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The Guide for the Best Kitchen Faucets

People who envision a new kitchen tend to focus on the overall look, or perhaps they think mostly about the features of the fridge, the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet, or even the material of the countertop. Seldom do people pay too much attention to the need to look for the best kitchen faucets. What most people don’t realize is that this humble element of the kitchen is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole kitchen area.

The whole look of the kitchen can be ruined when you pick the wrong style of faucet for your kitchen. The best kitchen faucet needs to match the overall aesthetics of your kitchen interior design. It also has to match your kitchen sink as well.

In addition, the kitchen faucet’s functionality is crucial. You have to remember that this is one of the kitchen items that you’re going to use the most often. You’ll always need the kitchen faucet to quickly wash fresh food items, utensils, dishes, and glasses. You need a kitchen faucet that suits your needs perfectly, so that you get a kitchen component that does its job efficiently and without a hitch.

What to Look For when Buying a Kitchen Faucet

So how exactly do you choose a kitchen faucet? You can pore over various best kitchen faucet review articles to get a sense of which brands and models to choose from. Individual kitchen faucet review comments from verified buyers can also inform you of a faucet’s real efficiency and durability.

However, you can read customer reviews and product descriptions and focus on the following factors:

  • The look. Of course, the style and design of the kitchen faucet must match the overall aesthetics of your whole kitchen area. A kitchen that features a rustic atmosphere can have its vibe ruined by the installation of a shiny and advanced kitchen faucet. Its look must fit in seamlessly with the overall kitchen design.

Kitchen faucets can be in many different finishes, such as chrome, stainless, steel, bronze, or even matte black.  To maintain their looks, you may want to find faucets that are resistant to rust and tarnishing.

  • Sink suitability. This isn’t just about the look. It’s also about how the faucet functions with the sink design. If the sink is a bit shallow, then you may want to go with a higher spout so that you can fit in larger pans and pots in the sink without the faucet getting in the way. But a high spout may not be the best idea of deep sinks since the greater distance can lead to a higher amount of water splashback.
  • Installation. Part of this factor is the ease of the installation, which will matter a lot if you’re doing it yourself. But the key here is whether the faucet model is suited for the number of holes in your sink unit. If your sink only has a single hole for the faucet, then you’ll need a model with an integrated spout and handle design. You’ll need 3 holes in your sink if you have a model with a spout and 2 levers.
  • Advanced features. Nowadays kitchen faucets come with so many advanced features that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Just remember that every advanced feature will add to the cost, so it doesn’t make sense to pay for an expensive faucet when you don’t care about some of the advanced features anyway. These features include swiveling, and even some electronic features may be included so your faucet will need batteries.
  • Durability. You can get a good sense of how long a faucet will last by reading numerous consumer reviews, where you will usually find negative reviews regarding faucets that break down quickly. However, you can limit your choices to the more popular brands, which tend to last longer than the cheaper unknown brands. You should also check if they offer any guarantee on their product, as its length can indicate the manufacturer’s approximation of the faucet’s durability.

Of course the price is also important, but then these things aren’t as expensive as refrigerators and ovens. Even the more expensive ones will cost only a few hundred dollars, and they’re worth the expense if they’re durable and their features match your needs.

Product Reviews

Here are the assessments of some of the better kitchen faucets in the market today:

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland

This is Delta’s Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Magnetic Docking Spray Head, and it has 2 main versions. The more expensive one comes with the Touch2O technology, which allows you to start or stop the flow of water just by touching anywhere on the handle or spout. The standard version is more affordable, and because it’s Delta it’s not really a “standard” kitchen faucet at all. Either way, it resembles a gently curving hook from the base up and then down towards your sink

The standard 9178-AR-DST comes in 4 finishes, ranging from the bright Arctic Stainless to the subdued Venetian Bronze. DIY enthusiasts will appreciate how Delta has helped make this extremely easy to install. It can be installed in 1-hole or 3-hole sinks. All the installation supplies you need are contained within a single box, including integrated InnoFlex PEX supply lines. It also has the optional escutcheon that can help with various mounting configurations. Extra parts such as a soap dispenser are also part of the deal.

It also helps with the ease of installation that this comes with Delta’s Diamond Seal technology. This technology actually offers a long list of benefits, such better performance, reduced leaks, and longer-lasting durability.

Using this is quite simple, and the MagnaTite Docking feature helps with effectiveness and durability. This uses a magnet to snap the faucet spray wand in the precise place you want it. It stays docked securely, and it won’t droop over time.

It also features the soft and rubbery “Touch-Clean” spray holes. These spray holes are easy to clean just by touching them with a finger. This way, you can then easily avoid the lime and calcium build-up that can reduce the effectiveness of the spray.

  • It looks elegant and somehow timeless.
  • It’s extremely easy to install.
  • It stays in place securely.
  • There’s no problem cleaning the spray holes.
  • It can last for a very long while.

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Isn’t it annoying when you have to lay down your plates in the sink so that you can turn on or turn off the water spray? Do this constantly and it can eat up a lot of time and effort in the long run. But that’s not the problem with the Moen 7594ESRS.

This kitchen faucet comes with the MotionSense Technology, which means you don’t have to turn the handle at all. This model comes with 2 sensors that will sense when you want to turn on or turn off the water. One is on top of the spout, and you just wave your hand or a plate above it to turn it on or off. The other sensor is on the base of the spout, and it senses when you’re putting something like a glass under the spray head. Once you’ve filled your glass with water and you take away the glass, the water will then turn off automatically.

This is a pull-down so you have a retractable spray head. In other models, pulling down the spray head may not always be a smooth process and sometimes it’s not always easy to dock the spray head back into place. But these are problems that are solved by the Moen Reflex system, which enables easy retraction movements and secure docking.

Using the 7594ESRS makes things a lot easier for you, and you won’t have any trouble with the water pressure. This has the Power Clean spray technology that increases the spray power so that it’s about 50% more powerful than regular sprays.

It’s even easy to install, as it comes with the “Duralock quick connect” feature that lets you attach various components quickly and securely. It can even be installed in sinks with 1 or 3 holes, and your purchase comes with the escutcheon that helps with various installation configurations.

  • It’s easy to install.
  • The spray power is enhanced.
  • The retractable head functions smoothly and docks securely.
  • The motion sensor offers “hands free” use.

Kraus KPF-1602

This is also known as the Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet, and it sure as heck doesn’t look like your run of the mill kitchen faucet. It’s not just it looks shiny in chrome, but it’s because it has a commercial design that looks a lot more intricate than your usual kitchen faucet.

The look of it is simply dramatic. It has a high arch open coil spout that you’d want to display for your guests as the faucet reaches 32.1 inches in height. It swivels 360 degrees for much greater versatility in its kitchen functions.

It’s not just on the outside that impresses either. It comes with a Kerox ceramic cartridge that’s been tested with more than half a million cycles so you get durable performance without any leaks. The high-performance Neoperl aerator comes with low-flow capability so you get both adequate water pressure and water waste reduction. The body is made with brass and it’s entirely free of lead.

The pull-down sprayer fits your hand comfortably with its ergonomic design. It even makes cleanup and maintenance easy, as it has rubber nozzles that help prevent the buildup of limescale and hard water. There’s a lever handle you can press that diverts the water flow from the main spout to a strong pre-rinse spray as a 1.8 GPM flow rate is maintained.

The installation is very simple as it only needs a single hole. All the mounting hardware has been included in the package as well.

This doesn’t just come with a commercial design, but its durability approaches commercial standards as well. That’s why covered for a lifetime. It’s also been certified and listed by a very long list of independent assessors such as the cUPC , UPC, NSF, ANSI, AB1953, and the CALGreen. If that’s not enough, you also have the FTC, DOE, CEC, MASS, CSA, IAPMO, SCC, and ADA. This is the kind of certification status that some other Kraus faucets achieve, however, but then it’s not that common for other brands.

  • You get startling ultramodern aesthetics.
  • It offers 360-degree swivel functionality.
  • It’s very durable.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Maintenance is simple.

Moen Brantford 7185ESRS

Sometimes people just want something subtle and simple for their kitchen faucet. Quite a few folks don’t really think that the kitchen faucet should be the visual focal point of an entire kitchen. Its look should blend right in unobtrusively. And that’s what you get from the Moen Brantford 7185ESRS.

At first glance it’s an elegant and simple pulldown kitchen faucet. The Moen Brantford 7185ESRS is the Spot Resist version, which is a bit different than the chrome and oil-rubbed bronze versions.  This one has a stainless finish that resists fingerprints and water spots, so that the finish is always spotless. Not that you’re likely to have fingerprint problems anyway, since you also get the hands-free touchless technology with motion sensors.

Essentially, when your hands are near the faucet the water flow comes on automatically. Pass your hand over the top sensor, and the water flow is constant until you pass your hand over that sensor again. There’s also the Ready sensor at the base, which senses when you have something below the spout so it can activate the water flow. Take the object out under the spout and the water flow stops.

Still, you do have to handle the faucet since it’s a pulldown version. You won’t have any trouble doing that on a daily basis, as it comes with the Moen Reflex system. This technology makes sure that the hose operates smoothly whenever it extends and retracts.

You can also choose between 2 spray modes. So you can either go with a really strong rinse for some heavy duty cleaning, or you can just stay with a regular aerated stream for everyday cleaning.

There’s also the traditional handle on the right side, which allows you to manually adjust the flow and temperature of the water. The high neck leaves you plenty of space in the sink, which is very helpful if your sink isn’t so deep.

The installation is also quite quick due to the use of the Duralock Quick Connect system. This makes the attachment of the various parts very simple and easy. At the same time, the attachment is also extremely secure.

  • It looks subtly elegant.
  • The high neck gives you plenty of sink space.
  • There are 2 spray modes
  • The sensors leave you to do hands-free cleaning.
  • With Spot Resist, the faucet looks new all the time.
  • It’s easy to install.

Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler K-560-VS Bellera is another kitchen faucet that subscribes to the philosophy of just blending in with the overall kitchen interior design. That’s very easy to do with many modern homes when you just get the vibrant stainless steel version of this model. It’s not exactly eye-catching, but that’s the point.

You may not notice how helpful it is when you’re in the kitchen. In fact, many only notice this kitchen faucet when something goes wrong. That’s very rare, actually, which explains why it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

It comes with a high arch, so it can deal with very tall pots. The spout can also rotate 360 degrees so you can maneuver the spout more easily. It also has a 3-function spray head. There’s the steady stream that lets you fill bottles and pots, the sweeps pray for a wider and more powerful spray of water for heavy duty cleaning, and the quick pause to stop the water flow in between various kitchen sink tasks.

The pull-down kitchen faucet lets you retract the spray head so you can maneuver it over your kitchenware, and it’s easy to move around. This is because of the braided hose and the swiveling ball joint, which makes it feel very light to move around. It’s quiet too. When you put it back in, the magnetic docking system secures the spray head properly into place.

The spray face also comes with the “MasterClean Sprayface”, which minimizes the mineral buildup. When you do need to clean it, it’s very easy.

  • It doesn’t need much maintenance and it’s easy to clean.
  • Moving the retracted spray head is easy.
  • It stays securely docked.
  • The spray head has 3 functions (including pause).
  • It has a high spout so tall pots can fit in the sink and under the faucet.

Delta 980T-RBSD-DST Pilar

If you’re looking for a rustic kitchen faucet to fit in with your homey kitchen, you may want to take a look at kitchen faucets that come with a Venetian bronze finish. This looks seriously like an antique, and you can’t deny its elegant aesthetics. That’s especially true with the Delta 980T-RBSD-DST Pilar.

However, the Pilar’s looks belie its awesomely modern features. This comes with the innovative Touch2O technology, which comes with sensors that detect a simple touch on the spout or on the handle. Just a single swipe activates (or deactivates) the water flow. The sensors are so sensitive that they can differentiate between a grab and a touch, so that it doesn’t activate the water flow when you didn’t meant to.

What if you forget to touch the faucet and you leave the water flowing? It won’t go on and on and waste water because it will automatically turn off the water flow after 4 minutes.

The faucet even has an LED sign light system that tells you when touch mode us active, because the light will be blue. The blue turns to magenta as the water temperature increases, with red denoting the highest temperatures. If it flashes red, it means that

This sensor-LED system is powered by just 6 AA batteries, which is good enough to last for 2 years of operations. If you really don’t want to be bothered changing the batteries every other year, you can use 6 C batteries and the next battery change will be in 5 years.

Like many modern premium faucets, this lets you rotate the spout 360 degrees. You can change from a steady stream to a powerful spray. You can retract the spray head and it comes with a 20-inch hose.

  • It activates at a touch while it minimizes false activation.
  • It offers a long hose when you retract it.
  • The LED system tells you about the touch mode status, the temperature of the water, and the battery power level.
  • The batteries can last for a good long while.
  • It has automatic water shutoff.

Kraus KPF-2110

Many people, including master chefs, like everything in the kitchen to work smoothly and efficiently. That’s one way to describe the Kraus KPF-2110. This is a single-lever stainless steel pull-out kitchen faucet that offers top quality smooth operations with a simple yet modern aesthetic.

With its single lever, you can control the water flow easily. The spout also swivels 120 degrees, which should be enough to cover the breadth of the sink. The pull-out sprayer has 2 functions and it has a counterweight along with secure docking.

It’s not just easy to use, but it’s also extremely durable. The finish is corrosion and rust-resistant, and it uses a special ceramic cartridge that’s been tested with half a million cycles. The rubber nozzles minimize the buildup of hard water and they’re easy to clean.

This is simply a high-quality kitchen faucet that’s been listed and certified by organizations like the DOE, CEC, MASS, CSA, IAPMO, SCC, and ADA. They’re also been vouched for by the cUPC , UPC, NSF, ANSI, AB1953, CALGreen, and the FTC. It will last a long time, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • The finish fits in most kitchen overall designs.
  • It’s resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • You get 2 functions with the retractable sprayhead, and the docking is secure.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • It’s been certified by numerous watchdog organizations.

Moen 5995SRS Arbor

Just because you only have a couple of hundred dollars or so reserved for your kitchen faucet doesn’t mean that you can’t get a topnotch model for your kitchen. Moen hasn’t forgotten the needs of those with modest budgets, as they offer this excellent Moen 5995SRS Arbor as your kitchen faucet. It looks good and works extremely well, and what more do you need?

This particular model comes with the Spot Resist Stainless finish. It doesn’t just look good, but it stays nice and clean as well. That’s because this finish resists water spots and fingerprints too.

This is a retractable model, and the retraction process goes very smoothly. It extends nicely goes back easily and that’s all because of the Reflex system design.

Even the installation is simple. It only needs a single hole, but if you have a 3-hole sink you can just get the optional 3-hole escutcheon. Then attaching the components together is quick due to the Duralock Quick Connect system. The attachments are secure as well.

As for the durability, that’s no worry at all. Its guarantee lasts a lifetime.

  • It looks great and fits in modern homes very well.
  • It maintains its looks with its resistance to fingerprints and water spots.
  • You can pull down the retractable spray head easily and move it around.
  • It’s easy to install and clean.

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate

Look around among the latest kitchen faucets, and you can find lots of startling designs that can really catch your attention. That’s not always a good thing, and sometimes you want a kitchen faucet that looks just right in a simple homey kitchen. If that’s what you want, then you may want the KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate.

What’s startling here isn’t the look, which is deceptively subtle and simple. You may be surprised at how much this will cost you though. Yet for many, it’s worth every cent because it just works so effortlessly and smoothly.

Let’s start with the hands-free touchless technology, which works very well indeed. It has a very precise activation window at the back of the spray head, so accidental activation is more unlikely. When you do activate it, the response is virtually instantaneous. This comes with an automatic shutoff feature.

When you retract the pull-down spray head, you’ll notice that the hose is very light and quiet. The ball joint has also been designed so it’s more easily used. With the magnetic docking system, returning the spray head is smooth is it’s secured in its place.

The finish resists rust and corrosion. The ceramic valves are durable. The spray face is also easy to clean, and there’s not much to clean anyway. The surface is designed to resist mineral buildup. You can just wipe it down with a wet cloth and everything’s fine.

All these features work together seamlessly, and that’s how it also fits in with your overall kitchen interior design. It’s designed to solve problems, and not to create to more. It has an LED light at the base to tell you that its extra features are working and it’s powered by AC electricity, so you don’t really need batteries either.

  • It looks apt in any kitchen.
  • It has touchless technology with a more precise activation area.
  • The retractable spray head works very smoothly.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It can last for a very long time.
  • You don’t need batteries.

Moen 7594EC Arbor

Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple fixtures that provides the nicest surprises, doesn’t it? Take the Moen 7594EC Arbor as an example. It offers a modern aesthetic that fits right in any contemporary kitchen. Then you use it and you realize that its features are as modern as its chrome finish.

Its looks, first of all, can be quite versatile. It can fit in just about any kitchen. It’s also easy to install as it’s been designed with the Duralock Quick-Connect system. It’s a well-named feature, as it does make installation quick and secure.

When you use it, you’ll notice that it’s so convenient. There’s no need to turn a handle to activate that water flow, as it has 2 sensors that will realize when you need to turn on the water.

You can then also just pull down on the spray head for more maneuverable cleaning, as the hose is incredibly long at 68 inches. You can sue it for spots much farther away from the sink. The Reflex system makes sure that returning the spray head to its original place is a smooth process, and that the docking is secure.

It also offers 2 spray patters, so flicking a switch gives you a nice steady stream or a more vigorous spray that can scrub the most stubborn grime.

The finish is designed to last a lifetime, and you can probably say that about the whole kitchen faucet. The same goes for the guarantee too.

  • The high-arc sprout gives you more sink space.
  • It has touchless technology with 2 sensors.
  • It can offer a powerful spray along with a gentle water flow.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s guaranteed for life.

What Are the Top Kitchen Faucet Brands?

One way to make sure you’re not getting a dud for your kitchen faucet is to limit your options to just the more well-known brands. They may cost more, but their quality is much better and they’ll last longer too. Some of these brands have earned a sterling reputation for quality over the years, and they may also have exclusive technology that you won’t find in other brands.

Here are some of the more famous ones:

  • Their brand slogan is “Buy it for looks. Buy it for life.” So you know that they care a lot about styling and durability. They do offer a wide range of styles, while all their faucets come with a great guarantee that guarantees replacements for drips, leaks, and defects in the finish for life.

They also have several features that you can only find with the Moen brand or were first launched by Moen. The Reflex design allows you to easily maneuver a faucet to pull down or pull out, while retracting is easy and the docking is secure. The MotionSense was the first example of the touch technology in faucets, which turned on or off the water flow instantly with just a touch. They also developed technology to protect against bacteria or even against fingerprints and water spots on the finish. There’s also the M-Pact System, which uses common valves so that you can use various faucet styles interchangeably.

  • Many consider Delta as perhaps the most highly regarded brand in the kitchen faucet sector. They’re famous for the lifetime length of the guarantee for their products, because their quality control testing standards include turning faucets on and off half a million times to check for leaks. They perform more than a hundred manual inspections to really make sure that there’s nothing wrong with each faucet they offer.

Delta has its own touch technology, and they also have their unique Multiflow and water-efficient technologies. They use diamond to strengthen the valves and line the faucet interiors. They also have a unique docking system that lets pull-down and pull-out faucets swing back into place when they’re docked.

  • Kraus is also another highly regarded brand. They specialize in providing creative residential faucet designs with commercial quality standards. They’re one of a handful of kitchen faucet brands that can combine the use of high-grade bronze finishing with stainless steel. They also perform meticulous quality control, so that they’re able to offer lifetime support for their kitchen faucets.
  • This is one of the most renowned brands in the industry, as they’ve been in the business since 1911. They’re famous for offering high quality kitchen faucets at every price range.

Kohler technologies that you may find in some of their faucets include the swivel and rotating spout. This feature lets you rotate the spout a full 360 degrees. There’s also the temperature memory technology which you can find in the higher end Kohler faucets. This turns the faucet at the temperature you previously set, so that you won’t have to reset every time you rinse your kitchenware. The valves in all their faucets are also made of ceramic, which is a premium material that enhances the performance and durability of each faucet.

  • This is a relatively new brand, but they’ve rocked the kitchen faucet industry with their elegant styling and modern technologies. They’ve won awards for their innovation. They offer tumbled bronze original finishing, and they also offer the Opulence line of kitchen faucets with 5 different classy finishes.
  • This is another premium brand in the kitchen faucet industry, as they combine elegant designs with innovative technology and long-lasting durability. They employ the exclusive Grohe Zero alloy that boosts the rustproofing of all Grohe faucets. They also put in tech that boosts water efficiency, and they use sound-numbing joints for a quieter water flow.


To be able to pick out the most suitable kitchen faucets, you may want to do more research on how these things work and how they can be different from each other. Here are some of the questions that people often ask about the industry:

What are the benefits of “touch technology” in kitchen faucets?

Touch technology is the ability to turn on or turn off a faucet without actually turning the handle. Sometimes this can mean activating the faucet when you put a plate or your hands within a few inches under the faucet spout. It helps when your hands are always busy handling plates, so you won’t have to put these plates aside to turn off a faucet. It also keeps germs from spreading from the faucet handle.

What are pull-down and pull-out faucets?

These have removable spray heads attached to a hose so they’re more versatile. “Pull-down” and “pull-out” refers to how you detach them. A pull-down faucet has a taller spout, and the spray hose is shorter as it’s meant to just pull down into the sink. They’re great for deep sinks. A pull-out faucet has a shorter spout so you get less splash-back. Yet they also have a longer hose, so you can pull it out to fill jars and containers on the countertop.

What’s “WaterSense”?

This is the label that’s like the Energy Star label for electric appliances. This time, though, this label signifies that it has met the water conservation and efficiency standards set out by the EPA.

What does it take to keep a kitchen faucet spotless?

It’s true that the finishes of kitchen faucets can tarnish over time, and you may want to check for anti-tarnishing features to avoid this particular problem. You may want to get a faucet with a physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish if you want the finish to ever change in appearance. It won’t corrode or tarnish. Some faucets can resist even water spots and fingerprints so they’re always spotless.

You should understand that some faucets can develop a patina over time, and some people actually like this because it gives a rustic antique feel. To meet this demand, some manufacturers offer faucets with a “living finish”, which means it’ll develop a greenish tint over a period of time.

Is it easy to install a kitchen faucet?

The ease of the installation depends greatly in the model you buy and your own DIY abilities. However, many of the premium brands offer models that are in fact easy to install, and they also provide online videos of the whole installation process. In general, it’s also easy for most people with substantial DIY experience, as YouTube contains numerous videos for many kitchen faucet types.

All in all, though, it’s probably more cost-effective to just hire a plumber. The plumber can make sure that your kitchen faucet choice is right for your sink, and the installation can go on quickly and correctly. Even people with DOY experience can take a long time, and often the mistakes can prove costlier in the end.


There’s seriously no need to go with low-quality kitchen faucets these days, as these new models can attend to your every kitchen sink need. With the best kitchen faucets, you don’t have to endure even minor kitchen sink annoyances. Try any of these models, and your kitchen becomes even more wonderful.

Buying Guide for the Best Undermount Kitchen Sink

Why are there more and more people looking for the best undermount kitchen sink these days? There are several good reasons for that, though first we need to know what an undermount kitchen sink really is.  

When you have a traditional kitchen sink, the installation usually involves dropping the sink into the countertop. They’re often called drop-in sinks because of this. The other term for them is rimmed sinks. Sinks generally have rims, and this installation method leaves the rim out on display on top of the countertop. This method is still common because it’s tested and durable. The sink is supported by the countertop, so the weight of water in the basin isn’t a problem.

This is so common that people looked for alternatives, and the undermount kitchen sink came along. These are kitchens sinks that installed from underneath the countertop, so the countertop hides the rim. Such a small change actually led to rather significant benefits.

One benefit is that without the rim, you actually gain up to half a square foot of countertop area. Without the rim, cleaning the sink is a bit easier since you don’t need to clean the rim. It even makes cleaning the countertop easier as well, because with no obstructing rim you can just wipe the debris off the countertop into the sink.

Finally, without the rim it doesn’t just look different. It looks better. It’s more elegant and more stylish.

What to Look For Before Buying an Undermount Kitchen Sink

Not all undermount kitchen sinks are the same. Some are just better than others, and a low-quality undermount sink is more than just a great annoyance. It can be a waste of your money as well when you have to replace it right away. So you may as well take some time to consider certain factors when you’re choosing among undermount kitchen sinks.

  • Installation. The installation has to be secure, because with drop in kitchen sinks the sink is supported by the countertop. That’s not the case with the undermount. So you have to make sure the mounting is secure. That means the installation process should be made as easy as possible. There should be clear instructions and mounting hardware.
  • Aesthetics. The look of the kitchen sink matters, and it should fit right in with the overall style of the kitchen.
  • Shape of the edges. Having rounded edges makes a sink feel gentler and more pleasing, while sharp angles can make the sink look merely functional.
  • Number of basins. Having 2 basins makes a kitchen sink more versatile, though you need ample countertop space and a bigger budget for a kitchen sink.
  • The length and width determines how big of a pot or pan you can fit inside a countertop. A deep basin can also be filled with more plates, though there can be splashback issues.
  • It should be made from high quality material, and it helps if it has a lifetime buyer protection in the form of a company guarantee.

Product Reviews

Here are 5 excellent examples of undermount kitchen sinks that may serve your needs.

Kraus KHU103-33

You need 2 basins for your kitchen sink? The Kraus KHU103-33 has them. You want one to be slightly bigger than the other? That’s the case here as well. This is one undermount kitchen sink that’s undoubtedly versatile. It’s large as well with its 32.75-inch overall length. The bigger basin is 16.9 inches long, while the other one is 12.9 inches long. The width is 17 inches and the depth is a nice deep 10 inches to accommodate a tall stack of dinner plates.

This is also a Kraus, and it’s one of the most recognized brands in the whole kitchen sink industry. They’re innovators and craftsmen, and the KHU series is a prime example of why so many people have such a high regard for the brand. This kitchen sink comes with features that seem to think about everything you may possibly need from a kitchen sink.

This uses the highly-regarded 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel, that’s durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. It comes with a commercial-grade that adds to its looks and durability. There’s really no question about its durability anyway, as it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Don’t get worried that the stainless steel here can lead to lots of noise when you’re working with plates and glasses at the kitchen sink. More than 80% of the sink base is covered by especially thick rubber pads to absorb the sound so it doesn’t reverberate. The drainage inside the basin is also smooth and efficient, as there are grooves that channel the water into the drain to keep the water from pooling in the basin.

It looks great too, by the way. That’s the effect of the nice finish, and of course as it’s an undermount kitchen sink it looks great without the rims showing.

If all these aren’t enough, you even get additional freebies with your purchase. You have bottom grids with soft bumpers to protect the basin surface. There’s a basket strainer and a drain assembly. The installation is easier as all the mounting hardware is included too.

