Best Non-Slip Bathtub Mats 2022 | Top 8 Models

Haven’t you heard ever the fatal accidents occurred in the bathroom for the slippery floor? It’s too familiar that can result in broken limbs or even become more dangerous. The statistics are really worrying. Even the children and the elders are suffering a lot because of the slippery floor.

So, there is a convenient way to keep the floor dry and clean. Using the best non-slip bathtub mat can end up all the hazards in the bathroom. It keeps the floor dry, slip-proof for your loved ones. It also resists bacteria, mold, mildew, or other microbial growth buildups.

Installing an ideal mat in the bathroom not only provides an anti-slip surface but also enhances the elegance and pleasant look. The array of colors and stylish designs will revamp the aesthetic and coziness of your home. However, a nonslip bathtub shower is used to prevent slip or fall injuries. It protects scratch-prone glazed surfaces along with enhancing the relaxation while taking a shower.


  • Washable: Machine Washable
  • Absorbency: Water-Resistant
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: Antibacterial, Mildew Resistant, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, Latex Free, No Toxic Smell
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  • Made: Heavy Duty Natural Rubber
  • GRIP: Yes
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  • Available Color: 3
  • Design: Folding
  • Made: 100% natural, toxin-free, BPA-free, anti-bacterial materials
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  • Made: 100% MOSO Bamboo
  • Use For: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Measurement: 18” x 24” inches
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  • Washable: Yes
  • Size : 21″ x 21″
  • suction cups: 324
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Best Nonslip Bathtub Mats

Bathtub mat isn’t a luxury but an essential tool for the bathroom. It should not only look aesthetic but also should keep the floor dry and clean. Almost all the available mats can do their job efficiently. However, the challenge of choosing the perfect mat is the myriad of non-slip mat available in the market. So, getting the best among them requires a lot of time and resources. So, how can you get the ideal shower mat for you? To spice up things, even more, we’ve reviewed the best non-slip bathtub mats considering upon all the features, budget and availability.

1. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath

Fittings with so many adorable and quality products. So, Gorilla Grip has brought an astounding bathtub mat that can keep you away from slipping or falling on the floor. Also, the sleek design of the mat comes with all the necessary requirements and features to last a long time.

Gorilla Grip comes with exactly perfect size measuring 35-inch by 16-inch. So, the adequate size almost fits with your bathroom. The plain sight looks simple but effective on its surface. The grip allows your feet to create a grip on the mat that prevents you from slipping while taking a shower. Also, the mat comes with numerous holes to ensure efficient drainage system. Otherwise, the water is stocked on the mat and damages it.

In addition to the described features, the mat is made of natural rubber. It also features several suction cups. So, maximum grip is ensured to the bathroom surface. Hence, the mat seems pretty sturdy, along with resistant to the corrosion. Even, you can hang the mat vertically to keep it dry. However, it’s no need to dry frequently as no water gets stuck underneath the mat.

Moreover, the mat is strongly free from all bad odors. It includes explicit materials to resist both mildew and bacteria. It is also strongly free from toxic, latex, and PVC. As there is no PVC material in its construction, the mat remains firm and fresh all the time. So, the people who have an allergic problem can use the mat without creating any problem.

Finally, most of the homeowners are concerned about the cleaning process of the mat. Here, Gorilla Grip does an excellent task. As it has non-toxic, latex-free an anti-bacterial material, it won’t be damaged. So, throw the mat into the washing machine. You can use both hot and cold water with soft detergents. Keep it out from the washing machine and leave it to the air dry.

Key Features

  • Made of sturdy materials but no PVC or plastic to keep away the harsh odors.
  • 324 Gorilla Grip suction cups to keep the mat on the surface firmly.
  • Large size to cover an extra-large bathroom leaving almost no space.
  • Non-toxic, BPA free, Phthalate free, latex free, and anti-bacterial material ensures safety.
  • Machine-washable mat upholds its fresh appearance along with hassle-free maintenance.

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2. Salinka Natural Rubber Luxurious Anti Slip Bath Mat

Salinka Natural Rubber Luxurious Anti Slip Bath Mat

Salinka is rubber made luxurious bath made that is designed to consider the safety in the bathroom. Every year thousands of people fall in the bathroom due to the slippery floor. Hence, the safety of the customers comes first while designing the bath mat.  As the base is made of thousands of suction cups, it is stuck with the surface for ensuring safety. Moreover, the excellent drainage system helps the water run smoothly under the mat to give it additional grip and safety.

