Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors 2023- Top 8 Picks

Wheely desk chairs seem redundant if they can’t roll smoothly over hardwood floors. Of course, that could also be your uneven hardwood floorboards that are causing the mayhem. This is why chair mats are so essential in the workplace.

However, how do you know which is the best chair mat for hardwood floors? What are the deciders that determine the finest?

This is where we come in. A lot of research has been done in writing this article and from where we’re sitting, we have a pretty clear view of the top contenders in the game.

Read on to find the right match for you.

Best Chair Mat Reviews

1. Ilyapa Office Chair Mat

Ilyapa Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Ilyapa Office Chair Mat is a versatile hardwood floor mat that has its functionalities spread beyond what it is entitled to do. Not only does it provide a surface that allows easy rolling of chair wheels but it also does so without moving from its place.

It stays out in one place, thanks to the textured surface at the back of the mat. With minimal slipping action, it opens up a gate of possibilities of use.

It is not bound to serve as a chair mat. In fact, you can use it for other purposes such as keeping your canvas steady while you are working on it. The soft and supple texture is even appreciated by pets that love resting on it.

You can bid farewell to the pesky scratches and cuts that you’d otherwise see from chairs harshly rubbing against your hardwood floors because this mat is acts as a barrier for such impacts. The top surface is slightly textured as well so that you have full control over the movements on it.

Other clear mats are prone to discoloration but this one retains its integrity for a prolonged time. Made of advanced PVC, the mat is impervious to cracks or curling and guarantees you consistent service until you decide that it’s time to move on.

Highlighted Features
  • Cleaning it is as easy as rinsing under running water.
  • It is made of PVC that makes it strong enough to remain uncracked.
  • It is long-lasting, extremely durable, and resistant towards discoloration.
  • The mat has multi-purpose functionalities, thanks to its scratch resistance.

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2. AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector

AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector for Hard Floors

The basics are always the best. The AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat may not be the fanciest one in the mix but it does its job with no lacking. The rectangular chair companion comes in 2 different dimensions and shapes, perfectly suited for your needs.

You see, when you don’t want any overpowering features but just a plain old floormat to do the job, AmazonBasics is right for the task. However, they haven’t skimped out on providing the finest service they possibly can.

For starters, they also offer floor mats with a lip for that extra leg space under the desk. The lip allows you to roll your chair inward and outward smoothly, without having to exert extra pressure on your legs.

Thanks to its vinyl surface, the mat allows unparalleled movement across the floor without any hitches. Add to that the impeccable scratch-resistant properties and you have the best chair mat for hardwood floors.

The smart grippers at the back of the mat holds on to the surface they are installed on and stay put unless you physically pick it up and move it. They’ve built this well thought out “basic” mat to ensure that you are comfortable, safe and get full use out of this, in any way you want.

Highlighted Features
  • The gripper at the back of the mat clings firmly on to the floor.
  • The rounded edges ensure that you don’t walk into it and injure yourself.
  • The mat can be used on stone, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, etc.
  • It has two different shapes and dimensions that are suited for your needs.

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3. OFM Essentials Transparent Chair Mat with Lip for hardwood floors

OFM Essentials Transparent Chair Mat with Lip for hardwood floors

If you have a kid who is constantly dragging his computer chair around to collect his things, you know the marks that he leaves behind on the hardwood floors. OFM Essentials Collection provides a proper solution to appease the situation since he’s not learning from his mistakes any time soon.

The back of the mat is studded with cleats that evenly spread out to grip the floor along a wide surface area. This safeguards the mat from slipping from place and also retains the integrity of the floor. This is further safeguarded by the anti-slip textured surface which allows you full control over the movement on it.

It can lead to very frustrating times when the chair casters snag on to the low pile carpets and completely ruin it. You know this all too well. Hence, you’ll be delighted to know that OFM Essential Collection work well with low-pile carpets besides hardwood floors as well.

Perhaps, the best part is the fact that the grippers don’t sink into the carpet backing or the hardwood floors. While some mats become glued to the flooring over time, this grants you full mobility and you can shift it from one place to another.

