Reading Light

LEPOWER Clip-on Reading Light

If you prefer a more “workspace” kind of vibe, then perhaps you ought to take a look at the LEPOWER Clip-on Reading light. It is not wireless but it serves a more dedicated purpose like providing light that covers a wider area.

Let’s paint a scenario: suppose you have tons of paperwork but sitting on the desk for too long is not something you’re up for. Well, you can take your work to bed. Clamp this to the headboard and switch it on! Once you’re done, cast aside the paperwork, switch it off and become one with the bed.

This is more like a lamp that you can carry and plug in absolutely anywhere. If you have high-rise cupboards that blocks most of the light, organizing it can be difficult. Thanks to LEPOWER, just clamp it on of the shelves and start shuffling through.

To many, this is the best reading lamp for bed. It comes in 3 very sleek appearances – black, silver, and white. It has a very classy aesthetics to it with the same yet enhanced features that the Hooga or the PERFECTDAY has.

It has 2 switches on the cord that has different interactions. However, the lack of brightness adjustment could be a deal breaker for some.

Highlighted Features
  • It has 2 dedicated brightness adjustments – dim and bright.
  • It has a “warm light” that helps promote melatonin.
  • The three attractive colors blend well with any home decor.
  • The light has an attached cord system to it which you can plug anywhere.

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5. TOPELEK Reading Light

TOPELEK Reading Light

Unlike other reading lights for bed, the TOPELEK Reading Light comes with 4 LED lights that serve well in brightness adjustments. This, too, has 3 brightness modes. But here’s the twist: two of the LED lights give off a warm glow to balance out the white-to-yellow brightness and produce a more soothing glare.

Although the batteries aren’t replaceable, they can be recharged just about anywhere. This light uses a standard USB cable to recharge battery and if you find yourself frequently running out the door, forgetting the charger behind, you can just plug it in your car for a quick boost!

You can use a power bank, your laptop or even your phone charger to revive it back to life. It may not have the longest neck but this petite build is just what you need for those late night study sessions in your bed. With 360-degree rotation allowance, you can bend it to take any shape you see fit.

All in all, this one is one of the best book lights for reading in bed. We couldn’t seem to get enough of the dual-tone lights. The clamp makes life much easier with its convenient grip and wide area.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes with four sets of LED lights, two white and two warm-toned.
  • The 3 brightness adjustments utilizes the 2 lights for an even, soothing glow.
  • The light uses a standard USB charger so charging it on the go is hassle-free.
  • The clamp has a proficient grip to ensure that it does not slip while in use.

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6. Merisky Clip-on Reading Light

Merisky Clip-on Reading Light

We were filled with awe when we got our hands on the Merisky Clip-on Reading Light. Consider all the good qualities of the TOPELEK but even more advanced. This one has 5 LED lights with a whopping 9 brightness adjustments and 3 color tones to fit the everyday need for light for reading.

It has 2 warm LED lights that have 3 different brightness adjustments. The 3 white LED lights can be operated individually as well with their set of 2 brightness levels. You even get to operate all 5 altogether to get a more evened out brightness with, of course, another 3 sets of brightness levels. That’s nine!

Switching between each setting is literally as easy as pushing down on a button for 1-2 seconds. People with eyesight issues always struggle with migraines and thus are discouraged from reading to bed.

This is exactly the kind of tool people with sore eyes needed to “cut through the foliage” and get to the end of the story. The Merisky has versatile usage. You can use it as a car light, desk light, sewing light, camping light and many more. The potential is brimming.

Highlighted Features
  • The light fits right in your palms when folded.
  • The rubber gripper on the clamp ensures stability.
  • It has 5 LED lights with 9 brightness adjustments.
  • It can utilize all 5 lights to produce an even, warm glow.

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7. LACOKI Reading Lamp

LACOKI Reading Lamp

The LACOKI Reading Light is a pure work of science. Instead of 3 or 4 LED lights, it has 28 LED beads that emit light using refraction. It has a concave reflector which causes the emitted light to be refracted over and over again resulting in light entering the eye in a uniform pattern.

