Best Chair Mat For High Pile Carpet 2023- A Buyer Experience

The off white high pile carpet in your office space makes you think, “Man, I can just lay flat on this for days.” You are then ambushed with the hard reality that you need to get back to your desk and finish that article.

You muster up the will to get to your chair but something is wrong. Something’s holding back your chair. Before you can figure it out you’ve managed to snag off a chunk of the beautiful fiber that makes your carpet so fluffy.

This is when you must ponder upon getting the best chair mat for a high pile carpet. And this article will help you all the way to acquire that.

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Benefits Of Using Chair Mat For High Pile Carpet

Your daughter may have this plush hot pink high pile carpet that she has had her heart set on for a long time. Now that she has it, you worry that it won’t take her more than a few days to ruin the carpet with her wheely chair. This might be a good time to get her a chair mat for her beautiful carpet.

You could get more use out of it in your workspace as well. With the availability of multiple shapes and sizes of chair mats, you can get one catered to your exact work area needs. But why get a chair mat anyway?

Well, chairs with wheels tend to take away 80% of the aesthetics and functionality of your carpet when they snag on the fibers of the carpet. Instead either the fibers get stuck in the casters or a loose string may snag on the wheel to damage a huge chunk of the carpet.

This is why you need a good chair mat for high pile carpet because it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re anxious of the mammoth task of finding the right one for you, don’t fret. We have done our research. All you have to do is read this piece and pick one.

Top 8 Chair Mat Reviews

1. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Instead of giving up on the pleasure of having a high pile carpet, bring more character to your workspace. Invest in a Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat which will not only satiate your need to roll around in your chair but also keep the long fibers in your carpet completely unharmed.

The eco-friendly crystal mat comes in various shapes to fit your workspace, regardless of whether you have a corner desk. Made from tough materials that make up airplane windows, this mat doesn’t crack under pressure, curl or is subject to any dents. Despite your weight, you can relax knowing it won’t quit on you.

Under proper usage guidelines, the wheels will never sink into the polycarbonate mat, unlike other mats. When this happens, the wheel castors are inhibited from movement across a smooth surface. It is heat resistant and is wonderfully water-resistant. Thus, there will be nothing but happy spills.

While most clear mats tend to turn yellow over time, that is not the case for the Floortex. It lays perfectly flat and spotless over your flooring, which appears non-intrusive at all times. The minimal friction on the surface allows you to glide across without having to exert too much pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • The mat does not give way under pressure
  • It does not begin yellowing or give off any bad odor.
  • It comes in different shapes to fit unique workspaces.
  • The tiny grabbers at the back keeps the mat firmly in one position.

2. DoubleCheck Products Chair Mat

See, the ruling issue that discourages people from purchasing a useful computer chair mat for high pile carpet is the fact that they tend to slip on the surface they are installed on. They keep moving and it defeats the entire purpose of not fatiguing your legs in order to pull yourself in and out of place.

The evenly speckled grabbers underneath the mat successfully holds the mat in position wherever you place it. If you’re worried that this leaves the mat bumpy as the roller-wheels slide over the areas elevated by the studs underneath, that is far from the truth.

Made from fully recycled materials, the mat is toxin-free which would otherwise be absorbed through your skin if you are touching the mat with bare feet. No artificial chemicals are used to soften the mat which otherwise contributes to the flexibility of it.

Perfect for low to medium pile carpets, this mat allows your beautiful flooring to shine through without hindering any aesthetics. You might have a gorgeous cotton candy pink carpet bringing color to your room and you wouldn’t notice this mat unless you closely looked for it.

Highlighted Features

  • They do not curl or dent under pressure.
  • The mat is free from phthalates that are harmful to the body.
  • The studded grips provide maximum stability.
  • It comes in two different shape options suited to your preferred workspace.

3. Marvelux Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat

Marvelux Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat is ideal for standard, low or medium pile carpets. Hence, if you are working in a studio where the floor is covered with this roughly textured carpet, this is the exact brand you need to relieve your legs from viciously thrusting yourself to and from.

Not only does it affect your legs but it also strains your lower back. You can now get the comfort of rolling across the carpeted floor like it was made of tiles, that is of course if you were to line your entire office space with Marvelux Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat.