Highlighted Features
  • The textured surface allows easy movement without being too strenuous.
  • It is perfectly compatible with low-pile carpets besides hardwood floors.
  • The dotted cleats at the back of the mat ensures maximum stability.
  • The mat remains supple over continuous use and is long-lasting.

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4. AiBOB Office Chair mat

AiBOB Office Chair mat for Hardwood Floor

A common issue today is the concern of toxin-free health that is associated with the use of plastics. Most plastic products contain BPA which can be a serious health hazard as it is responsible for many lethal diseases.

Thus, AiBOB Office Chair Mat makes it their priority to make their products safe and nontoxic. The mat is constructed from pure polyethylene which brings some interesting features with it.

While some mats bring a gut-wrenching smell with them, this one remains odorless and maintains the freshness of the mat as well as the floor. You can see so for yourself since this is a clear non-intrusive addition to the workspace. Your flooring will shine through.

The AiBOB was made with the sole concern of protecting hardwood floors in mind. Of course, it is fully equipped for the task. The mat has effective grippers dotted evenly across the back to protect you from slip-ups that may occur. The textured top is an effective comrade in this case since it allows you easy movement without slipping.

Highlighted Features
  • This is the perfect mat designed specifically for hardwood floors.
  • It has a fantastic grip, allowing you to maneuver smoothly across the floor.
  • The mat has a lip that stretches further ahead to cover the area under the desk.
  • The ergonomic design allows you to glide from place to place without fatigue.

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5. OfficeMarshal Desk Chair Mat

OfficeMarshal Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

You can put your full faith on OfficeMarshall Desk Chair Mat because take a look at their name again. They are a haven of all things that are essential for a work environment and they are bloody good at it!

We found ourselves eyeing OfficeMarshal over and over again and it was hard not to. You’ll be joining the bandwagon as well if you were aware of their superior product making.

They offer a range of dimensions, so that you can pick the right size for your workspace. You may have a small makeshift work area and there’s no need to invest in something bigger. OfficeMarshall gets that like no other can.

There are no grippers for added stability. In fact, the mat itself is perfectly capable of staying still and providing enough slip on the top surface for easy movement. The exclusion of the studded grippers is a subjective matter since most people prefer the mats with or without them. This is truly a personal preference.

However, the winning feature is the anti-static properties that defuse any charge buildup on the mat effectively. Not only does it protect you but it also protects your office equipment like computers and chargers from short-circuiting. This is a pragmatic approach to building the ideal workspace.

Highlighted Features
  • The mat comes in a range of dimensions.
  • The mat does not have any grippers at the back of it.
  • The anti-static properties protect your electronics.
  • It is resistant to stains and spills, making it easy to clean.
  • The mat is made from nontoxic materials.

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6. Lesonic Office Chair Mat

Lesonic Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

You can never go wrong with black. Granted that the Lesonic Office Chair Mat is a little more unconventional in looks, that does not mask its superior protective functionalities in any way. If you are the “black and white” kind of person, this mat is for you.

This is not an intrusive black color, unlike other ordinary mats that are shiny. Although it is not transparent, the mat becomes one with the space decor. This is a brilliant addition if the checkered aesthetics is absolutely right up your alley.

The bottom surface is evenly textured that prevents slipping while the patterns and textures on the top surface is genuine. This allows the wheels of the chair to move more freely without completely missing out on necessary friction. It feels good to the touch and is even more fun when put to proper use.

It is compatible with a range of situations including the use of it on hardwood floors. Tiles, stones, linoleum, you name it and Lesonic will be prepared to protect. The mat itself is anything but far from rigid, it’s flexible and easily movable from place to place.

Highlighted Features
  • The mat has unique textures on the top and bottom that provide stability.
  • Unlike other mats, it isn’t transparent and it is black in color.
  • It has versatile use over a range of mediums, like concrete and tiles.
  • Although bendable, it is invulnerable to cracks and scratches.

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7. Boyou Thickest Chair Mat

Boyou Thickest Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Thick floor mats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. People seem to have a love-hate relationship with a thick mat. Well, if you are someone who truly appreciates thicker mats, the Boyou Office Chair Mat was designed specifically for YOU. This company proudly claims to produce the thickest mats in the industry just for you.