  • It’s very durable, and the guarantee offered by the company is for life.
  • It’s resistant to dents and rust.
  • You don’t make a lot of noise when you’re working at the kitchen sink.
  • It’s easy to clean, and it helps that it has rounded edges.
  • It looks great.
  • You get lots of freebies.

Kraus KHU102-33

No, this isn’t an inadvertent repeat of the earlier review. This is the KHU102, not the 103. Yes, it’s true that as part of the KHU series of kitchen sinks this model shares the very same DNA of the other models of the series. It’s also the same size at 33 inches (or to be more exact, 32¾ by 19 inches in area and 10 inches in depth). It even has 2 basins as well.

However, the configuration of the 2 basins is the key difference here. With this particular model the 2 basins have the same dimensions. They’re both 14.9 inches long and 17 inches wide.

With the same dimensions you can have 2 people work at the basin at the same time, which should speed up the work. You also can transfer one plate from one basin to another as you clean them. The basins have square edges to emphasize the functionality of this kitchen sink, so you may as well get full use from it.

As it’s a KHU model, it comes with the special Kraus features that have made the brand famous. It uses the 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel that’s so apt for heavy duty work, as it won’t dent. Don’t trouble yourself about making too much noise banging against the stainless steel, as the NoiseDefend design has covered up to 80% of the sink base with especially thick rubber pads to absorb the sounds.

The basin is nicely deep and can accommodate a stack of up to 30 dinner plates. The bottom of the sink has channel grooves to make sure that your water doesn’t pool at the bottom. You get various extra freebies with your purchase, including the mounting hardware. Finally, there should be a guarantee for a lifetime.

  • It offers 2 equal-sized basins.
  • It’s very spacious.
  • The durability is outstanding.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • There’s no pooling of the water at the bottom of the sink.
  • It’s not noisy at all.
  • You get lots of freebies like a strainer and a bottom grid for each basin.

Zuhne Modena Undermount Deep Single Bowl 32 x 19 Inch

Do you really need 2 basins? For most of us, a single basin is enough for our kitchen sink. Why pay more for something that you don’t really need anyway?

However, a single large and deep bowl does offer a lot of convenience when you’re at the kitchen sink. This particular version is the largest of the 8 available sizes of the Modena, and it’s truly huge. It is 32 inches long and 19 inches wide, while the depth goes down to 10 inches. You can hide lots of kitchenware in that kind of basin.

It’s easy enough to see why so many construction professionals put this in so many homes all over the world. It’s not just about the size but the quality. It uses surgical-grade T-304 stainless steel made in South Korea instead of China. This steel is impact-resistant. It works very quietly, and that’s due to the use of 5mm pads on up to 90% of the sink’s body. That’s twice as thick as the other pads in other kitchen sinks, and they cover more of the Modena’s body.

It’s easy to install, as it comes with the mounting hardware and the cutout template. Other freebies include a 3-piece strainer, a grid protector, and a sponge holder. There’s a cleaning towel included in your purchase too. It’s easy to clean the sink anyway, since it has rounded edges.

This looks great as well, with the satin finish nicely complementing the rimless look of the sink. The gurantee also looks great and the returns are free. The US support center works around the clock 24×7.

  • It’s large and deep so it can fit many dirty dishes out of sight of guests.
  • The stainless steel is durable and impact-resistant.
  • The noise-proofing is fantastic.
  • It comes with numerous free items.
  • The customer support is terrific.

Kraus KBU24 32-inch

Just in case you’re thinking déjà vu thoughts as you read this, let’s remind you that this is the KBU and not the KHU series. The difference seems minimal, as the two types of kitchen sinks share many common features. What’s different here with the Kraus KBU24 is that it comes with rounded edges so cleaning is easier.

This particular KBU24 has 2 basins, with one larger and roomier than the other. It’s a 60 to 40 split. The larger one is 18⅝ inches wide on the inside, 15¾ long, and 9 inches deep. The smaller one is 16½ inches wide, 13 inches long, and 7⅛ inches deep. You can put a large dirty pot into the bigger basin, while the plates can fit in nicely in the smaller basin.

Don’t worry about banging the pans and plates on the stainless steel, as this is premium-grade T-304 steel. You also won’t be causing too much noise to wake a baby. It has rubber pads attached to the body of the sink to absorb the noise. That sound is also dampened by the special “Stone Guard” coating, which also works with reducing condensation. It’s corrosion resistant too. No wonder you’re assured of its quality for a lifetime.

Your purchase comes with bonus items, and these include bottom grids with soft bumpers so your sink isn’t scratched. Also included are items like the basket strainer, the drain assembly, the sink cutout template and all the mounting hardware you need to install this.

  • You get 2 spacious basins with different dimensions.
  • It uses premium stainless steel.
  • You won’t wake anybody up when you’re working at the kitchen sink because of the noise-proofing features.
  • Cleaning this is easy because of the rounded corners.
  • It’s easy to install.

Blanco 511-702 Diamond Equal Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, Anthracite Finish

It’s true that most of the best undermount kitchen sinks are made with stainless steel. But if you want a kitchen sink for a rustic home or log cabin, you really ought to take a look at this.

This looks so different because it’s not stainless steel. It’s made with what Blanco calls Silgranit. This is granite composite that’s made with 80% solid granite. Anything more than that and the granite will be more vulnerable to cracking. So now, you have the feel and sight of a nice natural stone for a kitchen. You also have 2 basins, and they both measure 14.5 by 17 inches in area and 9.5 inches deep.

This material resists heat up to 536 degrees F and it’s non-porous. It resists most household stains, plus it can resist chipping and scratching as well. It’s like it’s almost indestructible, so it’s not surprising that its covered for the rest of your life. It’s also resilient, so it won’t damage your dinner plates either.

  • Its dark looks and natural stone makes it perfect in an antique house.
  • You have 2 roomy basins.
  • The granite composite won’t be scratched by the kitchenware.
  • It’s also heat-resistant.
  • It resists stains as well.

What Are the Top Undermount Kitchen Sink Brands?

Plenty of brands produce high quality kitchen sinks that can serve your particular needs. For undermount kitchen sinks, these are some of the brands that are worth checking out:

  • The Kraus brand is ubiquitous, and you can find them in millions of kitchens all over the world. They’re especially popular in lists of top kitchen sinks, and they offer several excellent lineups of undermount versions. Their premium kitchen sinks offer the gold standard in the industry. They use handcrafted high quality materials, they design the bottoms for efficient drainage, and their finishes look goof and are easy to clean. The premium Kraus kitchen sinks come with important accessories, and these include mounting hardware and clear instructions for installation. They generally offer a limited lifetime company guarantee for their sinks.
  • The sinks from Zuhne often come with solid stainless steel at food-grade quality. They manufacture a wide range of sinks to accommodate the many different needs of households. This is an American company based in Houston. They use food-grade stainless steel and the sinks will last for a very long time.
  • Aside from their premium stainless steel sinks, they also offer fireclay sinks along with sinks made from their unique granite composite material. This German company also sells handcrafted sinks made from a single sheet of premium stainless steel.


How do I install an undermount kitchen sink?

There’s no single way to do this, as each model tends to have its own installation process. Perhaps the best single answer is that you shouldn’t install the undermount kitchen sink all by yourself. It’s a lot more difficult than a drop-in kitchen sink. You should just ask a plumber to do it for you. You can at least help the plumber by downloading the manual, bookmarking the YouTube video, and making sure that the purchase includes all the necessary mounting hardware. Doing it yourself can make a mess out of everything.

Is the undermount feature worth the expense?

That’s a question only you can answer. However, for most people the answer does tend to be a resounding yes. Without the rim showing over the countertop, the kitchen sink somehow looks more appealing. It seems like an inherent part of the countertop, instead of a stick-on on top.

The rim blocks you from easily wiping countertop dirt off into the sink. You’d have to clean the rim too, and so its absence can reduce the area that you have to clean.

What other features should I look for?

The most important feature is probably the size and dimensions of the kitchen sink you’re trying to buy. That size needs to be small enough to fit into the countertop. It also should be big enough that you can clean as many kitchenware, glassware, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Is having 2 basins for the kitchen sink worth the extra expense?

It depends on what your real needs are. Having two kitchen sinks allows you to work with another friend at the kitchen sink. It helps you to divide your items in the sink. But if you’re alone and you don’t have to separate your items in the sink, then the extra expense of the additional basin may not be worth it.

Is it really important that the look of the kitchen sink should match the overall kitchen aesthetic?

From a functional perspective, the answer is no. Yet kitchen interior design and aesthetics isn’t as irrelevant as you may think it is. A good look relaxes you, and you don’t want the additional stress when you’re working in the kitchen. A wrong kitchen sink pick can clash with the current kitchen aesthetic and ruin the whole look.

Are stainless steel kitchen sinks really noisy?

Ordinarily, yes they are. Putting glasses and plates on a stainless steel surface can feel like you’re banging on the cymbals repeatedly. The sound can be very annoying after a while.

However, many of the top brands are aware of this problem, which is why they can offer a soundproofing feature. This usually involves having large thick pads stuck to the base of the kitchen sink to absorb the sound when you set flosses into the sink.

What’s so wrong about porcelain sinks anyway?

Porcelain remains popular choice, but it sure does offer some drawbacks. These drawbacks are often related to how porcelain really contains glass materials. These glass materials can chip, especially when you drop plates and pots on the kitchen sink. Porcelain also has a nasty habit of developing dark spots.

How do I know if a kitchen sink will last?

There are 3 basic ways to find out. You can check out the material used for the kitchen sink, and it should be a durable material like stainless steel. If this is the case, then it should be made of a proven type of touch steel. The T-304 is a popular choice for many premium models.

Another way is to check and see if there’s an extensive guarantee on the product. Preferably it should be for a lifetime.

Finally, you should read a fair sample of the customer reviews online. Look for complaints regarding accidental damage of the kitchen sink due to heavy plates and pots. If there are too many of these complaints, they may have a grain of truth there somewhere.

Final Words

An undermount kitchen sink isn’t just functional. It enhances the look of the kitchen well. Pick the perfect combination of form and function for the best kitchen sink, and you’re all set to go.


How to Find the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

A common occurrence when you’re at your kitchen sink is when you have to put down whatever it is your washing to turn the handle. This just makes good sense when you’re concerned about water conservation, because you don’t just want the water to flow when you don’t need to. The problem is that it’s just so inconvenient and it can become frustrating in the long run. Sometimes your hands are even soapy and you leave marks on the handle that you’d have to wash afterwards to leave your kitchen faucet gleaming.

This is the problem that’s been eliminated by the touchless kitchen faucet. This technology involves the use of sensors that notes when an object is in the activation area. A sensor can be at the base of the faucet. When it senses something like your hand or a glass under the spray head, the water flow starts. It stops when you take your hand or the glass out of the area.

The sensor can also be at the top of the faucet or behind the spray head. Put something like your hand over it and the water stops. Put your hand or the pot you’re holding over the sensor and the water stops. It’s just easy.

It’s easy enough to understand the need for touchless kitchen faucets, but it’s not as easy to figure out which ones will suit your needs. That’s what this whole guide is for. At the end of all this, you should have a much clearer idea of which touchless faucet to attach to your kitchen sink.

Factors to Consider

There are several considerations you have to keep in mind when you buy a touchless kitchen faucet. Of course, the quality and actual usefulness of the touchless technology must be considered. Low-quality models may have ineffective sensors that have a hard time sensing your hands, or perhaps it turns to falsely activate even when you don’t need the water to flow.

But the quality of the touchless technology is just one aspect that you have to consider. You still have to factor in other crucial factors. The aesthetics must also be considered, because you don’t want a kitchen faucet to jarringly stick out from your overall kitchen design.

It should help make life at the kitchen sink easier for you. Therefore, it should be easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. A retractable spray head is another good feature, and it should come out and dock in smoothly. You want it to solve problems and not add new ones instead.

Then you need to consider the durability of the model. It helps if you stick with well-known brands, as they’ve already carved out a reputation for excellent quality. You should note the materials used, and see that they have rust-resistant features and leak-resistant materials. You should also take a look at various customer reviews, as numerous complaints may contradict the product advertisements of the manufacturers.

Product Reviews

Some touchless kitchen models are simply better than others, as they provide better value for your money. If you want to make sure that you’re getting a good one, take a look at some of the more popular and highly-regarded touchless kitchen faucet you can get right now:

Moen Arbor 7594ESRS

When you have a modern home, you need a modern kitchen faucet. It’s virtually axiomatic. You want something that fits in with your kitchen’s contemporary look, and you want that faucet to offer features as advanced as what you get in your refrigerator, cooking stove, blender, and coffee machine. You will most likely appreciate the Moen Arbor 7594ESRS, and that’s not just because it’s not too expensive despite the startling technology they have to offer.

The 7594ESRS is a good choice for you in terms of looks, as it looks stylish and modern. It offers completely modern features as well.

First of all, this comes with not one but two sensors for the touchless technology. There’s one at the base of the faucet, which can detect if you’re putting something under the spray head. It will assume that when you’re doing that, you want to turn on the water flow and you’ll get that right away. Once you take away the stuff you want to rinse or the container you want to fill with water, the water flow stops.

The other sensor is a simple one at the very top of the spout. You don’t have to grab the handle to turn the water flow on or off as you can just pass your hand or a container over the sensor to start the water flow. Do it again, the water stops.

The Arbor offers a very contemporary design, so it’s a great fit for modern homes. It’s modern and stylish, so it won’t look out of place with any sort of kitchen design. The 7594ESRS comes with a Spot Resist stainless finish that also resists fingerprint marks and water spots, so you won’t have to clean the faucet constantly and after heavy use.

This comes with a high arc, and that helps you fit in even large pans underneath the spray head. It’s a pull-down faucet too, so that means you can retract the spray head to clean stuff in every part of the sink. It has the Reflex system that ensures you can detach the spray head easily and move it around with no trouble. This system also makes sure that you can easily retract the hose and secure the spray head back into its dock.

Whenever you’re using the faucet, keep in mind that you have 2 spray patterns to choose from. There’s a gentle stream that’s good for most everyday kitchen sink tasks. Then there’s a rinse spray that’s like a shower that’s enhanced with Moen’s “Power Clean” technology, so you get greater water pressure to help you rinse off the dirt from your items.

It’s easy to install because of the Duralock Quick-Connect Installation system. There’s no need for tools to connect the various components, but all the connections are secure.

Finally, this comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. It’ll be a while before you’ll need to buy another one to replace it.

  • It has a stylish contemporary look.
  • It comes with 2 sensors with its touchless technology.
  • It resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • Installation is easy and secure.
  • It has a limited lifetime guarantee.

Moen Bradford 7185ESRS

Hopefully, you didn’t skip over or forget the many different features of the Moen Arbor 7594ESRS we’ve just described. That’s because the Moen Bradford 7185ESRS has the same exact features. All the tech capabilities of the Arbor can be found here.

That means it has the 2-sensor touchless technology and the Reflex system that lets you retract, move, and dock the spray head securely. It has the Spot Resist finish, the Duralock Quick-Connect system, the 2 spray modes, and the guarantee lasts a lifetime.

What is different here is that the Bradford comes with a significantly different look. Somehow its shape and its curves evoke to an earlier era. It’s a very classic look, and it will stylistically fit in much better with a traditional or rustic home kitchen.

  • It has a classic look.
  • It comes with 2 sensors with its touchless technology.
  • It resists fingerprints and water spots.
  • Installation is easy and secure.
  • You get a guarantee for life.

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate

If you’ve been going with basic zero-tech kitchen faucets before, you may have to steel yourself by the price increase you’ll inevitably encounter when you go high-tech with touchless kitchen faucets. That’s especially true with this Kohler Sensate K-72218-VS, because even among other touchless kitchen faucets it’s a bit expensive.

What’s really surprising about its price is that the very look of the K-72218-VS doesn’t make it look expensive at all. Certainly, it seems solid. But it also looks quite unassuming. This makes it fit in smoothly with just about any type of kitchen design aesthetic.

What’s more remarkable about this, however, is its topnotch quality. It just works so well. If you’ve switched from other touchless kitchen faucets (especially those models that aren’t on this list) then this quality is pretty much undeniable. It doesn’t give you any headaches at all. It works like you’d expect it to work.

It’s quite obvious that Kohler put a lot of thought into the design of the K-72218-VS. The most obvious unique design feature is the placement of the sensor, which is not on the base or the top of the faucet. Instead, it’s just behind the spray head. This placement lets you turn the water on and off more naturally than having the sensor at the top. It’s also more effective in preventing inadvertent activation of the water flow.

This is all due to what Koehler calls its Response technology. It’s about making things easier and more convenient for you. That’s why the water flows immediately when you activate it. That’s also why it has an automatic shutoff feature so when you’re filling a pot up with water you can leave there without worrying about wasting water.

There’s LED light at the base of the faucet, and this indicates when the faucet’s touchless technology is ready and powered. Its power doesn’t have to come from batteries, as you can connect it to your AC power instead.

This has a retractable spray head, and using it to clean your pots and pans is made even more efficient. Moving the spray head with its hose is smooth, and part of that is due to the special swiveling ball joint used. The braided nylon hose has also been made to be light, and it even moves quietly.

The spray head offers a stream and a spray as options, and you can turn a handle to adjust the water temperature. Koehler also has a new docking system called DockNetic that uses magnets to enable you to put back the spray head in its place without any sort of kinks.

Inside, you have ceramic valves that are so durable you can expect them to work flawless for a very long time. The finish is similarly long-lasting, as it’s resistant to corrosion and even to wear. Just in case you’re not satisfied with how clean it looks, you can always just use a wet cloth to wipe it clean. You can use that same wet cloth for the spray face, though that part of the faucet won’t be as dirty. That’s because the nozzles have been designed to resist mineral buildup.

All these features are great, but the way they all work together smoothly is what makes the K-72218-VS such a premium-quality touchless kitchen faucet. Its looks will fit in just fine with any kitchen aesthetic, while its function will fit in seamlessly with all your kitchen sink tasks.

  • It can fit in with any kitchen design.
  • It avoids accidental water flow activation.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It works so smoothly.
  • It’s very durable.

Pfister GT529-ELS Lita

This is the pull-down kitchen faucet with React technology, which means it has the touchless tech that activates the faucet without having to touch the handle at all. Yet what will strike you at first glance is its sleek yet solid look. It’s both subtly stylish and effortlessly modern, so it should fit in with your kitchen design just fine.

Effortless is also an apt adjective in describing how you can this kitchen faucet for everyday tasks. It has a sensor at the base, and it’s designed to detect anything within 4 inches of it. If you put your hand or a glass under the faucet, then it will presume you want the water flow and the faucet will automatically activate it.

Of course, there can come a time when you want to disable the sensor, such as if you’re cleaning the faucet. You can then use the hibernate mode, and you can do that simply by putting your hand in front of the sensor for about 5 seconds. Do the same thing to activate the sensor again.

The handle isn’t superfluous here, as in fact it will override your sensors. You can use it to adjust the rate of the water flow, as well as the water temperature. Just rotate the handle backwards and you can go from cold to hot water.

You’ll also need your hand to pull-down the spray head when you want to spray or rinse items that aren’t right under the spout. The hose is nice and long so you can have a better reach. The spray head contains the toggle that lets you choose between the stream and the spray mode. Once you’re done with the retractable spray head, the Accudock feature allows you to secure back the spray head with a tight connection.

It will automatically stop the continuous water flow after 2 minutes to conserve water. This uses specially designed ceramic valves so that you won’t have to worry about leaks. In fact, it comes with a “never leak” guarantee. It’s also been designed for easy cleanup and you can get rid of the hard water buildup with no trouble.

Its installation is especially easy with the GT529-ELS Lita. Do you have 1, 2, 3, or even 4 holes on your countertop? The GT529-ELS Lita can be mounted to any of these configurations. The PFast Connect system lets you just push in and lock the connectors, and you don’t need silicone or putty to seal them in. Flexible supply lines are included as well. You can

  • It offers easy to use touchless technology and you can disable.
  • You can choose between spray and stream modes.
  • It has a long retractable hose that you can dock back securely.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • You can adjust the temperature.
  • The water flow can stop automatically.

Boharers Sensor Faucet

It can be somewhat frustrating if you have a limited budget for a touchless kitchen faucet. Some of the models can be expensive, especially if you want a good one. But then there’s this Sensor Faucet from Boharers and you’re ready to go. It’s quite affordable, and it’s still a high-quality touchless kitchen faucet.

You can get the brushed nickel finish for this if you have a rustic kitchen, but for many modern kitchens the chrome polished is more apt. It looks simply stylish, and it has many of the modern features that make chores at the kitchen sink so much easier.

It has a sensor that detects your hand motion, so just wave tour hand at the sensor and the water flows. You can choose between a stream and a spray, and the toggle for this is on the spray head so if you retract it you can still easily toggle between the 2 modes. When you’re done, the hose easily and securely docks back into position. Or you can just keep the spray head docked, as it can swivel 360 degrees.

This is powered by 4 AA batteries which should last a year or two. Installation is easy, and your purchase comes with an escutcheon for 3-hole configurations. It also comes with a lifetime limited guarantee, but that doesn’t cover the human factor. So you may want to make sure a plumber installs it.

  • It offers a classy look.
  • The touchless tech is easy to use.
  • The retractable spray head docks securely.
  • It’s easy to install.


Here are some questions about touchless kitchen faucets that have been asked by a lot of potential customers:

1. How does it work?

You know how some video cameras have motion detector sensors that start recording whenever there’s something moving around in the detection area? Then there are some office building doors that open automatically as you approach it, like in Star Trek. Well, the same principle applies to the touchless technology in these kitchen faucets. This time, the sensors are attached by wires to the valves that open and close whenever you have something within the detection area.

2. Where are the sensors located?

That depends on where the manufacturers want to place them. One common location is at the base of the spout, so that the sensor can detect it when you place your hands right under the spray head. Other common locations include at the top of the spout and right behind the spray head, as these sensors let you turn the water flow on and off.

3. How are these sensors powered?

Like most appliances, they’re powered by electricity. They can either be powered with batteries that can last several years, or you can have them permanently wired to your home electrical system.

4. Why do many health experts recommend these faucets?

That’s because it stops the spread of germs. The handle of the faucet is one item that quite a few people in the home may touch. When a sick person touches the handle, the next people who touch that handle may get the germs and get sick themselves. With the touchless technology, at least this method of germ transfer is eliminated.

5. What are the other benefits?

Since you don’t touch the handle when you’re washing stuff in the sink, you avoid living soapy spots and fingerprints on the handle, which may mar its looks. It can be a bit bothersome when you have to wipe down the handle after every time you use it.

Also, it helps some people who may not be able to easily reach the handle. These include little kids and people in wheelchairs.

Finally, there’s also the water conservation aspect. You no longer have to keep the faucet running just because you don’t want to lay down the glassware on the sink before you reach for the handle with soapy hands. Instead, you now have a cool way of turning the water on and off.

6. Don’t these features add too much to the cost of the faucets?

Not really. Those faucets with just these touchless sensors can actually have a low price tag. The more expensive ones come with a higher price because the touchless technology isn’t the only advanced feature they have.

7. How do you install these faucets?

If you have some DIY experience, you can just Google the model and you’ll find “how to” installation videos on sites like YouTube. But if you want it done correctly and quickly the first time, you may want to go with a professional plumber.

8. What do they look like?

That’s the thing; touchless kitchen faucets can look very different from one another. Some can look shiny and bright, while others can be darker and more subtle. You can find a model that can fit any kind of modern look, or you can also go with a more rustic look.


Touchless kitchen faucets open up a whole new way to make life in the kitchen a lot smoother and more efficient. They eliminate annoying instances when you have to stop your work to lay down stuff in the sink to turn on or turn off the water flow. With these touchless kitchen faucets, when you’re at the kitchen sink everything’s just easier. That’s the whole point. Hopefully, now you know which ones to consider first when you’re in the market for a touchless kitchen faucet.


How to Find the Best Kitchen Sink

Not everyone is concerned about finding and buying the best kitchen sink. When you were a kid, you most likely didn’t really think about your kitchen sink at all. It’s just a place where you placed dirty plates and glasses. It’s where the water goes when you washed your hands. It’s just there, and it doesn’t seem important at all.

But when you get older, you get a special appreciation of what a good sink offers. Can you imagine not having a kitchen sink at all? Without it, you’d have to go outside to wash your hands and your fruits and vegetables. You won’t be able to get a quick spray on your plates and glasses.

But not all kitchen sinks are the same. They have different areas and depths, and they can be made from different materials. They can even have different extra features. Not all kitchen sinks can suit your particular needs. Even its look will affect the overall kitchen interior design. All these reasons should convince you to take some time aside to figure out just what the best kitchen sink is for you.

To help with that, we can help point out the considerations you have to factor in when you choose a kitchen sink. We also offer best kitchen sink reviews, along with some other information that can help you decide which one suits your needs.

What to Look For when Buying a Kitchen Sink

To help you decide on the best kitchen sink for you, these factors should be kept in mind:

  • The number of basins. This is perhaps one of the more basic factors you need to think about. How many basins do you really need? You can have a basic single sink with a faucet, but you can have 2 basins. With these, you can even make do with a single faucet if that faucet can swivel. Some sinks have 3 basins, but then for these most part these are commercial grade kitchen sinks typically used for restaurants.
  • The dimensions. Just how large do you want your sink to be? Large sinks can pre to be more convenient, but smaller ones are more accessible and can fit better in a small kitchen. You also need to think about the depth of the sink.
  • The type. There are actually many different types of kitchen sinks. There’s the farmhouse sink, which offers a vintage vibe. You have the undermount sink that hangs from a countertop instead of being supported by the countertop. You may see bar sinks that can function as a small sink for entertaining areas or as a secondary sink in your kitchen. Sinks can have square edges or rounded edges. Then there are the vessel sinks that are basically modern versions of the wash basin.
  • The materials used. Porcelain is perhaps the most common as the sinks made from porcelain are durable and pretty. Other kitchen sinks feature stainless steel. This is quite durable, though they do show water spots and they may need a bit of maintenance. Other materials include copper, granite, fireclay, acrylic, resins, and natural stone. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks.
  • Removable inserts. These can be racks for dishes, utensils, and dishcloths. They can be very convenient, though they add to the price.

Product Reviews

With the important factors in mind, just which kitchen sinks are the best? You can start your search with these excellent options:

Kraus KHU100-30

When you’re looking for a kitchen sink, it’s good to start your search with a reputable brand. That means you should really take a look at the Kraus kitchen sink lineup, as this brand is renowned for its excellent products.

This model is actually available in 26-inch and 28-inch models, but your best bet is to just go for the 30-inch model instead. Whether you’re upgrading your current kitchen countertop or you’re building a new home, this sink will work very well in your kitchen.