Low pile carpets, although they do not snag on the wheel casters, they do tend to wear out or take on damage from constantly being rolled over. You can now install ultimate protection for your carpets to save yourself from the embarrassment of exposed flooring to your guests or clients.

The mat is as easy to clean as it is to install. Just run it under water and wipe it dry. It comes in the ergonomic lip shape which covers a little more space underneath your desk. Thus, you can pull yourself in and keep the carpet area beneath the desk unharmed.

Highlighted Features

  • Eco-friendly and toxin-free, this mat is the green solution to carpet protection.
  • The convenient lip shape covers more areas underneath the desk.
  • Tiny stabilizers are dotted across the back of the mat to prevent slipping.
  • The surface provides smooth gliding, reducing strain on your legs.

4. ES Robbins Everlife Chair Mat

If stability is an important issue for you, you can rest assured with the ES Robbins Everlife Chair Mat. The Anchor Bar grabbers at the back of the mat are shaped like little bars as the name suggests. They are also evenly spread out but in alternating directions for maximum gripping power.

Even with an adequate sprinkling of stabilizers underneath mats, they tend to skid in place. The placement of studs in alternating directions ensures that the mat does not move under any sort of influence unless you pick it up yourself.

With high pile carpets, the grabbers tend to lose their stickiness, which is unlikely of the ES Robbins Everlife Chair Mat. The cleats lay effectively rested on the fibers without too much movement, proving that this is the best office chair mat for high pile carpet.

With the GREENGUARD CERTIFICATION under their belt, any sort of contamination or strong chemical odors are out of equation. If you have little children who love getting their hands dirty on the floor, you can let out a breath of relief knowing that this is extremely friendly on the skin.

Highlighted Features

  • The cleats in alternating direction helps maintain maximum stability.
  • Ideal for high pile carpets, the mat protects it from snagging.
  • They are certified to be safe and skin friendly.
  • They tend to dent slightly but nothing too major that is a deal-breaker.

5. Kuyal Office Chair Mat

If you are looking for something a little thicker and heavier, the Kuyal Office Chair Mat could be a great addition. Usually, people prefer a thicker mat for easy spotting or weightier mats to lay heavy on your plush carpet, staying perfectly still in position.

However, this does not stint on its ability to be rolled in a tube or affect its pliability. It can still have as much flexibility as any thin mat and remain unscathed under pressure. It does not crack or receive any dents, making it a perfectly level mat.

With many thick mats, the fiber can stick out from the sides, making them susceptible to tearing. This thick mat lays over like a carpet cover while maintaining the aesthetics of the carpet.

The pearls of stabilizers at the back of the mat are stubborn grippers and the mat has enough friction so as to prevent the chair from rolling off the surface. You get two shape options that are best fitted to the needs of your work station.

Highlighted Features

  • The mat is compatible with low to medium pile carpets.
  • It is thick enough to look as if it is not wildly intrusive.
  • The beaded grippers provide ultimate stability.
  • The mat was built to be environmentally friendly.

6. Dimex Office Chair Mat

Low pile carpets do not require exceedingly high features to serve the purpose. However, this does not mean you’ll allow yourself to disregard the need for an office mat. Just like all things valuable, your low pile carpet needs proper care as well.

Dimex Office Chair Mat is the best chair mat for low pile carpet. It’s thin with a textured top to ensure that the wheels on the casters don’t keep rolling on contact with the mat. With superior gripping action, you don’t have to strain your lower half trying to pull your chair in and out of your work station anymore.

If you are generally a big person, don’t think that the mat will be speckled with dents all around. The mat is built of materials that contribute to its sturdy make and is unlikely to be prone to any kind of wear and tear.

The gripper cleats are shaped like little spikes which are evenly distributed throughout the back of the mat. You might wonder, why spikes? Well, this increases the surface area for the friction to act on. Thus, if you tug on the mat, there will be a lag hindering that movement.

Highlighted Features

  • The surface of the mat is textured to maintain wheel-to-mat contact.
  • The grippers are shaped like spikes that grab on to the flooring.
  • The material is sturdy yet flexible to allow influenced motion.
  • It is recommended for use in schools and offices.