The luxurious mat is made of heavy-duty natural rubber. Rubber is a robust material to prevent any slippery movement. Even, it sticks the grip of the mat. The anti-slip feature of the mat prevents you from slipping while taking a shower. Also, the materials are free from toxic, latex, phthalate, and BPA. So, the mat is durable enough to resist mildew and germs. The bath mat is also precisely perfect for sensitive skin and friendly to the environment.

The contemporary design of the mat suits almost every bathroom regardless of the size and color. The white tone of the bathmat seems compatible, stylish and practical. The versatile size fits with all standard size bathtubs and showers. Moreover, it can cover the maximum space possible. Hence, the Salinka bath mat complements your bathroom with its white tone and standard size. So, you can use it anywhere, i.e., homes, hospitals, and offices.

Moreover, the non-slip bathtub comes with the easy cleaning process. Throw it into the washing machine and add some soft detergent. Then, take it out and keep it to the air dry. You’ll get a fresh tub mat like the new one. Remember, the mat can be rinsed off under running water. So, pay attention which process you’ll follow to clean the mat. Moreover, it’s no need to clean the mat frequently. Instead, periodical cleaning helps it to last longer.

Key Features

  • Made of robust and high-quality rubber materials to ensure durability.
  • It is designed in such a way to ensure safety in the bathroom from slipping and falling.
  • Materials are free from latex, toxic, BPA, phthalate, and PVC.
  • Unlimited holes under the mat for the efficient drainage system to keep the bathroom dry and clean.
  • Universal size is compatible with all standard bathrooms regardless of color and size.

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3. Sultan’s Linens Foldable Rubber Bath Mat

Sultan's Linens Foldable Rubber Bath Mat

And importing quality home products. So, like the other products of Sultan’s linens, the foldable bath mat is another remarkable addition to the list. It’s a complete solution in bath mat for textured, refinished and re-glazed tubs. The mat comes with different sizes and colors. Among them, the grey will suit any standard bathroom because of its 29-inch x 14-inch universal size.

The Sultan’s Linens has brought the non-slip and smooth finishes. The mat comes with no suction cups underneath to the tub. Don’t worry. The mat has enough grip to hold on the pace. The suction cups rather can ruin the refinished tubs. It also can’t ensure proper safety to the textured tubs. So, instead of suction cups, the Sultan’s Linens has used new “Honeycomb” design. It ensures safety and security to the tubs by hugging to the tubs.

In addition to the new design, the bath mat has enormous drainage holes under the mat. The holes are important for sufficient drainage system. They also help for fast drying, along with preventing any bacteria or mold grows. Even if you want to clean the mat, it will dry soon to make it usable soon. Also, the upper surface of the mat is entirely resistant to slip. So, you are free from worrying about falling or slipping while taking a shower.

Now, you’re on the exceptional feature of the bath mat. It’s one of the pioneers who has brought the foldable design of the mat. The folding ability gives a new advantage to the versatile users. It is so convenient that you can tuck it away anywhere while it’s not in use. Even, you can place it at the edge of the tub by after folding.  So, the bathroom looks less messy after a bath.

Key Features

  • New foldable design to make it convenient to tuck away after each time use.
  • Minimalistic design is compatible with any bathroom rub regardless of size and color.
  • Newly invented “Honeycomb” design is used to hug the bat tubs requires no suction cups.
  • An ample amount of drainage holes under the mat for fast flowing of water.
  • Made of 100% natural, toxin-free, BPA-free, anti-bacterial materials.

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4. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower

Our list is enriched with another product from Gorilla Grip. The Gorilla Grip bath and shower mat is an excellent and practical tool for bathroom. The mat comes clear that matches with every color. As for size matters for everything, the mat has a larger size that will fit almost any bathtub. The hexagon design comes with 35-inch by 16-inch with an ample amount of drainage holes. So, the mat remains clean and dry all the time as no water keeps stuck under the mat.

The mat features 324 suction cups under to hold the mat with the bathtub. It works efficiently with any smooth and clean tub or shower floor.  Also, you can use the mat anywhere you need such as gym, office, spa and more. However, here is a caution. Never use the mat on a textured or tiled surface. It can’t attach to them properly that lets many accidents occurred. However, don’t use bath oil as it makes the surface slippery.