Since this is deep and large, you won’t have any trouble putting in your largest kitchen ware. Even a 12-quart stockpot will fit right in. a large party won’t be a problem either, since it can fit up to 30 dinner plates without going over the basin. The depth of the basin also helps in containing the splashing, so your apron won’t have to do heavy duty in protecting your outfit.

This sink may look deceptively simple, but it’s actually been handcrafted to ensure quality. It uses heavy duty 16-gauge stainless steel. This is actually T304 stainless steel with just enough carbon that properly balances strength, corrosion resistance, and ductility. It’s extremely durable and can resist having dents either. It also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Now you may think that the kitchen can get noisy with the plates and the stainless steel in constant contact, but that’s not so. That’s because Kraus put in what they call their NoiseDefend, which involves having more than 80% of the base of the sink covered by super-thick rubber. The rubber helps to absorb the sound so the resulting noise is considerably reduced.

The drainage isn’t a problem either. Its design has been optimized for highly efficient drainage. Water doesn’t pool in the bottom of the basin as there are channel grooves in the sink.

This comes with plenty of accessories, and they include a 3-piece basket strainer, a bottom grid, and a dish towel made from 100% cotton. You even get a utility bag for all these stuff. These accessories also include the installation instructions and template, along with the mounting hardware and a user’s manual.

  • It’s been handcrafted.
  • It’s made with durable stainless steel.
  • It’s large and deep.
  • It’s quiet.
  • Standing water doesn’t pool at the bottom.
  • It comes with lots of accessories.
  • Installing it is easy.
  • It’s guaranteed for life.

Zuhne Modena Undermount Deep Single Bowl 32 x 19

The Zuhne Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink actually comes in 8 different sizes, but the 32 x 19-inch is the largest and deepest. If you have the space for such a size and you tend to wash large pots and lots of produce, then you may want to go with this humungous size.

This is one of the most popular kitchen sinks in the world, and it is extremely well-regarded by just about everyone who’s bought it. This largest size is certainly spacious, as the internal space measures 30 by 17 by 10 inches. The manual and the CAD are all available online, and you don’t even have to buy the kitchen sink to get them.

It’s not just about the size, of course. It’s how people use it, and they find that it works very well indeed. It’s simply a solid piece of work, and to confirm its durability it also comes with a solid guarantee. The solid stainless steel used here is resistant to dents and it is surgical-grade. It complies with US and Canadian codes and it uses nontoxic components.

Noise may be an issue with a sink like this, but that’s not true for this particular model either. It uses insulation technology that makes it among the quietest (if not the quietest) sink in the market today. It uses pads that are twice the thickness of the noise-proofing pads used by other brands, plus they’re on 90% of the sink’s outer body. This insulation even helps in protecting the sink cabinet from condensate damage.

Finally, you get the accessories you need with your kitchen sink. For the installation you get the manual, the cutout template, and mounting clips. It’s accompanied by a 3-piece strainer, along with a bottom grid that prevents scratches for the surface of the sink. They even threw in an extremely absorbent towel.

  • It’s perhaps the quietest sink in the market.
  • It’s huge.
  • It uses premium surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • It’s easy enough to install with the necessary accessories as part of the purchase.

Kraus KHU100-32

We’ve already mentioned the Kraus KHU100-30 earlier on this article, right? Now this has the very same features, except for the fact that it’s 32 inches wide. That’s the main difference, and it can be the crucial difference.

What if you work with large pots and you need to wash them on the kitchen sink? If that’s the case, wouldn’t you want some space to enable you to put the pit in the basin more easily? The larger space also accommodates more of the smaller stuff like fruits and veggies if you want to clean them in the sink.

You can clean those veggies in the basin because it uses a commercial-grade finish. Again, this also has as the 16-gauge T304 steel as material for the body. It has a very deep basin with NoiseDefend technology, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

You also get the 3-piece basket strainer, the bottom grid, the cotton dish towel, and a utility bag for all these accessories. The installation shouldn’t trouble your plumber as it comes with the mounting hardware along with the installation template and instructions.

  • It uses durable and dent-resistant stainless steel with a commercial-grade finish.
  • It’s quiet.
  • The basin is very spacious.
  • Drainage goes smoothly.
  • It’s easy to install and maintain.
  • You’ll have no worries about the durability as it’s guaranteed for a lifetime of use.

Kraus KBU14 31-½ inch Undermount Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

It may not be too easy to differentiate between the Kraus KHU and the Kraus KBU kitchen sinks, because they tend to have the same tech and features. However, a closer look shows you that this model has rounded corners, so it seems to have a nicer aesthetic. It makes cleaning a bit easier as well.

It’s also easy to clean because of the commercial-grade satin finish. For many, it does look nice and elegant, at least for a sink.

There’s also no doubt that this is a really roomy basin. The 31.5-inch model offers the most space in the KBU lineup, with a 10-depth to match the nice wide dimensions. You cans tack up to 24 dinner plates inside the basin.

Kraus does like to incorporate their topnotch technology into their premium kitchen sinks. That’s why its features should by now be familiar to you if you’ve read the other Kraus reviews on this article. There’s the use of the T304 stainless steel, soundproofing technology, and the lifetime assurance. There’s the stainless steel grid to prevent scratching on the basin surface, and the stainless steel basket strainer that keeps debris from getting into your drainpipe.

  • It looks great.
  • It’s easy to clean and install.
  • It’s quiet.
  • You’re assured that it will be replaced if it doesn’t work.
  • It uses premium T304 stainless steel.
  • You get a lot of extras.

Kraus KBU22 32 inch Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl

Now we come to something different. The main difference between this mode and the others we’ve mentioned earlier is that this comes with a double bowl. They both have the same size, so you can use either one.

Having a double sink makes things go a lot faster when you do lots of tasks at the kitchen sink. You can rinse more fruits and veggies at once, and you have more space for dinner plates.

The double sink also gets you double the accessories. This means you have 2 grids to protect each basin, and you have 2 basket strainers to keep the drainpipe from clogging.

Kraus again put in all their excellent features into this model. You have the commercial-grade finish that’s easy to clean, and you have the rounded edges for each basin. The stainless steel used is tough and durable, plus it resists corrosion. You get the padding that absorbs the sounds so that putting stuff inside the basin doesn’t cause an awful ruckus. There’s also the Kraus limited lifetime guarantee.

  • You have 2 basins to work with.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • You get bottom grids and drainpipe protection.
  • The steel is tough, and it won’t corrode easily.
  • There’s the Kraus guarantee.

Kraus KHU101-23 23 inch Undermount

Do you really need a large sink? It’s a serious question, especially when you just use the sink and faucet to mainly wash your hands and produce. You also may just need a place to store the dirty dishes. In fact, you may not even have a large enough kitchen countertop to accommodate a huge kitchen sink.

So what do you do? Well, you just get a small sink instead. It’s not that this is overly small either. It measures 23 inches long and 18 inches wide, and it’s 10 inches deep. That’s still a deep basin, with enough space for regular pots and pans along with plates.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean that Kraus skimped on the quality either. This is still part of the KHU series, and it’s fantastic. It uses the premium-grade T304 16-gauge stainless steel that’s durable and scratch resistant. The premium satin finish looks great, and it’s resistant to dents.

You won’t have to worry about noisy kitchen sink tasks. You have especially thick rubber pads absorbing the sound and there’s Stone Guard undercoating too. The pads cover 80% of the kitchen sink base. It’s been designed for super-efficient drainage. You have the various accessories like the strainer and the bottom grid, and the guarantee is terrific.

  • It’s not too small, so it’s just right for some.
  • The commercial grade satin finish is easy to clean.
  • Drainage runs smoothly.
  • You get freebies like the bottom grid and the strainer.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • You’re sure it’ll work for life.

Kraus KBU12 23 inch

Cleaning the sink around the sides is easier when you have rounded edges, isn’t it? That’s what you get when you get the Kraus KBU12 23 inch. The KBU series comes with rounded edges, and aside from the easier cleaning it also looks somewhat more charming than just regular square edges.

It is 23 inches long and 17.5 inches wide, and the depth is at a good 9 inches. It looks great, and its “not so big” size doesn’t mean that it’s inferior. It still has the premium qualities of the other KBU series kitchen sinks.

You have the T304 stainless steel, the soundproofing, the extra accessories like the bottom grid and the strainer, and the terrific guarantee. It may be smaller than usual, but it’s the opposite of terrible.

  • It looks good with the undermount clean look and satin finish.
  • The rounded edges make it easier to clean.
  • It uses tough stainless steel.
  • It’s not noisy at all.
  • It comes with a cast-iron assurance that it’ll be replaced if something goes wrong.

Kraus KHU103-33 33 inch Undermount

Lengthwise, this is the longest of the KHU series featured here on this list. But the main difference here is that this offers 2 basins. It also comes with a 60-40 basin configuration. This means that one basin is 1.5 times bigger than the smaller one. Both basins are 17 inches wide, but the bigger one is 16.9 inches long while the other is 12.9 inches long.

Again, this offers you the other outstanding features of the KHU series. It’s made with the vaunted T-3-4 stainless steel, and it’s even been handcrafted. The finish adds to the resistance against rust and corrosion. It’s quiet to work with it as rubber pads at the base dampen the sound of your plates hitting the sink bottom.

That sink bottom has grooves to channel the water more efficiently so you don’t have pooling water at the bottom. You also get strainers and bottom grids for the 2 basins, and there’s a great guarantee.

  • It’s very durable with resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • It won’t make clanking noises as you put glasses in the basin.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It looks great.
  • You get accessories.
  • There’s a limited lifetime assurance of quality.

Ruvati RVM4350 Undermount

Just in case you think this list is made up entirely of Kraus kitchen sinks, you get this RVM4350 Undermount from Ruvati. This offers you 2 basins, and that’s not the only unique aspect to this kitchen sink.

The divider between the basins is 3 inches lower, so you have greater clearance space when you’re moving your plates from one basin to another. The basins each measure 14.4 by 17 inches, with a depth of 8.5 inches. The drain measures 3.5 inches so that’s good for any garbage disposal.

It looks great, as the rim is brushed and finished just like the sink interior. This lets you install it as an undermount or flushmount. The brushed satin finish is artisan-grade, and it’s easy to clean. That’s especially true with the rounded edges.

The soundproofing is quite ample. That’s because you have rubber pads at the base of the sink and around all its sides. The pads also help in providing thermal insulation against condensation.

You get the cutout template and mounting brackets to make the installation easier. Other extras include rinse grids for the bottom and basket strainers too. The sink meets US and Canadian plumbing standards, and the durability is reliable. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Kraus KHF200-33 33-inch Farmhouse Apron

Yes, we’re ending this list with another Kraus kitchen sink. This isn’t like the other Kraus sinks mentioned before. This comes with a farmhouse design, so even with the stainless steel its configuration and shape makes it more apt for rustic or antique stately homes. It’s even been handcrafted.

Aside from the looks of it, there’s also the size of this particular model. It measures 32⅞ inches long and 20¾ inches wide. It offers a deep basin at 10 inches. It can be installed in 3 ways.

This also comes with all the other fantastic innovations and advanced features that built up the Kraus popularity and reputation. It uses the premium T-304 16-gauge stainless steel that’s known for its durability. You have superior noise proofing and rounded edges for easier cleaning. Drainage is smoother because of the grooves at the bottom. The finish looks fantastic.

  • It’s big enough to contain even your largest pans and pots.
  • Its durability is unquestioned.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It looks great, especially for rustic homes.
  • There are several ways to install it.
  • You get optimal drainage.
  • It’s very quiet.

What Are the Top Kitchen Sink Brands?

It helps when you limit your options to the best kitchen sink brands, as their wares tend to be of higher quality. Some of the brands you should consider include:

  • Kraus. No list of kitchen sink brands will be complete without a mention of Kraus, so let’s just mention it first. They offer a very diverse range of kitchen sinks that should fit many needs and kitchen aesthetics. They tend to combine numerous functions with stylish looks, and their sinks can last for a very long time. They even often come with a terrific proof of quality, while the reputation of their customer support is topnotch.
  • Zuhne. This brand produces many types of sinks, from single and 2-basin sinks to economy sinks. They use food-grade or surgical solid stainless steel in their sinks, and they also have a lifetime guarantee on all their products. Despite the Zuhnë name, they’re actually based in Houston, Texas.
  • Ruvati. This brand is based in the US and it has manufacturing facilities here, and also in Spain and China. It’s a new brand as it was lunched just recently in 2009, and they’re quite conscious about not harming the environment. They add eco-friendly features to their sinks, such as using 80% recycled stainless steel for their stainless steel sinks. The typical stainless steel product uses only 60% recycled steel. They’ve also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Let’s tackle a few questions about kitchen sinks:

How are kitchen sinks installed?

The best and simplest answer is that you call a plumber who does it for you. In fact, you should consult with your plumber first as they can advise you on which sinks can fit in best with your countertop.

Of course, you can DIY even though that carries a risk that you’d DIY incorrectly. Plenty of videos can be found online which can demonstrate how to install your particular kitchen sink. Many of the top brands come with the appropriate mounting hardware, and they also have precise installation instructions.

Why have porcelain kitchen sinks remain popular?

That’s because it’s traditional, and many people like the familiar look of porcelain sinks. Also, the material is durable, and it can come in many designs and colors. The base material of porcelain is glass, after all.

However, there have been many people looking for alternative materials because porcelain can chip as it contains glass material. Also, porcelain can eventually develop those unsightly black marks.

So what has become the most popular alternative?

Many people who have made the switch from porcelain kitchen sinks have shown a preference for stainless steel. Now this is extremely durable, and it’s also easy to shape. That means you can have it designed to avoid pools of water at the bottom.

On the other hand, it can be annoyingly noisy when you put pots and plates in the basin. You may also have to constantly wipe it down to get rid of water spots.

What about copper?

Some premium kitchen sinks are made of copper. They’re a bit more expensive, but then they’re uncommon and they offer several advantages. Copper doesn’t rust. Also, it’s been found that most bacteria just can’t survive for long on a copper surface.

However, you have to be ready for the color of the copper to change over time. Copper is extremely reactive, so eventually it will develop a patina. You can end up with some dark or green spots eventually. Polishing the copper can prevent this issue, but then your polish inhibits the anti-microbial property of the copper surface.

Are granite and granite composite materials good for kitchen sinks?

For many, granite composite materials can actually be a superb alternative. A high quality granite composite sink is more durable than the standard porcelain sink. It can be made to be resistant to chips and scratches.

This material also comes with a somewhat speckled design, and that works to camouflage any water spots. It’s also easy and cheap to maintain a sink like this, as most of the time you just need a mild cleanser. Just don’t to clean it regularly, as hard tap water can contain minerals and dyes that can react with the copper to result in stains.

Are there acrylic kitchen sinks?

Indeed there are, and they’re actually reasonably priced for the most part. They’re also lightweight and they often come with a nice finish. The smooth surface can be sanded in case it gets scratched.

On the other this material doesn’t always react well to hot water.

What about natural stone sinks?

Yes, they’re available as well. They fit in nicely with period homes and rustic houses. They’re often gorgeous, and their natural state offers a timeless vibe. The usual stone is typically soapstone.

This can be expensive though, and you need special cleaning agents for the stone. Using the wrong cleaning agent can mar the stone. In addition, the stone can be damaged by chips.

Are stone sinks the same as “solid surface” sinks?

No, they’re different. Solid surface refers to the use of minerals and resins. It’\s very durable, and they can be repaired. If it gets scratched, you can just sand and polish the stone.

However, fixing most damages to the solid surface usually will require the attention of a professional, sot the repair bill can get costly.

Final Words

You have to think about your kitchen sink if you’re building or upgrading to a new kitchen. You have to think about how it looks and how large and deep it has to be. You need to consider its durability, and the noise it will create when you’re putting kitchenware in. You also should check out how easy it is to clean.

Check out our list of recommendations, and you’ll find that your search for the best kitchen sink will be off to a very good start. Pick one that suits your needs, and you’ll have a much better time in the kitchen.

Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018 Reviews and Guide

Are you serious to give your bathroom the best appearance? Or are you looking for changing the overall appearance of your bathroom? If yes, then you are here at the right place. Today renovating a bathroom is a common fact.

When you think about redecorating or renovating your comfortable room, the most significant materials you need to consider is buying the best bathroom faucets. But why you are going to buy this?

Well, at first, a faucet is an integral part of your bathroom which is the most common elements that use daily. For this reason, you need to maintain them in their best functionality and appearance.

It is also beneficial if you have guests that will use and look the bathroom. They are made to do more than just carry water today. Just like kitchen faucets the range of finishes and styles of bathroom faucets are becoming embarrassing.

There are different shapes, colors, styles, so you will have lots of choices when choosing for the bathroom faucet. However, you may find it difficult to select the best one for your bathroom due to the many options is available.

But we are here to make your job easier for you. We do huge research and discussing with some expert renovators which one would be best for a bathroom.

Lastly, we find out the best choices out on the market and make a list of best bathroom faucets for 2018 and their reviews. In this article, we will discuss each of our selections and help you to build a classy bathroom. So continue to read and learn more details….

What to look for before buying a Bathroom Faucet?

We have mentioned earlier that there are lots of products on the market. So it becomes quite challenging to choose the best one. But it will be easier for you if you follow some important considerations before buying.

Here are these features that you should consider to make the right choice for your needs that make your bathroom a classy one.

  • Budget:

The most important consideration for any shopping is the budget. So before buying faucets’ for the bathroom, you should consider your budget range. There are plenty of faucet products for bathroom come with the different price range.

You should buy one that is under your budget limit. But try to balance the quality and your budget range. Do not compromise the quality of your budget.

  • Fit:

Always consider before buying is the fit you want to use it for your bathroom. The fit is also as important as your budget, and it also saves your time and reduces the choices from your search.

  • Size:

Another most important consideration before buying is the size. You should confirm that the size of your faucets matches that of a sink. In general, the faucet size will depend on the sink size (larger the sink larger the faucet).

But you should not buy too large faucet as well. Also, it is not smart to buy the small one for the sink you are going to install. So be conscious of buying the right size of faucet for your needs.

  • A number of holes required:

There are different models of faucets out on the market for your bathroom sink basin. It implies that there are single or 3 holes of faucets products.

It is suitable for using the single hole for single handle faucets and for dual handle faucets you need to use 3 hole faucets. So it is better to consider the number of holes you need for faucets.

  • Finish:

There are plenty of finishes of bathroom faucets like brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome and even brass.

The brushed metal and brass suppose to look a little high quality which is suitable for traditional homes. But if you consider modern and fashionable homes it is better to have a chrome or steel finish.

  • Style:

The style and shape of a bathroom faucet are also important. There are plenty of styles are available nowadays.

There are modern, rustic and traditional styles of faucets that are creative, artistic which gives your bathroom a different look that you desired.

  • Handle/knob type:

You need to consider such type of knobs or handles that work best and gives your bathroom a stylish look. The push button handles help you to manage the water supply. There are also some faucets that have knobs, joystick control, and cross handles.

  • Valve type:

The valve of the faucet forces the water out. Today compression valves are the most common elements in faucets that are affordable. There is also a faucet that uses a cartridge, ball and a ceramic disc as well.

  • Ease of installation:

You should always consider the types of faucets that are easy to install. You should buy such a faucet that comes with some essential parts that make the installation process easier or you can install it easily with the sink basin.

So before buying read the reviews and manufacturing guide which one is relatively easy to install.

  • Operation:

There are also different operating systems of faucets out on the market for your bathroom that you are looking for before buying. Here are some important ones are given below:

  1. a) Single handle:

Nowadays, a single handle type of faucet is the most popular for bathroom remodeling. You will find both cold and hot water supply with this single handle faucet.

  1. b) Dual handle:

The dual handle is the traditional types of items used in the bathroom faucets. You can also find the cold and hot water with it individual handles.

  1. c) Hands-free:

It is one of the expensive types of the faucet which is especially for those who wants an automatic system. You just touch on a spot of the faucet handle it starts to work. It also comes with temperature adjustments systems as well.

These are the important considerations that you should follow before buying a faucet for a bathroom.

If you follow these features, you may get the right faucet for your needs which will give your bathroom a classic appearance.

So when buying takes time and ensures that all these considerations are strictly followed by you.

Top 10 best bathroom faucets reviews for 2018:

Having the best bathroom faucets is important when you are going to renovate your bathroom décor.

We have discussed top 10 faucets that are widely popular for their finishes, looks, and prices.

So let’s take a look at the brief discussion about our recommended bathroom faucets and their reviews.

1. Moen 6400BN One-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

Check Latest Price

Are you looking for a transitional and elegant design of faucet that gives your bathroom a classic look? If yes, then why not you buy the Moen 6400bn one-handle high arc bathroom faucet.

Moen is such a brand which manufactures a quality product that lasts for long. All the products by Moen offering a perfect balance of water pressure.

The Moen 6400BN is the best selling and top rated products on our review list. Let’s discuss the top-notch features of this product that makes it best out on the market.

High Arc Bathroom Faucet:

The Moen 6400BN comes with a tapered and modern line gives your bathroom a stylish look. It features an aerated flow which is perfect for your daily bathroom using such as washing hands and brushing teeth.

It has a pivot action lever style handle. This handle controls the temperature through its 100-degree arc as well.

Environmentally aware:

The Moen 6400BN comes with a WaterSense program approved by EPA which increases the water efficiency. The overall performance and efficiency of this unit lower the use of water in your house.

Cleaner Design:

The Moen 6400BN features a single hole which gives it a cleaner appearance. It also comes with a 3 hole for completing the installation process.  There is an extra shield which offers it similarity with the different bathroom sink.

Reduce Water Costs:

The Moen 6400BN is one of the high standard bathroom faucets which optimize the water flow smoothly. It also comes with an innovative technology which reduces the environmental effect and thus lowers the costs.


The Moen 6400BN features a lifetime finish. It guarantees you rust free or corrode free finish. It is also safe from any chemical attack. The finish of this unit offers color stability.

There is also a PDV technique which reduces any harmful effect during manufacturing periods.

Highlighted features:

  • Transitional design which improves its style
  • Nickel finish with grey metallic appearance
  • Easy to use due to its single handle lever design
  • Highest water flow (1.5 gpm per minute)
  • Single hole for installation
  • It is also ADA compliant

Overall, it is a great unit with strong fit and finishes. It is also worth the money. I highly recommend this unit for any one’s bathroom renovations.

2. Delta Faucet 567LF-PP Modern Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

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When it comes to the manufacture of bathroom faucets, there are many different companies out on the market.

Delta is one of the best and most renowned brands which manufactures elegant looking bathroom faucet. The Delta 567LF-PP is a single handle faucet which gives your bathroom a stylish touch.

It is really a good choice for your bathroom which has plenty of features. Let’s take a look at the overall features below:


The Delta 567LF-PP faucet is a nice looking unit with modern design. It is excellent for remodeling your bathroom décor. The modern design also makes your bathroom fashionable for a long since.

Easy to install:

The Delta 567LF-PP faucet is easy to install. It is an EDA compliant faucet. It is also ideal for both 1 and 3 hole installation. You can install this unit with confidence.


The Delta 567LF-PP faucet is a beautiful, excellent and high-quality unit for your bathroom which durable and heavy enough. There is no plastic thing in its construction which builds to last long.


The Delta 567LF-PP faucet is a contemporary and well-built unit for bathroom remodeling. It features a little large construction which offers enough room. You can quickly get your hands while washing your face.

It also reduces the water use (at least 20% less) than others which will also save time without sacrificing the performance.

Highlighted features:

  • Delta 567LF-PP features 1/3 hole for installation
  • Delta 567LF-PP faucet is ADA compliant
  • Modern and single handled bathroom
  • It comes with a chrome finish
  • Delta 567LF-PP gives you a smooth operation
  • This faucet is easy to install
  • Well built bathroom faucet with plenty of room

Finally, it is an excellent unit for your bathroom with a nice price. I love the finish of this item greatly. Let’s buy now!

3. Peerless P99674LF-OB Apex Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

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Are you looking for a bathroom faucet that reflects your personal style? If yes, why not you are going to buy our top recommended Peerless P99674LF-OB Apex Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet.

There are plenty of positives reviews prove this unit one of the quality units out on the market. It comes with extensive capabilities which makes it best-selling product.

If you are serious to know more details about this product, please read the features that are given below:

Quality faucet:

Peerless P99674LF-OB Apex bathroom faucet is a quality unit out on the market. The quality accessories make this item even greater than others.


The Peerless P99674LF-OB Apex bathroom faucet is a completely replaceable unit which comes with a washerless valve design.  It can rotate up to 90 degrees from full off position to on position.

Easy to install:

The Peerless P99674LF-OB Apex bathroom faucet looks nice which is fairly easy to install.

You can install this unit with some thread tape, plumber’s putty, and caulk for easy installation. It also comes with a clear instruction which is facilitating the installation process.


The Peerless P99674LF-OB is a beautiful faucet which works well. It is completely a metal designed bathroom faucet which looks strong enough for its size.

Highlighted features:

  • Peerless P99674LF-OB features an oily bronze finish
  • Plastic pop up drain assembly
  • Included 2 handles center set bathroom faucet
  • Oil bronze finish bathroom faucet
  • Highly durable for long time use

Overall, it is an excellent unit for the money. It is really worth the money and I would buy it once again.

4. American Standard 7385.000.002 Reliant 3 Bathroom Centerset Faucet

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The American Standard is an American manufacturer who produces high-quality bathroom faucet. The American Standard bathroom faucet is selling worldwide.

If you are looking for a good product from this brand, then you can buy the best American Standard 7385.000.002 Bathroom Centerset Faucet.  Let’s see the features that make it best in the market below:


The American Standard 7385.000.002 Bathroom Centerset Faucet is the stylish unit which comfortable to use. It features a user-friendly design which comes with smooth curves.

There is a user-friendly center handle on the faucet which looks modern and clean. The American Standard Faucet is ADA compliant.

WaterSense Certification:

The American Standard 7385.000.002 Bathroom Centerset Faucet comes with a WaterSense certification which is EPA approved.

This bathroom faucet ensures the high efficiency and performance. It guarantees that it can save at least 20% water use than others.

Ceramic Disc Valves:

The American Standard Faucet comes with ceramic disc valves which have a watertight seal. It has diamond-like durability which ensures a drip-free performance.

It also reduces the growth of mineral, line debris and many other common problems that destroy the valve life.

There is a ductile hoe including cast brass waterways eliminates the possible leaks. It also features a hot water regulation system which stops and protects you from any unwanted accidents.

Easy to install:

The American Standard Faucet comes with easy installation system. The speed connect drain system makes the installation process fast and easy. A single person can install this unit without putty, caulk, or any extra tools.

There is also a pre-assembled, smooth stainless steel and 20-inch long cable that facilitates the installation process in tight spaces. There is no need any extra adjustments.

