Best Chopsticks 2023: Ultimate Guide With Expert’s Suggestion

Do you love salad? Well, okay, who doesn’t love salad? One thing about salad is that it’s much better with chopsticks than forks. And it’s not just salad. Almost all Asian foods, including Sushi, are more expediently and efficiently eaten with chopsticks.

For beginners, eating with chopsticks seems like a hustle, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake. And it gives you a wonderful experience with food!

Before you go out there and purchase a set of chopsticks, keep in mind that there are numerous brands and models, and not all of them are high-quality or even suitable for everyone.

But don’t fret. We’ve done the legwork for you. In this article, we’ll share with you ten of the best chopsticks models you can find on Amazon.

We’ll also outline the things to consider when buying and give you tips on how to eat efficiently with chopsticks.

Let’s jump in.

Best Chopsticks Review

1. finessCity Titanium Chopsticks

Today’s list of the best chopsticks for 2019 starts with the finessCity Pure Titanium. These grey chopsticks have everything you’ve been looking for to grace your occasion. With this product, eating Sushi will not be a challenge. They have been praised as the ideal tools to each noodles and rice.

Although the set contains round chopsticks, each of them comes with its distinctive thickness. However, majorly, they measure 0.5oz/14.5gm. In addition, each pair of the chopstick has a length of 9” and a diameter of 0.3”

To ensure there is variety, the product is packaged in 9 different cases. The casing is made of high-quality aluminum to ensure the chopsticks reach the consumer safely. Besides, you can use this high-end casing to store your chopsticks after use.

You will not have a problem washing them. They are dishwasher safe. Additionally, you do not have to throw them away after the party. You can store them in a safe place for future use.

Some of the things we liked about these include:  non-corrosive, bio compatible, non-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, and last longer than most chopsticks labeled ‘stainless steel.’

Are you planning to go camping, organizing an educational trip or any outdoor activity? Consider this food-eating tool the best option. It is easy to carry, and you can stack the pack under your desk in the office. When traveling, put it inside your backpack.

These chopsticks give you the liberty to choose the color of casing you would like. Some of the options before you are new black, blue, purple, and yellow among others.

Highlighted Features
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Different color casing
  • Money back guarantee
  • Different chopstick thickness
  • Sturdy handles
  • Lightweight

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2. HuaLan 5 Pairs Reusable Chopsticks

Those who think metal is the only material that makes durable products are wrong. Natural Japanese wood can make very durable chopsticks that can be reused severally. For this reason, we decide to put HuaLan’s latest product on the list of some of the finest chopsticks.

Are you worried about your safety? Worry not. Japanese natural jujube wood makes some of most popular products in the world. For chopsticks, they have an excellent feel. Besides, this product is lightweight and is non-slip.

Beginners as well as professional chopstick users always find this product easy to use. You will not feel tired because you have used it for long. Each day, you will feel as if it gets lighter.

Inside each box, there are 5 pairs of lightweight chopsticks. They measure 23 centimeters long and weigh only 10 grams. Adults and kids alike will be safe while using this product that is friendly to both humans and the environment.

However, to avoid unnecessary injuries while using, we feel that you need to conduct a treatment on the top side of the chopstick. In most cases, the best treatment would be passivating.  Although the product is vanished from the manufacturer, there is no harm in applying your own. In fact, additional vanish especially after using the chopstick for some time will make it last longer.

Use these chopsticks whenever you want thanks to their nonstick ability and exclusive elegance. Some of the places you can use this product include restaurants, homes, picnics, and while camping. You can use them to eat as many types of meals and snacks as possible including Korean barbecue, shabu-shabu, and noodle soup among other delicacies.

Highlighted Features
  • Quality Japanese jujube wood
  • Phthalate, PVC, and BPA free
  • Lightweight
  • Nonstick
  • Durable handle
  • Hard and smooth
  • High density
  • Reusable
  • Nice length

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3. JapanBargain 9-Inch Bamboo Chopstick

Sometimes it is not easy to find quality chopsticks at a very affordable price but that is exactly what JapanBargain promises.