In addition to that, the Gorilla grip mat creates a solid, moist underneath because of featuring an ample number of small holes. So, water circulating becomes fast to keep the floor clean and dry. Here, it’s surprising that all the products of Gorilla are made of premium quality materials. The materials are free from toxic, latex, BPA, and phthalate. The mat can precisely resist bacteria and mildew. So, you can have a healthy, safe, and sound environment in the bathroom.

You can’t find too many mats which are machine washable. Here, Gorilla Grip is the renowned but latest model that is popular for easy cleaning. Just throw the mat into the machine and pour some soft detergent. The mat will be cleaned swiftly. Then take it out and make air dry. It will seem fresh like the newly bought from the market. However, it is highly recommended that the mat should be rinsed and dried to remover slippery and oily buildup.

Key Features

  • Excellent large size that fits well with all standard sized bathroom. Clear design seems compatible with all colors.
  • Numerous suction cups to hold the mat strictly in smooth and clean surfaces.
  • Made of high-quality, antibacterial, BPA free, non-toxic, latex-free, and Phthalate-free materials.
  • Hundreds of small holes to keep water circulation fast and smooth.
  • Excellent and hassle-free maintenance to uphold the mat for fresh appearance.

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5. Bambusi Bamboo Bath Mat Shower Floor Mat

Bambusi Bamboo Bath Mat Shower Floor Mat

If you want something natural in your bathroom to look it a deluxe, Bambusi bath mat will be the perfect choice. It is made of 100% natural bamboo that can be a wonderful addition to the bathroom and décor. The mat is not only beautiful but also the minimalist design is compatible with floor and shower. So, add the elegance and sophistication to the bathroom, spa, office and even your patio and poolside. As the mat requires no maintenance, it can be endless uses for both indoors and outdoors.

The materials of the mat are entirely come from natural bamboo. So, the mat is sturdy and durable to last for years. It abstains you from buying the same things frequently. The tiles of the bathroom are stylish and artificial. So, it’s a chance to bring the space a mix of nature and style. Also, the mat comes with an exceptional exit point where you can keep your feet to dry.  Once again, it’s about the bamboo. The natural bamboo has made the mat flawlessly smooth. So, it never warps or cracks like other plastic or wood materials.

Furthermore, the mat has 6 soft pads to hold with the bathtub. the pads prevent the mat from sliding or slipping. Even, at the same time, the pads firmly screw the mat on the floor. Also, the mat doesn’t expose any moisture. As a result, the durability of the adorable product will be prolonged with the time. The slatted design of the mat ensures maximum air circulation which keeps the bathroom dry and clean.

Moreover, the mat comes fully ready to use. Just bring the mat and keep it on the floor. Surprisingly, the mat is manufactured handcrafted with 100% MOSO bamboo. The materials are antibacterial, antimicrobial and odor-resistant. So, the bathroom and bathtub both are safe from bacteria and other microbials.

Key Features

  • Completely handcrafted from 100% MOSO and high-quality bamboo.
  • Versatile design to fit both outdoors and indoors of bathroom, spa, gym, office and many more.
  • Materials are free from bacteria, microbials and odor.
  • Extremely low maintenance is required to keep the mat for many years.
  • 6 pads under the pad to screw the mat with the floor along with fast circulation of water.

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6. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath

As you know that Gorilla is a renowned brand in home and fittings industry, it has another astounding product to enrich our list. This time it’s an extra-large patented bath and shower mat. The mat looks smooth in plain sight but effective on the surface. It prevents your feet from slipping by gripping with the mat. Moreover, the mat has hundreds of small holes to allow water to flow through the mat. Hence, the bathroom remains dry and clean all the time.

The Gorilla Grip mat features 324 suction cups under to attach the mat with any smooth and clean tub. The cups hold the mat in the place so that it can’t slip. Here is a caution. Never use the mat on textured, tiled or non-smooth surfaces. It won’t attach well until the surface is smooth. So, you may fall or slip which results in hazardous problem. Also, it’s highly recommended not to use any bath oil as it may cause the way, the mat is great not only for bathroom but also for spa, gym, office and many more.