Highlighted features:

  • American Standard Faucet features a ceramic disc valve
  • Flexible handle operation for a long time
  • Offering a drip-free performance
  • Included 3 to 8 inches compression connectors
  • Braided smooth hoses and durable lever handle
  • Chrome polished center set faucet
  • Achieves WaterSense defeat free certification

Overall, it is a great unit for the money with smooth operation. I would buy it once again.

5. Parlos 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

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If you are looking for a quality product for your bathroom, then you may buy the best Parlos 2-Handle bathroom sink faucet which is so friendly to use. It is one of the best selling faucets of Parlos Home. Let’s check its overall features below:


The Parlos 2-Handle bathroom sink faucet comes with a heavy duty and sturdy metal construction. This faucet is durable enough which ensures you a lifetime use.


The Parlos 2-Handle bathroom sink faucet features a transitional design. It gives your bathroom an attractive look. It is also great for its sleek function with stylish design.

Easy to install:

The Parlos 2-Handle bathroom sink faucet is easy to install. It comes with water lines and drains, and you can install this unit in less time.

Highlighted features:

  • 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet
  • Features brushed nickel finish
  • Corrosion and rust free everyday use
  • Easy water coordination with two lever handles
  • Connection size: 1/2 NPSM
  • Included supply hose and drain assembly
  • Included cUPC and NSF 61 certification

Finally, I love the Parlos 2-Handle bathroom faucet due to its quality construction. I would highly recommend this unit for those who want to buy a faucet within budget limit.

6. Aquafaucet Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

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If you want to give your bathroom an impressive look when choosing the right faucet is extremely significant.

When it comes to buying the right faucet for your bathroom then why not you consider the best Aquafaucet Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet. So let’s discuss the other features of this unit that impress the guest notice.


The Aquafaucet waterfall bathroom sink faucet is a quality product which has brass faucet body. It is a one handle bathroom faucet which ensures a lifetime use.


The Aquafaucet waterfall bathroom sink faucet comes with 3 to 8-inch compression threads. It also features a high construction with good water supply ability.


The Aquafaucet bathroom sink faucet comes with a ceramic disk cartridge. It endures up to 500,000 times in open and close test. The modern ceramic design ensures the control and convenience accuracy.

Easy installation:

The Aquafaucet bathroom sink faucet is easy to install. There is also an accurate length of hoses for easy connection. It is very well built a product which comes with the excellent packaging.

Highlighted features:

  • Single handle bathroom sink faucet
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Zink alloy material for handle
  • Included minimum 1.5 bar water pressure
  • Hot and cold water mixture
  • Included frustration free certification

It is a great product which provides lifetime sale service. It offers a return and refund option for their customers. I really love it and would recommend buying once again if I needed.

7. Ultra UF08042C Two-Handle Chrome Non-Metallic Series Lavatory Faucet

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Ultra Faucet is one of the top supplying units in the USA. They are manufacturing their products over 20 years out on the market for bathroom faucets.

The Chrome Non-Metallic Series Lavatory Faucet is an excellent unit by Ultra Faucet. Let’s see the overall features of this non-metallic series below:


The Ultra Faucet Series Lavatory Faucet comes with a Non-Metallic construction. This is a plastic made faucet which works exceptionally well.

It also has a good condition and well fit for the bathroom. It is also rust free or corrosion free unit due to its plastic construction.


The Ultra Faucet Series Lavatory Faucet is light in weight. The chrome coated plastic construction makes it perfect for flawless works. It is a perfect fit for your bathroom décor.

Easy to install:

The Ultra Faucet Series Lavatory Faucet comes with easy to the installation process. You can also install this faucet fast as well.

Once you complete the installation process, it gives your bathroom a stylish look. It features 2.2 GPM of water flow rate and 2.2 GPM water consumption.

Highlighted features:

  • Two handle ultra faucet
  • Non-metallic plastic bathroom faucet
  • Ultra Faucet has an ABS body
  • Included washerless cartridges
  • Features 1” to 2” NPSM thread

Overall, it is a great faucet for the money. I would like to recommend this unit for those who want a corrosion free lavatory faucet.

8. Moen 6410BN Eva Two -Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

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When you are going to remodeling your bathroom décor, you will find plenty of choices especially when it comes to faucets.

But when you are going to buy the best Moen Eva model it will meet your personal preferences. Moen is known as the leading manufacturer around the world.

The Moen 6410BN Eva Centerset Bathroom Faucet is truly an amazing unit which is ideal for remodeling your bathroom decor. The top-notch feature of this unit is given below:


The Moen 6410BN Eva Bathroom Faucet features 4” center set design. It features 3 hole which makes the installation process easy for you.

Easy adjustments of water:

The Moen 6410BN comes with simple and sleek designs which provide the easy adjustment of water. This faucet will balance the temperature and water volume by it 2 lever handles.

Aerated Stream:

The Moen 6410BN Bathroom Faucet delivers a constant aerated stream which makes it perfect for daily cleaning. It supplies up to 1.2 gallons of water per minute. It also features a 7.95” of enough clearance under the spout.


The Moen 6410BN Bathroom Faucet comes with a WaterSense feature for water efficiency. It provides a flawless performance without lowering the water pressure. It also guarantees a long-lasting use and performance.

Highlighted features:

  • 2 Handle center set bathroom faucet
  • Features brushed nickel finish
  • Rust free/ corrosion free lifetime faucet
  • Included transitional design and durable construction
  • Handle can rotate up to 90 degrees
  • It is an ADA compliant bathroom faucet

Overall, the Moen 6410BN Bathroom Faucet is exceptional in authenticity, lasting value and essential innovation. I love this faucet due to its quality and design.

9. Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet

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If you want to decorate your bathroom nicely and impress your potential guest highly then renovating your bathroom with modern equipment is a must. One of the most important and modern equipment is bathroom faucet.

The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet is one of the modern collections that really decorate your bathroom nicely and impress your guest.

This faucet from Derpras is the registered brand of EU and USA. Let’s see the essential feature of this faucet is given below:


The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet is one of the larger collections out on the market which comes with the strong brass material. The heavy-duty construction makes this unit durable enough.


The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet comes with great compatibility. There is a horseshoe piece that makes the join and installation process easy and compatible.

LED light:

The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet comes with a LED waterfall system. This LED lighting system has 3 color options (Red: 104-212 ℉, Blue: 32-77 ℉, Green: 77-104 ℉) which is changing based on the water temperature.

Safe to use:

The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet is extremely safe and secure while using. This faucet is powered by water flow, and it does not need any electricity or battery.

Easy to install:

The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet is easy to install. It comes with all the necessary equipment and instructions that make the installation process easy.

Highlighted features:

  • LED waterfall faucet which is powered by water
  • The water temperature changes the LED color (3 colors)
  • Features an incredible chrome finish
  • The patent design makes the outside appearance eye-catching
  • Needed water pressure is 29Psi

The Derpras Bathroom Sink Faucet is actually an amazing faucet for your bathroom. I am very happy with this item and would recommend for anyone.

10. Moen T6620BN-9000 Brantford Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

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Are you looking for a beautiful faucet with a wonderful design that lasts for long?  If yes, you can rely on the Moen brand which manufactures beautiful and modern design of bathroom faucet.

One of the best selling products of Moen brand is Moen T6620BN-9000 Brantford Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet. Let’s see the most important features of this unit below:


The Moen T6620BN-9000 Bathroom Faucet comes with a classic design that makes this unit appealing. This faucet truly develops your bathroom décor. It is also designed to balance the water pressure perfectly.

Stylish finish:

The Moen T6620BN-9000 Bathroom Faucet features a brushed nickel finish. This nickel finish gives your bathroom a stylish grey metallic look.

The Brantford also comes with chrome and oil rubbed bronze finish. The valve system of this unit develops the styles as well.


The Moen T6620BN-9000 Bathroom Faucet comes with two handle levers. You can easily maintain the water flow and temperature through its handle. You can install this handle within the range of 8” to 16”.


The Moen T6620BN-9000 Bathroom Faucet comes with ultimate durability. It is free from rust or corrosion that increases its lifespan. So you can clean this faucet with confidence.

Highlighted features:

  • 2 Handle high arc bathroom faucet
  • Features a standard style and design
  • Easy to use bathroom faucet
  • Easy to installation faucet
  • Moen T6620BN is ADA compliant
  • Included important 9000 valve
  • Features WaterSense certification

Overall, it is a very good bathroom faucet for the money. I feel very happy with this faucet and would recommend it.

What are the Top Bathroom Faucet Brands?

There are different brands out on the market that are manufacturing bathroom faucets. But in this section in our article, we will discuss the top brands that manufacture faucets for your bathroom decor.


When you consider the brands that are manufacturing faucets for bathroom, then Moen is known as one of the top rated brands among others. They will produce elegant and stylish products.

The bathroom faucets manufactured by Moen are smooth to operate. They will also last for long time use. Their different styles and types of products will meet the needs of the customers.

Delta Faucet:

Another well-renowned brand that has a huge reputation for its quality is Delta. Delta manufactures the bathroom faucets which have an excellent combination of functionality and style.

They are also known as easy to install bathroom faucets out on the market as well.


The Peerless is such a brand that manufactures budget-friendly bathroom faucets. They manufacture a wide range of products that are best for their styles and finishes. The peerless offers the overall installation process for their products.

American Standard:

American Standard is one of the top quality brands that manufacture technologically developed faucets for bathroom decor.

Though this brand is not highly praised for their elegant design, some of their products have good quality and long lasting features.


Parlos is one such brand that manufactures beautifully designed bathroom faucets.

This is known as the best brand for their unique design that will offer an exceptional user experience. The Parlos are offering a great customer service to their consumers.


Aquafaucet has a reputation for their best manufacturing water experience faucet. Their manufacturing products have excellent finish and smooth design. The bathroom faucets of the Aquafaucet are easy to install.


Ultra is another best selling bathroom faucets brands. They are manufacturing non-metallic plastic faucets out on the market. They are providing a good customer service for their products.


Derpras is one of the top manufacturing brands which are registered in EU and USA. They manufacture high-quality bathroom faucet for their customers.

Their modern and cool products are decorated with LED lights and chrome finish. They will offer excellent service on their products as well.

 How to clean your Bathroom Faucet?

A shiny faucet will give your bathroom an attractive look that highly valuable. Nevertheless, most often the faucet does not stay clean.

So how we keep our bathroom faucet clean? Let’s have a few understanding how you can keep your bathroom neat and clean.

  1. Understand the finish of your faucet:

It is important to have proper knowledge about the finish of your bathroom faucets as it appoints that which product is right for this cleaning process.

You should know what products are recommended by the manufacturer to clean the faucet. It is better to use a piece of cloth for smooth cleaning for your faucets.

  1. Using warm water and dish soap to clean the faucet:

Using warm water and dish soap with a cleaning cloth works well to clean the dirt. Just wipe the sink faucet with dish soap and then dry it using a fresh cleaning cloth. Rub the faucet with a dry cloth that makes it shiny.

  1. Using white vinegar:

If your faucet has serious dirt problem, then you should use white vinegar. Take a small bowl and pour ½ cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of warm water.  Soak a clean cloth into the mixture.

Apply the mixture to the dirt of the faucet and make sure there is no damage to its finish. Apply this method several times and have a clean faucet.

  1. Using a toothbrush and baking soda:

Using baking soda is good for cleaning the faucet. Take a small amount of powder of baking soda into a toothbrush. Add a drop of water and apply it to the bathroom faucet. Rub it repeatedly until the stains removed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Question: What should I consider before buying a bathroom faucet?

Answer: Before buying a bathroom faucet you should consider the features, quality, and styles.

The combination of these 3 considerations makes your faucet perfect for providing a worry-free performance.

  1. Question: What types of cleaner I can use on my faucet?

Answer: According to the company instruction you can use most of the household cleaners for your faucet.

But you should avoid those cleaners that can damage the polished metallic surface.  It is better to use a soft, clean cloth to remove the water spots.

  1. Question: How do I install my bathroom faucet?

Answer: It is recommended to install a bathroom faucet according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

However, there are a few tools that make your installation process easy. These are a flashlight, adjustable wrench, safety glass, basin wrench and thread tape, etc.

  1. Question: How long it takes to install a bathroom faucet?

Answer: Installing a bathroom faucet is an easy task. But sometimes it is quite challenging especially when it comes to replacing the old faucet.

It becomes tougher if the water lines are corroded. By following the manufacturer instruction, it is comparatively easy to install a new bathroom faucet.

  1. Question: How should I maintain the finish on my bathroom faucet?

Answer: Always try to make the faucet surface dry from water drop. Using a clean and soft cloth makes your faucet looking smooth.

Do not use any harsh polishes or bleach-based cleaners that can damage the finish of the faucet.

Also using the mixture of white vinegar and water removes the stains and maintains the finish.

  1. Question: How do I use sensors to turn on and off the water?

Answer: Just passing a hand over the sensor turn on the water flow. Again passing your hand will turn off the water flow.

The sensor can detect when you are passing hands and balance (on and off) the water supply.

  1. Question: How many holes are necessary to install the bathroom faucet?

Answer:  The single handle faucets need 1, 2, 3 or 4 holes for installation. But the two handle faucets have 3 and 4 holes for its installation process.

  1. Question: How to fix a leaking bathroom faucet?

Answer: First of all find the leakage area of your bathroom faucet. There are three areas are closer to leak: a) end of the faucet b) the joint area of the handle c) water lines.

Just replacing the gaskets or O-rings will fix the first two areas problem. But for fixing the water line leaks, it is better to call an expert plumber.

Final Words:

We come to the conclusion in our top 10 best bathroom faucet review guide. I hope after reading this article, you will find the right one for your bathroom remodeling.

Remember that it is not a fact that how costly or cheap the faucets are. You should consider the faucet that will fit best and gives an attractive look to the bathroom.

All the bathroom faucets that we discussed above are quality products for your bathroom décor. You can buy any one of these faucets for your bathroom.

Let’s follow the overall instruction that we mentioned above to get the best bathroom faucets that will last for years.

We are eager to know seriously what you think. Have you got any of the faucets we discussed?

Which one you buy and how did the faucet work out for you? Or what do you know about the even better faucets?

Please leave a comment below! And help your fellow customers to make the right choice. Over to you!

How to Use a Paring Knife?

Many of us users have been familiar to paring knives, since they are one of the most effective kitchen utensils. But if you want to do something with it, don’t start with it before you get done with this article. Because we have talked about some of the crucial tips that makes it easier to work with paring knives.

Let’s start with the core of this article-

Some Common Uses of paring Knives

At this section of the content, we’ll learn about some of the most common uses of paring knives that are mostly used in kitchen. It includes slicing veggies fruits, peeling skins of fruits or vegetables, peeling thick skins and lastly, using the tip of the knife as a sharp and pointy cutting tool.

In the section below, let’s discuss something about all these four uses-

  1. Slicing Jobs

    One of the most common work that slicing knives do is to slice the fruits ang vegetables. You can slice fruits that are easy to slice, you can also go with tough fruits like sweet potatoes or many more.

  2. Peeling the Skins of Fruits and Veggies

    Another common but important task is to peel fruits of fruits and vegetables. Soft fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes can be the ideal item on this. Paring knives has a sharp edge can make this task fast and effective.

  3. Peeling Fruits with Thick Skins

    When it comes to peel fruits with thicker skins, paring knives can be also effective. You can easily wrap out the thick skins out of these fruits.

  4. Doing Single-point Cutting Jobs with the Tip

    The tip of paring knives is quite pointy and that enables it to do any kind of job that a blade can do. It includes all sort of marking up. Also, fruits like strawberries, where you need to twist the top to remove the hull, this can be an effective tool.

How to Use a Paring Knife- Step by Step

Now as we have known the uses of paring knife in daily kitchen life, lets go on the detailed guide on how to use it. Although, it’s a day to day matter for an expert homemaker to use a knife, but in case of paring knives, I think there are some particular tricks.

Let’s take you through the step by step guide of using a paring knife-

Step 1: Hold the Fruit or Vegetable with One Hand. Make sure you gave kept the part open. I am talking about the part that you start the cutting job with.

Step 2: Now take the paring knife with another hand and place the sharp edge of the knife on the fruit or vegetable. Make sure your other hand’s finger are safe enough not to be cut.

Step 3: Wrap the knife around the entire perimeter of the fruit. If it’s a vegetable (which is not round) than start with each side of it. It will make one side of the fruit wrapped out of skin. Do the same process for the next slice.

Step 4: Rest your hands on the other side of the blade. Not take an attempt to make a tiny amount of inclusion from the side of the fruit’s skin. It will cut down the skin and path.

Step 5: Now rotate the knife through the sideways. As the cutting process is almost done, peel away the skin from the body.

A Few tips Before We Finish

Before we finish todays discussion, lets go through some tips that might be in help to keep you safe throughout the process-

  1. Make sure you keep the knife edges as sharp as possible
  2. Make sure you keep the paring knives safe and sound. As their knives are small, they are likely t be lost in sinks and drawers.

How to Install a Bathroom Fan?

Is there growing mold and mildew in your bathroom? That’s because of the moisture which always exists in there. And for removing these the best option is to install a bathroom fan. A bathroom fan not only removes the moisture but also it helps eliminate the bad odor from your bathroom. So first you need to know how to install a bathroom fan.

Well, you may think of calling a mechanic but when you know this thing what is the need of calling the person! You can save both time and money. You just need some instrument and nothing else. So here stay with me and have the whole procedure!

Installation of a bathroom fan

When you are installing a bathroom fan, there are few steps you need to follow. Those are given here:


  • To match the exact strength of fan, you need to know the CMF rating of the bathroom. CFM Stands for ‘Cubic Feet per Minute’ and that shows the quantity of air/minute that the fan is able to move. Larger fans are suitable for larger bathrooms and smaller fans are for smaller ones.
  • Multiply the bathroom’s cubic footage and divide it with 7.5 and you will know the rating.
  • New fan’s sound rating usually falls between .5 to 6. So, the next step is to consider the rating of the sound. The sound rating and CFM are printed right on the box of the box.
  • It’s better to select the place the fan between shower and the toilet for proper ventilation.
  • Gather all the required tool and materials. The basic tools are – screwdriver, combination pliers, power drill, jigsaw. Basic materials are – a duct pipe, screws, caulk, vent cap, wire nuts. Stepladder, goggles, respirator, roof brackets, and cleats are also going to need.


  • Take 1.9 cm of the spade for drilling an indicating where you are willing to set your fan in the ceiling. You can use pencil for marking the outline of the entire fan’s intake port.
  • Use jigsaw for cutting the marked portion. Wear safety glasses when doing it.
  • Attach a ninety-degree duck elbow using duct tape that’s made of foil before placing fan into the hole. Then place the fan into the hole.
  • After positioning the fan, extend the brackets of metal and use screws for securing brackets to the joists.
  • Attach one end of the duct pipe to the ninety-degree duck elbow using foil duct tape.
  • Find the route that is shortest in length from the fan to pass the duct pipe and ensure fan’s efficiency.
  • At the exiting terminal of the sidewall, take proper measurements so that you can pick the exact point on the outside as the inside. Use a saw or something else to cut the wall and place vent cap. If it’s on the roof make a circle, then cut it using a saw and install vent cap.
  • Pull the fan wires out and twist the wires that are of same color. Add connectors, wrap a copper wire with bare end. Then place the wires in the splice.
  • Now make the grille attached and turn on the power.


  • First turn off the entire power from circuit box with breaker.
  • Unscrew the motor blower machine, open the electrical splice, remove the wire connectors, undo the twist of the wires. So finally disconnecting the wires is done.
  • Remove electrical wire from housing unit. Using power drill, you can remove up the screws.
  • If the fan you brought is larger than the old fan, then make the hole larger. And if it is smaller, then use a chalk around the edges to fill the gaps. Secure the brackets using a power drill to the joists.
  • Using screws of sheet metal, attach the duct elbow to exhaust port. Use a new duct pipe of 4 to 6-inch diameter.
  • Again, connect the wires by opening the electrical box of splice. And do the same procedure of twisting the same color of wires and add the connector, wrap a copper wire with bare terminal. Then tuck back the wires into the box and do replace the cover.
  • If you want to install a new duct pipe, then you have to install larg vent cap.
  • Finally, finish the installation by installing the motor blower and screwing it properly. Then attach the plastic grille.

Final verdict

As you know the whole procedure of installing a bathroom fan, so now you can easily apply it at your home. But you need to take the precautions when working with electric and wires. And make sure that you are following the steps properly.

How to Unclog a Shower Drain with Standing Water?

If you find that, your shower is not draining, it can be very frustrating. Shower drains can get clogged time to time. The minerals from hard water, soap, etc. block the easy drainage of your shower drain sometimes. At that time, it becomes necessary to unclog it as early as possible. You can always avoid calling a plumber for unclogging your shower drain if you can do it by yourself. The point is unclogging the drain of the shower isn’t that difficult as people often think.

The huge majority of shower drain clogging problem you can solve by your own easily. For that, you just have to follow some fair and simple methods and also require some basic tools. So, if you are going to do it by yourself, below are a few methods for how to unclog a shower drain with standing water.

How to Unclog a Shower Drain with Standing Water?

Method 1: Pour the Drain Water All the Way Down

This way can break down the blockage of the drain. You can clean the grease or soap that hold the clog in a piece by pouring the boiling water at the blockage.

However, this method might not work if you are suffering from some serious issues with clogging. In this case, pouring the boiling water may clear up the blocks partially.

Method 2: Try With a Plunger

Another vastly used method for unclogging a shower drain is the using of a plunger. Well, how effective plunging will be, depends on the type of the drain blockage. The design of your shower drains and where exactly the clogs are, etc. Determine the success of plunging. For example, you may struggle a lot to get enough suction for an effective plunging, for a deep and matted hair clog.

To get a better seal you can use petroleum jelly at sucking pad edge. Also, add water to the shower and submerge the bottom line of the plunger. In my experience, plunging method has a low success rate usually. But, the cost, as well as the time involved in it, is minimal and so it’s always worth a try.

Method 3: Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you want to do it in a non-chemical way, you can look forward with baking soda and vinegar. This process is preferable ecologically and also do not damage the plastic pipes. At first, take a cup of baking soda and pour it down the shower drain. Now, wait for several minutes. After that, take another cup of poured vinegar too down the drain.

After waiting a couple of hours check if the hair clog is still undissolved or dissolved. When the clog dissolves, pour some hot water through the drain and clean out it.

Method 4: Remove Cover and Take the Clog Out

This way has a pretty decent success rate. However, this may ask for using your hands in some cases. So, make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves as you are starting.

At first, using a screwdriver unscrew the cover of the drain and take off it. Then, watch the inner view of the drain and find the position of the clog. If necessary, take a flashlight. If you see that the clog to be reached by hands, pull out it with the fingers. If you can reach the clog with your fingers, use a hook and unclog it.

Method 5: Use Chemical Cleaners

Most supermarkets sell many kinds of stubborn cleaners that are non-chemical that can unblock drains. Carefully go through the instructions and then use it. Don’t deal with the chemicals lightly. They can damage the drainage pipes, especially if you use them repeatedly.

To use chemical items is an easy, quick and affordable method. Minimize the usage of chemicals by avoiding future blockages of your shower drain.

Final Thoughts

When you find yourself standing in your shower in a deep puddle of water, it’s very irritating. Once the drainage problem starts, it usually gets worse over time. The sooner you deal with the problem, the easier you can resolve it. That’s why, instead of waiting for a plumber, you better start the unclogging process by yourself. Now, as you know the methods, you can simply unclog your shower drain with standing water. Collect the necessary tools and follow any method to unclog your shower drain.

How to Remove Bathtub Stopper?

As long as you are a serious homemaker, everything starting from the air conditioner to the bathtub stopper do matter for you. And if we talk about bathrooms only, one of the concerns of us all is, Is the bathtub stopper working properly?

If it doesn’t you don’t hesitate to buy a new one. But the problem comes in when you try to remove the old one. In fact, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Bathtub stopper is one tiny part of the bathroom that influences the overall functionality of the bathtub. They are often termed as drain stopper as well. In this article, you’ll have a complete overview of replacing the bathtub stopper in easy steps-

How to Identify the Type of Stopper You Have?

There are several types of stopper available. If your bathtub doesn’t have any trip lever installed in, it can be a Push Pull, Toe Touch, Lift and Turn or a Flip It stopper. No lever mechanism is behind their functionality. And, that’s why they can remove or replace a stopper with ease. Read the following description to identify the type of stopper –

  1. Toe Touch: You can open or close this stopper just by pushing it up with toe.
  2. Push-Pull: It has a central knob in its structure. To open it you have to pull it up and push it down to close it.
  3. Flip-It: You can open or close it by flipping its toggle from side to side.
  4. Plunger Style Stopper: This particular type of stopper works with a turn style of trip lever mechanism. What it does is, when you press the lever or the plate, it makes the plunger to be higher or lower in position. That’s how it stops or starts the waterflow.
  5. Lift and Turn: To open or close it, you need to lift and turn the stopper in opposite directions. It is a little similar to the push-pull style stopper.

6 Pop Up: The last type of stopper is pretty similar to the plunger style stoppers. They also work with either a turn style or a trip lever. The operation is based on an internal plunger that controls the entire waterflow.

Removing a Bathtub Stopper

Toe Touch Stopper: If it’s a toe touch type, the stopper needs to be unscrewed by turning it in counterclockwise. When you push it down once, this stopper stays down. When you push it again, it opens up. If you can’t remove the screw by hand, wrap a towel around the screw. Then grip and turn it with an adjustable plier.

 Push-Pull Stopper: The stopper may be in the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ position. The first step is to get the knob off the top of the bathtub stopper. Hold the stopper and unscrew the knob. You need to use both of the hands to do this. A flathead screwdriver is essential to turn it counter-clockwise. Finally, lift the stopper from the strainer.

Flip-It Stopper: Open the toggle of your flip-it stopper. This style uses O-rings for sealing the drain when the toggle remains closed. Now, wiggle the stopper back and forth and thus loosen the O-rings. Lastly, lift the stopper out of the drain.

Pop-Up Stopper:  This style is operated by a mechanism on the overflow plate. Some faceplates have a trip lever which moves up and down. Again some have a lever which rotates either in left or right. Besides, many stoppers have entire faceplates rotate on cable operated bath wastes. To open it, flip the trip lever, otherwise rotate the overflow faceplate.

Lift and Turn Stopper: The removal of a lift and turn stopper is like the removing process of a push-pull stopper. When you push and twist a lift and turn stopper, it stays down. The parts of this stopper are also identical to those of a push-pull stopper.

Plunger Style Stopper: If your bathtub has such stopper, remove its lever cover plate. The real stopper is located behind the tub wall. Also, the drain has a strainer. When you’ve unscrewed the cover plate, lift it and handle it straight up. So, the plunger linkage will also come with it. Finally, unscrew the strainer by using a screwdriver in order to access the drain.