These chopsticks stand out from the rest not because they are made partly made from Japanese natural wood but because of their design. They are stylish, elegant, and colorful for any occasion.

Not everyone will love the idea that these best chopsticks are partly wooden. However, we bet they have been made to last thanks to the best choice of the material. Other things you will appreciate on these chopsticks are the way they are finely finished.

With a lot of craftsmanship, these chopsticks have been carefully done to have a splendid finish with flowers that depict birds and animals. Some of the drawings on these chopsticks are those of the butterfly, crested crane, moon rabbit, and the dragonfly.

There is one thing you might not like about these chopsticks. While most chopsticks in the market are dishwasher safe, this product is not.

For you to clean it, you only have to hand-wash.

We have found out that because of their reasonable length of 9 inches, many people use these chopsticks to do their hair. It looks funny to use chopsticks to do your hair but those who’ve used it say it works perfect for hair with growths.

They are light and their paint remains intact no matter how long you soak them in water or following numerous washouts.

But here’s a major downside. You have to put up with the industrial smell. The odor remains for a long time.

Highlighted Features
  • 5 pairs of chopsticks
  • Lightweight
  • Partly made of wood
  • 9 inches long
  • Elegant design
  • Blue and white colors
  • Nice creature-drawings on the body

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4. Goldage Dishwasher-Safe Fiberglass Chopsticks

You would say that most Japanese chopsticks are short but that is not always the case. These 9.5-inch chopsticks prove it. The material, texture, and weight are all perfect. The chopsticks are made of fiberglass, one of the few durable materials used to make quality chopsticks.

Decorations on the chopsticks and their size show their origin. The company endeavors to display various cultures. For instance, it makes slightly shorter chopsticks but decorate them to depict Japanese culture.

On the other hand, the manufacturer adds a few inches to the chopsticks with minimal decorations to bring out the ancient Chinese culture. You will however, appreciate the classic patterns brought up by these chopsticks.

The chopsticks’ tips are textured, perhaps to make them last longer and not to leave any bad smell on your food. Note that there is no coating or painting on these chopsticks. They are dried naturally. Anyone in your family can use these chopsticks including kids.

The company has done a lot to help its clients understand its products. For instance, when buying these sticks, you might find some labeled LV, which stands for Long Version. This means the chopstick is longer than the normal Chinese version.

Semi-skilled and skilled people use these types of chopsticks to eat food from a bowl that is far from them on the table. The product is for use in restaurants, large family gatherings, and parties where many people gather but few there are plates.

Wash them in a dishwasher without any worry. The chopsticks do not rust or wear out even if you submerge them in water the whole day.

Highlighted Features
  • Ultra light
  • 5 pairs
  • 2-year warranty
  • No smell
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High quality second-generation fiberglass
  • Longer and shorter versions available

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5. RG 100 Premium Bamboo Chopsticks (Disposable)

Kids love the fun that comes with using things and discarding them. This is what RG 100 is giving you. When it is time to party, you do not worry about washing this 100-piece bamboo product.

It is meant to be disposed immediately after use. Perhaps, the only thing you should be worried about is collecting them if they have been discarded throughout the field.

The chopsticks are 9 inches long thus are appropriate to use on large gatherings such as conferences and weddings. Because they are designed to last for a short time, a lot of care has been used to make sure they are fit for this on-time occasion.

The product is however a bit expensive since you are not going to reuse it. But for the occasion, these 100 pieces come with some advantages. First, they are splinter free. Second, these sticks are super smooth. Third, it is easy to use them.

This product comes with a user’s manual. In it, you will find straightforward instructions on how to handle and use the products. One thing you will love about the instructions is they are short, simple and easy to understand.

Even if you have never used this commodity, you will use it like a pro the moment you read and understand the instructions on the user’s manual. To make you understand how to use the product, there are colorful images depicting different styles how you need to handle the product.

