Best Knife Roll and Knife Bag 2023 – Important Details for Users

The love between men and knives are not something people normally talks about.

However, if you’re a chef, we know how much you love your knives and it’s not something you should hide.

The better care you take of your knives, the longer they will survive and the easier you’ll be able to cut all those meats and vegetables.

Of course, you would want to take care of your shiny ‘babies’ as they’re always a part of you. If you want to feel their sharp touches all the time, you’ll need the best knife roll to protect them.

Choosing the best knife bag for your knives and accessories can be tough. This is why we’re here to help you decide which type of knife bag is suitable for you.

​ImageNameItem WeightPrice
[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”100″ identifier=”B01NBWMCFV” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”160″]Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag1.32 pounds 
[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B01MSFTWQ7″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”160″]Noble Home and Chef1.35 pounds 
[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”128″ identifier=”B076W2MXYX” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”160″]Everpride Durable Waxed Knife Carrier2.01 pounds 
[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”114″ identifier=”B00457KAA4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”160″]Shun 8-Slot Knife Bag0.48 ounces 
[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B00AZVL4RM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”160″]Messermeister 8-Pocket Padded Knife Roll1.1 pounds 

Best Knife Bags Reviews

Here’s the knife bag top-list with the ones that have been running hot in the market for a while. We consider every aspects of the bag carefully before picking it up for review. Please scroll down and see yourself.

1. Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”314″ identifier=”B01NBWMCFV” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

Store your sharp knives easily and safely with the Everpride knife bag. Often, you’ll see knife holders can’t hold big knives. This amazing bag can hold knives up to 18” in length.

In addition, you’ll be able to store your necessary utensils as well as knife sharpener inside it. When you’ll buckle this bag, it will form a tight roll. Each bag can hold up to 10 kitchen knives along with accessories like paring, carving, ceramic, scissors and other chef utensils and tools.

Want a travel-friendly chef knife roll bag? Go with the Everpride chef knife bag. The bag not only holds a premium design but also is easy to use. Carry your knives boastfully as the Everpride knife bag comes with a shoulder strap. You can carry it with convenience and comfort. You’ll feel that portability and safety were never more satisfying. Camping, work, barbequing, you name it, this knife roll bag can fit all the circumstances.

Worried about safety and security? It’ll be a horrible experience if the knives get suddenly exposed out of your bag and harm you. The Everpride knife bags are specially designed for sous or personal chef, as well as a culinary chef student. The bag comes with tough cut and puncture resistance feature allowing you to have maximum security when you will carry the bag.

Worried about the knives not being protected? You can keep your knives safely and sound in the secure roll. The canvas the bag offers will protect your knives from nicks, scratches, and moisture when you’re not using them.

Highlighted Features

  • The bag can hold up to 18” in length. In addition, you’ll be able to store your necessary utensils as well as knife sharpener inside it.
  • Each bag can hold 10 kitchen knives along with accessories like paring, carving, ceramic, scissors and other chef utensils and tools.
  • Carry the bag comfortably with its shoulder strap in camping, work or barbeque parties. It’s always travel-friendly.
  • The tough cut and puncture resistance features allow you to have maximum security when you will carry the bag.

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2. Noble Home and Chef

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”499″ identifier=”B01MSFTWQ7″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

Noble Home and Chef is another trustworthy brand that has been running hot in the market place. It has the capacity to hold up to 15 knives/tools. You’ll get 10 slots for knives which can hold up to 18” paring knives.

In addition, you’ll be getting a large pouch for keeping meat cleaver, scissors, or larger tools. Furthermore, it comes with 4 slots for tasting spoons or utensils.

Want to travel with your knife bag? You can carry the Noble Home and Chef knife bags by the handle it has. Or, for a more casual look, you can use its removable shoulder strap and travel in a stylish way with convenience and comfort.

Other knife bags may not give you good feedback on durability. However, you can use the Noble Home and Chef roughly for many years. There’s no chance of getting punctures or heavy cuts.

The Noble Home & Chef knife bag is specially made with a 600 Denier Canvas which is woven out of tough, sturdy polyester. This is the ultimate knife bag you can put your trust on, for the long run.