Final Thoughts

Removing a bathtub stopper is not so difficult once you know the tricks and have the necessary tools. Identify the type of your bathtub stopper and get engaged to remove or replace it when needed. So, why spending money employing a plumber when you can do it by yourself? Read the guidelines discussed in the article. Follow the steps and you will find it very easy removing your bathtub stopper.

Best Tablecloths Reviews

A tablecloth is indeed a decorative product which you use to cover your table at house or restaurants. No matter how much you ignore its presence or importance, one of the best tablecloths of market can always be a plus to your home’s décor.

Talking about the tablecloths, let me tell you how a good table cloth is defined.

You need to make sure that a good quality table cloth should be okay with three of these- Table Size, Design/Color Scheme and Durability. I don’t want to say this, but finding out a good tablecloth with a combination of three of these virtue is really a hard nut to crack.

Different types of tablecloths are now available in the market along with numerous patterns. And to get you the best one with ease, we present here the best 5 tablecloths you need to check out.

How Can You Choose the Best Tablecloth in The Market?

As we mentioned, a lot of tablecloths are now available in the market with different colors and patterns. Needless to say, all of them don’t come with the same quality and price. Although most of the tablecloths are of poor quality, there are some high-quality ones as well. To buy a good one, you should get to know about some specific things regarding tablecloth quality.

  • Table Size

The first thing that comes to choosing tablecloth is the table size. You have to choose a suitable one table size. Although rectangular ones are the most common, you should check out if you need oval or square ones as well.

  • Construction Material

The material that makes up the tablecloth is also important regarding its serviceability. Whether it is cotton or polyester or anything else, you need to choose as per your requirement.

  • Usage

You need to choose something elegant if you want a tablecloth to decorate for social or other occasions. In addition, for domestic or commercial usage, you need to purchase a perfect one that suits the table and its activities.

  • Exterior Design

For attraction as well as beauty, the external design plays a significant role. In fact, a variety of design and patterns are available with tablecloths. You should choose the one that will increase the beauty.

  • Maintenance Facility

Maintenance is an important thing that encourages its durability with usage. Machine washable or hand washable ones are widely popular among users. You need to make the choice after confirming simple and easy maintenance.

1. Benson Mills Harvest Royalty Engineered Yarn Dyed Jacquard Tablecloth

The combination of durability and exceptional design meets with this great polyester production. Needless to say, you will get the pleasure of giving your table a royal look through this one.

Features and Benefits

  • Gorgeous Outlook along with Stylish Patterns

This ergonomic tablecloth comes with a unique pattern that delivers an incredible outlook. Being inexpensive, you will get the best possible design to decorate your table along with this. Apart from that, the creative and stylish pattern will catch your attention in the first place for sure.

  • Imported Fabric Offers Impressive Durability

Regarding durability, it can offer you appropriate serviceability for its price. Furthermore, these best tablecloths come with quality construction that can stand rough and harsh usage. Heavyweight and quality fabrication make this tablecloth very sturdy and durable as well.

  • Available in Different Patterns with Various Sizes

It is common that all the tablecloths don’t fit the table size. But along with this one, there is almost no chance of that happening. In fact, this tablecloth comes in various standard sizes to fit your table. And again, you can have some rather good patterns as well.


  • Comes with a festive story at the border.
  • Features premium quality fabrication.
  • Beautiful laundering along with the cotton
  • High serviceability through the spillproof
  • Exceptional functionality with creative patterns.


  • Longer machine washing may fade away the color.
  • Inappropriate maintenance leads to wear and tear.

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2. Simhomsen Vintage Burgundy Lace Tablecloth Oval Embroidered Table Linen

The pretty sturdy polyester material provides an old-fashioned tablecloth with a vintage appearance. The oval shape can suit almost all sort of table with ease making it a perfect one to choose.

Features and Benefits

  • Long Lasting Coverage through Quality Polyester

Along with high-quality polyester production, this great tablecloth provides you a longer service. Needless to say, the premium polyester allows the tablecloth to withstand rough usage. You can use this one for your table for a long time with appropriate maintenance.

  • Easy Customization along with Suitable Shape

The customization of a tablecloth is an important factor regarding its attraction and usefulness as well. These best tablecloths offer you an oval shaped one with whom you can cover the table with perfection. Thus you can have a greater customization that fits everywhere.

  • Requires Simple as well as Easy Maintenance

When it is about maintenance, you better be very careful with any product. Poor maintenance can take out the quality and it is no different either. This one is not only machine washable but also hand washable. And light iron before start using will also do a great favor to keep the quality.


  • Offers suitable lifetime through imported polyester.
  • Provides depression glassware and vintage look.
  • Features burgundy of polyester with organza.
  • No possibility of shrinkage or color running.
  • Requires simple and easy maintenance works.


  • The shape is not suitable for a square
  • Heavy washing may cause wear and tear.

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3. Maison d’ Hermine Kashmir Paisley 100% Cotton Tablecloth

Being different from typical tablecloths, it is a symbol of beauty as well as luxury. French design with Indian production makes this tablecloth a perfect choice to decorate your table.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% Cotton Construction Delivers High Serviceability

It is cotton that produces this great and ergonomic tablecloth to provides a unique service. In fact, you will get an enduring service along with quality cotton construction. Apart from that, it can take rough usage that encourages its serviceability through the commercial grade cotton.

  • Unique Paisley Pattern Gives Incredible Appearance

Along with gorgeous paisley patterns that combines various colors, this one is something different. The incredible appearance of this best tablecloths will draw your attention to the first sight. Needless to say, quality construction and paisley patterns make this a perfect one to decorate your table.

  • Finishing and Styling Comes with a Perfect Balance

A lot of tablecloths comes with an imbalance between its design and finishing. Therefore, it provides a pretty bad outlook and will reduce the attraction. Along with this one, you will get a perfect balance among styling and finishing. Thus it ensures a great attraction for anyone.


  • Highly ornamental having exquisite watercolors.
  • Unique construction along with commercial cotton.
  • Very attractive with incredible paisley patterns.
  • Offers further coordination for table linen.
  • Machine washable and simple to maintain.


  • Requires a bit longer maintenance.
  • Rough usage may wipe out the watercolor.

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4. VEEYOO 54 inch Square Solid Polyester Tablecloth

Along with square shape construction, this offers you all the requisites you need. The ergonomic, as well as quality fabric, will amuse you with its service as well as durability.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavyweight Fabric along with Enduring Service

These best tablecloths offer you a long-lasting serving life through its unique construction. In fact, heavyweight fabric along with premium grade material makes this one pretty sturdy. And again, it can resistance certain wear and tear depending upon your maintenance.

  • Comes with Great Suitability for Any Occasion

This commercial grade tablecloth comes with only one color along with square shape. And you can use this at any occasions taken place at home or community center. It contains a suitable design and shape that can fit any square table without the slightest difficulty.

  • Easy Maintenance through Washing and Drying

Maintenance is very important regardless the type or brand. For perfect and flawless maintenance, you can go for washing and dry along with these best tablecloths. Being washable for machines and hands, you can take care of the polyester with comfort and ease.


  • Offers stain as well as the wrinkle-resisting
  • Premium polyester production with quality assurance.
  • Provides surged edges along with one-piece design.
  • Available at different sizes with numerous patterns.
  • Easy caring facility through machine washing.


  • Inappropriate size choosing won’t fit your table.
  • Becomes dirty fast and requires frequent maintenance.

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5. LinenTablecloth Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth White

This one is very much suitable for any occasion at home or outside. Again, the single white color provides a gorgeous view to the table which will impress the audience for sure.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic Construction with 100% Dacron Polyester

This great one offers a perfect coverage along with its Dacron polyester production. In fact, 100% premium quality polyester makes this not only ergonomic but also sturdy. Through this one, you can get the ultimate service life. Therefore, your tablecloth experience will reach a whole new level.

  • Great Design with One-piece and Seamless Design

A perfect combination of seamless with one-piece design comes with this one. Needless to say, this perfection leads towards an incredible appearance of the cloth. Of course, the gorgeous design has the ability to match any table. Thus it will provide a suitable and perfect coverage.

  • Fits with Perfection for Any Table at Any Ceremony

It is essential for you to make a stunning appearance at any ceremony. And these best tablecloths get you everything to make it without any disappointment. Along with susceptible design, it suits almost all rectangular table at anywhere that can amuse the guest at their first glance.


  • Delivers folding facility over the hemmed edge.
  • Quality assurance along with polyester construction.
  • Offers great resistance to wrinkle and stain as well.
  • Combines seamless pattern with a one-piece
  • Available in numerous colors with simple maintenance.


  • Rough washing may fade the color quite fast.
  • The tablecloth doesn’t suit square table well.

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Best tablecloth Buying Guide

From a lot of available tablecloths in the market, you need to choose the perfect one. Regarding the best tablecloths, there are some certain factors to consider.

  • Size of the Table

The foremost thing is to measure the table size. And you need to find out the right tablecloth according to it.

  • Tablecloth Material

The durability of a product depends upon its material. Polyester or cotton made tablecloths hold good and you should choose among these two.

  • Patterns and Design

To make your table more beautiful and attractive, you need to choose a suitable one. The one that comes with good design patterns.

Final Verdict

There is no denying that there are some other tablecloths which come with standard quality. We choose the best 5 among all other considering all fundamental requirements.  Needless to say, you can rely on any of these 5 best tablecloths that will provide you quality assurance. And with that, you can have a perfect as well as attractive coverage for your table.

Best Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife Reviews & Buying Guideline

Need a sharp-edged utility knife to be a master on slicing/cutting/ carving food items? A best Shushi knife can be the painting brush of an artist for you.

To make either sushi or sashimi at home, you need the proper tool to give elegant shape to them. And there comes sushi or sashimi knife that allows you an effortless as well as comfortable processing.

In the market, you will find a lot of knife naming either sushi or sashimi. Considering the best sushi knife or best sashimi knife, we are here with the best 5. In fact, using any of these 5 will relief you from unnecessary effort along with processing time.

What Is a Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife?

Sushi or Sashimi knife is indeed a Japanese traditional knife different from typical knives. In fact, it is a long and thin knife that is suitable to prepare sushi or sashimi. Again, this particular type of knife comes with a difference of having honed on the right side only.

Why do you need to have a Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife?

Being different from conventional western ones, sushi knives provide higher quality service and greater precision. For some particular activities, they are much better to use.

  • Preparing Sushi & Sashimi Dishes

The most common usage of sushi or sashimi knife is to process sushi or sashimi in the kitchen. And with it, you can make a perfect dish.

  • Sizing Up Vegetables & Fruits

Although it is not suitable for cutting vegetables or fruits, you can use it. But it is applicable for only small-scale slicing.

  • Accurate & Precision Work

For some slicing or cutting which requires accuracy, you can go for this one. High strength blade will help you with that.

  • Slicing Various Fishes

Apart from slicing sashimi, you can take care of some other fishes as well. It is suitable for soft and small-sized fishes.

  • Minor Culinary Activities

Different types of culinary action require knife usage. For general and small-scale work, you can use this one.

1. Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife


The first one of our list of five best sushi knives, is literally a piece of gem when it comes to buying a knife. Not only with a quality assurance, but also, it’s too easy to use.

This is where quality meets ability and then, you will get the surprising ease of usage. From safety to performance, this combines everything you need to prepare a perfect sushi as well as sashimi.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Assurance with Steel Construction

The blade is of German stainless steel that provides you the highest possible quality. In fact, the steel has a longer service life along with gentle usage in culinary activities. Of course, the steel can retain its sharpness even after long usage through appropriate maintenance.

  • Tapered Edge Provides Greater Performance

This single sided blade comes with a tapered edge which allows a faster as well as smooth gliding. Besides, stone finishing enables you to make appropriate cutting as well as slicing. Thus the combination results in a revolutionary change in processing sushi or sashimi dishes.

  • Ultimate Ease with Wooden Handle

Along with ergonomic wooden handle construction, you will enjoy the utmost comfort. Furthermore, you can make sensitive and also, precision cutting without the slightest trouble. This best sushi knife or sashimi knife gives you a perfect handle to work with.


  • Precision cutting without any dragging or snagging.
  • Long lasting service with razor sharp blade.
  • Resisting to corrosion, rust along with discoloration.
  • Single edge comes with a finishing of fine stone.
  • Effortless work with wooden or Santoprene handle.


  • The wooden handle may seem to be cheap.
  • The handle has a bit high weight.

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2. Yoshihiro VGYA240SH Stainless Sushi Sashimi Knife


Want your kitchen cutting jobs to be easuer than ever? A perfect knife can be a must-to-have tool for you. 9.5 inches of the single-edged blade like this one holds pretty well for moderate-scale processing. Apart from that, the sheath with lacquer coating ensures an outstanding durability for the blade.

Features and Benefits

  • Hongasumi Grade Steel Provides Durability

The construction of this best sushi knife or sashimi knife goes with imported steel. As a matter of fact, the Hongasumi stainless steel contains high carbon. Thus it offers greater strength and therefore, long-lasting sharpness for the blade.

  • Easy Cutting through Exceptional Sharpness

This high-quality blade comes with HRC 62 – 63 along with its VG steel construction. Furthermore, the optimal retention of blade edge provides ultimate sharpness combining its high sharpening ability. This unique combination, therefore, results in an exceptional sharpness.

  • Elegant Handle along with Rosewood Construction

Ergonomic rosewood makes the handle very comfortable to work with either sushi or sashimi. Needless to say, it takes the outlook of the blade handle at a whole new level. You or anyone using it will find the entire frame very attractive as well as working pleasure.


  • Comfortable operation with a high-quality steel blade.
  • Offers extreme sharpness with whetstone sharpening.
  • Coated wooden sheath resists stain along with odor.
  • Comes with lightweight as well as balanced construction.
  • Simple to use and therefore, easy to maintain.


  • Poor maintenance will take out the sharpness.
  • Length of the blade is insufficient for heavy work.

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3. Happy Sales HSSR400, Japanese Long Sashimi Sushi Knife


The combination of beautiful appearance along with incredible cutting performance makes this knife a suitable one. And again, you can make a perfect slicing through fishes as well as rice balls.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with Accurate and Precision Slicing

When it is about slicing or cutting, this one provides a very neat and perfect result as well. Again, you can have a very good precision as well as accurate processing. And with them, you can prepare a delicious sushi or sashimi dishes.

  • Ergonomic Production Delivers Quality Service

Along with stainless steel construction, this best sushi knife or sashimi knife delivers great service. Thus, the ergonomic steel comes with extreme sharpness at the cutting side. Therefore, the quality production enables the blade to keep its sharpness against long usage.

  • Offers Easy as well as Comfortable Handling

You can have a very comfortable handling with this knife indeed. In fact, the wooden handle allows a suitable catching for your fingers. Besides, with a perfect finger grip, it becomes a lot easy to work. Also, it provides a good control over the entire processing.


  • Stainless steel offers resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • Comes with a blade with long slender to work with.
  • Wooden handle provides easy control over slicing.
  • Hand washable and therefore, requires simple maintenance.
  • Suitable for carrying various culinary actions.


  • Quick damage can occur on the handle material.
  • Requires regular maintenance to hold the sharpness.

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4. Japanese Yanagiba Sashimi Sushi Knife


Although it is a typical sushi knife as per function, it comes with a variation in design. In fact, the attractive design of the blade, as well as handle, will catch your attention for sure.

Features and Benefits

  • Decent Slicing through Razor Sharp Blade

It is common for almost all typical knives to put pressure on either gliding or slicing. But this one comes with ultimate razor sharpness at the cutting side which requires no extra pushing. This knife blade has the ability to slice and also, cut with normal pressure.

  • Forged Steel Holds up Sharpness for Long

The blade of this best sushi knife or sashimi knife is of white Japanese steel. In fact, the forged steel blade has a pretty good sharpness at the cutting side. Along with the quality construction, the blade holds up the sharpness for quite a long time.

  • Lightweight Handle Enables Better Control

Wood or timber products come with lightweight to carry and also, to handle. This great culinary tool offers a wooden handle to work with and therefore, easy to handle. This ergonomic handle will lead you to a comfortable processing of sushi as well as sashimi.


  • Extreme sharpness allows comfortable cutting
  • Requires no pressure for gliding through any fish.
  • Delivers quality service for a longer time.
  • Offers an ergonomic construction for the handle.
  • Comes with a beautiful black box packaging.


  • Heavy usage may take out the sharpness.
  • Poor maintenance will cause the handle to fade.

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5. Cut Perfect Japanese Sashimi – Crafted By Sagana Kitchenware


Eventually, we are the end of the product lists. At number five, we have one great knife from Sagana Kitchenware. And I you ask me, I love this sushi knife a lot.

You can enjoy a perfect processing along with this great knife just like its name. It combines magnificent as well as authentic construction that ensures a comfortable operation of slicing and cutting.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Quality with Universal Acceptability

Along with premium quality steel construction, this is one great tool to cut and slice. Again, it is very suitable for anyone willing to cook sushi or sashimi dishes. In fact, from experienced chef to beginner cook, this culinary equipment suits everyone to start processing.

  • Offers Long-Lasting Razor Sharpened Blade

For any sort of knife, the sharpness of the blade is an important factor. Regarding this one, this best sushi knife or sashimi knife comes with something unique. In addition, the razor sharpened blade can deliver you a pleasing service life as per proper maintenance.

  • Comfort & Balance through Rosewood Handle

Regarding handle material, rosewood construction for knife handle is common these days. But with respect to elegance, few like this one comes with pleasant design and appearance. Apart from that, you will get a perfect balance with comfort along with its ergonomic production.


  • Highly rust along with corrosion resisting blade.
  • Extreme sharpness with excellent durability.
  • Rosewood construction provides gorgeous appearance.
  • Comes with simple usage as well as maintenance.
  • Provides easy control over the slicing operation.


  • Careless usage may damage the sharpened edge.
  • The weight of this knife is a bit high.

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Best Sushi Knife or Sashimi Knife Buying Guide

Regarding the best sushi knife or sashimi knife, there are always some specific factors for sure. In short, there are 3 factors concerning the knife quality.

  • Blade Material & Size

Quality knives come with steel construction and also, it is good to use. Blade size regarding your working scale is also important.

  • Sharpness of Blade

Proper slicing requires good sharpness which you need to check. Again, you need to confirm sharpness durability.

  • Handle Material

Comfort, as well as ease, depend upon the handle material. So, you need to check out its construction as well.

Final Verdict

Although sushi, as well as sashimi, comes from Japanese culture, this gained popularity with their prominent test. To avoid poor quality, you can rely on these 5 to take care of either sushi or sashimi. In fact, from external design to functional performance, every single one mentioned above meets the standard. The best sushi knife or sashimi knife will give the pleasure of easy as well as comfortable processing. And then, you will get the perfect satisfaction using any of them to prepare sushi or sashimi dishes.

Best Santoku Knife 2018 Reviews and Buying Guide

Knife– one of those few essentials without which, single day is hard to pass in kitchen.

But if we dig down into the purposes of knife in kitchen, a number of variation can be found. Typical kitchen cutting jobs are okay with an all-in-one utility knife. But what if you look forward for an advanced knife that’s expert in all slicing, dicing and mincing?

Wondering how? A best Santoku Knife is the knife that can handle it.

These knives are specialized with a matched blade, blade tang and handle. In addition, they are lighter in eight. So, without implying less hand strain, it can do quicker cutting. No wonder that anyone who’re up to kitchen, would like to have one of this in his utility box.

But the bad news is, as it’s a Japanese origin, there are a handful of cloned/ineffective Sanoku knives in the local market. As of today, more than hundreds of these types of knives are there in the market. And finding the right one manually is just like finding a needle from a pile of needle.

To give you a hand, we’ve prepared a list best Santoku knife models of the market, and reviewed them in an ascending order. Hope you’ll find it as helpful as we expect it to be.

Let’s start.

What is Santoku Knife?

Santoku knife is a Japanese knife that has a flat edge in accordance with a curve of 60 degrees at the front.

When you are looking for a well-balanced, lightweight and sharp knives, the Santoku knife will be the best choice for you. Mainly the word Santoku means “Three Virtues”. According to their performance, it is said that Slicing, Dicing & Mincing are that three qualities.

Origination of Santoku Knife

When we are talking about the birthplace of Santoku Knife, the name that comes in – the front is “Japan”.  The word 三徳包丁 (Santoku bōchō) is the Japanese word that means “three virtues”. Though there are different types of Santoku Knife available in the market, the original knives are still most popular than all.

When do you need a Santoku Knife?

Now let’s come to the part where you really need a santoku knife

  • If you are a chef at any great restaurant, properly choosing a santoku knife is the primary concern.
  • You can’t imagine the perfection of your kitchen without one good Santoku knife.
  • To cut the vegetables or meat, there is no better substitute rather than santoku knife.
  • Other than these, it increases the efficiency of work and needs low sharpening.

1. Victorinox 7 Inch Fibrox Pro Santoku Knife with Granton Blade

The victoinox is named after the late mother of Master Cutler Karl Elsener. He was a famous chef of Switzerland in the year 1884. Either you are using in your home or you are a chef at a famous restaurant, the Victorinox Fibrox will help you in every sphere of your kitchen.

Features and benefits

  • Multi-Purpose Use

The most important thing about Victorinox 7 Inch Fibrox Pro Santoku Knife with Granton Blade is that it can be used either in the kitchen or in the other areas of your house.

  • Classic Design

Not to mention, but the knife really holds its pride among all other santoku knives. The design is quite leveled with the first models of all the santoku knives.

  • Sharpening is Super Easy

Whenever you are buying a santoku knife, you must be very worried about the sharpening of the knives. But the sharpening of this santoku knife is very easy. You can easily sharpen it with a “Sharpening Steel”.

  • Non Sticky

When you cut different types of fruits or vegetables, sometimes a great problem you will face about stickiness. This is the product that will not let the materials stick to the knife.


  • Durable and hard made material.
  • The weight is very low.
  • Easy sharpening
  • Non sticky
  • Less friction while chopping.


  • A little old-fashioned

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2. Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Forged Santoku Knife

The next product we’re about to discuss deserves a round off applause for its promising quality. According to user choices and reviews, the mercer culinary is one of a kind. When you are looking for the Best Santoku Knife, this is the product you have been looking for. So, let’s check what is included in that differentiate it from the other knives at the market.

Features and benefits

  • Stainless German Steel

The German Carbon Steel will provide the ultimate you need in the blades. Of course, stainless steel is the first quality you need within a knife. As it becomes corrosion free, the cutting and chopping become much easier with the Best Santoku Knife in the market.

  • Extra Comfort in Handle

When you hold a knife, the most important thing about it is the handlebar. If the grip is not 100% efficient or slippery, some accidents may occur. Therefore, the Mercer Culinary Genesis will provide the proper grip that you need.

  • NSF Certified

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is the organization that ensures public health & safety in different foods and other kitchen or sanitary ware. The Culinary Genesis is certified by NSF.

  • Temperature Adaptation

Either it is a hot or cold object that you need to cut, the stainless German blade will do it in no time without any problem.


  • Stain and Corrosion Free
  • Heavy durability
  • Works at any temperature without a single problem
  • Superior grip
  • Doesn’t stick to the cutting object


  • Not so easy to use for the beginners.

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3. Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, 6.5-Inch, Black

Are you looking for the Best Santoku Knife at the lowest price? Then this is the product you have been looking for. The astonishing design with a ton of features will surely blow your mind once you have experienced the beauty of this kitchen knife.

  • Astonishing Design

When it comes to the matter of design, this is the king of all the Santoku Knife. The pictures do not even reveal 50% beauty of the knives.

  • Intelligent Architecture

The different air pockets help to reduce the stickiness with the cutting object. More air gap means more stability.

  • Lightweight

Less weight gives more control and more power when you are about to cut something in your kitchen. Heavyweight always creates different types of problems.

  • FDA Approved

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) determines whether the foods are injurious to health or safety to use. According to FDA, after cutting the fruits or vegetables with the Santoku, the vitamins are kept intact.

  • Blade Sheath Included

A blade sheath covers the blade after uses. Is safety always our first priority right? You don’t want to cut your fingers by accident.


  • Keep the flavors intact
  • Beautiful design and color
  • Proper safety guaranteed
  • Less weight, more comfort
  • Very Low price range


  • Need frequent sharpening

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4. DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – Shogun Series)

Are you searching for the Best Santoku Knife among the best? Then this product of dalstrong is the knife you need. Either you are a master chef, or just working in your kitchen- this knife will ease up your daily life eventually.

Features and benefits

  • 62+ Rockwell Hardness

The edge retention is at 62+ Rockwell. This provides the best experience at the time of cutting, doesn’t need to be sharpened on a regular basis.

  • 67 Layers of Steel

The unique 67 layers are where the best Santoku knife of DALSTRONG is different from all others. The blade has literally 67 unique layers. It made a difference in not only the style and look but also has a great impact on the performance.

  • 6 Unique Elements

The steel is made totally with 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1.5% Cobalt, 0.5% Manganese, 1% Molybdenum and 0.2% Vanadium. That way it would help you to cut through any material.

  • Unique Engraving

The stylish engraving itself is enough to blow your mind off completely. Look here for more pictures and Shipping Policy.


  • Perfect for any chef
  • Superior grip
  • Cut through not only vegetables but also meats relentlessly
  • Doesn’t need to sharp regularly
  • Royal design


  • Quite pricey.

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5. Wusthof 4183-7 Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Santoku Knife, Hollow Edge

Wüsthof- your most trusting brand has again launched something different this time. The 7-inch blades with an extra ordinary edge will provide the best kitchen experience among all others.

Features and benefits

  • Prevent Clinginess

When it comes to the matter of cutting kitchen items, the most work needs to be done in the cutting section. The traditional knives have a bad reputation for sticking to the materials. But the Wusthof 4183 will save you from this problem. Thus, increasing the efficiency.

  • Carbon Stainless Steel

The total blade is made of carbon. That’s why the weight is very low and easy to handle. The proper blade is steel made. Stain and corrosion can’t touch it even in the extreme conditions.

  • Tough Polypropylene Handle

The handlebar is the most important thing in a knife. The tougher the handle, the more it ensures security.


  • Best for slicing, dicing as well as chopping
  • Hollows on blade make it stylish and sticky-free
  • Tough handle
  • Blade gives heavy performance


  • From my perspective, the handlebar was a little bit rigid and for the first-timers, it’s pretty hard to use.

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6. TUO Cutlery Ring Series Japanese vg10 67 layers Damascus Santoku Knife 5.5″ Best kitchen knife choice


Among all the knives, it is the best santoku knife. Both in design and performance- it suppresses all the other knives in this price range. From the beginner to the professional level users, the knife will provide the best cutting experience.

Features and benefits

  • VG10 67 Layers Steel

The latest technology will allow you to properly cut and protect the blade properly. The 67 layers are not only a beauty but also have a great effect on the performance.