The package measure 8.8” x 7.1” x 2.2” and weigh 1 lb. If you are a beginner, there is no way you are going to use this immediately. You must learn how to hold the product because the lower part is held differently from the upper part.

Highlighted Features
  • 100 pieces
  • Disposable product
  • Comes with user’s manual
  • Made from natural bamboo
  • Measures 9 inches
  • The package weighs 1 pound

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6. Mannice Natural Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks

This is an upgraded version of the original Mannice Natural Bamboo lightweight chopsticks. A few adjustments have been made on this improved version of the original product. Some of the improved parts include reducing the weight and increasing the length.

The product measures 9.4”, slightly longer that most of its competitors in the market.

This 10-pair gift set now weighs lighter than its predecessor. They weigh 159g. You do not have to throw them away after the occasion. The set is durable and thus, you can clean and store the sticks for future use.

Are you scared of what will happen if you place the chopstick for long inside water? Nothing will happen. This set does not swell.

One of the things about products made from Chinese natural bamboo is they are dense. This means they don’t absorb water or any liquid no matter how long.

They have smooth texture and are suitable to use under intense cold or heat.  Even if you use them for a long time, you will not witness splinters. These chopsticks are dishwasher safe, eco-friendly, and are safe for children.

We realized they might harbor a certain smell. This is perhaps they have been produced recently. With your continued usage, however, the smell will fade away eventually. To ensure the smell gets off fast, try cleaning them using hot soapy water.

Alternatively, put them inside a disinfection cabinet a few minutes before you use them.

Did you know you could get a replacement or even a refund for your money? That is what the manufacturer says. In case the package breaks before it reaches you or it is not what you wanted, Mannice will return your money.

Caring for the product is easy. Wash the chopsticks after use and place them on a dry place. Make sure your cabinet has enough ventilation.

Highlighted Features
  • 10 pairs of chopsticks
  • No splinters
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Dense natural bamboo
  • Nice length of 9.8”
  • Reusable
  • Dishwasher safe

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7. AOOSY Japanese Natural Wood Chopsticks

AOOSY stops at nothing to bring you the finest chopsticks in the world. That is why the company has produced its latest product from natural Japanese wood. This 5-pair tool for home use does not have any health issues.

There is no PVC, BPA or phthalates on the chopstick. In the kitchen, you can use these finely-designed sticks to prepare most of your foods. On the table, you can use it to serve and eat Korean barbeque, Shabu-shabu, noodles, and rice to mention a few.

The surface of these sticks is smooth and does not wear out even with extended usage. To be sure, there are no injuries during eating especially to kids, passivating treatment is highly recommended.

But even without any extra attention, anybody can feel comfortable using this product. It comes with a special Lacquer varnish, which prevents it from any stains. The varnish from the industry also helps this product not to go bad especially after getting contact with hot food.

Many chopsticks made from natural Japanese wood last longer, smell nice, and do not splinter. This is what you expect with the product. The style, length, and texture are some of the things we gave a plus on this product.

In addition, the chopstick is dishwasher safe. However, if you have enough time, you can decide to use warm soapy water, which will remove any grease, fats, and stains from the stick.

One more thing: this product is reusable. Wash the chopsticks and keep them while dry in a safe place. Occasionally, you can disinfect them to get rid of any germs that might encroach when they are stored. If you are a beginner, learn a few tricks on using this product. Otherwise, it is not hard to master.

Highlighted Features
  • 100% natural from Japanese wood
  • Nonstick
  • 5 pairs of chopsticks
  • Measure 9.06 inches
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No smell
  • Kid-friendly

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8. Rbenxia Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Are you tired of using feeble chopsticks that emit an odor? It is time to bid goodbye to such chopsticks. Although many varieties are made of wood, this one is designed from metal.

Durability, sturdiness, small swirly design, reasonable length, and the tapered tip are some of the features we love.

