Best Non Stick Bundt Cake Pan 2022- A Details Guide

Bundt cakes are a rare breed among the dessert world. Few other baked goods can combine beauty and taste as well as this cake does.

And the easiest way to bake this wonderous delicacy is by purchasing the best non stick Bundt cake pan you can find.

Guess what?

We’re here to help you accomplish just that.

This guide is designed to reveal all the secrets you need to know for making the perfect purchase of a Bundt cake pan. So, go ahead and enjoy the ride!

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Top 7 Non-Stick Bundt Cake Pans

1. Cuisinart, Chef’s Classic Nonstick Bakeware Fluted Cake Pan AMB-95FCP

Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware Fluted Cake Pan AMB-95FCP

Cuisinart manages to accomplish a very difficult task quite easily: combining fashion with efficacy.

The pan has a 9.5-inch diameter. It is constructed from 18-gauge steel (1-millimeter thick steel sheets), protected by aluminum-silicon coating.

The product is 11-inch long and 10.8-inch wide. It provides a depth of 3.8-inches, allowing the pan to hold 10 cups of water without spillage.

Both the outer and inner surface of the pan is Xylan (fluoropolymer) coated, produced by the legendary Whitford corporation. This feature allows you to easily slip out baked goods from the pan and provides an effortless washing experience.

We all know the importance of a baking pan’s edge. The design of this particular part can determine whether you’ll have a burnt finger or not. So, the manufacturer provides a thickened, sine-curve style edge to provide safety and increasing durability.

The Bundt pan weighs only 1.65-pounds and can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

Highlighted Features
  • Built from 18-gauge steel with aluminum-silicon coating.
  • Provides Xylan (fluoropolymer) coating on both the outer and inner surface.
  • Offers a thickened, sine-curve style edge for durability and safety.
  • Features a lightweight design and dishwasher compatibility.
  • Designed with a simple mold, which makes it easier to clean.

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2. Wilton, Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Tube Pan, Set of 2

Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Tube Pan

Do you know what we love the most about Bundt cakes?

They look like a donut but puffed up, so you can eat more of it. And this product lets you bake this delicious cake quickly and smoothly.

Each pan is 9.25-inch long and provides an internal depth of 3.37-inch. The interior is deep enough to contain 10 cups of water without reaching the tipping point. However, since a cake batter will increase in size through the baking process, we recommend not exceeding 6/7 cups of batter.

The product is built from premium grade steel, which is processed through cold rolling to deliver you a durable kitchenware. The interior also uses a specialized non-stick coating. This feature can smoothly release your baked cake without leaving any sticky crumbs on the surface,

2 parallel handles on each pan, which are extended and thickened, allow you to conveniently put inside and take them out of the oven. Users have reported having no issues dealing with the handles even while wearing oven mitts.

The pan weighs under 4-punds and is compatible with a dishwasher. Though the manufacturer encourages to clean them manually with lukewarm water and soap.

Highlighted Features
  • Provides a premium grade, cold rolled steel construction.
  • Applies a non-stick coating for quickly releasing baked goods.
  • Offers thickened and extended handles to increase ease of portability.
  • Interior of each pan can safely contain 6/7 cups of batter.
  • Can also be used to make other baked delicacies.

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3. CHEFMADE, 4PCS Mini Bundt Pan Set

CHEFMADE, 4PCS Mini Bundt Pan Set

What’s better than a double Bundt cake pan set?

Simple, a quadruple Bundt cake pan set.

Yes, this product offers you 4 Bundt pans, so you can bake for a family dinner as well as a house party. Each champagne colored pan is 4-inch long and 4-inch wide, along with a depth of 1.9-inches. Every pan can comfortably hold 3 to 4 cups of batter.

These pans are constructed from 24-gauge carbon steel, giving them superior structural strength while maintaining a light weight. The construction also allows an evenly distributed heat management, which produces wholesomely baked cakes every time.

The non-stick technology is effective and impressive. It requires much less priming (e.g. brushing the pan with butter, oil etc.) yet delivers a smooth release after baking.

The edge of each pan is thickened in a circular-cylindrical shape. This choice of design lets you carry the pan easily and increases durability by preventing the warping issue.