So, what’s about the size? The Gorilla grip comes with perfectly sized 21-inch by 21-inch that complement all styles. It can ensure you maximum coverage of the bathroom leaving a small area of tub exposed. Also, the mat has numerous holes to create a moist underside, the water can circulate efficiently. However, without the holes, the water can pool on the mat and can make the floor slippery and dirty.

Also, the durable mat comes with easy cleaning. It is machine washable that requires minimum maintenance to uphold its fresh appearance. So, wash the mat before using. Cleaning the mat isn’t too problematic. Simply throw the mat into the washing machine and add some soft detergent. Then keep it out and airdry. However, you can rinse and dry the mat to remove oily and slippery buildup. It’s not normally happened. But use of excessive soap and hair products may turn the mat slippery and oily.

The last but not the least of the features is the materials of the mat. The materials are resistant to bacteria and mildew. They are free from BPA, Toxic, Phthalate and Latex. So, you are all in all free from health risk.

Key Features

  • Risk-free materials to build the mat to ensure safe and healthy environment.
  • Numerous holes underneath the mat to ensure water circulation.
  • Hundreds of suction cups to hold the mat with the smooth and clean surfaces firmly.
  • Extra large size to cover maximum area of the bathroom leaving the least to expose tub.
  • Machine-washable bath tub mat requires extremely low maintenance to come fresh appearance.

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7. NTTR Extra Long Bathtub Mat Non-Slip Bath Mat

NTTR Extra Long Bathtub Mat Non-Slip Bath Mat

If you are worried about slipping on the bathroom floor, the NTTR has brought a thriving solution. The NTTR bathtub mat comes to enhance security of the bathroom. It keeps the restroom fresh, hygienic, unique and waterproof. The convenient bathtub mat fits excessively large room because of its extra-large size.  After all, it’s a perfect combination of aesthetics, performance and simplicity. It not only comes with outstanding look but also ensures high-quality performance without compromising on the performance.

So, what’s first come to mind while choosing the best bathtub. it’s the slippery feature which may result in hazard in the family. Also, the bathroom should be hygienic. By considering all the circumstances, the NTTR uses premium quality materials to make the mat. All the materials come from environment. As a result, they are completely safe from bacteria and other microbials buildup. The anti-bacterial treatment of the mat prevents the growth of moss, mildew or mold.

An outstanding design draws the attention first. So, the mat should be made of high-quality materials with excellent design. Hence, the NTTR has brought the mat that is completely safe for the environment. It has gone through the EN71 non-toxic verification. also, the mat is ultra-durable and easy to clean. It requires extremely low maintenance. The machine washable bathtub mat is ideal for frequent daily use. So, you can use it anywhere you need such as office, home, gym, spa, hotels and more.

Subsequently, the mat comes with extra-large. It is 16-inch wide with 40-inch long to cover any size bathtub or shower. The mat has about 200 suction cups to provide effective non-slip feature. So, the mat won’t shift or slide once it is pressed into the place adhere firmly. Unlike the Gorilla Grip, the mat can be used for textured surface. But, it’s highly recommended to use the mat on the clean and smooth surface.

Key Features

  • The mat is made of premium quality plastic to ensure durability.
  • The materials are free from bacteria, microbials and go under EN71 non-toxic verification.
  • Extra-long mat to fit any size bathtub mat to use frequently in hotels, homes, spas and gyms
  • Over 200 suction cups to provide non-slip feature to the mat to prevent slide or shift.
  • Extremely low maintenance mat can go through machine wash.

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8. The Original Refinished Bathtub Mat

The Original Refinished Bathtub Mat

White resembles the elegance. The original refinished bathtub mat comes to protect children and the elderly from slipping or falling on the bathroom floor. Unlike many other mats, this one can attach with textured and refinished bathtubs. However, the mat doesn’t come with any suction cups. Don’t worry. The rubber of the mat attaches with the tub so firmly that can never be slipped or shifted. By the way, it’s not only eye-catching but also soft, strong, sturdy and utmost durable.

Maybe you are worried about the bacteria and other microbials of the bathroom, especially when you have kids or elders at home. Hence, this mat play vigorously vital role. The materials are bacteria free and resistant to slip. It also resists mildew and other microbials. So, when you use the mat, the materials will prevent mold, mildew and other microbials growth efficiently. The mat also comes with anti-fatigue features. So, while you are taking a shower, it feels like feet message. Moreover, the GripTight Technology of the mat ensures firmly grip of the mat to the tubs. Here, never bend the mat over 30-degree if you want it durable.