In addition, these 8.8-inch chopsticks do not rust thanks to the stainless steel material used to make them.

A whole family can use one set of this product without anyone lacking. The sticks are friendly to kids and to the environment. You will also use them for a long time because Rbenxia, the manufacturer intended them to be reused.

Heat insulation, lightweight, and versatility are qualities you will love about these chopsticks. Although they are built from metal, the designer has ensured that they are very light. You can carry them to your workplace, while camping or during any other outdoor activity.

Because of the stainless steel, you will not have any fear to soak then in water in case they are stained or you want to clean them after some time.

If you love cooking, we recommend these chopsticks. They do not heat fast thanks to heat insulation. Therefore, you can use them for cooking and for eating your noodles, rice or any other delicacy of your choice.

But we did not like these chopsticks for one thing. They may need special treatment on their tips to make them friendlier. However, you should be worried if you are careful when using them. If you know how to hold the chopstick properly, there is no reason to worry.

Highlighted Features
  • 8.8 inches long
  • Made from stainless steel
  • No corrosion
  • 5 pairs
  • Heat insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Dishwasher-friendly

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9. Hiware 10-Piece Reusable Chopsticks

If you love variety, this is the model for you. The product has 5 pairs of bamboo chopsticks and 5 pairs spiral chopsticks made of stainless steel. These are extremely durable, classy, and easy to hold.

Hiware made your choice easier. Rather than going round to look for bamboo chopsticks from one company and metal sticks from another, you will now get them in one pack of 10. All the ten chopping sticks have the same length of 8.8 inches.

With variety and options in your kitchen and dining table, it is now easy to prepare and serve your food. All the 10 chopsticks are reusable. The first pair of stainless steel chopsticks has been polished. To ensure they do not wear out even if you use them for a long time, they have been brushed with a sticky finish.

The wooded chopsticks too have been polished and varnished. The final product is smooth, elegant, and soft when handling.

Handles of the bamboo chopsticks have indentations. The manufacturer has engraved the top parts of each wooden stick to help users maintain a firm grip when using the product. There are no chemicals, smell, or toxins. The bamboo chopsticks do not have phthalates, PVC or BPA.

Both the metallic and the wooden chopsticks come in a design that depicts the ancient Chinese culture. That is why; perhaps the manufacturer has put the engravings on the wooden sticks. They are good for beginners and professional users.

Metallic chopsticks have heat insulation, which will prevent your hands from any injuries when cooking. The 10 sticks are dishwasher safe and can be kept for future use.

Highlighted Features
  • 10-piece pack
  • 5 wooden chopsticks
  • 5 metallic sticks
  • Anti slippery
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 8.8 inches
  • Heat insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Reusable

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10. 40-Pair Disposable Chopstick Pack

Whether you live alone or have a small family, you probably invite friends at some point. What are they going to use when you welcome them to share a meal with you? You got to get this affordable 40-piece disposable chopstick.

The set is disposable because chances of washing all the chopsticks would pose a challenge. Although they are disposable, Happy Sales, the manufacturer has ensured you get value for your money. It would be hard to feed 40+ friends if you depended on other chopsticks.

The pack weighs 6.4oz. With this weight, it is easy to carry several packs on your backpack. It measures 8.1” x 4.3” x 0.6”.

We did however; realize they do not split properly. Maybe it is because of their big number in a small pack. Nonetheless, if you take time to separate them, visitors will finally get their own chopstick. Dipping them into warm water helps in the easy separation.

The bottom of these chopsticks is round. Because of their shape, sometimes it is easy for them to slip from one’s fingers. Although this is likely to happen to beginners as opposed to longtime users, it is a thing we observed.

It is a terrific deal at a very cheap price. They are easy to hold, flexible, and at times, you may use them for a few more occasions. These sticks are slightly shorter than most of their competitors in the market. For those who do not what 9”+ long chopsticks, this set is the hotest deal.