The manufacturer uses PTFE, PFOA, and Teflon free coating, made from food-grade silicone to produce these pans, which are approved by the FDA. Keeping the weight at 3.84-pounds per pan, they also ensure eliminating any hazardous radiation that can occur at high levels of heat.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses a 24-gauge carbon steel build, designed with 4-Inch Kugelhopf molds.
  • Provides faster baking as well as reducing consumption of electricity.
  • Applies PTFE, PFOA, and Teflon free silicone coating, with food-grade quality.
  • Eliminates any hazardous radiation that may occur at high levels of heat.
  • Features circular-cylindrical shaped, thickened edges for durability.

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4. Webake, 4 pack fluted mini bunt cake pan

“Owning one car feels good. But owning four? That feels amazing!”

Well, we think the same logic applies to Bundt cake pans. We all love the taste and exotic shape of the dessert, so why not get more instead of less?

Thus, we decided to include Webake’s 4-piece package of Bundt pans in the list.

Each pan has a 4.6-inch top width, 2.8-inch bottom width, and a depth of 1.7-inches. Every pan can hold 6 to 7 cups of batter (considering the expansion through baking), or in other words 7-ounces of liquid.

The pans are built from a premium-grade metal alloy, which is produced through combining carbon and iron. The interior is perfectly laced with a non-stick coating, which smoothly releases the cake after baking.

The FDA approved pans use petal shaped edges. The combination of smaller and larger curves gives the pan an aesthetic look as well as handiness. The edge is layered with steel to prevent bending and the larger curves function as easy-to-use holders.

Highlighted Features
  • Provides a lightweight design, weighing at only 9.6-ounces.
  • Offers a 446-degree Fahrenheit temperature tolerance.
  • Compatible with both regular and toaster oven.
  • Features petal shaped edges to increase aesthetic and user comfort.
  • Each pan can hold up to 7 cups of batter without causing an overflow.

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5. SHEbaking, Nonstick Silicone Bundt Cake Baking Pan

Here’s the first thing that came to our mind when we were reviewing this product: Do we store it on a showcase or a kitchen shelve?

Considered by critiques as one of the best non stick Bundt cake pan models in the market, its artistic finesse is sure to remind you of the flower Lavender itself.

The pan offers a top width of 9.8-inches and bottom width of 3.54-inches. It is constructed from food-grade, non-toxic, odorless, and BPA free silicone.

With a temperature tolerance ranging from -40 to 230-degree Celsius, you can store the pan in a refrigerator as well as bake it in a microwave or a toaster oven with ease.

The interior is layered with an easy release non-stick coating and a silicone ring. This produces a favorable texture, which makes taking out baked goods easy and clean.

The pan offers double handles, which are sloped downward to provide you an easier and more secure grip.

The 6.4-ounce pan is designed with openwork shaped molds that spiral down seamlessly into the center flute. This feature allows you to bake intricately designed Bundt cakes effortlessly.

However, avoid putting the pan in direct contact with fire.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses food-grade, non-toxic, odorless, and BPA free silicone as material.
  • Authorized by both LFGB and FDA to ensure health safety.
  • Can be stored in a freezer and baked using both microwaves and toaster ovens.
  • Features unique down sloped handles for portability and convenience.
  • Uses premium silicone materials to provide flexibility and prevent stretching.

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6. Elbee, Non-Stick Mini Bundt Cake Pan Set

Silicon pans are constantly rising in popularity among bakers. And while reviewing this product, we realized exactly why this trend is taking off.

Elbee uses BPA-free, industry standard silicone to produce the pans. As a result, these pans don’t break or crack, and become easy to store due to their flexibility.

The manufacturer uses a tray system, which contains 8 small Bundt pans. You’ll get 2 trays in this package, allowing you to make up to 16 Bundt cakes at a time (if you have a large enough oven).

Each pan has a depth of 2-inches, providing you enough space to bake without spillage.

The trays are designed with an elevated edge, which is thickened by inserting a 0.25-inch reinforced steel wire all around the rim. This feature provides you the stability of a metal baking pan without sacrificing the flexibility of silicone.

The non-stick coating is effective and equipped with a fast cooling feature. Thus, you can remove the mini Bundt cakes from the pans easily, along with speeding up your serving time.

Highlighted Features
  • Perfect for serving mini Bundt cakes to a large group.
  • Unique edges provide combined benefits of both metal and silicone bakeware.
  • Offers a temperature tolerance of 450-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of baking machineries.
  • Provides a non-stick coating, equipped with a fast cooling feature.