Exposure to scattered light makes the human eye vulnerable to more damage. Thus, this is recommended especially to those who have poor eyesight. The model continues to charm with its dual-tone colors which brings forth 3 color settings and 9 brightness adjustments.

Operating it is just a matter of a few touches, literally. It has two buttons that respond to your touch to either turn on/off or change between different modes. The intelligent and effortless construction makes this even more desirable by diverse users.

It promises to give you about 28 hours of sustenance without any interruptions like flickering. Even then, a quick boost of 3 hours should revive it back to full health. Of course, recharging is no issue since it uses the standard USB cable to facilitate charging. Hence, you can charge it anywhere, anytime.

Highlighted Features
  • It has 28 LED beads that produce a uniform path of light into the eyes.
  • Dual tones help you choose the perfect color to your preference.
  • Nine brightness adjustments to switch between to fit your needs.
  • It has smart touch control that allows quick and effortless controlling.

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8. Energizer Reading Light

Energizer Reading Light

The Energizer Reading Light is quite straightforward in functionality. It has a head that is wide enough to illuminate your open pages and the light stream is narrow enough to not irk your spouse who’s fast asleep after a tiring day. It emulates natural light which means it shines dual-tone brightness at all times.

It has no brightness adjusters. The one it produces is just at the optimum and ideal level which is suitable for all human eyes. Not too harsh, not too soft. It has a slider button on top of the head that switches it on and off. Since it’s very user-friendly, this has become a top pick among users.

It comes in two different color variations – the classic colors of yin and yang, the black with blue accents and the white with red accents. The flexible neck allows you to either flatten it straight or take up any shape you see fit for your task at hand. It is just about as long as the front face of a standard book.

However, when folded, it fits in your palms. There is a spring clip to attach to your books, clipboards, kindles, etc. People have found versatile use for it, which means you can use it beyond reading novels.

You can use it as a car light, a sewing light, or even make it part of your toolbox. Once charged, it will run for an impressive 25 hours. An ideal companion for people on the go.

Highlighted Features
  • The emitted light is of natural color and isn’t too harsh on the eyes.
  • It comes in black and white colors, with blue and red accents respectively.
  • The clip can be clamped down on books, desks, tablets, dashboards, etc.
  • It shines light on objects up to four meters away from the user.

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How To Choose The Right Reading Light For Bed?


There are variations in the colors that you get with reading lights. Most “hasty” designs do not account for blue light which is damaging to the human eye. Make sure to get one that eliminates the blue spectrum.

You can, thus, opt for warmer tones. You can either get one that emits a soft yellow light or get one with mixed white and yellow tones. There are models that include both types of color so that you can set the perfect light and brightness levels. Be sure to keep an eye for those.


Some reading lights come with multiple brightness adjustments while others have none at all. While the ones that don’t have any adjusters claim that they produce “natural light”, it’s advisable that you check them out for yourself.

Your eyes may react differently to these pre-set bright lights and it’s better to keep your options open if you have constant sight strains.

The best bedside lights for reading usually have multiple adjusters, some even have a mixture of white and yellow tones and you can control the brightness in those settings as well.

Neck Adjustability

You’d want to ideally opt for a reading light that can be bent to your preference. Sometimes you prefer if the light was borrowed in between the words on the pages, other time you want it to shine from directly above so that it covers both sides of the book.

Granted that almost all reading lights now come with a “gooseneck”, some have spiral spines that allow it to bend at precise degrees while others have a more plain-neck structure. Experiment with the different options to see which one you feel the most comfortable with.

Final Words

You may think, “Well, it’s just a reading light! I can use the flash on my phone.”

Well, sorry to burst your bubble. How long do you plan to hold it? You’ve probably tried that before, was it really an experience you would call “reading for pleasure”?

Finding the best reading lights for bed is a tricky business if you don’t know what to consider. Now that you know the deciding factors, you’ll find yourself developing a habit of reading in bed even if you are not the biggest bookworm.

May the stories guide you to the sweetest of dreams, for in dreams we are carefree. Happy reading!

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