Soft but safe construction for mat ensures comfort. But, the materials should be free from all allergic substances. Eventually, the mat is constructed with rubber which is free from BPA, Phthalate, latex, allergy and other dangerous chemicals.  So, there is no health risk by using the refinished bathtub mat. Also, the approved materials ensure durability and reliability. Though there are no suction cups, the rubber firmly attaches the mat to the tub.

Now, it’s time to clean the mat. Though it is machine washable, you can use running water to clean the dirt. Even, you can scrub it to make it cleaner instead of using the washing machine. Remember, the mat is abrasion resistant. Furthermore, it fits well with a large space. The 21-inch wide with 21-inch long comes in a square shape to match the textured surface. It has 5 holes under the mat to allow water flow easily. So, no water will be flooded on the floor to make it slippery.

Key Features

  • Made of extremely high-quality rubber to ensure reliability and durability.
  • No need of suction cups as rubber can attach the mat to the tubs firmly.
  • Resistant to bacteria, microbials, mildew, mold and free from BPA, phthalate, toxic and chemicals
  • Square design to fit a moderate and standard bathroom size, tub or shower.
  • Low maintenance requires fast running water to clean the mat.

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Buying Guide: Features to Know before Buying

Those above mentioned are not only the best bathtub mats but surely top of the market. However, if you know the ins and outs of the bathtub mats, surely, you’ll get the desired ones within your budget. So, go through the following guide to know the factors of choosing the best non-slip bathtub mat.

Anti-slip capacity

The first and foremost feature of the mat is the anti-slip capacity. Hence, the mat can be made of suction cups or rubber. Both the materials attach the mat to the tubs firmly. So, it can’t slip or shift while you are taking a shower standing on it. Specially, when it’s time to consider the children or the elderly, you must consider the anti-slip capacity.

Know the Size

Too much tiny or too large seems odd for everything around us. The perfect size also symbolizes the sense of choosing the product. Most of the time, people tend to overlook the size and end up picking too large or too small size. It won’t fit anywhere. So, the best way to get the accurate mat is to measure the dimension of your desired area before going to market, whether it is online or traditional market.

Design & Appearance

It may be an unlikely feature to many homeowners to pay attention. Bu, design matters when it is used with your home décor. In most cases, design depends on the room sizes and the users of the room. At present you may find three different bathrooms such as contemporary, traditional and casual. So, under considering all the above patterns, get the bathtub mats. The mat can be either rectangle or hexagon.

But, the color of the mat must be matched with the tiles and tubs. Then the whole environment inside the bathroom looks aesthetic. However, color matters for different ages. For the adults, you may choose a white mat whereas the children are fond of bright color.

Absorb Moisture

Another inevitable feature of the mat is absorbing moisture. Most of the mats are made of different fabric. But, fabric has different rate of water absorption. So, choose the fabric that has the fastest rate of water absorption. However, at present plastic and rubber are used to manufacture the mat. Both the materials are good enough to keep the floor dry and clean. But, read the features carefully to find out which can allow water flow as the fastest way.

Easy Washing instructions

It’s a common assumption that people want everything neat and clean. The mat is a frequently usable product that can be dirty as soon as possible. So, you need such a mat that can be easily cleaned. Almost every mat is machine washable with soft detergent. Moreover, it requires no time to be dried in the air. Also, some mat can be cleaned through fast running water flowing on it. So, consider the way which can be better for you.

Know the Materials

Materials play the important role of making or choosing the best non-slip bathtub mats. Most mats are made of polyester, cotton, fabric, rubber or plastic. Each material has some advantages with some drawbacks, for instances, cotton made mats are comfortable to stand with. But, they can be shrunk after wash. Also, they won’t last for years. On the other hand, the polyester or nylon-made mats can by more durable than cotton. But they are not so comfortable as the cotton of fabric-made mats.

Hence, rubber is a moderate material to content both the comfort and the durability. It lasts longer than the cotton and more comfortable than the polyester or nylon. Also, it is highly resistant to slip.