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7. Miragee, Non-Stick Bundt Pan

If you had to choose between style and convenience, what would you pick?

Don’t worry, in this product you can get both.

The beautifully champagne colored pan is made from high quality carbon steel. Carbon steel combines a select proportion of iron and carbon to produce a metal alloy that prevents rust and erosion.

It offers a top width of 7-inches and a bottom width of 4.7-inches, along with a 3.2-inch deep interior. The pan can easily hold 3 to 4 cups of batter without making a spillage through the baking process.

The edge is rolled and thickened, which prevents warping from long time use and increases portability. The product is also conveniently light, weighing only 12.3-ounces.

It is designed with a 3.4-inch long flute in the middle and uses molds styled in the original Kugelhopf (the inspiration for the Bundt shape) fashion.

The non-stick interior, equipped with a rust protective feature, can flawlessly release baked goods. As a result, you get a perfectly shaped cake, free of any unwanted cracks. This also allows you to clean the pan easily as no leftover is stuck to the surface.

Highlighted Features
  • Let’s you bake exquisite and detailed Bundt cakes effortlessly.
  • Compatible with microwave, air-fryer, toaster oven, and instant pot.
  • Designed with original Kugelhopf molds.
  • Provides a rust protective non-stick interior.
  • Uses champagne colored carbon steel for production.

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How To Choose The Right Non Stick Bundt Cake Pan

How To Choose The Right Non Stick Bundt Cake Pan

Style Of The Mold

A mold of a pan can be considered as the combination of different types and layers of internal ridges (and in the case of Bundt cakes, the flute at the center) which determines the shape of the cake.

First, you need to decide what kind of style (simple, classic, intricate, etc.) you prefer to make your Bundt cakes after. Then you can purchase a Bundt pan which is designed with a mold that suits your preferred style.

However, keep in mind that molds with too intricate shapes can be difficult to clean up afterwards.

Health Safety

We recommend purchasing Bundt pans that pose no threat to your health. There are a few factors you can look into for making sure that the pan is safe to bake in.

For example, if you are buying a carbon steel pan, ensure that it’s approved by the FDA. Or, in terms of a silicone pan, make sure that it’s teflon and BPA-free, produced from food grade material, and doesn’t release any toxic chemicals at high temperature.

Quality Of The Non-stick Feature

Though many manufacturers claim that their product is non-stick, it’s not always the reality.

A good way to detect the best non stick Bundt pan in the market is to check whether it provides an effective, durable, and anti-rust non-stick coating.

Remember, a proper non-stick interior should be able to release the baked cake smoothly, without leaving any crumbs on the surface.

Ease Of Cleaning

Choose a pan that is easy to clean after baking. We recommend choosing dishwasher compatible pans, as it’s the fastest way of cleaning kitchenware without any manual effort on your part.

Also, if you are purchasing a pan with a complex mold, make sure the mold is designed in a cleaning friendly way.

Structure Of The Edge

How the edge of a Bundt pan is designed bears significance, as it multi-functions as handles.

Some manufacturers extend 2 parallel parts of the edge to function as handles. You can also purchase pans which use an edge, thickened in a circular-cylindrical shape.

However, ensure that the pans are rolled and strengthened (e.g. by using a steel wire around the rim), as it can help to prevent future warping /bending issues.

Also, check whether the edge can effectively block heat transmission from the pan. Otherwise, you might get hurt getting the pan out of the oven.

You should also examine if the edge can be safely handled while wearing oven mitts.

Holding Capacity

Ensure that the pan’s internal depth matches your desired holding capacity.

Some products may describe a pan’s capacity in cups of waters. However, that can turn out to be an inaccurate assumption.

Since batter puffs up during the baking process, using the water cup measurement system is not the most accurate. Instead, look at a measurement number (e.g. 7-ounces, 12-ounces, etc.) to properly determine the holding capacity.

Final Words

With popularity comes a lot of complexities.

The same is true for Bundt cakes. Since people figured out that the easiest way to bake this gorgeous delicacy is to use a Bundt cake pan, the market has been flooded with tons of mediocre and ineffective products.

This is why it has become quite tricky to choose the best non stick Bundt cake pan that ticks all the right boxes. However, we hope that by going through this guide you’ll be able to make a purchase that’ll do justice to your hard-earned money.

So, keep baking and stay healthy!

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