On a scale of 5 we will give the product 4/5. Nonetheless, they are still a good bet for those who are hosting large gatherings such as weddings, birthday parties that involve many friends or group trekking.

Highlighted Features
  • 40 pieces
  • Disposable
  • Shorter than the rest
  • Cheap
  • Light

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Things to consider before buying chopsticks

Today, chopsticks come in various styles and are detailed with different concepts. It can get pretty overwhelming to choose the perfect chopsticks, owing to the fact that the market has all these varieties. To make your experience less overpowering, here is what you need to know as you plan to buy chopsticks.


This is one of the most important things you have to be keen on. Chopsticks come in different materials, including wood, plastic, bone and metal.

All these materials are unique in their own way, but most people prefer bamboo wood chopsticks due to their heat resistance, comfortable weight, and durability among other factors.

Plastic chopsticks are ideal for some foods and less pricey. However, their quality is questionable.

Bone and metal chopsticks are mostly used by the royals. They are much more expensive especially because they are decorated with special symbols.

Other materials that are commonly used are aspen wood, chestnut wood, black persimmon and titanium.


You better know that using chopsticks for the first time can be heartbreaking. This is why you should look for chopsticks whose use is convenient.

Remember, you need to control your hand properly so as to keep the chopsticks in place. Speaking of convenience, bamboo wood wins once again.

If you go for convenient chopsticks, you will fall in love with the whole idea of using them. Therefore, you can hold the chopsticks and test if their convenience is reliable.

Aesthetic value

Vibrant kitchen and dining sets make the meals more delicious, don’t they? Go for designs that match your style.


This significantly depends on the material used to make the chopsticks. For optimal safety, natural materials, particularly bamboo wood, have been known to be the best idea.

Paint and other decorations might alter with the safety. If you go for painted chopsticks, look for fda approval and perhaps find out what paint is used.

Your budget

While chopsticks are generally inexpensive, it’s always advisable that you choose those that are of high quality. If you are a frequent user, be sure to purchase the chopsticks that will last longer.

Types of Chopsticks

Basically, apart from the differences in material, chopsticks come in three types, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. They vary in length, shape and the ends. By observing these features, you will be able to identify the type of chopsticks to buy.

Chinese chopsticks

Chinese chopsticks were the pioneers according to historical research. They have been in actions for more than 5000 years hence considered among the most advanced with changes in time.

These chopsticks are mostly made using unfinished wood. Their rectangular shape and blunt ends are common features that identify these chopsticks.

Compared to the other types, Chinese chopsticks are way longer and ticker thus making them ideal for deeper bowls. Another unique feature of these chopsticks in that they lack tapered ends.

Japanese chopsticks

Being very creative in most fields, Japanese have embraced this even with their chopsticks. They have, over the years designed various chopsticks for specific purposes.

There are those used for taking sweets, eating particular foods and others for cooking. Surprisingly, there are chopsticks purposely made for funeral ceremonies.

The materials vary from wood, plastics, ivory, bones as well as precious metals. The chopsticks, however, are shorter and have rounded ends. Their aesthetic appeal cannot be ignored nonetheless.

Korean chopsticks

Korea has a thrilling history when it comes to their culture. How about their metal-made chopsticks? There is plenty to learn about them.

The Korean kings used chopsticks made from metal for security purposes. This is because of their ability to change color when they are exposed to poisonous substances in foods.

This significantly cut down on assassination cases that were rampant.  The common citizen, despite not facing assassination threats, adopted the use of metal chopsticks.

While most metals can be difficult to use due to slipperiness, the Korean chopsticks have rough ends. Lengthwise, they are the shortest of the three types of chopsticks which makes them ideal for narrower bowls.

These are the types of chopsticks that you are likely to come across while shopping for the best chopsticks. Therefore, depending on your preference, you can pick the type that suits your needs to the core.

How to Use/Hold Chopsticks

The Chinese and Japanese have been known to find it easy to use chopsticks. But, seriously, the way to hold chopsticks is not inborn. It’s something they learn, and you too can.