Want extra protection for your knives? Noble home and Chef knife bags feature 2 tough canvas cover flaps. This feature will add the ultimate protection your knives, strong metal zippers need. It has got adjustable straps to secure them tightly.

Highlighted Features

  • It can hold up to 15 knives/tools as well as the 10 slots can hold up to 18” paring knives.
  • With the handle and removable shoulder strap it offers, it is easy to carry the bag with comfort.
  • The 600 Denier Canvas woven out of tough, sturdy polyester makes the bag durable for many years.
  • The 2 tough canvas cover flaps give the ultimate protection to your knives and tools.

3. Everpride Durable Waxed Knife Carrier

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B076W2MXYX” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

Boost your confidence when you’ll carry the Everpride durable waxed knife carrier. Made with incredible design, the knife rolls boast travel-friendly handle and shoulder strap. Whenever you like, you can switch to the shoulder strap and travel with ease and comfort in camping, work, barbequing or culinary school.

Designed ergonomically, the Everpride knife bag can hold knives up to 18” in length. So, you’ll have more room for sharper and longer knives. You can keep knife sharpener as well as utensils if you want. Buckle up the bag and you’ll see it formed a tight roll.

Tired of knife bags that gets punctured very easily? Everpride knife bags come with puncture resistance feature and offers a tough cut. This ensures longer durability even after daily-rough use.

Everpride knows that you love your sharp knives. To ensure the care your knives need, the bag comes with a secure roll. The bags are built with high-quality material that will save your tools from scratches and moisture. The canvas is made with high-quality waxed material that will prevent your knives from ripping your bag or sliding.

Highlighted Features

  • Use the handle to carry the bag comfortably or switch to the shoulder strap to travel with style and ease.
  • You can hold long knives that comes up to 18” in length. You can also keep your knife sharpener and other utensils.
  • The puncture resistant feature and the tough cut ensures the Everpride knife bags survive or a long time.
  • Keep your knives safe from scratches and moistures with the secure roll the bag offers. The high-quality waxed material makes sure your knives don’t get exposed by ripping your bag.

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4. Shun 8-Slot Knife Bag

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”357″ identifier=”B00457KAA4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

Protect your treasured knife invest while you’re on work, transit, school or home. The Shun-8 slot knife will hold your knives in one fine convenient place.

You’ll be able to hold a wide variety of knives with different designs, sizes, and shapes with the 8-Slot design.

Laced with elastic straps, the slot will hold your blades tightly so that they don’t fall from it.

On the other hand, your knives and cutlery will remain clean inside the bag as it has a zippered cover which will keep dirt and dust off of your tools.

The generous size the bag offers will enable a comfortable and convenient packing for your knives and other cutlery tools. Once you roll the bag, the design will assume a compact state.

You’ll be able to close the bag very tightly, so there’s no chance of your knives getting exposed. The bag offers a secured closure as it has got Velcro straps which are stiff enough to hold your bag tightly closed.

It is designed based on very sophisticated technology, allowing you to travel with it with ease and comfort. The premium look will catch the eye of everyone allowing you to travel with a boast.

The mesh and zipper pocket that the bag comes with will give you extra space so that you can comfortably hold other additional items.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 8-slots that hold your tools in a convenient way in the comfort zone.
  • The zippered cover ensures your knives and cutleries don’t come in contact with dust and dirt.
  • Its premium design doesn’t only wow everyone but also let you travel with ease.
  • The mesh and zipper pocket that the bag has will give you extra space to hold additional items.

5. Messermeister 8-Pocket Padded Knife Roll

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00AZVL4RM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

Constructed with high-quality nylon, cotton, canvas and felt fabrics, the knife roll is perfect for the chefs who’ll use it roughly on a daily basis. Its luggage-graded laminated features, along with water-resistant 600-denier nylon and a padded foam core just adds more advantage to it.

The long-lasting industrial strength, heavy-duty racquet coil YKK zippers secure the bags and the pockets and confirm it is the knife roll luggage both the culinary professionals and home chefs should be craving for. The zippers are engineered in such a way so that they can meet the toughest performance requirements making the bag a hallmark of quality products.