Set the Budget

Surprisingly, bathtub mats are quite inexpensive but come with different price range. So, don’t worry about the price. The best non-slip bathtub mat is not super expensive, even it’s quite affordable. You need to know the required features to get the desired one. However, it’s also disappointed to spend more bucks on the less quality products.

So, at first consider the features you want and then set the budget. It’ll dramatically limit the choices to help you choose fast. Because, too many options may confuse you to choose the best one. So, limit the choice and get the best non-slip bath mats depending on features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best material for a bathtub mat?

Answer: It varies from person to person. Some materials are durable whereas some are cozy. So, intention of the user defines which material he or she prefers. Usually, bathtub mat is made of nylon, polyester, fabric, plastic or rubber. Here, fabric-made mat feels comfortable while taking a shower. But, it won’t last a long. So, if you want something lasts for years, you can go for plastic, polyester or nylon. They won’t feel so comfortable as fabric but will lasts for years. Meanwhile, rubber is an excellent material to content both users. It is more durable than cotton but less cozy than polyester.

2. Which color of bath mat should I get?

Answer: it wholly depends on the texture and color of tiles and walls of the bathroom. Some available colors are blue, light blue, white, navy blue, soft gray, blush pink. However, clear mat is the best choice ever. You may go for darker color as it can hide any unexpected stains. Also, the children like brighter color always. So, it’s the best to choose bright colored mat for their bathroom.

3. How often should the bathtub mat be washed?

Answer: Stepping on the mat after taking a shower feel cozy. But, it wholly depends on how clean and hygienic the mat is. Cleanness and hygienic depends on how much it is used and how often it is washed. So, always keep the mat clean and hygienic to get the luxurious feeling.

A mat is used several times a day. So, it may not get enough time to be dried. So, a wet mat is the suitable place for mildew and mold to grow. So, let the mat be dried at least once in day. Moreover, give is a machine wash once in week with soft detergent. Also, don’t forget to wash the mat with bleaching power mixed into hot water. It kills the germs grown in the mat.

4.  How can you keep your bathtub mat from molding?

Answer:  Mold can cause dangerous disease from bathroom. So, it’s best to keep the mat dry, clean and mold-free. So, put the mat inside the washing machine and set the temperature to hot setting. It’ll kill germs, bacteria, mold, mildew or any other microbial. Don’t forget to put some detergent and a spoon of vinegar into the washing machine. They will help to clean and sanitize the mat.

5. Is it possible to clean a plastic mat in the washing machine?

Answer: yes, it is possible to wash the plastic mat in the washing machine. Hence, put the mat inside the machine on the gentle cycle. Before that, add some detergent along with cotton fabrics like a couple of towels. You can use cold or hot water to wash the mat. But, using hot water with detergent will brings the best result within short time. Through the same way, you can clean rubber mat in the washing machine. But, then you need to add more than two towels with the rubber bathtub mat.

6. How to get the rubber smell out of the bathtub mat?

Answer: rubber is an excellent material to manufacture the shower mat. It lasts longer and more comfortable. It is resistant to slip and bacteria and mold. However, only drawback of the mat is the rubber smell from the newly bought mat. Though it is eliminated after a few days, many people don’t like the smell. So, you can speed up the rubber small by following the simple trick. Go through with the following steps:

  • Remove all the tags and labels from the bathtub mat and plug the drain. Then, lay the mat down to the bottom of the tub.
  • Put one table spoon of detergent on the mat and fill with hot water on the mat so that at least 2-inch water layer will be on the mat. Keep the mixture for 2-3 hours.
  • Then soak the mat with a brush. Wash it with clean water and dry with direct sunlight and air. The sunlight will dry the mat while the air removes the rubber smell.

Final Remarks

It is statistically proved that bathroom is a dangerous place if it isn’t managed well. Not only the elders and the children but also energetic adult may slip or fall on the floor. It results in disastrous situation in the family. Even, sometimes the bone can be fractured. So, why do you take chances when the non-slip bathtub mats are so affordable? Using a non-slip bathtub mat can solve all the slippery problem of the bathroom. In fact, all households need at least a non-slip mat in the bathroom.

However, the question is which mat is the best. So, considering all required features and functionalities, the above-mentioned mats can meet within budget and features. They will also upgrade he aesthetics of the bathroom along with taking a shower being more comfortable.

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