  • CNC Lathed

The CNC lathe machines are used where the perfect and precise measurement is taken. It is totally controlled by a computer. So, when your blade is CNC lathed- it is made with utmost care and proper attention.

  • Hard as a Rock

You don’t want your blade to be blunt every time you use right? The new Tuo Cutlery will save you from all the trouble of re-sharpening every time you use your knife.

  • Extra-ordinary Forging

Where it is a matter of forging, this forging class is definitely the one you have never seen. Only a look at it and you will fall in love in no time!


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Extra strong blades
  • Astonishing engraving
  • Semi-hand Crafted; made with ultimate care.
  • The blade is forged by both cooling and heat treatment relentlessly.
  • Non Sticky


  • The grip could be a little more comfortable.

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7. ZELITE INFINITY Santoku Knife 7 Inch


Are you looking for the next generation santoku knife? The Zelite has taken the era of the knife to a new edge. Let’s take a look at all the greatest features included in this amazing kitchenware.

Features and benefits

  • Triple Riveted Blade

The whole new triple riveted blade will help you cut through literally any material. Be careful at the time of handling or your fingers may get cut.

  • Japanese Steel in accordance with VG10

The VG10 technology will provide an extra advantage. It doesn’t matter how many time you have cut some things it will shine like new every time.

  • Stain Resistant

Not to mention because almost every knife of today comes with stainless features. For your information, not only at the time of buying this knife, whenever you are going to buy a knife- check if it is stainless or not!

  • Extra Comfortable Grip

Holding a knife should feel premium. The cheap handles are not good either for your hand nor safe. Therefore, a comfortable grip is included in this Zelite product.


  • Superior design
  • Ultimate finishing in the joint
  • Best for master chef
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Super sharp and non-sticky.


  • Sometimes the problem occurs with the blade after cutting animal bone.
  • The price range is above average.

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8. Stainless Steel Black Handle Santoku Knife Set


If you are not looking for a single knife, rather you are looking for a set of knives, then this product well worth your money and time. In only a low price range you will get 5 unique pieces of knife set. Various type of knives will allow you to use them according to your need.

Features and benefits

  • 5 Set in One Price

Where the other knives are being sold at a huge price, this is the package which includes 5 knives in only one set. When you are thinking about money, this is the Best Santoku Knife for the lowest budget.

  • ABS Plastic Handles

The handles of the knives are made of a unique Thermoplastic Polymer. The full form of ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. These are made in a lab by the super effort of our engineers.

  • Made of Attractive faux Marble

When it comes to the matter of look and style, these Santoku knives are beyond your imagination. You will in love with only one look.

  • Superior Texture

As I have mentioned, the design and the finishing is really great. But the textures add some extra points in these knives.


  • Essential for different purposes
  • Various sizes come in handy
  • Best set for kitchen


  • Need to sharpen frequently.

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9. Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch


If you have a great taste for classic items, this product will be the best for you. Because from top to bottom, it is properly made for the people of classical taste. So, let’s look what features are included in this best Santoku knife.

Features and benefits

  • VG-10 Hardened Japanese Steel Core

The VG-10 Japanese steel core is the best material that you need in your knife in order to have perfect slices. It will not only provide beauty but also creates a unique impression on the users.

  • PakkaWood Handle Material

Pure wooden handle material will provide the best comfort. Moreover, it helps to amplify the beauty of the whole knife.

  • NSF Certified

The knife is NSF certified. So, when the national safety foundation accepts a product that means you won’t have to worry about the safety anymore.

  • Damascus Styling (Adds air pocket)

Damascus styling adds some extra beauty to the blade. Moreover, Damascus includes some air pockets in the blades. Therefore it doesn’t stick to the cutting object.


  • High Carbon VG-10
  • Flexibility guaranteed
  • Reduce drag at the time of cutting
  • NSF certified


  • Single-edged knife

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10. Yaxell Gou 6-1/2-inch Santoku Knife, 1-Count


With the perfect size and extraordinary cutting edges, the last product of our list is the Gou 6 and a half inch knife brought to you by Yaxell. Either in your kitchen or restaurant- this knife will save you from all the troubles of your daily life.

Features and benefits

  • SG2 Steel Clad

With the SG2 steel clad of 101 layers, this knife provides the best performance and look. The unique layers will save you from the extra effort and ease up your daily works.

  • Corrosion and Stain Resistant

Stain and corrosion free knife. Thus it will save you from a lot of trouble in the way of sharpening again and again.

  • If not Satisfied, Replacement Available

Either you are having problems with the new ordered knife or it is not providing the features as guaranteed, there is always a replacement for customers. Because customer satisfaction is ultimately the only goal.


  • 101 layers of SG2 steel
  • Corrosion and stain free
  • Sharpness and durability guaranteed
  • Also comes in a set
  • Comes in the perfect size


  • Extra high price range
  • Suitable mostly for the Classical lover.
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Final Words

So, there are the top Best Santoku Knives with astonishing features and extraordinary outlook. Just follow the links to get the knives at your doorsteps in no time. I hope you have found the right products according to your choice and preferences.

Best Carving Knife 2018 Reviews and Guide

Having trouble in carving thin and uniform slices of poultry or meat? A best carving knife or slicing knife can be the best companion in kitchen in that case. And to help you finding one, we’re here for you.

Knives are our one of the most used tool in our daily life. But for kitchen work, there is variation in types of knives. A carving knife is one significant pick of them. You can slice meat or vegetables with this knife, be more accurate in slicing or carving.

However, if you are following me till now, I bet you are looking for the best carving knife. Looking no further, this is the place where you can find your desired carving knife. We have gathered ten best carving knives around the market and listed them here with a proper review. Hope you will enjoy it and you will find it helpful.

What is a carving knife?

The knife we usually use to slice things in the kitchen for cooking is known as Carving knife. It is also known as slicing knife and carver. This knife is a common tool in the kitchen and we use this most often.

They are not like other usual knives. Carving knife has a long blade and it helps to slice uniformly. Following this review will help you to find out the best carving knife on the market.

Why do you need to have a carving knife?

For slicing meat, poultry, hams or roasts these type of large meats, we use carving knife. As these knives are large you can’t cut them properly with regular knives. It may not slice evenly when you use other knives. Here are some reasons why you need a carving knife:

  • It is an essential tool for the chefs who want perfection in their cooking. As cutting is an important term for cooking.
  • For household hold work, the person who seeks perfection in cutting has to depend on this very knife.
  • In any restaurant, you can see the use of carving knife. This is a common tool for them to use in cooking.
  • If you want to cut long bread you have to use a carving knife in your bakery. The usual knives can’t cut this easily.
  • You can use wood carving knives to carve in woods. It can make the chips off easily. You can’t use ordinary knives to do this job.
  • These are the reason you should depend on carving knives. For best user experience you have to find out the best carving knife on the market. We are here to help you out to choose the right one.

1. DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife Review

Welcome to the first pick of our list of best carving knife. Considering the performance, blade quality and price, we have DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife as the topper of the list.

DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife – 12″ Granton Edge – Gladiator Series – German HC Steel – w/ Sheath is our first choice in this best carving knife review. It is a famous knife manufacturing company. So, we are here describing all the unique features down here:

Features and Benefits

  • The craftsmanship of this knife is outstanding. It comes with the technology of cutting edge and flexible blade. Therefore, it is up to date with all the modern knives in terms of quality.
  • Its material is of high carbon steel that is straight imported from Germany. All of its edges are polished at 18 degrees angles. So it has very sharp edges.
  • As it has razor sharp blade it can debone, fillet, skin off and trim all of your favorite foods. Therefore, you can slice easily and get enough flexibility while using.
  • Its design has won a various award. Moreover, their quality is very high. So that, the manufacturer of this knife offers a money back guarantee in their products. So you are assured to have the premium feel using the blade.


  • Engineered for perfection in cutting any food you like
  • Design of this knife is award-winning
  • The blade has high sharpness
  • Ensures premium comfort while using it
  • Tapered blade make sure of hardness and flexibility of the blade
  • Tall blade has knuckles that make the height useful
  • It has minimum slicing resistance


  • It is not a very wise choice if you want to cut carve smoked meats.

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2. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Carving Knife Review

MAIRICO is another renowned knife manufacturer of this era. Their ultra-sharp premium 11-inch stainless steel carving knife has an ergonomic design and best for slicing roasts, meats, fruits, and vegetables. We are here to talk more about its features and benefits that make the knife one of our best carving knife lists.

Features and Benefits

  • You can cut your foods with minimum effort. The blade is a very sharp hat made this possible. So you can slice through big roasts, meats or long bread.
  • The design of this knife is the first choice of the professionals. Its length is desirable for any chefs.
  • Its material is well engineered for excelling any cutting. The ergonomic design helps this knife to perform so swiftly.
  • Gripping this knife is highly secured and comfortable. This knife’s 11 inches blade will fit perfectly in your hand.
  • It works with any type of meat, pork, briskets, ham or any other roasts. You can also use it to slice fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it has versatile usage.


  • It can cut things with minimum effort
  • The design is of professional quality
  • It has versatile usage
  • Ultra sharp blade
  • 11 inches long cutting knife
  • Offers premium quality of product
  • Ensures maximum comfort for the users
  • It has a stainless-steel knife with 11 inches blade.


  • For some thick meat cutter, it may not seem sharp enough but this knife is not for them

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3. Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay 2 Piece Carving Set, Black Review

Royal doulton is one of the best knives in the market. This stainless steel product can help you in any kind of cutting job with ease and comfort. For these reasons, it is one of the top choices on our review list. Let’s hear all about it in this description.

Features and Benefits

  • You are getting two pieces in the package. One of them is a fork and another one is the knife.
  • These pieces are made of stainless steel. Therefore, it is rust proof and dependable.
  • You can use this knife for slicing bread cakes poultries. It is the perfect size for using these purposes.
  • It has a classic handle of black color. It is comfortable and premium to use. Therefore, you can use it with ease.
  • The sharpness of this blade and fork is high. You can rely on them while cutting foods.


  • Comes with a striking gift box
  • Classic handle makes the look premium
  • Stainless steel blade makes the blade protected
  • It is very sharp
  • Good for slicing bread, cakes or poultries


  • For long bread, you might have to cut it in half if you don’t have another knife

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5. DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife Review

This is our second product from DALSTRONG. This knife manufacturing company has gathered the trust of the users by providing quality products. Now, we are going to learn more about this knife.

Features and Benefits

  • The knife manufacturing company DALSTRONG used their revolutionary technology naming cutting-edge. This allows the knife to be able of giving its peak performance.
  • Performance of this knife is unrivaled. There are no other knives that you can make a comparison in terms of a long blade. This has sharp finishing with the staggering of 8-12 degrees. Therefore, it is flexible and the harness is enhanced.
  • It is cooled by nitrogen and this makes the blade corrosion resistive. It increases the robustness of the knife. So you can slice any foods easily.
  • The unique feature of this knife is it has 66 layers of high carbon stainless steel. Therefore, there is no question about its strength and durability. You can rely on this knife closing your eyes.
  • It is a military grade knife. This knife is engineered for easy hand controlling. So it is agile and comfortable in using.


  • 00 mm thickness of 66 layers of high carbon stainless steel
  • Comfortable gripping
  • Military graded blade that is reliable
  • Very hard and durable blade
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness
  • Offers AUS-10V ultra sharpness
  • Corrosion resistive with the help of nitrogen cooling process
  • Money back guarantee on their quality
  • Carving knife that any pro chefs will recommend


  • A bit over-pricey than the features that it offers.

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5. BeaverCraft, Cutting knife Review

Wood carving needs many tools. From that long list, a carving knife is an important tool. BeaverCraft offers their cutting knife for carving woods. We are here to review this knife as it is one of our best carving knife review lists.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a bench knife. It has been designed for general carving in woods. You can use this wood carving knife if you are a beginner. It is recommended by the professionals.
  • The blade is made of premium quality of carbon steel. So, there is no confusion about its durability. It is firm and hardened so the knife can do its job perfectly.
  • It has a very sharp cutting edge that makes the softwood cutting easier. The blade is polished which makes it smooth and shiny. Therefore, this knife can carve into hardwoods.
  • The handle of this knife has an ergonomic design. It is made of a hardwood naming oak. It is well finished and this allows the user to get maximum comfort while using it.
  • This carving knife is the best gift for new carving lovers. This can make the wood carving experience much better than ever. The sharpness of the blade and durability ensures the quality of the knife. If you are in love with wood carving or you know someone who does, recommend them to buy this one.


  • Best wood carving knife for the beginners
  • Handle of this knife is comfortable
  • Grip of this knife is useful for long time carving
  • High carbon steel makes the blade durable
  • The blade is razor sharp that makes better carving in any kind of woods


  • The blade is perfect for wood carving so that it is not versatile in usage

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6. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Review

This is another one from MAIRIO in this review. This time they have an 11-inch sharp-edged knife with promising quality. Now, we are going to learn all about this knife in details.

Features and Benefits

  • With minimum effort, you can cut any type of foods. The design is well engineered that make sure of making a sharp edge of the blade.
  • The quality of this knife is superb. It has a desirable length of the blade that is very reliable for the users.
  • It is 11 inches slicing knife. So you can use this in a various cutting job. Therefore, it makes it a versatile knife according to its usage.
  • The performance of this knife is guaranteed by the manufacturers. You got a money back guarantee on the performance of this knife.


  • Ergonomic design makes the weight distribution of the knife balanced
  • It fits in hands easily
  • Comfortable grip
  • Versatile usage of the knife
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Premium quality in performance


  • It is not compatible with cutting hard bones

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7. Wusthof Classic 9-Inch Carving Knife Review

It is a classic knife by the manufacturer Wusthof. This is a carving knife with medium length. We are here to know everything about it now.

Features and Benefits

  • This knife has a thin and narrow blade and pointed tips. This is a classic design of knives.
  • The blade of this knife is made from a single piece of steel. The steel has a high carbon and it has been forged. This made the blade durable and strong.
  • It is a full tang knife with three rivet handle which is synthetic. Thus the strength and balance of this knife have superiority.
  • This knife is hand washed and the finishing is hand given. It is made in Germany. It is easy to handle and comfortable to work with


  • Measuring of the knife is 16 by 2 by 1 inches
  • Manufacturer of this knife offers lifetime warranty
  • As the material is of high carbon steel it is durable
  • The handle is tri-riveted thus it is strong
  • It is well balanced in weight
  • Hand washed body


  • The size may not allow cutting long shaped bread easily

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8. Update International (KGE-07) Carving Knife Review

Update international presents their KGE – 07 carving knives. It is a forged Granton knife that we use for carving into foods. Let’s dig deep into this knife’s features.

Features and Benefits

  • It is made of high carbon steel material. This is a strong material and forging made the knife more durable.
  • This blade also has molybdenum and vanadium in the steel. It made the knife dependable and strong.
  • The handle of this knife is made of slip-resistant POM material. This made the grip of the handle comfortable.
  • The rounded blade knife makes the cutting easier. You can now cut any foods with less effort.
  • This knife is dependable in any situation. It makes sure of maximum performance according to its price.


  • This knife is durable
  • Rustproof body
  • 12 inches long blade
  • Manufactured from high steel carbon
  • Grip of the handle is comfortable
  • Needs less effort to cut more
  • One of the ideal carving knives that have versatile usage.


  • The body is strong but due to unbalanced pressure it may break

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9. Ham 12-Inch Slicing Knife Review

This ham carving knife is an ideal carving knife. It is renowned for its good quality of product and performance. Here we go with the review of this carving knife.

Features and Benefits

  • This knife is very useful for carving bones in hams. You can depend on this knife while doing this.
  • It has a protection that helps to make thin slices. This is a useful feature for many users.
  • Anti-accident protection helps to reduce the probability of an accident. This feature alone is enough to place this carving knife in our top ten carving knife list.
  • This knife is perfect for beginners. Moreover, professionals also like to use these knives as they are very good.


  • Safety of the user is assured
  • Maximum protection in the blade is provided by the manufacturer
  • The blade is flexible but durable
  • It is extremely sharp
  • Can cut any food with minimum effort


  • It may seem flimsy to hard cutting knife users

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10. ZYLISS 7.5-Inch Carving Knife Review

Zyliss is our last choice but not the least. It is an ideal classic carving knife. It comes with a sheath cover. Let’s learn more about it here.

Features and Benefits

  • The stainless steel material provides enough strength to the knife to last long. Moreover, it is super sharp and swift.
  • It comes with a safety guard. This protects the user from any unnecessary cutting. So you can rely on this knife while carrying it.
  • This knife is perfect for slicing any types of meats, bread, fishes or poultry. So it is a perfect choice for any professional or beginner.
  • The ergonomic design of the handle makes sure of safe gripping. It reduces hand fatigue and increases control over the knife.


  • Material of this knife is high carbon steel
  • This knife is durable
  • The grip of this knife is comfortable
  • Perfect for slicing meat type foods
  • The handle allows the user to control the knife easily


  • This is a decent knife that may not fulfill the desire of heavy users

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Best carving knife- The Buying Guide

In this entire review, we talked about the specification and features of the carving knives. We all know that it is important to know the specs and features before buying goods. But there are some tricks and tips that can help you to decide the best product to buy easily.

For carving knife, the first and foremost thing you have to consider before buying is the material of the blade. Then the length of the blade. These two basic things should fulfill your demand. Then the handle should be comfortable so that you can use it for a long time.

Considering these simple things may end up helping you to buy the best knife you are looking for.

Final Verdict

This review has been written after a long research. So, all of the information written here is dependable. You can have the clear idea of all the best carving knives in the market. When you have an idea about them you can think of buying one. This is the reason you should follow this review.

We have talked about top ten carving knives in the market. These ten knives have been selected through various tests. Like performance test, material strength test, quality test, and durability test. All of them has passed the minimum requirement that ordinary knives can’t fulfill.

Therefore, this best carving knife review is the one you should follow and get the desired knife you were looking for.

Best Paring Knife 2018 Reviews and Buying Information

Facing a hard time with precise cut jobs (veggies, fruits) in kitchen? If positive, you’ve just landed to the right page for your purpose.

In every day, you require to do a significant amount of cutting and sizing up jobs in your kitchen. But when you need precision and accuracy in it, the typical utility knives or Chef’s knives aren’t actually the right kit, right?

Worry not, a best paring knife is the tool in rescue. It’s indeed a useful tool to size up your vegetables or fruits with 100% precision and 0% difficulty. But finding a right one had always been a hard job. With a bad one, your cutting experience even at the daylight may turn into a nightmare. In fact, there is a good chance that you can end up wasting all your investment in a wrong one.

Now what?

From a lot of paring knives available in the market, we’ve done a week-long research to mine out the best knives. These selection is evaluated by a number of factors such as- steel quality, shape and size, durability and of course the price-quality ratio.

Before you get the right paring knife made for you, I’m sure this would be the last review you’ll be reading.

What Is a Paring Knife?

A paring knife is a small knife in size along with a short but sharp and straight blade. In general, the blade comes with a useful length of about 3 to 5 inches. Apart from that, the rounded cutting edge of the blade provides easy handling.

Why do you need to have a Paring Knife?

Before going for the best paring knife, it would be better to know some information about the uses of paring knives.

  • Peeling or Slicing or Cutting

The most common thing with a paring knife is peeling small fruits and vegetables. Again, it does slicing and detailed cutting vents or shapes into dough.

  • Subtle and Precision Work

Needless to say, this knife is very much useful for tasks that require good accuracy. In fact, you can use this for precision work like or coring and ribs removal.

  • Hulling Strawberries

For removal of stem and carving out the white central core from the stem as well, a paring knife works just great.

  • Making Orange or Lemon Section

To make a section of orange or lemon to serve evening refreshment or guests, the paring knife is there to help you.

  • Devein Shrimp

To cut the outer curve of the shrimp or to remove the dark vein or to rinse with ease, you can use paring knife without any second thought.

1. ZELITE INFINITY Paring Knife 4 inch – Alpha-Royal Series

Finding a paring knife that meets both ends of performance and durability, is a hard nut to crack. But fortunately, we found this best paring knife for you. Thanks to the manufacturer. To enjoy the maximum performance with the slightest compromise, you can rely on this one. In fact, this one combines high strength steel with a sturdy handle which will give you a perfect tool to use.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Quality Steel with 67 Layer

This great paring knife offers wonderful performance through Japanese steel core. In fact, you will get a 67-layered Damascus sharpened one along with bleeding edge process.

  • Ensures Precision and Accurate Cutting

The razor-sharp blade comes with a highly sharpened edge that enables you to cut the desired point. In addition, the blade offers pretty accurate cutting and slicing for your fruits.

  • Pakkawood Handle Offers an Exceptional Comfort

With pakkawood construction, this best paring knife offers you the utmost comfort through its handle. In fact, the ergonomically designated handle enables you to do the chopping, dicing or slicing.


  • Nitrogen cooling provides stain and rust resistance.
  • Excellent comfort with low and easy maintenance.
  • Military grade handle offers great durability.
  • Great control along with minimum wrist fatigue.
  • Comes with premium packaging facility.


  • Rough usage may take out the sharpness fast.
  • The grip may seem to be a bit smaller to grab.

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2. Kuhn Rikon 4-Inch Nonstick Colori Paring Knife, Black

If you want a moderate blade but comes with a great serviceability, you can choose this one. Also, there is a non-sticky coating delivered upon the blade surface. Thus, it prevents the food from getting stuck with the blade and therefore, helps you with the maintenance problem.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Service with High-Quality Steel

The blade is of premium Japanese steel with non-staining quality that ensures a longer service life. And again, the blade can resist all sort of corrosion, rust, and discoloration.

  • Profound Comfort with Ergonomic Handles

The provided handle of this one is a combination of polypropylene and Santoprene. For the handle, polypropylene encourages durability whereas Santoprene triggers comfortable handling.

  • Quick and Easy Maintenance for the Blade

It is necessary for a knife edge to go through some certain maintenance to keep its efficiency. The edge of this paring knife comes with a rather easy maintenance in a very short time.


  • The blade provides a super-sharp blade edge.
  • Offers reliable and long-lasting
  • Non-stick coating releases food from the blade.
  • Additional safety sheaths ensure longer sharpness.
  • Requires hand washing making it user-friendly.


  • The handle may seem to be insufficient.
  • Frequent usage may tear out the sheaths fast.

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3. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Paring Knife


The combination of high strength steel along with ergonomic handle make this one like no other.  Needless to say, the entire design allows you to have an effortless experience of cutting and slicing vegetables as well as fruits in the kitchen.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultimate Sharpness with Edge Retention

The blade comes with a staggering angle of about 16-18°. Also, there are 55 Rockwell to deliver an incredible retention of edge. It helps to cut deeper and operate for a longer time.

  • Pakkawood Handle Triggers Easy Control

Along with pakkawood material, the handle of this best paring knife offers you the utmost comfort. As a matter of fact, the ergonomic design enables you to do the chopping, dicing or slicing with great ease.

  • Protective Bloster and Cladding

For maintaining a zero balance, there is a tapered bloster. It helps you to cut the vegetables with ease and comfort. Furthermore, it provides finger protection and natural pinch grip.


  • Laminated and premium pakkawood
  • Long lasting high carbon German steel.
  • Further durability with triple riveted joints.
  • Easy handling with the hand-polished
  • Military grade, non-slipping grip handle.


  • The grip handle is a bit larger.
  • Not very suitable for cutting meat.

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4. ISSIKI Cutlery Professional 3.5 Inch Paring Knife


For a spectacular and effective paring knife, this one will hold good enough for sure. The durable steel along with beautiful pakkawood handle will give you a perfect tool. This one comes with everything to slice or dice smaller vegetables and fruits.

Features and Benefits

  • Incredible Sharpness of Imported Steel

The blade is of premium quality German stainless steel with high carbon having super sharpness. Precise tempering along with stain resistance comes with this 12 – 15° of the polished edge at each side.

  • Comfortable Handling through Pakkawood Construction

The pakkawood handle of this best paring knife comes with a great control for the user. In addition, you to do the chopping, dicing or slicing along with its ergonomic design.

  • Ergonomic Grip Offers Simple Operation

The knife comes with a Swiss classic handle that provides a great control over any condition. The grip has an ergonomic design to prevent slipping and encourage easy slicing or cutting.


  • Versatile tool with a blade length of 3.5-inches.
  • Humidity and crack resisting polished handle.
  • Provides less stress on the wrist with light handle.
  • Comes with excellent retention of the blade edge.
  • Very simple to use and therefore, easy to maintain.


  • The edge may seem to be catching.
  • Requires regular maintenance..

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5. Victorinox 3.25 Inch Paring Knife with Straight Edge


You will enjoy a great cutting experience for vegetables or fruits in the kitchen with this one for sure. Although it is rather small in size, it comes with those you need to have a comfortable as well as easy slicing.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest Performance with Straighten Edge

This small but multipurpose knife comes with a perfect straighten edge for the ultimate result. The combination of razor-like sharpness and tapered edged help you slicing things without effort.

  • Effortless Cutting with Effective Handle

With a Swiss classic handle construction, you will find great comfort in both dry or wet condition. The ergonomically designed grip handle declines to slip and provides easy operation.

  • Decent Tool for Various Tasks

This best paring knife is compatible with different simple cutting works apart from sizing vegetables. As a versatile knife, you will find it useful to do accurate slicing and chopping as well.


  • Highly sharpened and laser tested knife.
  • Provides longer service life.
  • An exacting angle to hold the sharpness.
  • Comes with 4” Swiss classic blade.
  • Dishwasher safe at higher pressure.


  • The blade is very small in size.
  • The handle of the knife is too light.

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6. TUO Cutlery German Steel Paring Knife

Along with beautiful craft, this one represents a perfect kitchen tool having the ultimate quality of service. It has got almost everything in a single tool to bring about a culinary revolution in your kitchen.

Features and Benefits

  • Superb Durability along with Outstanding Appearance

An incredible combination of yellow along with black provides a luxurious and gorgeous looking knife for the kitchen. Apart from that, you will get a higher durability with the steel blade.

  • Great Sharpness along with German Steel

The blade is of premium German stainless steel with high carbon having super sharpness. Precise tempering along with stain resistance comes with this 12 – 15° of the polished edge at each side.

  • Great Comfort through Pakkawood Grip

The pakkawood construction of the handle offers you a perfect and comfortable feeling. Of course, the ergonomic design also helps you to do your work in the kitchen with great ease.


  • The gentle curve of the blade provides easy cutting.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant steel blade.
  • Corrosion resisting and oil proof polished handle.
  • The extreme hardness of blade of about HRC56±2.
  • Comes with 18° hand polished edge every side.


  • Not suitable for rough and longer usage.
  • Blade edge requires appropriate maintenance.

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7. J.A. Henckels International CLASSIC 4″ Paring/Utility Knife


This classic utility knife offers you confidence with every single cut. Of course, the sharpened blade allows you to have a precision and accurate sizing. This moderately sized knife fits pretty good for peeling to slicing without the slightest difficulty.