For beginners, this video will be very helpful:

To begin with, you need two chopsticks. Take one of them between your thumb, index and middle fingers. If you have held a pen before, it will be much easier for you.

Try to move the chopstick up and down because this is the motion that will be synchronized with the other chopstick. Take all the time you need on this step because it actually is the backbone of using chopsticks.

Once you familiarize with this skill, you are now ready to add the second chopstick. So, what you do here is to just hold the chopstick with your thumb while supporting it using your ring finger.

As you do this, ensure that the first chopstick in still in place. Remember, we are learning how to use the two chopsticks so don’t drop the first one.

Afterwards, do the up and down movements with the two chopsticks. If you are lucky to be one of those who do it right with the first trial, then I believe you are good to go.

But if you lie on the unlucky side of the bridge, relax and give it another trial. It’s about time you take the challenge and don’t be left out as your friends munch on the Asian foods.

How do you differentiate Chinese and Japanese chopsticks?

The Chinese chopsticks are thicker, longer and don’t have tapered ends as it is for the Japanese chopsticks. They are also mainly made from unfinished wood while their counterpart, the Japanese chopsticks are made of wood, ivory and occasionally precious metals.

The shapes also differ where Chinese chopsticks are square while Japanese ones are round. This makes it a lot easier to differentiate these chopsticks.

Are wooden chopsticks safe?

Wooden chopsticks are not 100 percent safe unless they are lacquered. However, bamboo chopsticks are ideal with guaranteed safety because they fight bacteria naturally.

However, lacquered chopsticks can be very difficult to maintain because they need extra care. Be gentle while cleaning them and store them appropriately.

As for bamboo chopsticks, there isn’t much to worry about but occasional oil treatments are worthwhile. This will enhance their lifespan.

Between metal and wooden chopsticks, which ones are easier to use?

Wooden chopsticks are easier to use. This is because as compared to metal chopsticks, they are less slippery. Therefore, you finders do not slide and the sticks are able to grip the food as well.

However, it also depends on your expertise. Those who have mastered the art of suing chopsticks will tell you that either of these chopsticks are equally easy to use.

How long do wooden chopsticks last?

Wooden chopsticks last for an extensively long period of up to 4 years. However, they can go longer than that but it is advisable that you dispose them then to avoid health issues. This is because wooden chopsticks are prone to bacteria.

Being the most common used, they are fairly cheap hence it is advisable that you change them after a while. However, it depends on how often they are used. So check on that to find out how frequently you need to buy new ones.

What do to do with chopsticks after eating?

Once you are satisfied with your meal, put the chopsticks across the bowl. You can also have them stand in the bowl while resting on the sides.

The chopsticks might have their own stands. So if it is provided, put them on the holder other than placing them on the table.

Avoid biting the chopsticks also because you will ruin their shape. Remember, they are likely to be reused so use them correctly.

Longer or shorter chopsticks?

This generally depends on the foods you are eating. Also, the depth of the bowl determines the ideal chopsticks to use, the deeper it is, the longer the chopsticks you need.

Both of them are held the same you so there are nothing so special about either, if I may say. It all gets down to your skills while using the chopsticks.

How to clean lacquered chopsticks?

These chopsticks are better hand washed. This will enhance their lifespan. After use, don’t let them rest for too long.

Get some warm water and soap. Dip the chopsticks and clean them gentry using a soft washcloth. Do not soak them for long because they will peel of due to the water and heat.

Afterwards, dry them and store safely. In case you notice any peeling, dispose the chopsticks without thinking twice.

Final Word

Those, our friends, are some of the best chopsticks on the market today. Follow the provided links to get them conveniently on Amazon.

Now, before you buy, remember what we talked about in the “things to consider section”. One of the most important factors to think about is the material. A good chopstick made of something like Bamboo wood is what we’d recommend you to get.

We’d also encourage you to go for odorless and tasteless models so you can enjoy your Asian dishes without any disruptions.

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