You know right off the bat that it’s heavy-duty when you pick up this 9-pounder. It comes in a basic set of measurements that will cover any standard workspace. If you need a bigger setting, just get two!

You can use it under coffee tables, baby chairs, a watering plant or whatever you like but expect top-notch performance. Roll it out flat to be used and this can handle pretty much anything. Perhaps, the best features are engrained in its surface properties.

Next time your boss leaves cigarette ash around, you need not to worry since this is resistant to flames. The smooth surface is resistant to cuts, scratches, stains, and spills making it a breeze to clean. You can take the sharpest knife and try to cut it in half but that won’t affect the Boyou since it is made from ultrahigh tough materials.

Highlighted Features
  • The mat has anti-flame properties.
  • It is resistant to cuts, scratches, stains, and spills.
  • The mat is extra thick for added protection on hardwood floors.
  • It has ultrahigh toughness that makes it extremely durable.

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8. SHAREWIN Office Chair Mat

SHAREWIN Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors

Just like the OfficeMarshall, the SHAREWIN Chair Mat comes in a spectrum of dimensions, albeit not as diverse as one would hope. We have no complaints regarding the measurement variations because most mats don’t even come with any dimension options.

Unlike Boyou, the SHAREWIN is quite a thin mat. However, not so thin that it conforms to become one with the floor.

The mat has a textured top which assists in fluid foot traction. However, SHAREWIN too does not have any special cleats at the back for added stability. This isn’t necessarily bad so take it with a grain of salt.

Made from toxin-free materials, this mat has high temperature resistance that allows it to retain its uprightness even in the harshest of weather. Furthermore, the reduced thickness doesn’t affect the appearance of the home in any way, rather remains far from being meddlesome.

Most people underestimate the mat’s thickness for weakness in the long-run. In this case, you can try bending it in any misshaped form but it will be futile. The scratch resistance properties ensure that any kind of impact is warded off. This accounts for its high resistance to “accidents” in general.

Highlighted Features
  • The mat is 1.5mm in thickness, allowing smooth movement on it.
  • It is durable and remains unscathed by any harsh impacts.
  • It has high temperature tolerance, making it perfect for warm weathers.
  • Although it does not have any cleats, it has an anti-slip coating underneath.

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How To Choose The Right Chair Mat For Your Hardwood Floors?


This one is important. Even though the ones we reviewed are standard shapes, there are mats that are perfect for a corner desk, an oval workspace, a round table, etc. You will notice that we mentioned “lip” a lot. Let us explain what that means.

Mats with a “lip” are just like rectangular ones but one edge of the rectangular protrudes further ahead. Lipped mat is the best chair mat for wood floors if you want to roll your chairs into the space underneath the desk. The lip is wide enough to cover that area so that your chair can roll neatly into place.


Yes, there are a plethora of dimensions you can choose from. However, this depends on the area you will be working on. Measure out the floor dimensions and opt for something based on those measurements.

If you’re only working at home, you don’t need the biggest one. Opt for a standard-sized one.

However, it is important to understand the shape here as well. If you go for a lipped one, consider the length from underneath your desk space. This way you will be able to come to a conclusion about which is the right choice for you.


As mentioned earlier, some people prefer a thinner mat while others go to great lengths to find the thickest one in the mix. Both have their pros and cons to it but it is up to you to weigh out which one works for you the best.

Thicker mats are easier to install and also keep objects elevated. This is to ensure that no heavy impacts are inflicted on the hardwood floors. Thinner mats, however, are far less intrusive in appearance and can be frequently moved from one place to another.

Final Words

Working from home, or WFH, has become the new norm now. You might as well make the most out of it and build yourself a small makeshift workspace in your home to get things done.

Hopefully, with this article, you’ll be able to purchase the best chair mat for hardwood floors that fits your bill. Always try to go for nontoxic and safe products because that’ll benefit you in the long run.

We wish you the best for your next purchase. Adios!

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