Features and Benefits

  • High Durability with Great Steel Blade

The blade is of German stainless steel that is not only sturdy but also reliable for heavy usage. In fact, you will find the blade corrosion and rust resisting which helps you to get a much longer service with this one.

  • Offers Precision and Accurate Cutting

The razor-sharp blade comes with an extremely sharpened edge that helps you to cut at the exact point. Furthermore, the sharpened blade provides an accurate cutting and slicing for your vegetables.

  • Offers a Comfortable Handling

The handle of this best paring knife comes with traditional triple riveted joints. You can grab the handle and go for cutting without any trouble. Instead, it will encourage a comfortable handling.


  • Long lasting serviceability with quality fabrication.
  • Highly durable with completely forged construction.
  • Offers seamless transition to handle from the blade.
  • Comfortable handling with effortless operation.
  • Dishwasher safe and therefore, easy to maintain.


  • The handle is a bit small to work with.
  • Rough usage may take out the sharpness.

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8. Mercer Culinary Millennia 3.5-Inch Paring Knife


Along with a sturdy and durable handle, this knife has everything to suit cutting and slicing. Although the blade is a bit smaller, it holds pretty well for small-scale work. Needless to say, you will enjoy with this great knife along with much ease and comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Pretty Sturdy with High-Quality Steel

The blade is of superior Japanese steel with non-staining quality that ensures a much longer service life. Furthermore, the blade can resist all sort of corrosion, rust and also, discoloration.

  • Comes with Ergonomic Handles

The handle of this one has a combination of polypropylene and Santoprene. In fact, polypropylene encourages durability whereas Santoprene triggers comfortable handling.

  • Faster and Easier Maintenance for the Edge

Certain maintenance is necessary for a knife edge to keep its efficiency and sharpness. The edge of this paring knife comes with a rather easy and also, fast maintenance.


  • Suitable for smaller works with 3.5-inches blade.
  • Slip-resisting through finger points with texture.
  • Provides finger guard for further protection.
  • Allows quick sharpening of the blade edge.
  • Extreme strength along with high carbonated steel.


  • The blade may seem to be a bit smaller.
  • Not very suitable for long and rough cutting.

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9. Victorinox 4-Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife


With accuracy and precision, this one fits any kitchen. You can use this super sharpened knife for slicing, garnishing, peeling and even dicing things. The entire frame comes with a suitable usage facility and therefore makes it comfortable to handle.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Performance with Straight Edge

This multipurpose knife with straighten edge provides ultimate cutting achievement. Along with razor sharp and tapered edged knife, there is one exacting angle to help you cut.

  • Easy Handling through Ergonomic Grip

The knife has a Swiss classic handle that provides great comfortable handling even at the wet condition. The ergonomic sure grip prevents slipping and encourages easy cutting.

  • Suitable for Other Bigger Works

This best paring knife is suitable for various intricate cutting works like sizing vegetables or cutting fruits. Being a versatile one, you will find it helpful to do greater slicing and even chopping.


  • Highly sharpened and laser tested knife.
  • Provides longer service life.
  • An exacting angle to hold the sharpness.
  • Comes with 4” Swiss classic blade.
  • Dishwasher safe at higher pressure.


  • Packing may seem to be a bit cheap.
  • The blade is comparatively thinner.

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10. DALSTRONG Shogun Series Paring Knife


With a deadly bite, this small but versatile knife will amuse you along with its service and appearance. The outstanding technology of cutting edge along with high-quality material provides a culinary revolution in your kitchen.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultimate Sharpness with Edge Retention

The blade comes with a staggering angle of 8-12°. Also, there are 62+ Rockwell to deliver an incredible retention of edge. It helps to cut deeper and operate for a longer time.

  • 67 Layered Quality Steel Material

This best paring knife offers a great performance through its Japanese steel core. In fact, you will get a 67 layered Damascus sharpened one along with bleeding edge technique.

  • Protective Bloster and Cladding

For maintaining a zero balance, there is a tapered bloster. It helps you to cut the vegetables with ease and comfort. Furthermore, it provides finger protection and natural pinch grip.


  • 75 inches long knife to work with.
  • Long lasting VG-10 Japanese steel.
  • Further resilience with triple riveted joints.
  • Easy handling with the hand-polished
  • Military grade, non-slipping grip handle.


  • The grip handle is a bit larger.
  • Not very suitable for cutting meat.

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Best Paring Knife Buying Guide         

Concerning the best paring knife, there are some specific factors contributing to the ultimate one.

  • Blade Construction

The most important part of the knife is the blade which requires quality material. Stainless steel made blades along with good edge retention are the most common.

  • Handle Type

For comfortable and easy operation, good handle grip is essential. You need to buy either hard plastic or wooden one as per your personal choice and usage.

  • Maintenance

To keep the blade sharpened and the handle from defect, you need appropriate maintenance. Though the blades are dishwasher safe, it is better to go for hand washing after usage.

Final Verdict

There is no denying that there are several other paring knives you will get to choose. The 10 best paring knives we got here for you also come with standard requirements. But we can assure you that choosing among one of the mentioned 10 would fit pretty good with your kitchen work. We hope that this article will lead you to a successful purchase of your desired best paring knife without any difficulty.

How to Use a Boning Knife?

Are you trying to find the right knife for deboning the meat? Looking for a knife to make those thin cuts like the master chefs? Then look no further. Because a boning knife can fulfill all of these wishes.

A boning knife is a great tool when it comes to separating the bones from the meat. But you can utilize them for multiple purposes. In short, a boning knife can be a perfect helping hand with your daily kitchen chores.

What is a boning knife:

A Boning knife is mainly used for separating the bone from the meat and fish or removing the skin from the meat.  A boning knife features a sharp and narrow blade edge. It is normally from 12 cm to 17 cm in length.  With the help of this knife precision cut are easy to sometimes comes with a curved edge.

There are both stiff and flexible boning knives. A stiff boning knife offers security during the meat separating process. On the other hand, the flexible one is great for precision.

Uses of a boning knife:

A boning knife can be utilized in many ways.

Deboning the meat:

Boning knives are meant for removing the bones from the meat as the name suggests. As the blade is narrow, it can reach every side of the bone attaching to the meat. The knife makes it easy to separate the meat from the bone without damaging the meat or cutting the bone.

Separating the skin:

The narrow blade of a boning knife can be used to remove the meat skin. The blade cut through the connecting tissues between the meat and skin so precisely. Thus getting a fine and easy skin removal.

Removing the fat:

Sometimes the bone maybe hiding under a layer of fat. So to separate the bone first we have to get rid of the fat. A boning knife does an excellent job of getting rid of the stubborn fat on the meat. A flexible boning knife will get the job done as a dream.

Slicing the fish:

As the fish flesh is so delicate, a boning knife is perfect for cutting them into precise pieces. You can also use the knife to separate the flesh from the skeleton.

Meat Scouring:

A boning knife does an excellent job when it comes to scouring the meat and the fish.

Replace the cookie cutter:

If you can’t find your cookie cutter when required, just grab your boning knife. The shape and flexible edge of the knife will perfectly replace your cutter. You can use the knife for other baked food as well.

Slicing the mangoes:

As the mango has very soft and juicy interior, a precise boning knife will be perfect to slice it. This way less pressure will need and the fruit flesh won’t damage.

Detach the apple core:

As we all know how tricky splitting an apple core can be. It also wastes most of the fruit. Don’t worry, a boning knife is there to help you. Now you can separate the core without much effort.

Decorating the cakes:

A boning knife can assist you in decorating or trimming the cake for further decoration. You can make a nice cut of the cake as well. Making center holes for fillings can also be done with a boning knife.

Final thoughts:

Now you know how multipurpose a boning knife can be. So it will be a good option to invest in a high-quality boning knife. Go for a stainless blade.

Before buying a boning knife study about its size and angle as per your requirement. A good flexible boning knife will help you to make a precise cut like a pro. And the stiff one will make the bone separation easy as a dream.

Don’t forget to wash your boning knife properly after each use. This will make the knife long lasting.  This way you can enjoy the great performance of the boning knife for a long time.

How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain With Baking Soda?

At one morning you are seeing your bathtub drain has been clogged. Not only that, from there smell is coming out. Well, sometimes caustic cleaners can’t remove the clog or maybe the apartment management won’t allow the use of it. So stay on the safe side and choose baking soda for unclogging.

Baking soda may not be the first choice for cleaning the bathtub drain but you better know that it is the easier solution to apply. Again if there is some kind of limitation about using chemicals this is the best solution. Some cleaners aren’t actually can able to remove the clog, in that case, if you know how to unclog bathtub drain using baking soda then you will be the beneficiary. Do you want to know the procedure? Then you are in the right place. Here stay with me and have the whole procedure.

Unclogging bathtub drain using baking soda

There are few steps you need to follow when doing this. Those are given here:

1. Cleaning the strainer or stopper:

You are cleaning bathtub drain so it’s usual to have hair and other residues underneath the stopper. These may be over or under it. So first you need to remove these things and then open up the strainer losing screws. Then twist the stopper so that you can remove it. Any junk you can see take aside or scrub those.

2. Boiling water in a tea kettle:

There is no specification regarding water that how much you need to use when doing your job. So you may pour water on the top of the kettle. Wait until water starts boiling and let it boil properly. If you do not have a tea kettle or you want a bigger pot, then you can use a large pot of boiling water.

3. Pouring water into the drain:

The boil water may work at this point by unclogging the drain. Turn on the bathtub so that you can see if the draining process is normal. Stay away from splashing the hot water as it can burn you and it’s dangerous.

4. Pour baking soda with vinegar down the drain:

Take ¼ cup of baking soda in a cup and full another cup of vinegar. Pour these two cups of baking soda and vinegar into the drain. Baking soda along with vinegar helps to remove excessive gunk from the drain. And the hot water was for initial cleaning.

5. Wait 15-20 minutes:

Use a timer to keep the record when you have poured these two substances into the drain. Leave these in the drain for 15-20 minutes so that these can work properly.

6. Boil more water:

Again you need to boil water so follow the same procedure for boiling.

7. Pouring water into the drain:

The water you have burnt, pour this into the drain. This will react with baking soda and vinegar which helps to unclog the drain. Then test your bathtub and see if there is any clogging or not.

There is no use of chemical and almost every time this procedure works well.

Benefits of using baking soda

The question may come to your mind why will you use baking soda rather than anything. Here is the answer-

  • Harsh chemicals sometimes leave odor and residue in the bathtub. But when you are using baking soda there will be no odor left that you can’t bear.
  • The combination of baking soda and vinegar is environmentally friendly whereas some caustic chemicals develop contamination. Again children may get affected by these serious chemicals.
  • In your home, some family member may not tolerate the smell or odor of other chemicals. Baking soda won’t affect anything.
  • It costs not too much so you can easily afford it. This also works well on surfaces of your home. Therefore, you can use this also for other cleaning purposes.

Final verdict

Now you can see how easy is the unclogging of the bathtub drain which you yourself can do so easily and no need of sweeper! When you go for a trip you can put baking soda down the drain and don’t rinse. It will help to resist the odor that can produce when you are not at home. so undoubtedly you can choose baking soda for your bathtub drain without any second thought!

How to Select Quality Kitchen Knives?

If you have questions about how to choose the best knife for your kitchen, then welcome. Next is the question what do you mean by a knife? The knife that is fashionable, as well as durable, is a quality knife. And you also want to purchase it at a reasonable price, don’t you?

When you’ll go shopping, you’ll find different brands and styles for different purposes. But consider some facts before you pick one and bring it in your home. Below are some tips that’ll help you select the best one for you.

Tips for Kitchen Knives

  1. Know your purpose. Knives vary in size shape and different knives will serve you a variety of needs. So the first step is to decide. For what purpose you’re buying one. You’ve different options
  • Multi-purpose utility knife
  • Chef’s knife mainly for dicing, mincing, chopping, and cutting
  • Paring knife for vegetable peeling, cutting and trimming
  • Bread knife for slicing bread, cake, soft fruits.
  • Filleting knife for filleting fishes.
  • Carving for slicing small pieces from a roast.
  • Cleavers are mainly for chopping meat and sometimes also small herbs.

If you need various types at a time, then buy a set instead of buying each type separately. A set of knives that contains all of these varieties will be cheaper.

  1. Check, of which material the handles are made. Usually, it’s of toughed resins like strong materials. Or maybe of plastic or wood. Bone handles are old fashioned and are more likely to go brittle after some time. Even there are chances it crumbles your hand. So it’s wise to avoid them.
  2. Now check the blade, both the material and sharpness. Ceramic blades are mostly of scalpel quality and have a longer rust-free life. But this knife can be fragile and thereby can easily break.

Nowadays most of the cheap knives are usually of stainless steel. These are cheap. But these can go blunt after a few uses and so you may need to sharpen it often.

Rather look for non-stainless steel if you can afford an expensive one. Good materials are often in the form of carbon steel. They obtain sharp edge very quickly and you can do it at home. Buy care should be taken so that they won’t rust. Choose forged blades instead of stamped ones as forged blades are stronger.

If you have a fixed budget, you can go for stainless steel or ceramic those are relatively cheaper. But before finally bringing one home, you should view it with caution.

  1. Check the weight of the knife. Choose lightweight if you are going to use it for lightweight ingredients. It’ll give you both speed and precision. But applying for solid ingredients like nuts, palm sugar, choose a heavy one.
  2. Observe the width and thickness of the cutting edge. Smoothness and toughly polished without pitting is the sign of a good knife. From the tip of the blade to the hilt, equal sharpness should be present. Otherwise heavy cuttings like carrots will be difficult with this.

Caution- serrated chef’s knife can be dangerous if you are not an expert. They tend more to slip than cut. They are more likely for sawing rather than slicing. So avoid them for cutting vegetables and meat.

  1. Hold each one in your hand with which you work in the kitchen. Check, whether it’s comfortable when you gripped it and it sets in your hand rightly.
  2. Look for any sign of welding or joining. Check the hilt area of knife particularly. Having steel joints is a sign of those are weak and tend to bend or break easily. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid them.

Final Verdict

You should focus more on the quality rather than on the brand. At the same time, you must remember, how long your knife is going to last depends on how you’re going to use this. So don’t treat it badly! No matter How good quality your knife may have, if you leave it dirty and wet, it won’t serve you long, for sure.

How to Remove Shower Drain?

How tiring it is to keep standing in the soapy water every time you bath! Water drains out slowly when the shower drain is clogged by any means. In most cases, hair is the main culprit. Besides, soap or minerals of hard water may clog up the drain.

Whatever may be the reason, you should unclog the drain as soon as possible. Of course, standing in the dirty water while you are bathing isn’t something very comfortable. Now to clear the clogs, first, you must know how to remove the drain cover. So let’s learn how to do that.

Tools required

Some small tools will surely come in handy to save both your time and frustration.

  • Screwdriver
  • Caulk gun
  • Hacksaw blade
  • Pliers
  • Flathead
  • Lubricants

How to Remove shower drain?

The process may slightly differ regarding the drain type.

Most of the standard drain covers are screwed with one or two screws with a lower support. The most common type of shower drain has a Snap-On cover. All you need to do is to simply snap it on to the drain. It holds into place either by the silicone adhesive or by screws. To remove strainers those are held by adhesives, you must exert some force and then pull it.

Below is the step by step description.

How to remove adhesive

Step 1

First, spray some lubricants over the lip of the cover. Now, wait for a while so that the lubricants can settle into the threads enough.

Step 2

Then take a pair of pliers that have needle-nose like parts. Now Place the pointed ends at any two opposite sides of the drain. Then Insert the ends of the pliers into any two openings of the strainer.

Step 3

Finally, grip the pliers firmly and twist it to the left. Spay some more lubricants if necessary. Any drain cover placed by industrial adhesives will come off slowly.

How to remove screw-in type strainer

Step 1

Let the clogged water drain out completely first. Then wait for a few minutes more. Let the pipes be also free of water.

Step 2

If the drain has a convex or concave or flat strainer, then simply unscrew it. A 4 inch 1 screwdriver will be enough for this task. Also, don’t forget to keep a paper towel near at hand when you are removing the cover. Hair, as well as soap accumulations, may come out with it.

How to remove Push/Pull type covers

Step 1

First, turn the screw counterclockwise to remove the top knob of the stopper body. Use pliers. But hold the stopper body in its place. Use a rubber grippy or rag so that it doesn’t cause any scratching.

Step 2

There’s a brass insert underlying the knob. Also, unscrew it with the flathead.

Step 3

Finally, lift the stopper.

How to remove Lift-and-Turn type covers

Step 1

Lift it from the open position first. Now Look whether there’s any screw or not.

Step 2

If you see no screw, then simply turn the cover counterclockwise and remove.

Step 3

Or there may be a small screw. Use an Allen wrench or flathead to loosen it enough so that you can remove the stopper.

How to remove Toe-Touch type cover

To open and close the clover you better use your toe to push. That’s from where the name’s derived.

Step 1

Remove the cap First.

Step 2

Then turn the stopper counter-clockwise from the open position.

Step 3

In some models, there may be a shaft cylinder which turns with the cap rotation. Look closely to find the crossbar from where it’s been threaded. Now unscrew it.

Step 4

If you find any threaded slot in the shaft cylinder, remove it also with a flathead.

How to remove Pop-Up Covers

Some of the pop-up covers can wiggle back and forth. Others, you can pull up and off straight. If the cover is of rocker-arm style, then you have to pull it up. You’ll see the arm as you pull it up.

How to remove Flip-It Style Drain

If your shower drain contains this type of stopper, you won’t need any tools to remove it. Simply grasp the body of the stopper and not the toggle and pull it from the drain. Don’t forget to rotate while you are pulling it up.

Final Verdict

I hope you don’t have to fight with your bathtub drain and tolerate the annoying clog-up problem anymore. Identify which type of drain cover you have and collect the necessary tools for this project. It doesn’t sound something difficult, right?

How to Maintain Your Kitchen Knife?

Buying the best quality knives is not the end of the task. What comes next is how to maintain a knife. Surely, you want the knife you’ve purchased with your hard earned money with much precision would go long. Don’t you?

Maintaining deals with the way you are using, cleaning and storing it after use. No matter how sharp and strong the blade is, it’s still a piece of metal. So it can go rust, bent and thereby damaged if you constantly mistreat it. Besides working with a dull knife can be dangerous.

Check the do’s and don’ts regarding maintain your knife while it’s in use.

Maintenance while using

  1. Always cut ingredients on a cutting board.

Never cut on a too-solid surface like countertop made of granite, marble or glass. These will make the blade dull very quickly which will be unyielding for your knife life. Now coming to the cutting board material, there are wooden and plastic cutting boards. Choose wooden instead of plastic.

  1. Often sharpen your knives.

Unlike our everyday life, your knife also needs to be tuned up. Sharpening and honing do this tuning up. Honing recalibrates the angle of the blade and removes the nicks. You can sharpen your knife annually but you should hone it more often. Use a honing steel, electric sharpener, knife stone or take it to someone professional.

  1. Frequently clean it while cutting with it.

Rinse the knife off and then wipe it to prevent building up germs on the blade. It’ll also prevent the knife from dulling and maintain the efficiency.

Maintenance while washing

  1. Wash your knives with your hand instead of in the dishwasher

The moisture, heat and the detergent are deleterious for the knife. They will discolor and dull your knife. Again, your knife may be rattling around with other utensils thus will get dinged. Use mild soap and hot water just after you are done using it to prevent scratching, corrosion or bending.

  1. Avoid leaving the knife floating in the sink for long.

It can be dangerous for whoever will wash the dishes. Also, your knife will tend to scratch, the tip may bend or break. You can let it float in mild soap and hot water temporarily. But remember to collect it after a few minutes.

After washing your knife, wipe it out with a dry towel. Don’t wait till air dry as this can lead to rusting and molding. Again, drying it on the drying rack with other dishes can make the blade dull.

Maintenance while storing

  1. Avoid storing your knife where it’ll ix with other utensils.

If you store it freely in a drawer, there are chances that it’ll break, chip and dull. Using blade cover will only minimize it.

  1. Store knife in a knife block or on a magnetic strip.

Knife block, nowadays, has become the most common storage medium. You can get all your knives in a place. Again a magnetic strip will store knives vertically on the wall you mounted it. This makes knives easily accessible. But if your knives are of ceramics, magnetic strip isn’t going to work well.

Some more tips

  • Sharpen the blades always in the same direction.
  • When you transfer food from the cutting board to the bowl, do it with the dull side of the knife.
  • Use a utility knife or must use different knife regarding cutting different items. Using small knives for heavy items is life shortening as well as equally dangerous for you.
  • While washing, be careful that the blade and the tip are away from your body.

Final Verdict

Use it, wash it, dry it and finally store it correctly, that’s the motto of a longer lasting knife. Of course, you cannot use one knife throughout your life. But you can certainly extend its lifetime. Just think, how much your knife does for you every day. And all you have to do is to use it correctly.

How to Dispose of Knives Safely?

Your knives aren’t going to last forever. So when you’ll go for a brand new knife, what should you do with the old one? Getting rid of your old used knives relates to your safety. If you don’t dispose of it properly it may be the cause of someone’s injury.

There are some methods of disposing of your knives. Choose whichever seems most convenient for you.

Step 1: Wrap the knives

There are different options regarding which material you want to wrap it.

Bubble wrap

This is probably the best option as it ensures the safety best during disposal. Before wrapping with the layers of bubble wrap, you can wrap it with butcher paper first. To keep both the layers secure, wrap them around with duct tape.


Obviously, it’s a sturdy material though you may not always find it near at hand. Be a bit innovative when you are wrapping with it. Place it on a cardboard which is longer and almost double of the size of the knife. Place it such that only the blade portion lies on the cardboard. Now fold the cardboard over to encase the blade inside the cardboard. Finally, seal the two edges with sufficient sticky tape.

You can use an old shoe box before throwing the knife away. This method is effective especially when you decide to donate it.

Other materials

Newspaper, wood, hard plastic, thick cloths or socks will also work well. If you want to wrap it with cloth or newspaper, take at least 5 to 6 sheets or pieces of cloths to ensure thick padding. Wrap the blade carefully so that no area especially the tip of the blade is left exposed. Leave the handle unwrapped so that anyone can handle it easily.

Don’t hesitate to use sufficient tape so that the cloth or the newspaper remains in place.

Step 2: Now dispose of it.

Once again there are several options. Choose one that you consider would be the best.

Method 1: Donate it. It’s the most worthy way to dispose of your knives. Your knife may not satisfy you anymore but it can certainly do the work for someone else. A dull blade can be sharpened and thereby reused. Check whether there’s any company that collects the old utensils and makes it reusable.

Method 2: Recycle the old knife. Recycle them only when you are sure that your knife has come to its end and is not in a condition of donating it. In spite of the blade became dull and bent but the handle may be still in a good condition. So it can make great recycled materials. Check whether there’s any recycling center in your locality that accepts metal. If you are not sure about the center’s policy, contact them during working hour. Again, don’t forget to secure it before handing it over.

Method 3: Make a contact with the knife sharpener who is professional. No! It’s not for sharpening the old knife and reuse them. Obviously, you’re sure that your knife is no longer up to the standard. But it can be useful for a knife sharpener as he may use it in repairs.

Method 4: Sell it. Differed metal stores buy old scrap metals. But first, be sure about of what materials your knife is made. Most of the knives are usually of steel, iron or sometimes the mixture of the two. Depending on the metal, you will get the price.

Method 5: If you can neither recycle nor reuse the knife, then throw it away in your garbage. But don’t just throw it away. As I said above, ensure that your knife won’t cause any injury to anyone. Therefore, wrap it properly or seal it in a box before tossing the knife/knives in the garbage.

Final Verdict

The knife you’ve used so dearly, don’t just throw them like junk staff. Just because they can no longer serve your purpose doesn’t mean aren’t functional anymore. Think the safety of yours as well as someone else who will get it.

How to Clean a Kitchen Knife?

Wondering why your knives get dull so easily? Getting in dangerous situations because of your blunt knife? Washing your knife inappropriately may be the reason behind it.

Knives are our incessant mate when it comes to kitchen chores. The durability of the knives is an important property. Proper cleaning can influence the durability and overall performance of the knives. So master the tips to clean a knife is a must.

Techniques to Clean a Kitchen Knife

  1. Grip appropriately:

Always hold the knife with your non-dominating hand. Keep the sharp edge pointing away from you? This will reduce the chance of accidentally getting cut by the knife.

  1. Rinse off each time:

Run the knife through the water after each time you use them.  Hold the handle and wash it keeping the blade down. Don’t leave it for too long after using it. Even if you can’t wash it with soap immediately, at least rinse off with warm water. Then wipe it off with a kitchen towel. Wipe the knife keeping the sharp edge away from you.

  1. Scour with the soap-water solution:

Leaving the knife dirty after chopping fruits or vegetables will allow the debris to stick on the blade. This will influence oxidation of the blade surface.

Commix some liquid soap with warm water and soak a sponge in it. Then use the sponge to thoroughly scour the blade. Don’t scrub it too hard as the knife may slip off of your hand and induce catastrophe. Also, don’t ignore the handle.

Keep it on a flat surface. This way you can work on one side at a time.

Don’t leave the knife in the sink to wash it later on. This will dull the blade and also cause casualty if you try to pick it from the bottom.

  1. Discard the stubborn rubbles:

Sometimes food remnants become too adhesive that it becomes quite hard to eradicate them completely. In this situation, blend some liquid soap in warm water and leave the knife in the solution for a good one to two minutes. The amount of the water is to be as much so that you can see the knife in the solution. After that take the knife out and rub it with a sponge and rinse off with tap water.

Don’t leave the knife in the water for too long since it will ground rust.

  1. Wipe each time:

Don’t let the water seat on the blade for long. Because even if the blade claims to be stainless, water will leave marks on the blade resulting in corrosion and bluntness. So definitely wipe off the knife with a dry kitchen towel immediately after rinsing off. Wipe the blade pointing the sharp edge away from you. Starting from the flat side to the sharp end.

Don’t leave the knife to air dry in the rack.

  1. Avert the dishwasher:

Putting the knife in the dishwasher may seem effective but it will cause rust and dullness in the blade in long run. The strong detergent of the dishwasher will harm the blade. It will also contribute to fading the color of the handle and dismantling the handle from the knife.

Washing the knives with the hand is the best way to clean them.

  1. Discard the rust:

If you see some rust construction on the blade even after taking good care of the knife, it’s time to take note of that too.

Soak the knife in any lubricant for one to two minutes. Then rub the rust and spot until they come off properly. Rinse off with water after done.

Wipe it dry and add another layer of lubricant. Wipe again until the knife is clean as new.