It has 8 elasticized, reinforced pockets for knives that are up to 18” long. Along with 1 culinary tool pocket and 4 business card pockets, it appears with 1 large pocket and 3 pencil/pen pockets. This makes the bag a business-environment friendly bag that you can carry as a professional. You can carry the bag with ease by its sturdy nylon handles. If you want to go casual, you can travel with the bag comfortably by switch to the deluxe shoulder strap and travel comfortably with style. There are metal D-rings on both ends of the bag to accommodate the shoulder strap.

Worried that your money will still be wasted if you face any defect? The brand offers a lifetime warranty so that if you face any material and manufacturing defect, you can fix it for free.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s constructed with luggage-graded laminated features, along with water-resistant 600-denier nylon. This ensures its durability and longevity.
  • The YKK zippers secure the bags and the pockets. It is made in such a way so that it can meet your toughest performance requirement.
  • The bag comes with sturdy nylon handles and deluxe shoulder strap, so you can travel with it easily and conveniently.
  • The Product comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Chef Knife Roll Bag by Becken Leather Co.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B07BRHNYL3″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

With 12 oz water resistant waxed canvas teamed with 11 oz cotton canvas backing, the product provides the ultimate style and durability. The heavy-duty zipper pocket is suitable to carry all your kitchen accessories and you won’t face any issues with it in years.

The leather buckle and roll-up design succeed to hold your knives securely in place. Furthermore, Its tight hold will always prevent your knives from moving and sliding.

Carry the bag with the elegantly designed handle or switched to the leather shoulder strap as it gives you the perfect traveling experience.

Its portability will help you carry your knives in your bag wherever you go camping, in the RV, backyard BBQ.

Highlighted Features

  • The bag comes with 12 oz water resistant wax canvas and 11 oz cotton canvas backing. This provides the ultimate style and durability.
  • The heavy-duty zipper pocket will give you its feedback for many years by carrying almost all your kitchen accessories.
  • The leather buckle and roll up designs will prevent your knives from falling, moving and sliding.
  • Travel anywhere with the bag by carrying it by its leather handle. Switch to shoulders strap mode whenever you want to feel stylish.

7. United Cutlery Knife Roll

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000GXPP38″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

If you are a person who loves to keep small knives and carry them in a knife a roll, then you should go for the united cutlery knife bag. With elegant design and amazing looks, the bag comes with elastic straps which are durable and made with high-quality material. It can hold up to 50 knives inside it giving you the room for maximum tool carrying.

The felt-lined interior will keep your knives safe and sound from scratches, moistures, and heat. So, there is no chance for the knives to get in contact with rusts anytime soon.

The handle it offers will let you carry the bag will comfort and ease. It is highly portable, and you can carry the bag anywhere you want, let it be camping, school, work, etc.

The outer part of the bag is made with PVC material. So, you don’t need to worry about the bag getting harmed by heat, dust, dirt, etc.

The holds of the bag are pretty strong. No matter how many knives the pockets are holding, they will be held very tightly with a very strong grip. So, your knives won’t move, slide or fall out of the bag.

Highlighted Features

  • The united cutlery knife bag can hold up to 50 knives, giving you the opportunity to carry the maximum number of knives.
  • The elastic straps are made with high-quality material and the outer part of the bag made with PVC material. This ensures the durability of the product.
  • The felt-lined interior keeps your knives safe and sound from moisture, heat, and scratches.
  • You can carry the bag by the handle it offers. Due to its high portability, you can carry your knives in the bag wherever you go.

8. Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B078RSKKPY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

When you are going to work, campaign, barbequing or culinary school you will always want a nice bag which gives you the comfort zone. Choose the Everpride chef knife roll bag as it has the perfect shoulder strap you need. It allows you convenience and portability so that you can carry your knives with ease and safety.

If you are a personal chef, the Everpride knife bag is perfect for you. The tough cut and puncture resistant features confirm its kitchen durability.

It is made of 600D polyester fabric that is teamed up with PVC backing. This prevents the knife from sliding or ripping your bag and provides the safety you always craved for.

This professional-grade knife bag is made in such a way that you can hold up to 10 kitchen knives, a meat cleaver and other accessories and tools. You can hold the knives which are up to 19” long.