7. AmazonBasics Office Chair Mat

Let’s get down to the basics, shall we? If you have a pretty straight forward workspace with low to medium pile carpets, don’t even bother looking anywhere else. The AmazonBasics Office Chair Mat fulfills that purpose with absolute ease.

This chair mat comes with all the key features. It may not have a plethora of shape options, but that’s because this is catered to work stations that are not tricky or have no under-space that would require you to use a mat with a lip.

This polycarbonate beauty covers a good area, allowing you enough space to maneuver your chair. Cleaning it is as easy as just wiping it down. It does not retain stains to its core like other mats do, which means that discoloration is not something you have to worry about with this one.

In terms of its ability to be conformed in any shape or form, it does not curl or exhibit any dimples that would otherwise make it difficult for the wheels to roll over. It remains perfectly level and ensures that there is absolutely minimal pressure exerted on you.

Highlighted Features

  • The mat comes in one basic shape to cater to a particular type of workspace.
  • The mat is designed from fully recyclable materials that make it sturdy.
  • The grippers are dotted evenly and spaced out to retain its grabbing power.
  • The surface top is slightly textured so that the wheels can roll over smoothly.

8. Flash Furniture Carpet Chair Mat

Just like the AmazonBasics, Flash Furniture Carpet Chair Mat serves a dedicated purpose. While the former was an ordinary rectangular shaped carpet chair mat, this one extends to a lip to cover the area under your work station to give you more leg space.

The top of the carpet is slightly patterned to give it some texture that allows the wheels on the chair to roll over without any hitches. Resistant to scratches or cuts, the mat will be protected against any damaging influence that may be evident due to the wheels rolling over it constantly.

You worry that your big and cuddly husband won’t be able to get much use out of the carpet since he would probably weigh down on the carpet and the chair will be plastered in one place. You will be relieved to know that it supports up to 400 lbs., thus size doesn’t matter anymore.

Perhaps the best specification is that it is compatible with both medium and high pile carpets. Before placing the mat, straighten out the fibers and then position the mat as if you’re just laying it on top. It won’t smoosh up the aesthetics, neither will the fiber stick out from the sides and get tangled up on the wheel casters.

Highlighted Features

  • The mat comes with an integrated lip to cover underspace.
  • The gripping anchors at the back exhibit effective stability.
  • It is compatible with medium to high pile carpets.
  • The top surface is textured for smooth rolling of the wheels.

How To Choose The Right Chair Mat For High Pile Carpet?

Before you set out on a quest to find the best chair mat for thick carpet, there are some key features that you need to consider before purchasing one. It requires you to consider your surroundings and the settings to get the best out of your chair mat. Here are some easy guidelines outlined for you below-


Chair mats come in varying thicknesses. While thin mats are desirable, they aren’t ideal for use since they are prone to cracking within a mere few weeks. Thickness isn’t a bad thing but keep an eye on the thin-to-thick ratio if you want a more seamless support.

Hardwood Vs Carpets

Obviously, there are different options to the kind of carpet you may own. If you only wish to use chair mats on hardwood floors, it is important to keep in mind that mats designed for carpets CANNOT be used on hardwood floors. Carpet chair mats have cleated stabilizers at the back of the mat that may prove to be damaging for your hardwood floors.


You can get multi-shaped options when it comes to office chair mats. You can get one in accordance with the placement of your work station.

You can get a regular rectangle one, oval shaped for middle work spaces, panned out mats for corner offices, and with lips to cover the underspace in your desk. Get one that best fits your desk area.


The size, or “the roll area” depends on how much area you want to cover. If you need to move from cubicle to cubicle quite frequently, it is best to get one that is panned out to cover a large area. If you spend your time usually glued in one place, it is smart to invest on a mat with a smaller area.

Final Words

It is difficult to maintain a well put and structured office decor when all things pretty come with high maintenance.

Finding a low maintenance, yet high performing rug is a difficult task. In fact, it might completely discourage you from ever buying the carpet in the first place.

Thankfully, we have researched on a lot of chair mats to list some of the best chair mats for high pile carpet for your convenience. Stick to these options and you won’t even need to spend countless hours conducting your own research. You have our word.

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