  1. Recognize the depository:

Store your knives properly. Use a storage rack or a depository box that is specially intended for knives. Dry the knife completely before putting it away for storage.

Final thoughts:

Investing in a high-quality knife is a great deal. But the knife along can’t ensure its performance. Adequate maintenance is required.

Make sure to wash and store your knife accurately after each use. This will guarantee great performance in the long run.

How to Install a New Kitchen Faucet?

Do you believe yourself to be a DIY guy? Then, you definitely don’t want to pay off some extra bucks to install a new faucet on your kitchen. And in case you’re preparing to install the faucet yourself, this is the guide you must read.

Installing a faucet doesn’t begin with the setup process actually. To be straight forward, you have to be careful since when you’re purchasing a kitchen faucet.

Here are a few stuffs to check before you buy and install a faucet-

  1. Look through the bottom of the sink and check how many holes does the sink has. In general sense, there can be anything can be one to four holes.
  2. If you have 4 holes on the bottom of the sink, make sure you get a deck plate with the faucet you buy.
  3. Make sure you have the right set of accessories(gasket, nuts) with the faucet model.

8 Steps to Setup a New Kitchen Faucet

Now, we’re at the core of the articles, for what you’ve actually landed on this page. Here are our 8-steps formula to replace your own faucet of the kitchen and replace a new one instead.

Let’s start-

Step 1: Loosen up the Old One

If you’re not using a faucet for the first time (which is pretty rare case), you have to put off the older faucet in the kitchen. If you’re actually new to such faucets, or installing one for the new home, then skip this step.

Turn off everything that connects to the waterline of the faucet. The list includes the sink tapes, the water valves, the disposal power and anything else, if applicable. Finally turn on the tape of the older faucet to release the pressure inside.

Take a picture of the plumbing setup, in case you need it for later.

Step 2: Remove the Old Faucet

As you’ve disconnected every sort of connections to the older faucet, now it’s time to move that off. You may need a helping hand who would hold the faucet in place while you’ll be loosening up the bolts and nuts.

Step 3: Clean the Sink Off

Before your setup a new kitchen faucet, it’s good to do some cleaning works on the sink’s surface and waterline. Most commonly, sealant and grime are the stuff that sticks the sink around. There are a few chemicals available to deal with such stubborn. Or you can also use a scrubber.

Step 4: Go Through the New Faucet’s Manual

As you know, every faucet has something new in it that differs it from others. In case you used something exactly similar, it’s better to guide yourself through the product annual.

Step 5: Set the Deck Place

As I’ve mentioned before, there can be a gasket in need if you chose to setup a 3 or 4-hole kitchen faucet. To set it up, use a plastic or rubber gasket, and a trim ring over the surface of the sink. And setup the gasket on it.

Later on, feed the faucet lines into the holes you have in the sink. The excess of pipe should be under the sink through the holes.

In the step of placing he gasket, there can be misalignments in dimension. So, it’s wise to use temporary chalks to be sure about the central placement of it. There is also a stuff called Plumber’s Putty that may be help you out.

Step 6: Install the Nuts and Washers

Now move yourself for some job underneath the sink. As you’ve places the pipes in the waterline, you need to setup the nuts and washers. For faucets that are pull down or something similar, use a quick-connection hose before you tighten up the nuts.

Step 7: Connect the Water Lines with the System

Now it’s one of the most crucial steps of connection your house’s water lines to the faucet. If you’re sure that you’ve bought the right faucet for the kitchen, then take advance thanks. The rest of the process will be too easy for you.

Connect the water supply lines to the pipes of the faucet. To joint them up, a plumber tape can be the best solution.

Beware of overtightening the connections. They may end up in mishaps.

Step 8: Remove the Aerator and Check for Flaws

We’re almost done. Now it’s time to proofread your work. Check for any leaks on the entire system with slow flows of water. Don’t forget to take away the aerator from the faucet head.

Run a decent amount of water till you’re sure about no leaks or flaws on the entire system.

Bottom Line

If you’ve gone successfully, then congratulations! You’ve just did your own plumbing of setting up a new faucet. Once you get done with it and know it’s pros and cons, every time you setup a new one, would look like no trouble at all.

Keep up the good works. Cheers!

How to Install a Bathroom Faucet?

So, you have just bought a shiny new faucet for the bathroom. Now what?

Well, you can call up a plumber and cost yourself a few hundred dollars more. Or, if you want to be on safe side with cost, you can do it yourself. Homemakers around the country are being smarter about doing their own stuff. So, why don’t you?

In case you’re new to setting up a bathroom faucet, this is the article you should read must. Because in here, we’ve illustrated the easiest possible way to install a bathroom faucet manually. So, hold tight and go through the entire guide-

What You Need to Know Before Installing a Bathroom Faucet

Before you start the task off, make sure you know what you’re about to do.

A bathroom faucet usually consists of a few parts of them. Although it varies from brands to brands, the basic parts are all the same-

  1. Faucet Aerator.
  2. Faucet Cross Arm.
  3. Faucet handle.
  4. Faucet Aerator kit.
  5. Faucet lever handle.
  6. The fisher.

So, the very first task is to identify what parts your faucet has got and understood the basic function of each and one of them. You can take help from the manual or simply google about the model.

If you’re done with that, it’s time to move to the action.

Steps of Installing a Bathroom Faucet

  1. Step 1: Remove the Old Faucet (If You Have One)

    It’s not like that every one of us who buy faucets is using it for the first time. In case you have an older one and want to replace it with the faucet you’ve just bought, you should remove the old one first.In case of an existing faucet, it will be either a single hole faucet or a 4 inches triple hole or an 8 inches triple whole faucet. If your old faucet is found to be anyone these three, then it’s maybe on the countertop of the bathroom. So, you have a complete liberty to change the faucet type if you can.Make sure that, while you’re replacing the old one, no parts or surfaces of the countertop base is damaged.

  2. Step 2: Assemble the Parts

    Now, take out the parts and the faucet itself from the box. Check the manual to understand the functions of each part. Based on your waterline extension, you may have to give a few trips to the local storehouse.As you’re getting a chance to fix up any errors in the water line, check for any leakage or malfunction on it. You can use auto leak shut off in that case.
    Also, some faucets may have inequalities with the water flow to your waterline. You can use a small valve on the base of the water line to adjust this inequality.

  3. Start Installing the Upper Half

    Now it’s time to consult the user’s manual once again and check whether you need any modification to that or not. Try to get a visual view of the entire setup.Usually, it will be the spout, a gasket, the sink, the plumber’s putty, large saddle etc. The plumber’s putty can be a new tool for home users like you and me. It’s nothing more than a grey modeling clay. All you need to do is to take a little bit of that on the palm and roll back and forth until you can form a half inches diameter rope shape. What is this used in? Well, if you have a chance to splash the water from the spout base, this rope is likely to prevent that.

  4. Setup and Place the Mixing Valves

    The basic difference between a single hole and a three-hole faucet is about the water mix. If you use a three-hole faucet, you will have two mixing valves which you have to set up at this stage.It consists of a washer and a nut. The nut holds up the valve and the washer tighten it up. You can apply the plumber’s putty to make sure there is no leak in between the washer and a valve.
    Just to give you a hint, the valve that brings hot water on the left side. And the valve that brings on the cold water is on the right side.

  5. Thread the Trim on the Mixing Valve

    The second last step is to thread the mixing valve. While you’ll be mounting this one, make sure that the handle is stood parallel to the wall. Usually, most of the faucets these days comes with an easy-to-snap and fit feature. So, this step wouldn’t be so tough, even f you’re new to this.

  6. Setup the Drain Rod and You’re Done

    Now, this is the last step. What you have to do is to reinstall the drain rod and tighten the bolt that’s with the clamp. Now check every single joint and junction of the entire system and use plumber’s putty while necessary.

How to Install a Bathroom Sink?

Installing a bathroom for home or replacing your old modelled one can be a comparatively easier job than what we think it is. If you have some basic skills and tools, installing it is a simple do-it-yourself job. Although, different kinds of sink need different kinds of installations.

If you know the nook and corners of this process, you can easily learn how to assemble and fit your new bathroom sink into the right place in a quick and efficient way. This article will assist you to understand the illustrated step-by-step procedures you need.

How to Install a Bathroom Sink?

Step 1:

Before starting the job, collect the required tools at first. Before setting up a sink in your bathroom you will need a number of handy kits and tools. Make sure to gather these tools, like –

  1. Silicone caulking
  2. Basin wrench
  3. Plumber’s wrenches
  4. Plumbing sockets

Step 2:

You need to turn the supply valves off, as no waterflow is expected during the setup process. These valves are usually located behind/under the sink. To check, turn on the hot and cold water supply lines. Thus, be sure that no water is coming out from the water lines.

Step 3:

If you are going to replace the bathroom sink, surely, you’ll have to replace the old one before installing the new one.

For this, disconnect the water supply first. While doing this, make sure you don’t damage any part of the countertop or wall. This is very normal. Use a towel or a bucket to collect the water which leaks out.

Step 4:

Check the dimensions of the new sink that’s about to be installed. Every sink has a template for mounting the opening. This template indicates the location of faucet holes. Use the template to be sure that the no mismatching is taken place. If the sink doesn’t fit, you may have to trim the opening to match the dimension.

Step 5:

At this stage, put the new bathroom sink in the installation space and mark the board with a caulk. You can use a layer of silicone at the lower surface of the sink and put it into the hole. Then, clean up the excess silicone. To install under-mount sinks, keep someone to assist you and put silicone beads under it. Also, install the connecting clips that are included with the sink. Again, if you’re going to install it in a granite or stone counter, make some holes at the beginning by using a diamond carbide tip.

Step 6:

Now, secure the new sink using the clips. The clips act as a lever and thus keep the entire sink stable at its position. Read the instructions in the manufacturer’s guideline and proceed the works accordingly.

Step 7:

Now it’s time to install the faucet set. First, anchor it by reaching up to the underneath of the sink. A nut locks set comes with the box and you can use that on the purpose.

In some cases, installing the faucet first, and installing the sink later can be easier. It depends entirely on the counter design and fixtures of the sink. Again, make sure that the faucet space matches with the sink location.

Step 8:

Now, we are about to setup the tail pieces of the set and also the drain kit. You can use the screws to set the tailpiece at the bottom surface of the sink. Many sinks have gaskets that go between the tailpiece and the sink. In that case, the gasket and the cardboard washer are included with it and also the locknut. And thus, make sure the tailpiece is well placed.

Step 9:

We’re almost done. Reconnect the waterlines that we disconnected at step 1. You should screw the water supply lines and strengthen the related joints on the faucet with a plumber’s tape. The connector’s size should be in the instruction manual.

Step 10:

Finally, check for the leaks by turning on the water. You can’t know if something is going to leak till you turn on the water. If there are small leaks, try tightening the connections more. The drain itself may sometime leak due to over-tightening the connector gaskets. If this is the case, don’t hand tight it. Instead, try a new washer to handle the drain leaking.

Final Thoughts

Installing a bathroom sink or replacing it is not so hard. You can do it simply by following some simple and basic rules. So, instead of spending money by hiring a plumber, you can save a lot. Read the steps mentioned above carefully and do accordingly.

How to sharpen a kitchen knife?

Pissed of with sharpening your kitchen knife every week?

I guess you are. Because, firstly you’ve clicked on this article and my second thought is, you already know that the way you sharpen the knife isn’t proper.

However, you’re not alone suffering from this. And trust me, sharping your knife is pretty easy.

It is very important to sharpen kitchen knives so that they cut through food with less slippage. A dull knife is dangerous because it requires more force cut something and so has a higher chance of slipping and missing the mark. Additionally, poorly cut food will not be cooked properly. A sharp knife will produce food that is properly cut and therefore you will have well cooked food. Whatever, let me tell you how to sharpen a kitchen knife.

Some Key Take Takeaways

While you’re thinking of sharpening your knife on regular basis, keep these few takeaways in mind-

  1. No matter how pricey or how good metal the knife is, it will dull over time. So, you have to do regular sharpening on regular basis.
  2. As a sharp knife can cut through foods and meats without any slippage, they are safe than dull ones.
  3. A sharp knife can help of to get thinner and finer slices of foods, veggies or meats. So, the can get the taste better as well.
  • Paper Test

You can check the sharpness of kitchen knives in a simple way. Take a piece of thin paper then take the knife. After that, try to cut the paper on one single slice of the paper. Did the knife slice smoothly? May be not. But if it were sharp, it should have.

Be careful from cutting off your finger tip while you’re testing the sharpness of kitchen knife.

  • Hon your kitchen Knife

Sharpening is often as possible mistook for honing, however it accomplishes something altogether unique. Honing includes expel material from the sharp edge itself, though sharpening basically rectifies the bleeding edge of a blade. This is important on the grounds that the forefront of a blade tends to overlap over on itself with utilize, which influences it to dull. Be that as it may, with sharpening, you can keep a generally sharp blade functioning admirably for quite a while before it’s important to pound away material and reset the edge’s edge.

  • Working with a Whetstone

Whetstones are less expensive than most other blade honing alternatives—and they’re more flexible—however, you need to focus on taking in the strategy. Whatever edge you hold the blade at while honing will turn into the edge of your edge, so on the off chance that you treat it terribly, you’ll wind up with a not as much as perfect cutting actualize. The acuter the edge, the more honed the sharp edge. You would prefer not to be coldhearted about blade honing systems.

  • Sharp your knives with steel

A steel bar can be a simple but effective way to shine and sharpen knives. But how do you start?
Go snatch a long steel made bar that accompanied your blade set. It’s known as a honing steel.

Make sure you’re right with your slicing angle and the edges of the knives. If you do it in wrong way, this can make the knife even less inefficient.

  •  Use an Electric Sharpener

Using an electric sharpener is another good option to do the job quite easily.

They come with an electric setup with a metal blade and a slot to put the knives on it. If you’ve got one for sharpening kitchen knives, place the blade on the slot provided. Now, you need to slide the knife throughout the slot and keep repeating the process.

Make sure you’re passing the blade to each side of the knife twice each turn. Until this step, you’re using coarsest stone. Not move to the finer stone to finish up the sharpening process. Pass the finer stone twice for each side.

If you’re done with sharpening the knife equally on both sides, rinse the knife and dry it up.

Bottom Line

Thanks for being till the very end of the article. We’ve explained a few common ways to sharpen almost every sort of kitchen knives around. But one common advice you would request you to memorize, and its about the safety. Make sure every time you do sharpen your knife, you’re safe enough with the process. When you’re going through a newer process, it’s better to get some expert hand beside you.

How to Use Kitchen Knives Safely?

Ever wonder how you can avoid the accidents you cause while using the kitchen knives?

Knives are our constant companion in the kitchen. But using them unmindfully can lead to dangerous situations.

These types of situations can be avoided by simply following some basic tips in our daily life. So why not know them and make our experiences with knives even safer.

Tips to use kitchen knives safely:

A sharp knife is a key:

The sharper the knife the safest it is. A dull knife will require more force to chop hence has more chances to slip off the hand. So sharpen your knives on a regular basis. Use any shaping machine or sharping steel to sharp than at home. You can also seek professional help.

Know the proper knives for the job:

Different knives have different designs for handling various type of job accurately. Go for the knife that is meant for your job.

  1. Use a chef’s knife for chopping the vegetables and fruits. You can cut them in dice or mince them.
  2. Use a serrated knife for bread or fruits with the harder exterior with soft interior.
  3. Use a peeling knife to peel off the fruits and vegetables.
  4. Use utility knife for daily light chores.

Select a knife with the right size and weight as per your preference.

Don’t use your knife for any purpose rather than cutting. Using it for opening a can or instead a screwdriver is dangerous.

Choose the right chopping board:

Cut on a plane surface. Go for a wooden or plastic board that will seat properly and won’t slip.

Never use your palm as a cutting surface.

Know the proper chopping rules:

  • Holding the knife properly comes first in the chopping rules. Use pinch grip method for this. Use your thumb to place the knife in your hand from one side. Our index will be on the upper side of the blade. Remaining three fingers will be on the handle. This will give a firm gripping as well as precise control. Always use hold the knife in your dominant
  • Always keep the tip of your blade on the board. This will act as a guide point for you to properly lift the blade.
  • Always cut away from your hand. Curl your hand and keep your fingertips inwards. Guide the vegetables or fruits with your fingertips. Your knuckles should be in contact with the flat side of the blade.

Clean the knives properly:

Never leave your knives in the sink to wash later.  They can be dull for being soaked in water for long. Also, you can cause an accident by unknowingly poking the knife in the sink.

Clean them right away with dishwasher and warm water.

Store immediately:

After washing the knives, rub them with a towel and put them in the store immediately. Some knives also come with a head like attachments .use them to cover the sharp blade. Use a rack or knife organizer to store them properly.

Careful while carrying:

Don’t mix your knife with other things while carrying them. Use protective heads to prevent any accident. Never carry a bare knife in your pocket.

Avoid licking the knife:

If you try to lick the food direct from the knife, you are just asking for unwanted troubles. Don’t lick the jam or cheese from the cheese knife.

Proper holding:

Hold a knife facing the blade down while walking.

Never try to catch a falling knife. Never try to pass a knife by throwing it.

Keep it out of children reach:

Keep the knives in a place where the children can’t reach them easily. Even if they need to use the knives, don’t leave them alone.

Final thoughts:

As knives are our daily companion in our kitchen, we better pay attention to them. Don’t rush. Take your time with the knives. Try to grasp all the technics for maintaining the knives properly.

Take a good care of the knives. Sharp them frequently. This way you can make the daily kitchen chores mare enjoyable and safe.

How to Make a Living Room Cozy?

A living room is a place where you want to hide you after passing a long tiring day. So why not make it cozy and comfy! Especially when you are living in the cold climate, you probably prefer to stay indoors. Why just wait for winter to pass. Let’s make it peaceful and enjoyable.

Making your living room cozy is not always refers to luxurious and expensive staff. But it’s about surrounding yourself with the favorite color and the things those make you jolly.

Below are some ideas on how you are going to make your living room cozy.

Traditional way

Choose furniture with curved lines and also soft fabrics. Traditional architectural design creates a sense that put you at ease.

Intimately cozy

Provide a small intimate seating arrangement in front of the fireplace. It creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere. Also, choosing soft fabrics, ample window and warm colors will simply add to this comfort.

Using wood panel

Many people believe, using wooden panel will give your room 70s look. But you can also give a sophisticated look by using this same wooden panel. The warmth of natural grain creates a different character and depth which you won’t find in the paint.


It’s another important fact to consider. Use lights from various sources like ambient, accent, and task. Place the lights at different heights. It would be the best to use bulbs with a soft glow and without a bluish tint.

Gray walls

The color of paint on your wall largely decides the coziness of your room. Dark colors are warm. When you are enveloped in a dark room, it gives you the feeling of being in the midst of a hug. The dark color is also a symbol of intensity. But take care so that there’s sufficient access to light so that the room doesn’t look like a cave.

Cozy fireplace

In winter, nothing can make your room as cozy as a fireplace does. You can easily understand the significance of a fireplace. There is traditional wood burning fireplace you can choose if you have the supply of woods. Again, gas fireplace or an electric fireplace is just as well to create a cozy focal point.

Playful look

When we are talking about making a living room cozy, fun will definitely be a part of it. Decorate your living room with playful fabrics. And decorate the walls with books having colorful covers.

Bohemian style

This relates to casual vibe. Decorate the room with rumpled fabrics and tactile fabrics. Soft oodles of pillow will welcome you to sin on it and relax. Moreover, the item that every cozy room requires is a cable knit throw. This is the coolest that gives you instant warmth!

Robust room

This refers to a room full of furniture and other accessories. Using a lot of colors and patterns will further add to the coziness. But as I mentioned above cozy living room is more than how it looks. But its more about how you feel. Therefore, make sure that the furniture are comfortable and the fabrics are soft to touch.

Elegant look

Elegance largely depends on how you arrange the furniture. Therefore, it’s wise to arrange them around a central point. Also, create conversation areas. Provide some space between the wall and the furniture. It’ll create an intimate arrangement. Choose furniture those aren’t too severe. While buying fabrics, Remember, softness is the main feature to consider.

Colorful look

Colors have the power to cheer you up instantly. So colors can be an important fact to consider in making the living room cozy. Decorate the sofa set with lots of fluffy pillows.

Using pops of color will make the room exuberant. Bring variation in choosing colors of different staff.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you will like to see the room that comforts you from the inside. Of course, your taste and preference will get the priority. But considering expert’s advice will be wise.

How to Install a Pedestal Sink?

Thinking about redesigning your old vanity? Wants to add a cost-efficient yet stylish sink to your compact bathroom? Then the pedestal sink is the best answer for you.

If you are having trouble with a small bathroom space, then try to install a pedestal sink instead of the vanity. These are very space efficient and elegant as well. This type of sink will add a new look to your bathroom in your budget.

What is a pedestal sink:

A pedestal sink is consists of two parts, a pedestal which acts like the stand and the sink. The pedestal also houses the plumbing .the sink is balanced on the pedestal and mounted on the wall by brackets.

But before going for a pedestal sink, you have to consider whether it is enough for your need. You have to give up the luxury of the vanity, as it comes with the cabinet. Though adding a wall shelf may help a lot in this case.

Tools required:

  • Pedestal;
  • Sink;
  • PVC pipes;
  • Plumber’s putty;
  • Saw;
  • Wrench;
  • Drill bits;
  • Screws;
  • Drywall;
  • P -trap.

Steps to Install a Pedestal Sink:

Find the perfect match:

Finding the perfect set can be pretty tricky sometimes. There are different types of design for different purposes. So keep that in mind.

Calculate and measure the height of the sink and buy a pedestal likewise. Take note of the current position of the plumbing and match the design accordingly.

Decide whether the plumbing will be totally hidden or visible. Also, consider your floor and wall condition.

Also, don’t forget about the brackets. Find the perfect bracket set as for your requirement.

Remove the previous vanity:

Turn off the water line first. Then cut the lines.  Remove the top carefully. Loose the screws of the vanity base. Remove the base. Take out all the previous hangout screws from the wall.  Put these parts aside.

Make sure to check all the plumbing is okay to use again. You can replace the plumbing at this stage if needed.

Drill, drill, drill:

Drill the wall for mounting the support and brackets for the new sink. Measure the height of the drilling properly.  Insert the support and brackets there. You may need to drill your floor as well.

After properly adding the support, add some drywall to secure the holes.

Put the hardware:

Before installing the sink, attach all the hardware such as the taps, valves and handle to their proper place. Connect the supply lines to the taps at the downside of the sink. Screw them properly.

Never over tighten the screws.

Connect the drain:

Apply enough plumber’s putty to the flange and attach it to the sink. Attach the drain to the flange. Connect the water supply line the main source.

Connect the p-trap.

Draw the outline:

Draw the required space outline for your base on the floor and on the wall for the sink. Find the center line of the sink and pedestal to install it properly. Match the hole of the setup to your supports.

Set the pedestal:

According to the previously drawn outline, mount the base on the floor. Attach it to the supports. You may need additional support regarding your design.

Assemble all:

Assemble the base and the sink. Mount the sink with the help of the brackets and bearing on the wall. Adjust the weight of the sink by balancing it with the base.

Hide the plumbing:

Though visible plumbing also looks good, many bases have space to hide the plumbing. So if you decide to hide the plumbing insert it within the pedestal.

Floor and wall:

After getting done with the installation of the sink itself, take note of the floor and the wall. You may need some additional painting on the wall or add new tiles to the floor.

Final thoughts:

A pedestal sink can add a luxury to your bathroom without costing you so much money. Do a proper research about the designs of the sink. So you can get the best that will go well with your bathroom space.

Follow the steps mentioned above. This way you can install a pedestal sink like a professional all by yourself.

How to Install a Kitchen Sink?

Are you going to change your existing kitchen sink? Then you can hire a plumber or do it yourself. But installing a sink isn’t as easy as fixing the faucet only. In fact, it’s a bit more challenging. You’ll also need some complicated tools to do that.

The installation process also varies depending on which type of sink you want to install. There are single and double bowl drop sinks.

As most of the house kitchens have drop-in sinks, we’ll discuss it only.


  • New sink
  • Putty Knife
  • Plumber’s Putty
  • Putty Knife
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Socket Wrench
  • Shop Towels

Part 1: Removing the old one

Step 1

First, turn off the shutoff valves below the sink.

Step 2

Now turn on the handles of the faucet to relieve the existing pipe water.

Step 3

If your sink has a garbage disposer, then unplug it. But before doing so, don’t forget to turn off the circuit. You’ll require pliers to disconnect the P-trap and drain pipe.

Step 4

Next, check the manufacturer’s instruction to know how to remove the disposer. Work according to that.

Step 5

Now, below the counter, there are metal clips. Locate them around the perimeter of the sink. Then loosen the clips with a socket wrench and then swing them.

Step 6

Now draw a utility knife around the sink to cut the caulk. Then push the sink from below to lift it away.

Step 7

Now you have to remove the caulk, grime, and any old plumber’s putty. Use a putty knife to remove them from the countertop.

Part 2: How to install a drop-in sink

Step 1

First, Verify whether the new sink fits in the countertop hole or not. If not, then you have to modify the opening. Place the sink in the opening and turn it upside down. Then Trace the outline and cut it out with a jigsaw.

Step 2

Now Remove the sink and attach the clips inward toward the bowl.

Step 3

Now install the strainer. Apply some plumber’s putty around the drain strainer and press it firmly. Use a soft towel to remove any excess putty.

Step 4

Now place the rubber gaskets. Tilt the sink and secure the gaskets as well as threaded flange underside the sink drain.

Step 5

In case your sink has a garbage disposer, also install the mounting bracket to its bottom. Use a screwdriver. And also follow manufacturer’s instruction.

Step 6

Next, Apply silicone sealant at the edge of the basin. Now align the basin squarely. Then, below the sink, rotate the metal clips outward. Also, tighten the screws.

Step 7

Now attach all the water connections both of the supply pipes and the faucets. Install the garbage disposer, dishwasher drain. Also, connect the sink drain pipe to discharge pipe.

Adjustment of pipes

In case your new sink doesn’t line up to the old drainpipes, you’ll need some adjustment.

If the pipes are too long, you have to cut the pipes. Use a hacksaw to do that. Place a washer and slide a slip over it onto the pipe. Then screw the slip nuts.

If the pipes are short, then Purchase a longer pipe of the correct diameter. Now place it similarly as described above.

And In case you require to bend the pipe, buy a rotating P-trap. Or an Outlet tee can also be tried. Now Line it up. If you use an extension pipe, you’ll only need to bend it.

Step 11

Again, apply some silicone sealant at the perimeter of the sink.

Step 12

Now reconnect all the power lines and turn on the shut-off valves. Also, observe the flow and any leakage.

Final Word

Installing a new kitchen sink can be fun if you have the right tool to do that. Don’t compromise your safety as you have to deal with some delicate materials.