Highlighted Features

  • The product is travel-friendly, and you can go anywhere carrying it in your shoulder with comfort and ease.
  • The tough cut and puncture resistant features confirm its kitchen durability.
  • The 600D polyester fabric teamed up with PVC backing prevents the knife from sliding or ripping your bag.
  • You can hold up to 10 kitchen knives, a meat cleaver and other accessories and tools.

9. Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag 16 slot version

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0741TZ1C4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

Carry this premium looking bag everywhere with you and put some show off if you want as it’s worth it. You can lift the bag with the easy-carry handle. Conversely, you can put some style by carrying the knife bag on your shoulder using the comfortable shoulder strap. Camping, work, barbeque: no matter wherever you go, this bag is always going to be suitable for your journey.

You can keep your knife sharpener, utensils, and knives up to 19” long with no stress at all. It has 2 high-quality mesh zippers, for specially designed butcher knives and kitchen tools.

The tight roll which is formed once you buckle the bag will keep them securely closed. With 600D polyester, teamed up with PVC backing, the knife bag will prevent your tools from sliding as well as ripping your bag. Plus, these features also add advantage to its durability.

In the purchase, you will be getting 2 chef knife guards which will make sure your knives are safely stored. Want the best knife bag? Go with Everpride knife rolls.

Highlighted Features

  • With the easy and comfortable shoulder strap and handle, you can travel carrying the knife bag anywhere you want with convenience.
  • As an extra feature, the bag comes with 2 high-quality mesh zippers, for specially designed butcher knives and kitchen tools.
  • The 600D polyester and PVC backing prevents the knives from sliding or ripping. As a plus, it also adds much more durability than its competitors.
  • In the purchase, you will be getting 2 chef knife guards which will make sure your knives are safely stored.

10. Hide & Drink Durable Leather Knife Roll

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01N4PW30E” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thehomepick-20″ width=”500″]

This is one of the best, if not the best knife roll in the marketplace. Made with Full Grain Leather (which is the best leather around), this amazing beast is teamed with olive green canvas. These features can make you realize that this bag will last more than any other knife bags in the market.

These features are followed by water resistant ability and adds maximum durability to this amazing beast.

The bag comes with 8 pockets, giving your knives the comfortable room that they need. It doesn’t matter if you have large knives or small ones, you can safely and securely store a wide variety of tools in it.

If you’re an Executive Chief or someone who’s in the high rank of chefs, know that the Hide & Drink knife bag is specially made for you. With the heavy-duty buckles, the bag comes with the design that makes it a prime. On the other hand, it rolls up with more ease compared to other bags and protects your blades from any possible damage.

Keeping your busy days in mind, the producers finely stitched this bag at the seams to prevent any fraying or unraveling. You will obviously use it rough and under extreme conditions of the kitchen. This is why the bag is made with durable, heavy-duty materials so that it can withstand the roughest use.

Once you’re done with your work, you can carry the bag with the comfortable shoulder strap and get yourself on the go.

Highlighted Features

  • Built with the combination of Full Grain Leather and Olive-Green canvas makes it one of the most durable knife bags available.
  • It has a water-resistant feature which adds more advantage to its durability.
  • It is specially built for Executive Chefs with heavy-duty buckles and premium design.
  • Built in such a way so that it can withstand the roughest use and extreme kitchen condition.

Why is Knife Bag Crucial?

The importance of having the perfect knife bag knows no bound, especially when you’re a chef. You’ll always need to carry your blades with you. If you don’t have a good quality knife bag, there are chances that your expensive blades will get contact with rust and moisture.

You’ll not carry the knives with exposing them in public, will you? Sometimes, you’ll see that knives tend to rip the bag they’re in and expose themselves under daylight. This will not only look awkward but also can harm your body if the knives get stuck with you. This is why having the best protective knife bag is always a must. Keep your knives and yourself safe from the knives by using the best knife bag.

Tips for Transporting Your Knives

If you are on a vacation and you need to travel with your knives for barbequing, you will definitely need a knife bag. However, if you haven’t got a knife bag here are some tips you can use to transport them.

First of all, you need to separate your knives into groups according to their similar sizes so that you can create lighter, safer bundles.

Secondly, start to roll the first knife up in a couple of sheets of packing paper. Then add another knife and then another and so on until four or five knives make a bundle.

When folding the paper over the sharp end of the bundle, you should make sure you leave a little extra room. This is because if something or someone accidentally puts a little pressure on that end, the extra cushioning will help prevent the points of those knives from poking through his or her flesh.

Once you are done with everything, you should tighten the bundle by taping them. Make sure to wrap the sharp end, both around and over the end to have protection against any kind of accident or damage.

So that you can distinguish the bundle from other accessories, you can label the bundle with a big fat “KNIVES” written on it.

How to Properly Dispose of Kitchen Knives?

Want to toss out of your old kitchen knife safely? Here’s what you can do.

Donate: Before throwing the knives out into the garbage, think about the people who actually need them. Yes, maybe you are not in need of your old knives, but there are plenty of poor people, especially the homeless, who may need the knives you are about to throw out. So rather than throwing the knives in the garbage, you can donate the knife to these people. It will not only be helpful for them but also you will feel good as you worked for humanity.

Recycle: There are plenty of metal recycling companies who actually accepts any kind of metal you can offer. They will take your old knives to their company and melt down the knives to recycle them into another usable object.

Sell: Many people are unaware of the fact that metals can be used over and over again. There are well-established shops for steels scrap. You can easily find them and sell them your old kitchen knives. If you can make some bucks out of it, why would you throw them out?

Throw away: Finally, if you have left no stone unturned, you can throw them away. You can use newspaper wrap, cardboard wrap or bubble wrap so that you can wrap the knives safely. Once you are done the knives are safe to be thrown into the garbage. You can also use cloth wrap to wrap the knives if you want.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Knife Bag

How many knives/tools: It is very important to know how many knives/tools you are going to put inside the bag. Let’s say you have 20 knives in your home, but you have bought a bag that can hold up to 10 knives, you’ll have an utter disappointment and regret.

Size of the knives/tools: Measure the size of your knives correctly. If you have large knives but you ended up buying a bag that can hold smaller knives, it would be a hassle for you to return the bag again.

Portability: it is always better to find the knife bags which are easy and convenient to carry wherever you go. Remember portability means it has nothing to do “being larger”. The smaller the bag, the easier it is to carry. However, with a small bag, you won’t be able to carry many tools, so we would suggest you pick wisely.

Access: Try to pay special attention to the design of the knife bag you are going to buy. When we said “design”, we don’t mean only the looks but also the number of zippers, openings, and slots for a particular bag. The simpler the design, the quicker you will be able to access your tools.

Material: Material matters a lot for the durability of the product. Make sure, the product you are but buying is made up of heavy-duty material. If it has a water-resistant feature, it is an extra advantage for you.

Aesthetic: Though you have to focus on functionality when it comes to choosing a knife bag, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick something stylish. There are plenty of knife bags that offers amazing and stylish looks along with the best functionality. So, pick the one that fits you perfectly.

FAQ about Best Knife Roll and Best Knife Bag

1. Can I get money back offer with all the products above?

Ans. Some of the products do come with warranty offers. But you need to contact your seller for more details.

2. Is the Everpride Chef Knife roll bag made of original leather?

Ans. It is made up of high-quality synthetic leather.

3. Can I fit large sharpening steel and Cutko knives in the Noble Home & Chef knife bag?

Ans. You can fit any type of knife in the bag as long as it doesn’t exceed the measurement.

4. Can I wash the shun 8 slot knife bags with the washing machine?

Ans. No, you can’t.

5. Can I hold big knives in the United cutlery knife bag?

Ans. This bag is designed for pocket knives. We would not suggest you keep big knives in it.

5. Is there any chance that the knives will damage other knives when rolled up?

Ans. No, there is no chance like this as the knives stay in their own slots when rolled.

6. If I have any knife longer than the actual measurement of knives that the back can hold, can I put that knife inside the bag?

Ans. No, we don’t recommend that at all. If you do such a thing you can do it at your own risk.

7. Do all these bags come with water resistant feature?

Ans. While some of them have a water-resistant feature, some of them don’t. So, you have to check the description of the specific knife bag you want to buy.

Wrapping up

The above items are the most prominent knife bags in the market right now. We believe that you’ll get the best knife roll for you if you choose correctly from these items. So, get your money, observe the hit list and purchase the product that fits your style and meets your demands. Travel with ease and style at the same time with the premium knife bag.

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